My unforgettable experience of HiveBeeCon in Krakow

We returned from Krakow yesterday, and I needed some time to put my thoughts together as we have experienced so much in a couple of days only. Honestly, at first I was not so sure if our schedule would allow us to join #HiveBeeCon, but I'm so happy that we rearranged some things and were able to make it. We had a blast!

krolestwo.png Photo courtesy of @hallmann

Our flight on Friday was at 7:35AM, and therefore we had to wake up at 4AM to get to the airport on time. We didn't sleep much, so I took it easy on Friday and explored Krakow a bit. My husband, on the other hand worked all afternoon, and was exhausted by the evening. We went to bed early to recharge our batteries for the main event on Saturday.


Our program on Saturday started early in the morning. We met with @zirochka, @livinguktaiwan and her husband, @mipiano and @ph1102, @priyanarc and @blind-spot at the train station, and off we went to Wieliczka Salt Mine. There we met with the rest of our group and had lovely discussions until it was our turn to enter the salt mine. I was so nervous due to my fear of closed spaces, but I was surprised about how relaxed I was feeling almost all the time (there was one or two tunnels that were a bit too narrow for my liking and the way up in the lift was not so much fun either - I still can't believe that we were 8 people in that lift). I'm sure that our amazing chatty group was the main reason of me being so calm.

We had an amazing tour guide who even remembered @priyanarc name as we almost lost her twice 🙂

And yes, there were more than ten trees. You know when you were there...

Salt mine.jpg Photo courtesy of @gtg




After our tour we went for lunch and I loved that our group didn't simply agree to go to the closest restaurant, but they were determined to find a place where we could get some vegan food too. What an amazing community! After lunch we went back to Krakow and directly to The Kingdom from the train station. It was a short walk and I was excited to finally visit the place that I heard so much about.

I instantly fell in love with @krolestwo. It's such a cozy place that makes you feel like home. There are so many small details that you don't know where to look first. When I get caught up in the moment I usually forget to take photos. My phone spent the entire afternoon and evening in my backpack 🙂 Luckily, other people took many photos, so you can check out other #HiveBeeCon posts to get an idea about the place.

I had no idea how many people would join and I was surprised when somebody told me that we were over 40 people! What was supposed to be a small meet up turned out to be a such a big event. @hallmann was an amazing host and I enjoyed hearing about his work with @krolestwo. And I loved his home made Brisscola!

My husband loved the game of Novuss even though he had no idea how to play it. He made up the rules and many people played by them. Until @helicoptermoney came and explained them how to play it properly. Well, then it was not so much fun anymore as it became a serious business 🙂

I was so excited to meet my dear friends @zirochka and @livinguktaiwan. We met last year at HiveFest and I couldn't wait to see them again. It was like meeting old friends and we had so much fun! @zirochka is the most genuine hugger ever and I love her bear hugs. We met with @livinguktaiwan's husband too, and had interesting discussions about some of the UK policies. And those yummy cookies that I got from them!

ladies.jpeg Photo courtesy of @livinguktaiwan

It was also lovely to spend some time with @growandbow whom I met last year too. I got to know his better half @llunasoul this time too. They are such an inspiration and truly genuine people.

I have known @phortun for many years, but we haven't met in real life yet. I was excited that he was coming too, and that we could talk and get to know each other better. He is such an interesting person and I hope to see him soon in Prague again. Actually, I hope to meet his wife soon as well.

I and @phortun had a lot of fun with @deepresearch, talking about differences between our languages (Slovak, Czech and Polish) until late in the night. I have never realized how similar are Polish and Slovak.

I didn't talk much with @blind-spot this time, however he had a blast with my husband playing Novuss. I'm sure we will find an opportunity to catch up in The Netherlands soon. I was happy to see my dear @priyanarc. We met at HiveFest and earlier this year as well, and it's always lovely to catch up with her.

I also met new friends, such as @edje. I had a long discussion with him as he is such a thoughtful person with interesting insights, and it was so easy to talk with him.

Later in the evening we enjoyed a private piano concert by @mipiano. She is such an amazing and yet humble artist. She was nervous as she played for people that she cares about, but we couldn't notice that she was feeling this way as she played beautifully. I could see how proud her husband @ph1102 was. I met him briefly last year, but we didn't get a chance to talk, so I enjoyed sitting next to him in the train to Wieliczka as I got to know him a bit.

I didn't get a chance to talk to @evelynchacin as she was so caught up in the game of Novuss, but I loved her positive energy. I can imagine that her smile can brighten up any room. Who knows, maybe one day we will get to talk a bit 🙂

I talked with @jocieprosza and his wife @asia-pl about Hive community in Katowice and I admired their little boy who was sleeping in his carriage like there were not 40 people around him.

It was such an eventful evening! We were the last ones with @zirochka to leave @krolestwo. We only left @phortun and @deepresearch behind, but they were staying there for the night.

