When Bitcoin was $133

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Time flies fast.
We made this SEVEN and a half years ago. When Bitcoin was struggling to reach $150 USD. Ethereum was still not even invented...

My younger daughter of our two twins, @iveta, was trying her first steps in photo and video creation. While I was already addicted to Bitcoin and other crypto for quite some time.

There was a local, innovation encouraging contest of short video creation, and I suggested to her - "don't you want to make something about Bitcoin ?"
Eventually she did not win, but took a prestigious second place. I was helping her with the text edit, and voice narration.

Today some our early day statements sound funny, naïve and even wrong (free TX?)
But in those days it was all true. Remember that game "Satoshi Dice"? Were you could send BTC transactions every few seconds, for a tiny fee, a fraction of one US cent?

Other statements are just valid today, as it were back then. Or even more truthful.

BITCOIN have enemies. Banks, some governments most likely will try to kill it.
They may even succeed. But nobody can KILL THE IDEA.
The idea of safe, decentralized, ultimate crypto currency will stay with us FOREVER.


Can you hear us?

It is still possible to jump in (in MAY 2021) !

In November 2013 this short four minute video went live, was posted on VIMEO.
All photos, videos, and complete edit and composition of this video are self made, authentic, made by @iveta.
So here it is, enjoy watching.

THE FUTURE OF FREEDOM from IVETA-video on Vimeo.

Unfortunately both @iveta and @ligit have abandoned steem/hive, just as many many other people who I have onboarded during years.
(who else has the patience of OG onealfa?)

Sometimes we used to get 6 ste*mians of our family at one dinner table

I will appreciate your comments on this our old work.


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Oh, man @onealfa, I've just watched the video. I think your voice would remain a nightmare to the people who watched it way back in 2013 but didn't heed your advice. That point where you said 'Once in a lifetime chance' and had it echoing, I bet those who watched it especially the organizers of the competition who did not heed your advice would be hearing that voice and the echo in their dreams for years to come 😂😂😂

Truly, I pity them.

You guys did a great job, and you were able to create the mood with your voice and narration. But I'm happy I didn't get to watch this video in 2013, I'm almost sure I wouldn't have heeded your advice because I'm stubborn and by now I would have been haunted probably to insanity 😂😂

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Ha ha, fees are much higher now for the 'greatest invention since writing' :D

The 'once in a lifetime opp' thing was spot on - maybe the other 5 'steemians' around that table got themselves some BTC at least lol.. altho' I'm sure PapaAlfa would've put some aside for them!

Would I have been convinced/inspired if I had seen your vid around then? Well I came into crypto Jan 2018, had heard of BTC vaguely here and there before that, but without much context or detail. If I'd come across something like this - with a personal/amateur feel but well made and with funky videography/music and clear script (narrated in a soft, monotone and exotic accent :) - it would likely have made me notice BTC and consider it.

....and mebbe I'd have become alfaKrunk if I had seen your vid in 2014/15/16 😂... but frankly bro, my head and heart were in shreds at the time and my attention was on the inside (actually, it was MY opportunity of a lifetime, for I came out of it fresh).

Also to remark is the relevance of the video to today, and that's pretty impressive for something so 'old' in a fast-paced world. It's still early days in terms of crypto adoption, but not quite as EARLY.

How indeed can one know what one doesn't already know?


Also, since yours is a widely read blog, here - for anyone - are two BTC related vids that I found interesting. I had wanted to make a post about them but haven't got round to it yet. Apologies for dirtying this page with PooTube links :|

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well i am here, and will continuing, sorry for your childdren, some times we believe that they continued with our legacy but it is to dificult,
well i review the video you should try to she will writes about hive,
it is so dificult when you invited people and they do not feel good and do not share our convictions, i invited a friends and parners, but they write a little, and then they think well i am not sure about this and retorn to their normal network that do not paid nothing for their time.

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'Gold on sterioids '

Heheh actually it is surprisingly accurate, but then again..the whitepaper disnt change. This seems like light years ago though!

This is my second bullrun and I am already experiencing it so different compared to the first one , but you here mister dinosaurus (no offense!!) Must see it whole different. So much has changed, and then again..jt hasn't!

