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Good day everyone! Zak here from Cape Town South Africa. I am here to tell you the great news, and the awesome news. It is not just about intentions but rather that of RESULTS.

I think that 2022 was a huge success of Hive and for my little community and extended community of bloggers.

The year is not over, but lets look at the FACTS: I started the year on 313HP.

I currently, at the time of writing this post have 1719HP!

That is a 549% increase! Just amazing! I went from a Redfish to a Minnow. In fact, right now I am actually over 30% of a Dolphin now! The end of the year is not yet here. On the 1st of January 2023, I will see where I am and take a final tally!

But this is not all!

I also (as some of you might know) started a community of Students. I delegated to new bloggers and got them going. I guided them and informed them and above all - motivated them.

Beyond this motivation, I also encouraged that ALL of our members support the others and I call for this to increase in its frequency as well. Votes and comments/replies and engagement is what really makes a community strong is someone actually paying attention to you, the next thing you know, you will have a strong a vibrant community!

So again, above was an intention, here is the result. As of last weekend Sunday the total HP for this little class plus myself was: 6038HP!

This means out of 313HP an increase of 1929% was earned. Even without looking at it as a percentage, this is 5725HP, which is more than a Dolphin's weight in the Hive ecosystem! That is massive. 2 of those 15 also became Minnows.

Even is we did the exact same again for 2023, the community of the same 15 people would be sitting on 11,700HP+ by the end of next year! That's over double-dolphin and I think in reality we will be much higher than that.

But this is not all.

The 2022 Class was the beginning. Next year there will be a new wave of newbies and for 2023 I want to permanently include an assortment of South African Hive bloggers and their friends in a great and interactive super community!

A 2023 plan and a 5 year plan

You can tell I am fairly ambitious with my growth and community building but it is the RESULT that drive me ever forward!

So I need to have a 2023 plan and then a plan that includes the 4 years after that as well. That means 2027.

Personal wealth for myself is awesome. Personal and group wealth for my family is better. Wealth, health, and happiness for my community is the best outcome! So what shall I do to reach that goal?

My five-year plan includes exponentially increasing the size of the community of ACTIVE members that will grow together. Another aspect of the 6000HP+ community is the fact of RECIPROCAL GROWTH.

Right now, in this community, we need to bring more and more people into the Web 3.0 Hive so it becomes relevant. Right now, we are a scattered and sporadic, though devout group. Our 5 year group will include our friends outside of South Africa. They are people we engage with and grow alongside or perhaps look up to.

After 5 year time, or perhaps along the way there, we may be able to create subgroups but without the numbers of people and the HP behind it, this is not something anyone should try to do yet.

I am talking FB numbers here. Each area and city and town has their own subgroups, sometimes multiple and interest groups within areas. The entire Hive does not even have fully functioning interest groups for all interests yet! But we WILL be able to do this... exponentially.

So you have to take growth, any growth, a little bit at a time. What I have noticed in my blogging journey is that it can be massively exponential!

2023 Plan focus

So let us zero in on the plan for 2023.

We are going to take this community of 15:

  1. @jasperdick
  2. @zakludick
  3. @clairemobey
  4. @lex-zaiya
  5. @pixelhuntersam
  6. @marelizezeeman
  7. @stevemuis
  8. @loadreaper
  9. @michieme
  10. @aimeludick
  11. @thefoxygeeksa
  12. @merenludick
  13. @matthew-williams
  14. @fufukunnn
  15. @evanrentschler

Add it to the larger community of members that I have been keeping track of (and that have been interacting with us).

Those will include:

16 . @joetunex
17 . @braaiboy
18 . @joanstewart
19 . @new.things
20 . @alonicus
21 . @hopestylist
22 . @therneau
23 . @consciouscat
24 . @edycu007

There are some others that have been on my list added at some or another stage, but there has been little interaction from them. If you do not see yourself on that list and you noticed (or someone else did) then just put your hand up and comment on this post that you want to be included!

I would like to invite more people to the list. My initial goal is to get 100 ACTIVE people on the list, but that the list also will have room for any number of dormant people who can enter active state at any time.

Please respond to this post that you are interested in the one year and five year plans and that you are interested in helping our active community grow!

Some of you have a lot of HP and I humbly ask for your support. I am fairly sure that the heaviest hitters on this list have told me that they would be keen on giving support one way or another.

