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Greetings green peas! Every Wednesday @minismallholding and I publish a newsletter to celebrate Hive Gardeners and contribute to our Hive Garden community. Occasionally we do a comment edition, where community members are invited to engage below and can win Hive in the process.

All you have to do is write a comment below and the best one wins! We will also be upvoting the good ones with the @gardenhive account.

Obviously it has to be garden related - a tip you've recently learnt, a how to make something, what's going on in your gardens, favourite plants, photos too!

And don't forget to comment on others to be part of the garden conversation!

But wait there's more!

It's time to see how well you Hive Gardeners know your fellow green thumbs! Can you name all the Hive Gardeners below, plus the special Hive Garden dog at the end?

Its pretty simple..the first person to answer below wins 3 Hive! Even if you're not sure of one, still answer as the person with most correct will win at the end.



Have fun!

@plantstoplanks @sofs-su @nikv @owasco @buckaroobaby @farm-mom @thebigsweed @polesinns @andrastia @mers @porters @amygoodrich @fanyokami @phoenixwren @anafae @tanjakolader @yolithy24 @andrastia @minismallholding @goldenoakfarm @sanjeevm @kennyroy @simplymike @dodovietnam @babeltrips @trangbaby @kaelci @shanibeer @proto26 @ifarmgirl @foxfireorchards @artemislives @edprivat @meesterboom @momogrow @attn @jonyoudyer @luckylaica @blingit @traisto @skylinebuds @fotostef @tydynrain @hindavi @umirais @gertu @cesarj21 @isdarmady @vibeof100monkeys @samstonehill @anttn

Each newsletter me and Mini dedicate a little via beneficiaries to a Hive Gardener. This week it's @mers - thanks so much for your delegation this month!

The next Garden Journal challenge will start at the beginning of August - look out for it pinned in the HIVE GARDEN community. Whether you're planting, end of harvest, tidying up your garden or planning new garden projects, you're all welcome to join in to win HIVE. But keep using the #gardenjournal tag and connecting to others who are passionate about their gardens!

If you have anything you'd like to see included in next week's Garden Journal, let @minismallholding or I know!



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Is there a quiz 😅? I wasn’t ready because I didn't study 🤣😆. Good and I have one to name 100% so I won't get zero. I can recognise many faces but my memory is weak so I cannot name all but I'll try. Sorry for those I can't name ✌.

  1. Me 😆
  2. @fotostef
  3. @cesarj21
  4. @umirais
  5. 😟
  6. @proto26
  7. @owasco
  8. 😟
  9. 😟
  10. @livinguktaiwan
  11. @thebigsweed
  12. 😟
  13. 😟

the last photo I think is my Aunts labrador dog Ozzie.😅 (in the photo are my cousin and Ozzie)

Anyway, We had a great day today because we had a lot of vegetables that we picked with my children. They are the ones I instructed to pick up our garden veggies today because I want them to inspire and realize how good it feels to have your own garden that is a source of fresh foods to eat.


That's all for now garden lovers. Have a great day everyone 💚💛🧡

 last year  

well you didn't miss your one ... lol

that is something i would do... who is that goose being silly in the garden and it was me all along.. lol.
but alas.. no silly photos of me in that line up.

AWESOME effort! well done.
OMG the kids are gorgeous with their eggplant phones. so cute. I got my long eggplants seeds in the mail today. It is nearly planting time for them.

Well done.


Hahahaha, Thank you so much you really guess it right. They made the eggplant a cellphone and they are acting like calling their papa 🤣😂. I wish you have a bountiful harvest soon @blingit. Best regards!

 last year  

Great effort!!! Love it. Looks like theres a few black lab gardeners!

Haha 😆. Thank you so much @riverflows.

 last year  

Seriously, you slapped a 4 over the human belonging to the banana palm! How are we supposed to recognise that plant's pet!? 🤣

Hahaha, that was what I was thinking. I thought when I'd zoom it, the number would slide away but it doesn't, lol!

 last year  

It's a trick one! You have to figure out who grows bananas! hint: recently attacked by chickens (that bananas, not the gardeners!)

That I remembered, the bananas that had to be wrapped because of the chickens hehe

 last year  

I loved that story and picture!

It's quite easy to remember :)

haha - that's funny - cos I just read something the other day about humans being farmed by plants.

 last year  

Oh yes me too kinda, was reading about fungi and our relationship with them. It's impossible who to tell who is farming who, as our relationship is SO entangled after so much time!

Ultimately we DO become food for plants, so it's kinda not so very out there that plants are simply luring us into blind adoration... to get their own needs met in the end.