I watched it a few months back when you have posted it. I don't remember if it was a dedicated post or a comment on one of my posts. I don't know if I can call you lucky, but being in crypto for that long is really something. Will reblog it to get it as much exposure as I can. Have you uploaded it on the blockchain in case vimeo goes down?

No luck involved. Yes there might be a degree to have found it but still need to take the leap and get in.

That is why people who complain that people are "lucky" to got a stock, token, whatever at a low price and how unfair it is.

The question is, given the same opportunity, at the same point in time, would that person had dove in with a significant sum of money?

Most complain about it but wont do it. We see that today.

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Have you uploaded it on the blockchain in case vimeo goes down?

No not yet. Thanks for idea

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Such a creative and motivational video that illustrate the purpose of bitcoins to mankind. If you permit I would like to share this video with my friends on WhatsApp, most just don’t seem to get the idea of cryptocurrency.

I am sure this video will shed some light 💡 on why they can always trust crypto.

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Sure, you can share it where ever you like

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Thanks You 😎😊

Very interesting video.

Amazing how much has changed yet how much is still the same. We have come a long way from 2013, when Ethereum was still not even in operation. However, we still lack a crypto payment system and the industry, as a whole, is still very small.

The main message of that day is still the same: do not let this lifetime opportunity pass you by.

We have a lot more options today than back then. Ironically, we might be able to invest in the new Facebook, Google, or Youtube. We could see those replicated but through tokenization.

Still a great message all these years later.

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That is a cool video. @iveta has a great talent to video editing.

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Sorry to hear you to daughters @iveta and @ligit have abandoned Steem and Hive, but we cannot expect the youth of today to be as wise as @onealfa.

That video is like an einstien, nostradamus or even better a Hawkens video, amazing predictions, but it is sad to see that the original BTC didn't continue on this path for whatever reason.

I love all crypto, especially those I can earn from, Hive Leo, POB and of course Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

but of all these "BCH" Bitcoin cash is my first love, Why? you may ask because this is the first digital currency that has made a real improvement in my life and continues to do so, it is everything BTC was ment to be a P2P currency that can make real change in the ordinary lives of individuals. with fast transactions and the lowest gas or transaction fees

I don't normally talk or write with such emotion, but your article has been so inspiring that I felt you deserve a meaningful response, thank you for sharing and God bless your children, so that they may one day understand the importance of what you have tried to meaningfully teach them.

I am at that point now where I am trying to convince my children in a similar fashion, but find myself also loosing this battle, God give me the strength to ensure I work hard and do not loose the War for I could not bare to watch them struggle as I have have too in order to achieve some measure of success by today's term.

I hope you realize just how valuable these posts are? not only to Noobs but to others that have struggled in the fight for a long, long long and sometimes everlasting time.

Thank you for sharing and god bless your girls, I hope they soon learn from @onealfa s hard learned lessons, sometimes your old work can be the best, I would love nothing more to to be in a position to onboard 6 users at the dinning table.

Amazing stuff, you just cannot help but love it, Thank you for sharing...

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Thank you so much for this kind, warm evaluation. This video looks now to me just as good as 7 years ago, even it is full of obvious logical and technical mistakes.
In fact this was the first more serious work for both of us, Iveta and me.
I'm glad to see that with years passing by it keeps its actuality.

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Yes it is a very well put together video, if it wasn't for the fact you stated it was seven years old, people might believe it was recently made.

Thank you for sharing what must have been a precious memory, I truly hope your girls decide to follow in Daddies wise footsteps.

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You are definitely the real 'OG' @onealfa. It was an amazing video and the fact that you made it long back with your daughter. Just saw your beautiful picture with your family and it's so cool that you have Twin Daughters.
Reminds me of Winklevoss twins who are so enthusiastic about bitcoin, blockchain & other cryptocurrencies.

All those statements are still valid and the transactions are free, if not on Bitcoin Network then at least on Hive.

Would love to see such a video made for Hive. By the way, did you do the voiceover yourself in this one? If yes, then you did a great job on that as well. Nailed it!