This list includes the following:
(Again if you know someone that should be included or that I forgot about, please comment)

25 . @papilloncharity
26 . @cryptoandcoffee
27 . @zo3d
28 . @nickydee
29 . @lizelle
30 . @fionasfavourites
31 . @jusipassetti
32 . @rexydayz
33 . @morkrock
34 . @princessmewmew
35 . @jaynie
36 . @fermentedphil
37 . @chekohler
38 . @nikv
39 . @wynella
40 . @craigcryptoking
41 . @jacoalberts
42 . @rynow
43 . @anikekirsten
44 . @artywink
45 . @itsostylish
46 . @giantbear
47 . @breezin
48 . @dragonslayer101
49 . @awgbibb
50 . @dragonslayer109 (are the two dragonslayers the same person?)
51 . @penderis
52 . @technicalside
53 . @misshugo
54 . @julianhorack

That's all I can think of for now. More are welcome. I am looking for 100 Active accounts. Dormant accounts can sit on the list in a separate column.

Right, so the above list of 54 people and counting is PART of the Plan to build an active and thriving community that interacts with one another.

But what is the goal?

Health, Wealth and Prosperity of course!

Part of the goal and plan is to keep levelling up our members. Even the biggest HP accounts on this list @dragonslayer109 (86kHP), @cryptoandcoffee (81kHP) and @papilloncharity (69kHP) are growing daily their stake on the system.

These are the three Orcas on Hive from South Africa that I know about. We then have a collection of Dolphins, Minnows and of course a large amount of Red Fish.

This is significant because of the stats on this post by @arcange: Hive Statistics – 2022.12.19. Arcange is the creator of and many fine things!

So to use his graphic from the link above, consider the following:

These are the number of accounts in each other the levels: Redfish, Minnow, Dolphin, Orca and Whale. They grey part in each section shows inactive accounts who have not posted or commented in 30 days and the colour section shows active accounts. At the bottom there is a total of accounts.

Thus myself, @jasperdick and @clairemobey all became Minnows this year. 3 out of 8811 accounts of that level and 3 out of only 3724 that are active. Our next Minnow from this 2022 Class will be @lex-zaiya

Not only that but...

These 6 accounts together are equal to a Dolphin! Since there are only 1030 active Dolphins, being a pseudo-Dolphin is actually kind of neat!

Together, the six of us can support at the same level as a Dolphin... we are 101% of a Dolphin. @jasperdick and myself are 42% and 30% of a Dolphin each and we both may be in the runnings to blog our way to Dolphin status each by the end of 2023.

But we have collections of Dolphins as well who will equal our three Orcas. One of those Orcas is inactive. So there again. 2 active out of 184 active on the entire ecosystem. Having an psuedo-Orca, an active one, is very cool indeed!

I will do the math and the research to see how we total up.

The Goal would be to keep everyone together, encourage cross engagement with one another. I am not suggesting we make a curation trail and just throw out votes to anyone who posts. We need to guide and integrate people and educate them on the lower levels to grow those Redfish into Minnows. 3724 active Minnows in the ENTIRE Hive? What if we had 100 of them by the end of 2023? How many Minnows will we have by 2027? How many Dolphins will we have by 2027? We may even have additional Orcas and by then and our Orcas will be on their way much more towards being Whales.

But real wealth does not just stem from having a stocked pantry (personal wealth), it comes from the prosperity of the community. If everyone's pantrys are stocked then there is peace in the land.

By 2027, we will have such a community where new people that join can integrate into a experienced and established community.

There is much more to the plan, but to make a community work, I need a community to make a show of hands and give input!

Please leave your comments if you are on the list, want to be on the list or want to be excused from the list (I will not aks why), but I think we all would be happy with some additional exposure!

I eagerly await your responses!


Hive South Africa


Just keep building and staying active especially over this period as this is the time it truly counts when prices are low. Every post earns more Hive than normal and I cannot stress the growth that can be achieved over the next 6 months. When you are small doubling or tripling your stake is possible.

Indeed! What excites me, and this is what I am trying to get into the newer accounts is that yes it is possible to double or triple a young account rather fast... but imagine we get 20 or 30 people doing that simultaneously? That would be a kicker!

Freaking incredible growth! Well done everyone! Babe, thanks for keeping track of all our progress and keeping us motivated! Here's to a massive 2023!

2022 was great, with you!

2023 is going to rock even harder! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😁

I need to come and read this when I have a brain. Right now, it's falling out of my head which is too tired to keep it in. And I have writing deadlines...

In a nutshell: My little community classroom of 15 turned my 313HP into a Combined 6000HP+ so my active group works.

