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I thought it was a snail, it's a nice drawing.

yes, it also looks like a snail... the limits are fine between species in these drawings! hahahah!

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Thank you so much!

You are welcome @romanie, that's with pleasure! We wish you a happy buzzy week 😊👍🐝

Thank you so much!

This is a very specific scribble to give you a headache!? But it turned out nicely! What a colourful bat!

This one wasn´t easy and not one of my favourite, but they all are part of this zoo !

Great fantasy and imagination like always. Super cute one.

Thank you for stopping by !!!

Always a please 🙏🏼

Este es asombroso; un murciélago de estos es lo que necesito para mi novela juvenil que estoy escribiendo. La escena principal ocurre en un jardín; allí, murciélagos occidentales versus los orientales se enfrentan por la supervivencia. Sería muy ocurrente que apareciera uno de estos para el asombro de los otros.

ostrás que bueno! me alegro mucho! que gracia! con ganas de leerlo! Saludos!

It's like the music instrument or the trumpet at parties, yes?