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Yes, that voice over is made by me. I also acted as advisor and (in some degree) - also as film director. All photo and video footage is authentic, made by Iveta. She also did all the composition, editing, visual effects and voice/sound synchro. This was a team work, but I would say Iveta did about 80-90% of the hard work

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Perfect. Both of you guys did a great job on creating this cool video.

I do video editing myself so I understand that it's not an easy thing to do. I have to ask, is Iveta pursuing the same field or something different now? Looks like your whole family is quite creative, only judging you guys by this video and the pictures you post.

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NO, Iveta is is doing now different things. This was just as small hobby. She is still blogging on FB and Instagram, putting online her pics and short video clips ( mastered in 1-2 minutes with a mobile phone)
Some of her other clips still can be seen on VIMEO:

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That's really cool. I hope both of your daughters come back on Hive & explore these communities.

I understand that we might need an app like Instagram or probably tik tok which can attract users who are into photography and short-form videos. It would greatly benefit the ecosystem.

With #ProjectBlank coming up in a few months, hopefully, we will be able to cater to Twitter users and bring them here. There are a lot of gaps yet to be filled here.

What do you think?

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Yes, I have big expectations with Project BLANK

*Repeat Comment Please ignore!!

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Sometimes we used to get 6 ste*mians of our family at one dinner table

This is commendable. I haven't hear of other such families so involved in this ecosystem (or its predecessor).

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If to collect my two brothers, their families, kids, close friends - we could have 11-12 steemians in one picture.
( kind of micro-steemfest?)

The funny thing is - all them been onboarded, inspired, educated and PUSHED by me, THE VERY OLDEST of all this group of relatives.
This entitles me to call myself an OG ... 😀

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Wow! Definitely.

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Anyways right on. I remember back in those 2013 days myself when I was still trying to figure out what the heck exactly bitcoin was. Then buying Ethereum at $13 a pop when all that existed for the most part was Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

I feel that's an important part many forget about from 2017 rally to the rally we have today. There were very limited choices and other blockchains were small with their own issues.

2021 however we have side blockchains that help Ethereum and Bitcoin which goes to show you once we start fixing the lag in transactions and super high costs this thing is primed to take off! DeFi is still ground floor it's only become known over the last 6-9 months and heavily used I'd say in the last 4 months.

Lots of room to grow and invest.

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for you



@onealfa! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @eii.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza

This video flashed me back to those early days of bitcoin. One of my friend who is now a multimillionaire persuaded me to buy btc telling me of its future potential as at 2014. I bought about 0.6btc and later sold it the next month. Who will ever know that btc could spark up with the speed of light as is it today. Now I'm regretting that i sold the 0.6btc so soon, never knowing that 1btc will one day hit over $50k.

Now today getting 0.6btc is extremely difficult for me as i can't afford such an amount.

No matter how little you can hold today, please do. 0.001btc can turn up to be $50k in years to come, but it takes a very great deal of discipline, patient and persistence to breakthrough in the crypto world of bitcoin.

Thank you for the charge @onealfa

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This is so beautiful and futuristic.

Almost sounds like a MLK video. It's so moving and inspiring.

7years ago???? Wow

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When Bitcoin was struggling to reach $150 USD. Ethereum was still not even invented...

I remember when they gave it away for free to promote it. In 2010 in Dusseldorf at a conference they gave us 50 each. What times those, it was still possible to mine at home.

I will appreciate your comments on this our old work.

The video is very good, especially to be made by someone who was just starting out. I am a video editor and animator and the only thing I hope is that she is dedicated to making videos today. She showed talent in editing.

Today some our early day statements sound funny, naïve and even wrong (free TX?)
But in those days it was all true.

In those days the idea was to promote the idea of BTC and cryptocurrencies in general as much as possible. I wish many more had made videos with "little mistakes" like yours. It would have given cryptocurrencies more visibility earlier.

Remember that game "Satoshi Dice"? Were you could send BTC transactions every few seconds, for a tiny fee, a fraction of one US cent?

I still have my account for the FreeBitco.in page 😅😂

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At the time I was completely unaware of everything and therefore even back in time, I could not buy Bitcoin at that price.

