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I stood there for some few seconds and I suddenly dropped on the floor..few minutes later I couldn't see again

Hey Hive, it's been a while. I didn't want to come back here this way, I had dreams, I had hopes and I really wanted some of them to come through. Have you ever been at that point in your life where you feel this is it. This is the point where my life is going to change for the better, this is the point where it's going to be a smooth sailing.

I was at that point some few days ago when I finally wrote my final exams in the university. I was excited, it was a beautiful feeling and certainly was one I'll never forget.



why am I soliciting for support?

Few days back, I was inside my house trying to fry me so eggs when I heard screams, I remembered my sister was outside the was 8pm and she had just went to get something. I dashed out of the house and immediately saw my sister on the floor, clothes torn into pieces and she was struggling with two guys. I ran towards them and before I knew what was happening, something hit me.

I woke up in a tricycle as I was being rushed the hospital. I was shot but luckily for me it didn't hit my vital organs.


Some parts of the bullet has been taken out and and I'm slowly recovering. But then I need to pay the hospital bills and continue replacing my oxygen tank. You can support me in any way possible, I'll be very grateful.
Incase you're wondering how I got the strength to write this...@chincoculbert did all the writing.





Please I at this point I need you all to put me in your prayers, because I believe there's nothing God cannot do. God bless you ❤️

For those willing to send fiat

Keystone Bank
Nelson George Nseabasi

This is a Nigerian account, if you need more information once tag me here, I'll be online helping him

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 4 months ago  

No apologies are needed! You did a great job in helping your friend out 👏👏 Thank you for tagging me to this post 🙏

 4 months ago  

Exactly my thoughts too 😊

🤗🤗 glad you are helping out too! You are amazing, you don't miss a thing love ❤️

 4 months ago  

I'm happy I could do a little to help, thank you so much for your compliment 🙏❤️

 4 months ago  

Thank you so much dear...I really appreciate ❤️

Thank you for tagging me. I have upvoted and reblog. May God heal you permanently. Nigeria is looking scary by day. Hope your sister is fine?

 4 months ago  

You have done well, God bless you for your support. We hope more people sees this 🙃

 4 months ago  

Thank you ❤️...His sister is doing alright...Nigeria is in God's hands

 4 months ago  

Thank you so much for the mention @chincoculbert, I'm happy you did.

All good. Will share where I am able to.


 4 months ago  

That's perfect dear 🥰

Add link if there's gofundme thing or something to post on mainstream social media please.

The Muggles don't trust crypto and it you get more donations if it's less scary for people who haven't had much experience with w3.

 4 months ago  

I have no idea how to run a GoFundMe, would be glad if you could help put me through

Oh my... 😆

I have no idea either. Just seen them pop up on social media and a friend did one and it helped him and his wife enormously.

I currently don't even have a permanent place to live and am moving around every two weeks / monthly right now. Sometimes without internet. I don't think I'd be the one to be admin on anything right now!

But here is their website:

There should be articles online to explain how to make one work better for you. 👍

 4 months ago  

This is so kind of you Chinco 🙂
Would do the needful right away, don't have much though 🥺

 4 months ago  

Ómo....any thing is something.. he'll be grateful ❤️

 4 months ago  

Yeah, I can't wait to read from him 🥺

 4 months ago  

Sure.. when he's fully recovered he'll write

 4 months ago  

I'm expecting him with love 🥰❤️

I don't mind the tag Chinco. Thank you for helping a friend, you don't tell us about his sister I hope she is doing alright.

 4 months ago  

His sister is fine...she didn't get badly hurt

Okay, glad to know.

Done, I pray your friend recovers soon! How is his sister?

 4 months ago  

Thank you! His sister is doing great luckily she was badly hurt

 4 months ago  

Oh my goodness 🤭🤭
Things are happening in this country. May God help his people

I will support in my capacity please!

 4 months ago  

You too much!!..I appreciate your support ❤️

No apologies, I appreciate the tag and would help in any way I can. Wishing him quick recovery 🥺

 4 months ago  

I appreciate you dear ❤️

I generally despise tag spam, but, this is an exception to the rule. I reblogged, and will contribute -- can we send directly to his Hive account, or is it better to tip here?