I like to think of it as the eternal dance.

 last year  

If you were paying attention to the last wrap up you'll know EXACTLY who that is 🤪 Can't make it easy for ya!

Maybe it was a face palm😆. I think that pic is Sri Wartika aka @umirais


I always think of you when I think of growing Bananas 😁

I recognize faces, but sadly I can not recall any names.

My corn plant is now taller then me, so that would make it 4 feet now, ;)

Hermosa planta de maíz, siempre he querido que me crezcan así pero no lo he logrado aún 😂

 last year  

Jaja 😅 Las milpas ocupan mucho nitrógeno

 last year  

Sooo corny 🤪 Love this photo of you!!

If I wasn't running this challenge I wouldn't be able to do it! I'm terrible at putting faces to names and vice verse! But I've learnt most of the gardeners here now as I see them so much.

Hahaha, your corn grows a lot faster than you😁

Hola everyone! This is rather fun! Let me try if I can do this right! I'm not really sure so pardon me if I named you wrongly, lol!

1 @luckylaica
2 @fotostef
3 @cesarj21
4 @umirais
5 (forgive me 🤣)
6 @proto26
7 @owasco
8 @farm-mom
9 @oscarcede
10 @livinguktaiwan
11 @thebigsweed
12 @hindavi
13 ---- I missed this scene, lol!

Dog: Marcos

Ah, the most recent garden tips I learned was from thebigsweed about how to store homegrown potatoes, like wrapping them individually with paper etc.

 last year  

Wow you are very good at this game!

I wished, lol! Found out there's already someone I've misidentified haha

 last year  

One mistake is only human! And you were very fast too :)

That's right though :) Fast buy not accurate enough haha

Poor @plantstoplanks will be GUTTED to learn she has been confused with a woman maybe double her age.... 🤣

Oh goodness, I did get a laugh out of this exchange @ifarmgirl and @artemislives! I usually partake in the monthly garden selfies, so perhaps @ifarmgirl just assumed I had to be in the mix somewhere, haha! Tall blonde vs tall brunette...not too far off! Though our gardens are probably just about as far as you can get on opposite sides of the world.

And I just turned 40, Marike, so I'm not THAT much younger. ;)

My apologies. I must be getting old, my eyes and memory failed me, lol! Thank you for not taking my misidentification of you to heart. This is a crime I'd probably remember for a long time, lol!

(P.S. I'm 2 years older than you)

No offence taken! It's hard to remember who is who on here sometimes, haha. Especially names to faces. I'll take it as a positive I'm mentioned at all. ;)

Thank you :) It's funny that I wasn't sure and had to put a question mark when I wrote your name until artemislives confirmed my doubts, lol! I'll make sure there will be no misnaming next time haha!

I'm just about to turn 59 @plantstoplanks so technically old enough to be a different generation and your mommy!!! 😱

🤣 I still FEEL about 27 years old and occasionally have been known to act a pouty 15. 😆 Flattered to have been mistaken for your svelte and attractive self.

I think we are both kindred spirits in that age is just a number. Taking care of our bodies, I hope to be feeling spry at double my current age. :) And of course I'm not about a little pout or tantrum every now and then myself, haha! As one of my 76-year-old clients says, some days his 7-year-old shows up, at least in spirit if not in body.

Oh my, forgive me 😂

🤣 Me? no need to apologize - my almost 59 year old self is delighted to have been mistaken for the gorgeous & much younger Ms Katie. But your may need to apologize to her!! 🤣

Oh, thanks for being so forgiving. I have to cheat and edit that, lol! She will read it here on the comments🤣


 last year  

He he this game has been more fun than I thought! So funny to wake up to this! Fantastic effort!!!

Haha, it was. Thank you for thinking about this game :D

Good one!

Thank you, I have to do better than this haha.

 last year  

Hint: 13 has commented on this page!

Yes, I found him haha. Thank you.

 last year  

What an effort.... No way could i do this either... not with faces... maybe the gardens though... like i remember the gardens and am like... "oooh this garden had tomatos around the corner.. i wonder how they"

Thanks for playing!


Thank you, Sarah. Tried my best, lol! Yes, it is easier to remember the gardens or plants like the bananas.