Many of us stayed in Krakow on Sunday as well, and we met up for lunch together. I suggested to go to a vegan restaurant and we were 11 people in the end! And they loved the food! This is how you make me happy 🙂 On the way from lunch I finally got to talk a bit with @m31 and @lemony-cricket. I saw them at HiveFest last year too, but didn't get a chance to talk with them. It was very cold, but @lemony-cricket looked so comfortable in his T-shirt. I was wearing my winter jacket... respect Lem!

Of course, I didn't forget to mention our wizard @gandalf. Nothing of this would have happened without him. And he might have changed my mind a bit about electric cars 🙂


We said our goodbyes and returned to our daily lives. Even though HiveBeeCon is history our memories will be there forever.

Thank you for everything!


It's true :( we couldn't talk much because I was "concentrated" playing Novuss with Stefan and the other guys haha, well actually I was being embarrassed hahaha not playing.

Hope to see you again soon and then we will talk more! What nice words! 🥺❤️ It was a pleasure for me to meet you guys! I loved the Brisscola too! Big hugs! 🤗

I admired your attitude as you couldn't really play it, but you were so determined to get those things in the hole 🙂 it was amazing!

Hope to see you soon! Big hugs back at you 🤗😍

Ayy 🥺 maybe the guys made me feel confident but inside I was dying of embarrassment because my moves were so bad but I also wanted to try to get at least one thing in the hole hahaha. Hugs to you guys too! Hope to see you guys soon! 🤗

Reading the posts of each of us is like living this marvellous weekend over again 😍
We enjoyed every moment spent in Krakow and kind of got "drunk" with so many emotions :D

Say hi to Stefan and tell him that I fell asleep on the plane this morning before it took off 😁


Indeed, I enjoyed reading every single post too. It's great to see different perspectives of the weekend and I'm happy to see that everyone is so positive about it.

You must have been tired! Stefan says hi back and he fell asleep the same way too 😁 He says that you can start a club of plane sleepers (just a working name for now 😂)

Hive Sleepers - Brand new community on HIVE! Posting is not obligatory! As a matter of fact, keeping it quiet is encouraged!


😂 🤣

Your Admins,
Stefan & Mipiano
(don't disturb with questions) 🤣

You even have their motto already! 🤣 It's going to be the most popular and the least used community on Hive 😂

Hahaha, that club sounds like an excellent idea. @ph1102 says if we would make such a community on Hive, maybe there would be no posts... as we would just sleep all the time 😂

It's actually an excellent idea and I'm sure this would make Stefan finally create an account 😂

But then we should avoid planes (and trains) so we don't get sleepy :p

The plan before coming to the HiveBeeCon was to get to know as many as possible Hivians there... We got there, and I got "stuck" with a "non-Hivian", your husband Stefan! 😂 Hahahahaah...

It was a pleasure to meet you two guys and I hope we will have a chance to meet again... I enjoyed conversation with both of us finding that we have so many things in common that we couldn't even imagine...

It was such an eventful evening! We were the last ones with @zirochka to leave @krolestwo.

Maybe you were the last to leave that evening, but we were bothering @hallmann for two days more... lol...

We came back today and I'm trying to gather all the stuff and emotions from Krakow to create a post... as everyone else did, I'm not in a hurry... Last place is mine! 😂

I have picked this post on behalf of the @OurPick project which will be highlighted in the next post!

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Hahaha, he is just so easy to talk to...

If you would be coming to Switzerland just let us know 🙂 We are not planning to go to Spain anytime soon, but let's see where the next HiveFest will be 🙂

Oh, I know, I know, you were persistent 😁 actually, I would have love to come back when there were less people too as I'm sure it's such a relaxing place to be..

Oh yeah! You won!!!! 😂 Looking forward to seeing your post!

If you would be coming to Switzerland just let us know 🙂

Maybe next summer when we go for our usual "Europe road trip"... We were thinking about doing Switzerland this year, but delayed for the next one...

I was so excited to meet my dear friends @zirochka and @livinguktaiwan. We met last year at HiveFest and I couldn't wait to see them again. It was like meeting old friends and we had so much fun! @zirochka is the most genuine hugger ever and I love her bear hugs.

This is because I am trying to catch up on all the lost during the year 😉

You are one of the few people I find easy to talk to and always feel like we have known each other for ages.😉

I was trying to find your cigarettes today and I realized that I put them in a place which I would for sure remember, so it looks like I will never ever find them again 😅

Indeed, and when we see each other, it's like we were not even apart 🙂

Remember, anytime you want to relax a bit you are more than welcome to come to us in Switzerland. We have an office at home, so you don't even need to take some days off 😉

I was trying to find your cigarettes today and I realized that I put them in a place which I would for sure remember, so it looks like I will never ever find them again 😅

This is an unambiguous reference that I should quit :D

Remember, anytime you want to relax a bit you are more than welcome to come to us in Switzerland. We have an office at home, so you don't even need to take some days off 😉

This is getting more and more tempting 😊❤️
You are a person with a truly big heart. Thank you!!!

Of course you should quit 😁 But I still hope to find them as it will be the memento of our first meeting 😅

I only have tempting offers 😉 Oh, and people say that I'm a great cook! 😁 Another small addition to my offer...