I would like to build a South African-centrist group(though not exclusively so) that has at least 100 active members!

Good luck with your deadlines!

You know that you and your community always have my support! ♥️

Thank you so much! Having your support means a lot to me! 🤗🤗🤗

Sounds like an amazing plan!😄
Its incredible how your HP has grown this year.
Well done!😊

Time to make sure you post weekly!


I love the initiative to help train students. Super clever and good for things around here. Nice one.

I don't get all the rest of the HP and financial stuff. Still. Or the voting stuff. I mean... I learn quickly when I'm keen on something and I need to learn this but I'm just not interested enough in numbers. :/ I need a Team mate who knows that stuff... Until then I'll just eat rice and beans :D

And have fun making creative stuff.

Haven't seen you guys around for ages so thanks for thinking of me. 👍

I'll come back to this when I have the motivation to do financial stuff. Papillion usually reminds me once a month because I've forgotten to stake and all 😬 Right now taking rest after some hectic weeks and my first few days of not being full mama mode in three of them.

Super well done on your rise on Hive! Very inspiring for noobs and more to see how this is totally doable.

Just show up regularly as you do and use the platform as you do! All I will be trying to do is make sure people are interacting within the community as much as possible.

Meanwhile, I will be keeping track of the numbers. 🙂

Copy that 👍

I'll be floating around on the periphery, dancing at the back left and occasionally heading into the thick of it for the experience.

Always around :D

Indeed. Note that I am not going to compel any sort of action. Rather I will promote as much interaction and reciprocal support as possible!

According to, as of right now there are 1932 accounts of dolphin and above! So it is already quite a small crew of people across the world! I definitely plan to be one by the end of next year, and wonder how many there will be then?

That remains to be seen!

I need to get my shit together. I have just been so all over the place with all the crap happening in my life that at the moment I forget my own name some days. So I think for now I will reset to the goal of one post a week in the new year and slowly take it from there.

52 posts for the year! Excellent!

You've been a great motivation for 2022 and it looks like you are raising the bar for next year. Am glad to be part of the community and up for the 5 year growth plan.

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Awesome! Let's do this! Cheers! 🍻🍻🍻

Cheers Zak 🍻

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Oh and @alonicus, if you are still keen on delegations in 2023, we will be reserving it for deserving Redfish who are pushing up those ranks and numbers. The Redfish Incubation Program!

I'm definitely keen to help - it's an awesome community, and I'm incredibly impressed by the growth. What's nice is that it's growth that can have real world impacts. I know at the moment we're all just piling it into compounding what's already been done, but I can see a point where each of us is generating enough HIVE and HBD to be able to start actually pulling income out (or even better, building communities of small businesses that take HIVE and spending it with them !)

In terms of delegations going forward, if you're okay with it, I'd like to do things a bit smarter (I've been learning !!). The issue at the moment is that by doing it weekly, every time a delegation changes, it takes a week to unlock the undelegated HP. So if I've got 200 HP delegated, I could have another 100-150HP in the process of unlocking which would be better used to generate upvotes to reward people (a curation trail would be awesome to help this !). Hopefully I've explained that in a way which makes sense !

What I'm tempted to suggest (but I'm open to other ideas), and I think in the long run it works out at about the same level of support, looks something like this;

Delegations would be for a month rather than a week, and would be 50HP to each new account joining the community (up to a maximum of 4 at any one time - are we ever likely to get more than 4 new members in a month ?)

To incubate the redfish, I'd buy 2 SBI's per week to the most deserving 2 redfish. Because they're a one-off, they are easier to administer, and would generate permanent ongoing rewards for those members as long as they keep posting. Although it means I'm spending money rather than just lending HP, there's a selfish motive there as well, because each SBI I buy generates me regular rewards as well.

Does that all make sense, and does it seem a fair way to contribute the same kind of thing as I'm doing now ? Is there any way to improve it ? Also sorry if I've rambled on.....

Not at all. Thank you for the time.

So in a nutshell:

  • Delegations of 50HPx4 on a monthly basis, not weekly.
  • 2x HSBI per week for 2 redfish weekly.


That would be amazing!

Yes - it would be up to 4 delegations rather than always exactly 4, because that would be a "starter" for new members joining the community.

I'd probably review it quarterly, with a view to increasing the support if my own HP continue growing at the current rate, but also considering the impact of what the price of HIVE is doing.

Wow this is a really great idea for the improvement of the community and also for the betterment of the hive block chain.

