"Learning Stage 02" in Hive Learners Community is Officially Live From Today

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Hi Everyone! We are happy to announce that "Learning Stage 02" in Hive Learners community is officially live from today.

LS2 (5).png

There will a total of 4 tutorial posts in Stage 2 that will be shared by our moderators. Then, general members will have to write on those specific topics from their understanding & learning. They have to make 4 posts separately to complete all the tasks of stage 2.

Today, we've already published our first ever tutorial on Learning About Hive Keys & It's Security. When a member from [Stage 01] will make a post covering this topic, we will label him [Stage 02]. Gradually, the others tutorial/informative contents of Stage 02 will be published soon. After a [Stage 02] member completes all tasks of this stage, we will mark him as [Stage 03] verified. Thus, we will move on to Stage 03.

Some points that members must keep in mind while creating their posts on the above topic:-

  • Participating in Stage 02 is mandatory for only members with (25-59) reputation.

Members with 60+ reputation can skip this stage as they should know about the basic things on hive already. But, still they can participate in this stage and share their experience and knowledge with other newcomers. This will be much appreciated.

  • Must use #stage-02 & #hl-blog in your first two tags while you are publishing post to complete tasks for Stage 02.

  • Your post must contain at least 200 words while you are writing from your understanding & learning on these topics

  • No plagiarism/ copy-paste of any kind will be tolerated. We will instantly mute & ban the author if he tries to cheat in any way.

So, this is all about the guidelines to participate in the tasks of Stage 02. If you are a new member in our community, complete Verification Process from our discord server & participate in our learning stage to get support from us. To know more about our community, please go through our Rules & Guidelines


Thank You


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I've made an introductory post, accompanied by some photos of moths.
so far haven't checked. Thanks 🤝

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Our Stage 03 phase hasn’t started yet. After it's started, we will change label [Stage 03] to the members with 60+ reputation when they participate in our first task of Stage 03

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Yes. But Stage 3's tutorials aren’t published yet. Members with 60+ reputations will have to join in the 3rd phase when the tutorials are published

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We will start labeling members with 60+ reputation in a few days. Don't worry about that.

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