Damn that's a tough quiz.... LOL.... I THINK I can name #5. 🤣

One thing that I really appreciate about the Hive communities you have nurtured @riverflows, is that they ALL have a much stronger comment game. I LIKE the way the comment sections take on a life of their own. I still remember my FIRST Hive-Steem instruction from @kenistyles - he said 12 comments for every 1 daily post, as a MINIMUM. And I have tried to abide by that in 4+ years. I think the greatest kudos we can give a fellow blogging-posting-Hiver is to show them the courtesy of commenting in such a way as to acknowledge they have been READ and HEARD. Some people are better at it than others - a couple of great commenters that stand out in my head are @minismallholding, @owasco, @angryman and @cmplxty. 😊

If there's one thing I've learned from @hivegarden and the gardening community on Hive, it's that our definitions of gardening can become pretty limited when we stay focused only on our own little bit of dirt, and that we are enriched, stretched and empowered when we see and learn from gardeners in other cultures and other places. It's POURING down in Chiang Mai today, so gardening is not an option. But I have talked to the plants on my front porch and am hoping for clearer skies tomorrow.

 last year  

I vaguely recall that comment suggestion, but not it being per post. Is Keni still active these days?

There are certainly people on Hive who I know to go to if I actually want a conversation or at least a guaranteed reply. That tomato eater up there is one I'll add to your list. 😁 I may be biased, but I think gardeners are some of the best conversationalists anyway. 😉

Fingers crossed for gardening weather for you tomorrow.

Funnily enough I hadn't seen Keni for several years and then bumped into him in the street about 10 days ago. He's mostly doing his adult video thing and crypto investing... haven't seen him on Hive in eons. Although I think he has his auto-voter running so probably lurks from time to time. 😆

Gardeners are amazing people full stop. Some of the best ones I know are that way cos they HATE humans an prefer the silent company of plants. So not sure about them as conversationalists... but the gardeners I know who DO speak publicly, are such caring, intelligent and nurturing people, mostly with a learning disposition.

How goes the SA winter? I told my mum in Melbourne today that I was cold cos it was 29C and raining hard. She said it's only 8C where she is. 😮

 last year  

It's been pretty mild here all winter so far. We've had a fair amount of rain, but some dry days too. Not one of our wettest winters by any means.

Good to know Keni is well. 🙂

 last year  

This is interesting because I can sort of relate to both of these extremes. Even simultaneously, such as feeling like I have so much to say yet no one who cares to listen, which is the part of humans that I hate.

 last year  

So true about gardeners being great conversationalists! Maybe it's because gardening requires knowledge from a lot of different fields and we just want to share what we know! I am having a blast curating all these excellent comments! Everyone wins in my book!

 last year  

There is just so much to share and learn, even after years of gardening. You can't help, but share!

 last year  

I still have to finish a couple books some fellow gardening friends gifted me as well. I'm sure they are full of much wisdom. The one I'm going to read next is called Botany for Gardeners.

 last year  

I always for 4 minimum after replying to my own comments. Somedays that takes ages, like today! And some days I fail, but hope the rest of the time makes up for it. After all this time it's not a chore, mostly genuinely seeing what people I really like are up to!

 last year  

I tried counting how much I commented, but it kind of took the fun out of it, so I stopped. Some days I'm more chatty than others anyway. 😆

 last year  

Haha yes I stop counting at one, what do you think I am, ocd? 😂

I don't count anymore either, and I do TRULY enjoy seeing what's going on with peeps in the Hive orbit.

I HAVE set myself the discipline to open my Following Feed each time I start Hiving and comment-upvote on something in the top few new posts. Keeps it fresh and not to narrow - and I expand my horizons by seeing some very cool reblogs.

 last year  

How lovely to have been included here!

I'm here for the comradery, the knowledge, the support, the warm and fuzzies. It is a great community for all those. And yes, to stretch my imaginings of what can be, what is in other places.

I love it when it pours, and I have no choice but to let the garden be. I know the next day, there will be abundance!

There's definitely much more of a special shared 'something' on Hive that enables connection - I guess shared values really do count for a lot!!

Right now I can hear the frog's chorus on a rainy, warm, full-moon tropical night and yes, there will be abundance tomorrow.

 last year  


 last year  

I find it so satisfying when it's pouring!

commenting in such a way as to acknowledge they have been READ and HEARD.

That style of commenting @artemislives, seems to come naturally for some... others, might become better at it with a little practice, if interested. I suspect the ability stems from certain frontal lobe activity, of which side of the corpus callosum, I'm not quite sure...😏 along with gardening for a minimum of two years.

Well - soil microbes DO improve brain function in a roundabout way so that works. 😆 Gardeners ARE generally very cool people with an eye for observation, as well as judging the environments on a micro-level. All of that augers well for not only better and more sincere-relevant comments, but probably better human relationships as well.