I do have a little suggestion, I think it will be a good idea to create a curation trail for the community to support her users because most times I forget to go and support some of our community members and that will help me and others a lot. What do you think?

As long as the curation trail is managed manually, then it is not a bad idea.

The thing we should stay away from is trails that autovote specific people or tags regardless of the content.

Hehe. Thank you though. It is a great idea.

Yes, of course it has to be a manual curating trail, hehe.

You're welcome sir, I'm more grateful and happy I could make a little contribution to our great community 🥰.

Let's see what others will have to say about it.

Indeed! I can't wait for more feedback!

Yeah, me too, let's see how it goes 😊

I love the idea of a manual curation trail ! Like you, I'm less keen on automated ones, but my current way of doing it via bookmarked favourites is getting distinctly cumbersome as the community grows 😀

It would probably be a good idea to use the South African Community I created and give Posting keys to a rotating panel of curators. Much the way others do it and set up the curation trail to follow the community vote?

Oh I see! Bookmarked favorites, I've never tried it before though but I know it will also be cumbersome for me too because I do have so many people outside the community that I like visiting too.

I'm wondering how we can get someone who will be consistent in controlling the trail manually, I think that won't be much of a challenge right? I hope so

Wow, this is a massive growth and I am glad you are making not just progress on yourself but also impacting the lives of newbies on the platform.

I got to join a program by you but I didn't follow up because I wasn't seeing anything. Looking forward to understanding more about the group, hopefully I will be able to fit in.

Well, if you post regularly and engage regularly then you are welcome.

Let's add you for 2023.

I am trying my best with engagement, hoping to increase it in the coming year as well.

Good! We shall see!

Sorry for only replying now! Awesome progress for you and your family/class.

South African community will be awesome. We should totally organise a big get together. I know the owner’s son of an awesome brewery in Strand that might give us a good deal or something like that. We might get some people interested in Hive and blogging.

I am also getting my girlfriend on hive. Will post something soon.

Growth monetary is good and all, but growth in community and skills is even better! Keep up the good work.

Awesome! And we have so many Hive musician on here, we can totally organise some live music too!

The brewery/pub host’s various open mic nights throughout the month. We can ask and see if they would allow a bit of Hive intrusion!

Cool. Yeah our Mobey-Dick combo is becoming quite well known and they play alongside some other great musicians.

Congrats on your partner @clairemobey’s win with the guitar! That is some special stuff! One in a million.

She is fantastic! I am very proud of her and happy for her!

It is like a dream come true, I am sure! Bask in the feeling and again congrats!

nice work everyone did a good job in 2022 lets keep it up and do a great job in 2023😁😁😁

Excellent results! Good luck for next year and the big plan. 🐬🐋

Thank you so much!

Awesome my bru, count me in. To whom shall I delegate some HP?

Hehe, so let me build up our community list, every Sunday in 2022 I made my little community list. For 2023, we will be doing this expanded community. Using SOME of the existing format.

I think that if you would add in to the pile that @alonicus contributes to, we can keep delegating to and supporting Redfish in the community (maybe even Minnows). The idea is to form groups or Schools and have that 100+ active accounts equal to or exceed a Whale!

Cool, what is the name of the pile?

Your enthusiasm and dedication really is admirable @zakludick, congrats on the progress with your Hive learners.
I will try to pop in here more often & will look at delegating in the new year. Just going through a crisis at the moment, been a hectic Dec but hardly any Jan bookings because of the state of our beaches & now the freak wave where 3 died & many seriously injured!
But we soldier on, much like here on Hive.
I love your plans to build his community 🤗

Thank you so much @lizelle.

Good luck with that disaster on that side. Right now is the time for us to grow this Hive community, but I would have really liked to be in a real position to help in those real life situations!

I think it's possible.

Wow what a great hive ride it has been, i remember when you entered the bee paradise from SA

On to 2023 and some more achievements, i have been here 5 years and will try to be a new orca next year, will be fun to have a new goal here

Good luck and happy holidays

That will be amazing! I would love to have you involved with our crew here. 😁🤗🤭🤭

That was a huge progress indeed! Goodluck more on your future goals and plans.. 🥳

Thank you very much! Be sure to stick around and interact with this community, if you are consistent and dedicated, then you might as well join it!

hi Zac! Looks like you guys have done a fabulous job this past year 🙌I'd be happy to help support deserving posts in the community you are building. I do, however, spend most of my time curating on Dreemport and for the VYB community, so easier if posts are highlighted in those areas.