Thank you for your kind words, my dear! I'm so happy to have you in my life! 😘

Partying to the end I see!!! I'm sorry I had to leave early on Saturday as I had to curate for Pinmapple that night and normally it takes me a few hours. But it's great to hear that you guys spent more time at the Kingdom.

Looking forward to see you two again sometime!!

Oh yes, you can't do it differently with Stefan 😂 He is always the last one..

I can imagine it is a lot of work to go through all posts and curate..

Let's hope to see each other soon 🙂

Enjoy your trip! I hope you have nice weather.. we have still warm days, but next week it will go down to 0 at night...

We had an amazing tour guide who even remembered @priyanarc name as we almost lost her twice

I am still trying to figure out how this happened and how she remembered or knew my name :D I was so surprised when I was coming out of the washroom, it was one of the funniest moments at Salt Mine:D.

I was so happy to see you again and always a pleasure to chat with you and spend time with you and Stefan. This was our third time meet-up and I am sure there will be more in the future :D

Well, probably she heard us looking for you and remember it 🙂 She is responsible for bringing all people out of the mines, so I think it was in her own interest to make sure that you appear..

Of course, there will be more! 🙂 we will let you know when we're in The Netherlands next time 😉

Both you and mipiano are now making me regret leaving early!
It is always nice to see the both of you and I'm waiting to see you again. The day was super busy so it makes sense we were busy talking to all and everyone.

I hope so! Next time you will know better and stay longer 😁

Of course, it's difficult to catch up properly when there are so many people.. but we will have another chance soon 🙂

No vidíš, tak jsi to taky zvládla ještě dneska :) A jak hezky! :) Ta vysmáta fotka, co máš se Zirochkou a LUT, je ale nejlepší! :D Já měl s tím focením úplně stejný problém jako ty :( Tak mě to všechno tak pohltilo, že jsem si na focení ani nevzpomněl a pak na druhý den s hrůzou zjistil, že vlastně nemám skoro žádné fotky :D :/ Až přijedete do Prahy, tak budeme radši fotit hodně, jo? :D ;)

Naozaj som nechcela byť posledná. Teraz to ostalo na Zoltanovi 😂 takú podobnú fotku máme aj z HiveFestu, tak je to možno začiatok peknej tradície.

Ja to mám tak stále. Keď som vo väčšej skupine, tak telefón ani nevytiahnem a spomeniem si na to až na druhý deň.

Jasné, nebudeme sa rozprávať, ale budeme fotiť 😂

Jo, pamatuju si tu vaši společnou fotku z Amsterdamu ;) Hezká tradice. Já hlavně doufám, že příští rok bude HiveFest zase v Evropě, protože se ukazuje, že tady mají tyhle akce fakt největší úspěch. Osobně mě ta účast na letošním HiveFestu v Mexiku zklamala a určitě nejen mě... Ale je fakt, že třeba i Filipínci by si zasloužili šanci uspořádat to u nich, ti jsou taky hodně aktivní a je jich dost. No, uvidíme :)

Yeah, I had ton of fun talking with you, guys! There is so much learning potential in this slavic cultural exchange.

Here is my Hive post from Herlany geysir trip, we briefly talked about, just in Polish, but I like pics too:

See you on the next meet-up!

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I have never been to Herlany... I see that you have also been to Kosice. It's a pity that you didn't have more time to see more of the city as it's beautiful.

So this is osada that you were talking about 😂 yes, yes, that's very typical in the East of Slovakia...

See you soon! 🙂

The salt mine looks nice, and is more spacious than I imagined. The fancy chandelier seemed out of place, but I guess it gave a nice contrast to the surroundings. I haven't been to a Hive get together, and the posts that I've seen have always been very fun.

You should definitely join one. It's such a nice opportunity to meet people and we always have so much fun! 🙂

Unfortunately not a lot of those gatherings happen in the PH, or I am just not familiar with them. I was considering going to Splinterfest [Splinterlands get together] if it was held in the Philippines, but sadly it did not materialize.

😍 Oh, what a nice post. It's like being there watching you all.


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It seems like you guys had a wonderful weekend, Hiveans hanging out with other Hiveans.

Truly an unforgettable experience, I'm sorry I couldn't attend, I really wanted to.
Maybe next time, when it will be organized somewhere close to Romania.
I'm glad to see so much emotion, joy and the satisfaction of meeting people who otherwise have never met, except in the online environment, I'm convinced that the feeling is unique.

I have seen many people's posts saying they had a lot of fun there together with each other and I also wish to go to such an event once. Been working for a long time. Glad to see everyone enjoying alot.

Dear it was so lovely to meet you 🙏🏽
Oh I’m very happy to read that you were ok at the mine, cause could be challenging to be there being scared of closed places!! I can imagine how one can feel..
I’d love to meet you again and your husband (don’t write names in case)
Big hug!

Was really nice meeting you and enjoyed our conversation 🙇

Was I reading in someone else's post your husband wanted to go clubbing?
Didn't know, and too late now, but I would've gone with him, even if it was just to check out the club vibe in Krakow. Next time 🙃

Hahaha, indeed, Lemony-Cricket must have some super insolating skin. Winterish temperatures and he just went about bare skin arms and all.

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