 4 months ago  

I appreciate your understanding can send Hive directly to his Hive account..thank you ❤️

 4 months ago  

It's always a pleasure.

I have been out since all these while...but I have to reblog this post...and give my little support....

 3 months ago  

Sorry for the late notice.. Hope you are doing better now?

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Hello @nelson-george, I'm so sorry this has happened to you... I hope the two guys are behind bars where they belong 😤😤😤!! I wish you a successful and quick recovery! I upvoted and reblogged your post. Thank you also to @chincoculbert for taking the time to help you write this post 🙏 I'm glad you have such good friends supporting you.

How is your sister? I hope she is safe considering all that happened and that those awful persons didn't get to harm her any further. I hope that you came in time to prevent the worst thing happen to her 😖 I can't even imagine... 😰😰

 4 months ago  

I also thought about his sister but I want to believe that she is fine since he didn't mention anything about her again, I really hope so 🤞🤞

Yeah you're right! I hope she is ok as well 🤞🤞🤞

 4 months ago  

I'm sure he will explain better when he recovers fully 😊

 4 months ago  

Thank God!!! I'm so happy to see you are recovering. I hope more people get to see this and respond to it. Well, I don't have so much at this time and I know many others too might not have but I believe that if everyone brings their little together it will become something big.

And that's why I want to tag a few people that I know might want to help, @burlarj @starstrings01 @littlebee4 @josediccus @joetunex @jesuslnrs @quduus1 @justfavour @ksam @moremoney28 @otuyanancy @geelocks @kingsleyy @samostically @olujay, please you all should join me to support Nelson as he is badly injured and needs money to foot some bills in the hospital, please no matter how small or big as you can afford, please support him and I'm very sure he will be really happy.

I know everyone is going through so much at this point too but since he has spoken out it is an opportunity for us to help him but it is fine if you don't have, to spare now, but don't think anything is too small, it will add up.

Thanks in anticipation 🙏.

 4 months ago  

this is serious, imagine such a thing happening in front of one's house, no more fear... Thanks dear for the tag, will definitely do my part and i hope others can help him too

 4 months ago  

It sounds really traumatizing, for himself and his sister who had the first encounter with them. Thank God he is still with us.

I'm happy you stopped by daddy, God bless you 🙏.

 4 months ago  

amen you too❤️

 4 months ago  

Good to see you, friend!

 4 months ago  

Longtime dean, i trust you have been good?😊

 4 months ago  

Thank you for your support...❤️

 4 months ago  

God bless you for the Tags i wish him quick recovery 🙏

 4 months ago (edited) 

Dang, I am shocked ahhhh, I will be back soon... I wish you quick recovery bro, we will keep praying for you bro...

 4 months ago  

I was actually speechless for sometime. That comment I wrote took me 30 minutes to complete it 🙃

 4 months ago  

I can't write because I am shocked...
Which account can I send the hive too

 4 months ago  

I totally understand that. Well, you should send it to @nelson-george's account.

 4 months ago  

Okay I am on it..

 4 months ago  

Which account should we send to, I want to send hive

 4 months ago  

Spotted late

Good to see you here, friend!

 4 months ago  

awnnnnnnnnnnn mooma, longest time mam, its been a while, listnerd seperated me from you, how have you been mam, let message you on discord..
your id ma???

Not really doing Discord like that, but we can follow each other on Hive...

 4 months ago  

Okay ma, I will be sure to be on your tail

 4 months ago  

You're welcome Ayobami, I'm happy you stopped by. Please you can also help reblog the post so it can reach more people

Thanks for the tag @hopestylist.

Scary stuff @nelson-george, thank God you are alive, I wish you a quick recovery.
Will send my support shortly. Stay strong, this phase shall pass.

 4 months ago  

You're welcome Sir, Thank you so much for the stopping by and leaving your words of encouragement sir, I'm really grateful.

You are welcome 🙂

 4 months ago  

 4 months ago  

This is serious!💔
Thank God there's life @nelson-george , God will surely give you quick recovery.

I'll shake body to his username.
Thanks for the tag!

 4 months ago  

Yes oo, we thank God there is life and that means there is hope.

I trust you 😊🤞.

Thanks for the tag @hopestylist 🤓
Scary things so close to home…

Speedy recovery to @nelson-george and I hope your sister is ok.
Take care.

