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bic pen on 15x20cm . Ibiza 2021
Today it´s the scribble done by Julia Ribas, an artist in Ibiza, (
This is the scribble she did in my booklet:


While I was working on this scribble I must say I was having a coffee out and while I was waiting for someone I was half listening to an argument of two other people in the street that I felt disturbing. When I looked at the result I then thought I think some of that was captured in the drawing. Weird things!
It doesn´t always have to do with the persons scribble, I think it´s more about how I´m feeling when I do the drawing.


To understand why I do this you can see my previous post:

For other scribbles you can visit:
Some with paint...

Best Wishes to you all!


Good one. It turned out beautiful.

thank you!

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This is top notch, pure masterpiece 🙌

thank you!

You're welcome.

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You're welcome @romanie 😊🌹 Have a nice day!