Brain health fascinates me on just sooooo many levels!!


 last year  

I THINK I can name #5

Haha of course you can, and I am pretty sure about no2 :)

 last year  

I love the garden community, everyone does try to engage and we have all got to know each other! Most of us are here because we love gardening which is more important than rewards. I could hug everyone here tenfold!

 last year  

Oh, I love games! Let's give it a shot :)

1 Laica from Philippines @luckylaica
2 Myself :)
3 @cesarj21 from Buenos Aires
4 Sri Wartika from Indonesia @umirais
5 Marike from Thailand @artemislives
6 @proto26 from the Midwestern United States
7 @owasco from the boondocks of upstate New York
8 @farm-mom (I think)
9 Oscar Antonio from Venezuela @oscarcede with his chives
10 As far as I can tell, she looks like @livinguktaiwan
11 Beef from Upstate New York @thebigsweed
12 @hindavi from Norway
13 From the Sanctuary of The Blue Dragon in Hawaii @tydynrain

and last but not least, Marcos, the most rubbish gardener of hive :)

That's a hell of an effort!
It's so good that it deserves my !pizza !luv !ctp and !hivebits votes for today!

 last year  

Thanks a lot :)

Success! You mined .9 HBIT & the user you replied to received .1 HBIT on your behalf. mine | wallet | market | tools | discord | subscribe | <>< daily

The smallest HBIT unit: which name is better, bitoshi or quark?

Hot-damn you're good! 😊

Now this is more like it! I've committed a crime with my answer above, lol!

woouw yes you are right, you got ahead of me today @fotostef 😂😂😂😇

Wow! Amazing! I think you did far better than I could at the moment!

 last year  

That's DAMN good!!! You even named where they were from!!! 🌷💯

 last year  

Marcos, the most rubbish gardener of hive

Are you sure? He might be better than me!

 last year  

Marcos - you are a rubbish gardener

Haha, those are @riverflows's words in a comment at this post and I used it as an inside joke :)

Although I very much doubt that he is a better gardener than yourself :)

I really love this idea! I feel a bit embarrassed because I don't know most of my fellow HiveGarden peeps yet! I have a new area of focus! I truly do love this community! Everyone in these photos, I apologize for not recognizing you yet!

I'm still organizing and propagating so many diverse plants in my new nursery. It's still very small, but it's growing fast! So many plants to get in the ground! I also love having a fair number of different plants in pots to sell and trade with fellow plant lovers!

Saludos amigo, se ve que tienes demasiadas plantas 🌱

¡Muchísimas gracias, a ti también! Jeje...nunca tengo 'demasiadas plantas'. ¡No es posible! ¡Siempre hay espacio por más! 😉😁🙏💚

Jaja eso es cierto, siempre tenemos espacio para muchas más 😂


 last year  

Oh I do the same, a collection in pots to gift! And don't worry, you'll get to know us all over time!

Sharing plants with people is one of my favorite things! I so look forward fo it! Yay! 🙏 💚

Oh hello, guess I found #13! Sorry too that I wasn't able to identify you. Good to know your nursery plants are thriving :)

I send warm greetings to you @ifarmgirl! Yep, ya found me, and thank you! I only just recently began adding photos of myself in my HiveGarden posts, so I don't expect most people to know me yet! All good! I have so many wonderful plants to share with y'all in the coming weeks and months!

Thank you for the greetings, it's morning here in the Philippines :) I'm quite excited to see your plants when you get to share them :)

Indeed! It's just into the early afternoon here in Hawai'i, and it's been quite rainy. I'll make sure to keep an eye out for what you share in your posts too! 🙏 💚

Oh, Aloha :) It's the rainy season here these months so I'm not growing any food yet except for some pole beans at the backyard so I've not shared any gardening posts for months.

Aloha! I understand too much water can definitely limit many food plants. Planting a wider, more diverse array of species and varieties can help with that particular challenge, as some quite edible plants explode with growth with such large amounts of water. I wish you glorious growing! 🙏 💚

 last year  

It is very nice to know all the hard-working hive gardeners and their very informative posts. @ifarmgirl and @fotostef er very clever already they shoot the moon. and all gardeners doing very good work.Thanks to all of the skilled gardeners for your tips, ideas, and love of nature. I am very glad to know you all through this beautiful community. greetings🙏

 last year  

They certainly got in fast and @fotostef went next level naming where they are from! I'm glad to know you all too!!

 last year (edited) 

And all credit goes to you,😊 you are a very brilliant organizer @riverflows

 last year  

AWWWW, but if you didn't all come to the party, the organisation wouldn't matter! xx

 last year  

Was my sleeping time sorry spell your name wrong but now corrected it.

Thank you, fotostef did great at it. Hope you are doing well today.

 last year (edited) 

thank you, dear. busy day at work. after work, sharing some harvest with neighbors

Oh wow... your neighbors will be very happy with those!

 last year (edited) 

I can safely say that the last pic is my dog 🐕 😅👍 omg I missed a lot I gotta catch up!


 last year  

Your dog is the only one I knew! Besides me...