 4 months ago  

You're welcome Ma'am Jackie, I really do hope everything is fine with his sister too.

Thanks, yes… me too.

 4 months ago  

You're welcome Ma'am!

How is your Wednesday going? I'm sure you will be taking us on a walk, I'm looking forward to it 🥰.

Thanks @hopestylist 👋🏻😊

All well. Done a lot already. Picked up a rental car… and in a few hours we sell our car.
Than pack last items. 😎
I try later today… I did manage to post a StreetArt post yesterday. 😉
Hope your day is going well dear 👋🏻😊
Enjoy it!

 4 months ago  

Yeah a rental car to move things, that's nice, I'm happy everything is going well as planned.

A street art! It's been a while I saw those, I will surely do well to stop by and see what you shared 😊.

My day is going well, I hope yours is going well too 😘🥰. Thank you!

 4 months ago  

Thanks for your support dear ❤️

 4 months ago  

You made it possible and it's all the lord's doing 🥰

 4 months ago  

This is such a serious issue, thank God for keeping him alive. thanks for the tag @hopestylist. I wish him a speedy recovery y and I hope his sister is alright. Will be sending some hive to support

 4 months ago  

Thank you so much for stopping by, I heard his sister is doing well. You support is highly appreciated dear ❤️

 3 months ago  

Ah. Wow! Some people are really evil. Thanks for tag, hope. I hope he gets well soon. And what about his sister? Is she safe?

 3 months ago  

As in ehn, we just thank God it wasn't more than it was. His sister from what I heard, she's doing well, she's safe ☺️

OMG :(


No savings to spare and literally hand to mouth at the moment and treading water. I'll reblog and share where I can.

Perhaps your friend wants to set up a GoFundMe thing for you so that mainstream may donate and not be all skittish because crypto.

You get well soon.

I hope your sister is okay.

 4 months ago  

You did something to help and that's what matters, I hope his sister is safe too.

 4 months ago  

I am so sorry darling. I'll send something across once my post pays out in the night.

Please, get well soon.

I am sorry about your sister and your encounter. I wish you quick recovery.

 4 months ago  

So Sorry dear for the Bad experience wishing you quick recovery in Jesus Mighty Name Amen 🙏

 4 months ago  

Oh my goodness! So sorry about everything @nelson-george, I can't even imagine how much pain you'd be going through.

This would be so traumatic for you but I hope you fight through it and I hope your sister is well.

Get well soon...

@amirtheawesome1 @diikaan @blanchy you might want to check this out 🥲

How terrible, I thought these things did not happen in your country. Let's rescue the good of all this and that you are here, alive and recovering is very good. I hope your sister is well and you should add some information regarding her.
I will support you with what I can, each grain adds up. Greetings.

Que terrible, crei que estas cosas no sucedian en su pais. Rescatemos lo bueno de todo esto y que estes aqui, vivo y recuperando es muy bueno. Espero que tu hermana este bien y deberias agregar algo de unformacion con relacion a ella.
Te apoyare con lo que pueda, cada grano suma. Saludos.

This is awful, you're in my prayers :( Is your sister alive? Was she badly hurt as well :( ?

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Hi @nelson-george,

I heard your story from @chincoculbert and was reminded of my promise to use our Proof of Brain HBD for a good cause this Christmas. It is not much, but you are the one I want to support.

Oh my, so sorry Nelson. I wish you a swift recovery. I also hope the perpetrators of this evil are apprehended. God is with you 🙏.

 4 months ago  

Sorry about the experience, I am glad you are getting better.

Please stay strong, help is definitely on its way. You should add an account number to the post because of those who would like to give fiat.

 4 months ago  

I'm happy he has a friend who could help him get the message here ☺️

 4 months ago  

Yeah .. I'm glad I could help my friend one way

 4 months ago  

You are just amazing!!! Sending you much love 😘❤️

 4 months ago  

Ok...I'll do that right away

 4 months ago  

Wishing you a speedy recovery, I do not have much, but I wrote a post for you with 50% payout. I will do another that pays 50% out to you tomorrow or the next day 💚 I hope it helps a bit.