Today, however, I have the opportunity to redeem us with HIVE, LEO, CUB. In 10 years I will see the results (I hope much sooner: P)

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Thats an amazing video. I still remember when btc was around 600 USD. At that time, I just knew that there is a currency which has value. I was a kid back then and watched BTC go up and up.
I was introduced to steemit by a friend and then I came to know about crypto and everything in it.
Unfortunately, I also left both steem and hive just like your kids but I am back at Leofinance with some motivation.
Thanks @onealfa.leo for your support and services to the leo community.

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The beauty of the original idea, nearly free transactions... Quite different theses days to send a 10 cent tip to an anonymous person that commented on a forum through BTC.

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Great video. Imagine buying 10,000 Bitcoin for a penny

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That is awesome that your family used to be so involved with the blockchain. Even if it was only for a short time. They at lest got their feet wet with it which is more than you can say for a lot of people. I am guessing even though they may not be active on here, they are probably still pretty heavily invested in blockchain though right? Man, I wish I could have that time back and purchased at $150!

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Now I agree with the fact that we see things differently and patience always pays. When you believe in what you are give it time and see how it goes..

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Its amazing to watch something you did years ago and see how good your thinking was.
Quite a visionary video :)

You can't dwell on the mistakes or what-ifs of the past. Jump in or don't complain. Life is full of ups and downs and at the end of the day it is just money and there are many more important things in life. Getting a leg-up from some good financial choices early in life does help the pursuits of those other choices too!

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After so many years
the call is still relevant for us today.
No if, just take the action today.

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I was gonna ask for the video. Glad to see you already included it :)

It's a very powerful message and still valid after so many years. I only got involved with crypto and Hive earlier this year but I'm a firm believer in wat you said: It is still possible to jump in.

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Nice video. Its sure is neat way to look at BTC and I definitely think it will be worth much more in the future. The crypto space is still in the development stage and we have a lot of progress/price increase to go.

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Wow I enjoyed watching the video,I believe been an early adopter of a cryptocurrency have so much benefits....@onealfa

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Really, really good! It IS still possible to jump in. There's a long way to go yet. As low as the price was back then, this train is still truly just getting started. Can't wait to see what happens and evolves over the next 7 and 1/2 years. Thanks for sharing!

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2013??the video looks so good and I am surprised it was done more than seven years ago...that is awesome @onealfa

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Yeah, time goes fast.
It seems to me it was yesterday ...well maybe a year or 2 back
Yet it is 7.5

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Very exciting times! Very excited about doge at the mo! You were obviously ahead of your time. Eat !PIZZA and play with crypto!


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@stickupboys, sorry!

You can call the PIZZA bot a maximum of 20 times per day.

A colleague of mine started investing in Bitcoin when it was < $100. She would preach to her coworkers about Bitcoin before it was a thing. She pumped thousands upon thousands into it before the $1000 mark. She's retired now and living quite well.

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I'm sure there were so many people saying, "It's too late, I missed it." After BTC got over $100. They missed it alright.

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This is so cool...you guys should do one for hive.....please pretty please!

Is iveta still into video making?

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Yes, I little. If just TIK-TOK counts... 😃😂

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I don't remember when BTC was 133 but i do remember when it was 3000 and i would consider that as a really good price too. I did invested at that price and do not regret that. Any profit - small of larger is a profit.

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How amazing it must be to practically be involved in crypto since its inception! If I'm not wrong, I believe I read you discovered bitcoin and stuck with it since 2011.

I loved both the video and the dinner table!

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Oh no just don't do it, it hurts even to think about it :)

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Just in 2013 I discovered the BTC when I observed a person paying his bill in a cafe in Barcelona, Spain with that cryptocurrency, he simply placed his smart phone on a QR code and that was it, transaction achieved. At that time I did not know what was this thing called Bitcoin, much less a cryptocurrency, I thought it was a way to move fiat money to a digital format but then, researching on the internet I realized that this is something much deeper, this is a real revolution.

Likewise, Hive and its entire ecosystem went from being an alternative to generate extra income to a lifeline against the economic annihilation that my country is suffering. Honestly 7 years ago I did not imagine my life dedicated to the monetization of content as I do now, but I did envision that at some point most of my economic income would be closely linked to the world of cryptocurrencies, not only through investments but producing paid jobs with this type of decrystallized digital money.

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