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I know that many of you would be asking yourself this question right now; what comes next now that we have been accepted to be part of the initiative? This post would address some of the questions you may have and also answer some other questions about how Smile Discord Server and Hive Learners Community would run.

Now that the initiative has began, we would begin with giving tasks and arranging tutorial post for each task. After every tutorial post made, a discord meeting would be arranged explaining all that is mentioned in the tutorial and thereafter, a task would be published from the newbies-hive account.

The tutorial post would not be made by the newbies-hive account but would be shared to be published by each of the officials of Hive Learners and Newbies Initiative. Every tutorial post and task post published would be shared in the announcement channel of the SMILE DISCORD SERVER and Hive Learners Discord Server.

Since we haven't gotten any translators for the discord meetings yet, all meeting would be English and would be open to those who may want to help translate to other languages. Also, the discord meeting is not compulsory for every newbie but it would help answering every task related questions before giving out the task.

Note: All task entries should be published in the Hive Learners Community..

How do we plan on supporting Newbies In the Initiative

Asides planning tutorials, mentoring and being there to answer all your questions, we plan to support our newbies as well. Participating in contest and activities in the Hive Learners community makes things easier for us to support your content through votes from @lazy-panda account and also tasks given by the initiative.

We also created a channel in the SMILE DISCORD SERVER discord server where newbies can share their contents to be selected for curation. Note that not all post shared in that channel would be curated and also, only authors who supports any post, in regards; reblogs, voting and comments (most especially), that was previously shared in the channel would be eligible to get their post curated.

We have a lot of applications in this batch of initiative so it is advisable to put in effort in regards creating contents of good quality and also engaging with other newbies as well to get yourself noticed. I like those who give their time to relate with others, so if you want to get my attention, then you would have to be active in the comment section of other newbies because that's another way to draw me to check out your profile; in other words, you may become a favorite author of mine.

Asides doing that because you want attention, relating with other newbies helps in building up your account. You both grow together, you both share opportunities and ideas together. Moreover, you can inspire each others progress: I am speaking from experience. These are the few advantages of engagement.



Starstrings01 AKA Giftedhands is a Hive lover, a Nigeria musician (Guitarist) and also a student who studies Mechatronics Engineering in the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

His goal on Hive is to be more than a regular blogger but something more; someone with a purpose. That’s one of the reasons why he founded the newbies initiative @newbies-hive to help guide and support newbies. Kindly click here to follow @newbies-hive curation trail.

He battles and struggles with balancing education and being active on the chain but yet his love and passion for Hive keeps him on balance.

All images are mine except indicated otherwise





 2 years ago  

Asides doing that because you want attention, relating with other newbies helps in building up your account.

You are absolutely correct; my best tip to newbies is to follow the rules and regulations guiding the initiative, refrain from using hate speech, engage with one another (very important), and ask questions about things you don't understand; the newbies initiative team will be happy to assist, and I will also be available to answer any questions I can.

Research and create high-quality contents that will attract people to your blog, not just any content, but content that will have a good impact on your readers or viewers.
Participate in contests, learn and never stop learning, and please don't give up. Votes might be scarce, but don't give up. I am confident that the newbies initiative will support you, and I wish everyone the best of luck on this three-month journey.

Learn, earn, engage, have fun and don't forget to explore different niche 🎉♥️

Smiles... Your words are exclusively correct. Thanks for so much contribution.

 2 years ago  

I'm happy to help in my own little way, I just wanna see all the newbies flourish and grow 😃

 2 years ago  

I really like your principle which is to like people who are always active and always participate in other people's posts. both upvotes, comments and reblogs, because that's one way so that all the novice initiatives can have a strong rahmi relationship and as you said we will develop together, and provide ideas, ideas for all who are members of the novice initiative, I will try that for me we will progress if together not individually. Thank you so much for opening up my more developed mindset.

Yeah, the purpose is to help each other grow and that's what we are aiming at.

 2 years ago  

I like this, hopefully we who are members of the beginner initiative can grow together as expected.

 2 years ago  

Great intiative ✨
Already getting benifit of this exceptional project ❣️
I am shior it will be better one for learning process ♥️

Yeah definitely, it will!

 2 years ago  

it will be very nice to be here, by building a relationship between members, it will feel like family.


Yeah exactly. That's the goal, building up a family.

 2 years ago  

 2 years ago  

I think we're fully set for the tutorial and we'll also try our best to put in more effort into building our account. I will try my best also to follow the guidelines and the rules set aside for all newbies.

Thanks for this 😊

That's good to hear! You are welcome

 2 years ago  

Well done with the newbie intuitive
This initiative gave me more insight on how the block chain works
I can't tell my hive story without adding how newbie initiative helped.
Well done champ.

Smiles, thanks brother!

 2 years ago  

I have been wondering what's going to happen next actually but thanks for this update as it has given us all a head start.
Much appreciation for all you do for newbies.

You are very much welcome. I am glad the post was helpful

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This tips are unique I must say! If followed judiciously, it will definitely grant we new-bies success in our Hive journey. Good networking vs social interactions is a sure path to succeed here. Thanks for the guidelines @starstrings01

I hope to achieve more in this intiative, growth is very important and this why we are coming together.

 2 years ago  

I am ready to gooooo
Super excited to be a part of this initiative
Looking forward to learning more and becoming a good hivian
Thanks for an insightful post

 2 years ago  

Thank you @starstrings01
I was a little confused how it was going to work since we started of with the Smile discord server and now then moved on to the Hive Learners community server. But you did a great job clearing that up for me. ..

Thanks again for the amazing tips and for sure, consistency and engagement are one of the most important and helpful tool any one can make use of on Hive and as newbies it's the best way to get noticed. I'm looking forward to the tutorials and the tasks, I hope to get better and grow.

 2 years ago  

The newbies initiative is so much appreciated, one of the reasons why I became interested in joining is because of visibility, I know that I can't achieve that by just laying around, so just like I've been doing, I'm going to put in my best to be consistent like I have been since February 1st, 2022 and I will double up my engaging spirit.

It's fun engaging with others on the platform because it makes the experience here more interesting and fun.

My engagement so far always makes me look forward to seeing a red dot on my notification bell. Engagement simply makes the platform genuine.

About the newbies initiative task, I'm ready to do my work.

Thank you.

There is much expected to be done anyway. I am glad that some of us could learn from hivers like you bro.

 2 years ago  

Glad to hear that this is getting started, hopefully we will work together to make it happen.

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