Praying for your recovery, you are an incredible person. I deeply admire that you rushed right away to aid your sister. You are a very good person 🤗 I hope she is okay, and that you heal quickly!! !LUV !PIZZA


I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
@grindan(3/10) tipped @nelson-george (x1)

Send $PIZZA tips in Discord via!

Yay! 🤗
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Hi @nelson-george I hope you are feeling better. Is your sister injured as well?

 4 months ago  

Omg! This is so sad. What is happening in this world? May God continue to help us. How's your sister? Hope she is safe?
Thank God the bullet didn't penetrate deeply and glad you are recuperating.

I will try to send something. At least the little with others will go a long way.

Sorry about this @nelson-george and thanks to @chincoculbert for helping out to reach to everyone here.

 4 months ago  

It'll be well appreciated...His sister is doing alright thank God ❤️❤️

@nelson-george and @chincoculbert ...

Sending positive energy and prayers, to both of you. One for recovery, and one for stepping in to help.

@tipu curate

Get well soon.

 4 months ago  

This country scares me alot, but it's well I don't want to cap much, I wish you quick recovery brother... I'll do needful too please don't mind my little way of helping.

 4 months ago  

This is so sad, God is going to take control of everything.

You’ll be fine, man. There really is nothing God can not do. I pray for you a speedy recovery and that everything gets back on point or better. Thanks @chincoculbert, God bless you for doing this.

May god bless you with a speedy recovery.

 4 months ago  

Now this is very bad. I wish you speedy recovery dear and I hope your sister is well too.

Oh my my, thank God you are alive, I am super sorry dear and I pray for a quick recovery.

 4 months ago  

I am going to put you in prayer and God will sure answer it. You are getting back on your feet soon,stay strong.

I read your story first in @grindan post and I felt sorry about what happened. There are lots of people praying for your recovery. And financially some good hearts will surely open their hands to support you. That's a traumatic experience with your sister. I hope she's doing well too at this moment.

What a crazy world we live, get well soon @nelson-george

I hope you'll be able to recover fast. This was really unfortunate but glad your sister is fine.

Most of my power is delegated , so cannot help much in term of finances buddy , but reblogged the post so that you might some reach , Get well soon brother ... Love From India.

Hey huni, I'm sorry for that and I do wish you a speedy recovery, praying for your sister's safety

I've boosted your post using ecency points,just a little I can do
Get well soon

 4 months ago  

Wishing @nelson-george a speedy recovery. Thank you for helping out @chincoculbert. Rehived ->>

Terrible! I wish you a swift recovery.

So so sorry dear. thank God you are a life to tell your story, May God bless you more abundantly with life.wishing you the quickest recovery

 4 months ago  

All this in Uyo🥺🥺 The rate of increased tussle in Uyo is so alarming,I just hope for a better state, a better Nigeria. Get well soon bro, everything will be back to normal. You are favoured.

 4 months ago  

I'm so sorry for all the things that happened and if not for your intervention something else would have happened to you beloved sister. Omg!! I'm grateful for the gift of life and strength....I am indeed grateful for everything and how it happened! I'm glad you would spend this xmas with us in strength and love of God! And I pray that Almighty God will give you the strength and resources to pull through this! Your destiny is still bright regardless this is just a delay!

 4 months ago  

You did well for your friend he is in God's hands now and I know God will heal him 🙏.

 4 months ago  

Oh thank God you are alive dear brother. May God speed your healing and the culprit be apprehended in Jesus name.
I hope your sister is safe.

That is shocking news, get well soon and I hope that your sister is okay.

 4 months ago  

Oh my God 😱😱i wish you quick recovery.

So sorry for the experience and I hope you are getting better now.

I hope your sister too wasn't harm and that those criminals were put to justice.

I wish you quick recovery and may God sends you an helper.

Stay safe.

 4 months ago  

This is disheartening, I wish you and your sister a quick recovery.
God will heal you and send helper to you. We can only try our best , but God is the perfect healer and he will heal you IJN.
We shall have you in our prayers always , stay strong man

 4 months ago  

Very sad, I pray for you from the dept of my heart that God's hand will touch and heal you ❤️

I am sorry from the bottom of my heart for what is happening to you, God grant that you recover soon. The truth is that it is very painful to see so many lives cut short by so much violence.

Go forward with the help of the Almighty.

How terrible. I hope you mend quickly, @nelson-george.

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