Have you looked into Dreemport previously? It's a great platform agnostic curation community where writers register, curate, and rank 5 randomly assigned posts in order to be able to share one of their own posts with the community. This can be done Mon-Fri between 4 am UTC and midnight UTC. The focus is on building engagement, community, and support and it is fabulous for new Hivers especially. It is quite possible for your community to remain its own community and still use Dreemport to help its individuals to grow and network more throughout the year. In fact, Dreemport, as a community visits a different Hive community each month to introduce our members to new areas and challenges. Some places they may not have visited yet and others where they may already feel right at home! All posts must use royalty-free images and all images must be sourced with URL links. If images belong to the author, they must state so at the bottom of their posts.

A few of the people on your list, are actually either dreemport staff lol or dreemers ie: members of Dreemport, and I am sure would vouch for what a great community it is.

If you'd like to take a look... check out these video links on how to get started...
Dreemport - getting started

We'd love to see you guys sharing your posts in Dreemport, and getting more eyes on your content. We also bring a lot of community fun to the table and we run the dreem-wotw monthly writing prompt contest too.

We can also help out with delegations to get newbies started if they become active members of the Dreemport community.


@zakludick! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @samsmith1971. (2/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Hey @samsmith1971! This sounds amazing! I will look into it. All places where people can get extra support and exposure is a great idea!

So we can submit a piece of content in both places right? Or is it a community?

hi Zac :-) It's a curation platform that brings together writers from Hive, PublishOx,, Blurt, medium, bespoke blogs... anywhere really, but mostly we have Hive writers at the moment. You share your URL link on the dreemport website. We have a discord too. I'll drop the link below. Dreemport has an account on Hive @dreemport but most posts are written from @dreemsteem 's account (the community founder) and then reblogged by Dreemport. Essentially it ensures that your post is seen by a group of people which helps you to grow your network, build engagement and relationships and potentially adds to your wallet through upvotes too. It's almost like a pay it forward system because you agree to read and rank 5 randomly assigned posts in exchange for being permitted to share one of your own with the community. For newbies who struggle to be seen, it's a great way to get started and get some encouragement and support. There are also fun things like DreeMerge cards to collect for each time you do curation and dreem token (2nd layer) to earn for doing curation. Those who rank highly each day get awarded extra dreem tokens. There are some fun initiatives coming for use cases for dreem tokens and the DreeMerge cards and the ability to merge the cards up to higher levels of the cards until you get the highest level which earns a dreemport related reward. So it's a platform and a community, with a lot of HEART and FUN. We also visit different communities across Hive each month... last year we visited the Ink well, Ecency, Scholar and Scribe, HiveNaija, NaPodPoMo, to name a few. In this way, we hope to introduce newbies and dreemers to new communities and challenges and also pick up more like-minded members along the way. We have some great communities lined up for 2023 already. Oh and we are closed Saturdays and Sundays lol so staff can take time off.

Here is the discord

Very cool! I shall check it out! Thank you very much!

You are very welcome.

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@jim-crypto, I found you in the comments section of one of the above people's post! A fellow Saffa! Please read the above article and see my plans for 2023! It would be awesome to include you in the active community!

You are moving in the right direction! And I am sure you can reach your goals!


Join us 😁😁😁

Unfortunately, I don't have any relation to S.Africa, besides some friends :))
But I will be happy to follow the work of the community and support it)

Hehehe, so there is the South African Community and there is this group of friends and comrades that are Saffa-centrist but not exclusive. We have some Australian and Nigerian friends on here and some others I have no idea where they are from!

I am going to involved some people that I tend to interact with a lot and that are always active.

I mean... we have a VERY active person like @hopestylist... so... why not @littlebee4 as well? 🤭🤭🤭🤭

Yep, always up for a nice chat all over Hive and in many communities 😉😎
Thanks @zakludick for the mention.

Winter Solstice Christmas GIF

Merry Christmas 🎄 to you and yours 🎅🏻☃️

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I am in! :)))
Let's take that community to the top! :)

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Let's do it! Hehehe

Hehehe, @littlebee4 is the most active person I've met on the hive block chain, it would be really so nice to have her in the community. Thank you for the compliment too 🤗.

Thank you kindly dear @hopestylist!
You are very active too… keep having fun 🤩
Enjoy your evening 👋🏻😊😘🥰

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You're always welcome ma'am. I'm just trying to learn from the best and it has been really helpful to me. I wonder how you managed to do it but now I'm trying it and I can feel the time and effort you've put in.

You are just really so amazing!! ❤️


I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
irisworld tipped zakludick (x2)
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