I was gonna say, who's the dog??? :D

 last year  

It's also your dog????? 😳😅😊😄

No, they weren't in the list of who you had to figure out, but I wanted to know who the dog was. 😄

Hi Ed, is your dog a Labrador mix...? The one behind is a husky pup, right?

 last year  

Hey Murs! Yep totally! Is it your dog on the pic? It wasn't mine but looks hell identical! The other one is a mix husky and malamute, not a pup though, 10 years old 😅

 last year  

Haha, it's my dog but they do look alike so much :)

 last year  

Hahaha so cool they're probably brothers from another mother!

 last year  

And a very traveled father :)

Lol, yeah, the husky mix looked so young at a distance , can't see clearly it's face. I had a Rottie with 65kgs and a Chihuahua. they are all gone now. Cheers!

Como están amigos, me gustan mucho las participaciones de este tipo, es primera vez que participo haciendo comentarios en este concurso, espero hacerlo bien.

Me disculpo de antemano de no mencionar a ningún amigo, aún no conozco mucho en la comunidad espero poco a poco ir participando y conociéndolos a todos.

Hoy continúo en mi patio cosechando más aguacates, esta temporada ha estado excelente, he logrado recoger demasiados aguacates, nunca había disfrutado tanto de este fruto, estoy muy agradecida con Dios y la maravillosa naturaleza.


Le invitamos a saltar en cualquier momento y compartir su jardín.

 last year  

What a lovely photo of you! That's a great bowl of avocado!

Gracias 🤗, si, logramos recoger muchos

I've gone cross eyed trying to zoom in on my phone to see this pics (the laptop is out of commission) but, I think that I've worked out a few folks -
Number 1 is Laica @luckylaica
Number 2 is Stefano @fotostef and the dog is Marcos
I think that pic 4 is Sri Wartika aka @umirais
I guess 7 is @owasco
11 is Beef @thebigsweed
13 has to be @tydynrain

How did i go? How did you go guessing, or did you already know a few people? Let us know in the comments.

You got me right! 🙏 💚

Thank you so much and you have not forgotten me @ligayagardener 😉.

 last year  

You are the selfie queen.. we couldn't ever forget you or your gardening passions!

Thank you very much @riverflows. I'm so flattered🥰.

These are the ones I think I know:

#2 - @fotostef
#8 - @farm-mom
#11 - @thebigsweed
and should know who #5 is but can't think of the name...

 last year  

It's @artemislives ... I always find things like this hard!!

I was working from my phone and not everyone has their pic as an avatar...

Oh! I knew I'd seen the photo recently but couldn't place it.

I'm too embarrassed to even attempt this as I only recognise three people, and that includes myself 😂

The upside is that I can put more faces to names now which surely is a good thing. Please do more of these!!!

It is an upside. Now I have more connection with the folks I chat with and am even keeping a collection - a gardener's rogue's gallery...😎

 last year  

Haha well given how much engagement there's been, I will be sure to do another one! I love how the selfie challenge took off and has connecte us all a little more. I have loved putting faces to names and names to faces! I feel like I know them all personally.

This is a niche way of knowing each other, good to see all hive gardeners fun moments.

It's great and fun :)

 last year (edited) 

I was going to attempt answering after spending at least an hour trying to figure out the ones I did not know. However I see that I am 2 days late as @fotostef did a great job of naming everyone and their locations correctly. Congratulations.

As a commiseration prize, I went to my balcony to water my garden. I was surprised to see 2 strawberries on one of the plants. I have 36 individual plants which has been great in providing almost a handful of different flavours almost daily - over the past weeks. It was a real treat. Although I did not have a handful today these 2 tasted fantastic.

Maybe it was the surprise of seeing them or maybe it is simply because I only have 2 or maybe they are just simply good. I savoured every small bite - analyzing the taste on my tongue. It is a wonderful feeling. I had a smile on my face.

I am in such awe of my balcony garden. Maybe it seems nonsensical. Even some of my friends cannot believe I am so excited as I have always appreciated nature. However, I never stopped to really think about my food in the way I do now. Afterall, not every city folk gets a chance to watch the miracle of seeds or seedlings become fruits or vegetables. I have a new appreciation for food. I taste the difference in what I grow and what I purchase at the supermarket. I am doing the best I can although in the city and I am loving it!

These 2 strawberries made my day. Now I am looking forward to enjoying salad from my garden with dinner. I cannot wait for the day when I can make a complete salad – with tomatoes, cucumbers, red bell peppers and lettuce – all from my balcony.