New draft Layout + more new features and fixes

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Another day another update and new features for


We'll work on a recap of features that impact users the most but if you're interested here are the new things in our recent update to


  • Short description much more prevalent because we think it's very important
  • Link preview now more prevelent with easy options to edit and copy
  • Also schedule has been moved to be next to publish and save.


We moved two important things out of advanced and moved a couple items into advanced. In order to not confuse new users who need to understand that things like beneficiaries and reward distribution is not something they NEED to do but can do in advanced.

  • Each section has a much simpler direct title
  • The layout is more pleasing to the eyes
  • Beneficiaries and rewards moved into advanced
  • link preview/permlinks moved out of advanced
  • short description moved out of advanced



  • It's informational and helps new users
  • It helps for legal reasons and for working with certain companies that require it
  • looks good and has links we'd like to share


  • Dots are filled in when not marked as read and empty when they are
  • Otherwise you'll see the different colors in the image


At some point hive interfaces will need to work on auto-switching systems but for the time being these links should help users.



  • Link to market in wallet page
  • Remove badge button option fixed in dark mode
  • Renamed steemcleanders reference to hivewatchers
  • Fixed NSFW settings in posts
  • Improve header text when viewing comments in full page
  • Improve power down details in activities
  • Settings page description text
  • Review comments/replies pages to use new api and improve layout



The function "Convert to hive" in the wallet is not working.

Loving the improvements. Thanks for all your hard work.

Feature request: Add a "hot" filter like on I really hate looking through trending at the same posts everyday. At the same time I don't want to look at all the new posts. "hot" filter has provided me interesting content to review throughout the day. At the moment I have to browse and then if I like the content I use peakd with hive keychain to comment/vote. Bottom line peakd is way better than any other interface for most things and I want to exclusively use it. Hope this is easy to implement.

Thanks for your time. Cheers.

I've thought about that algorithm recently. We don't like that it's called "hot" but i guess that is what steemit inc named it. Any suggestions what we could rename it?
I have never used that sorting mechanism is it any good?
Right now we don't have many good sorting algorithms... just the algorithm known as trending and then sort chronologically.

Btw technicaly it's not a filter... it's a sorting method. An algorithm used to sort posts in each topic page. Or on the ALL TOPICS page.

Thanks for the education. I wish I knew programming to have an intelligent conversation about the algorithm.

I do not recall which front end used hot algorithm first. Without knowing how the code works I cannot tell you what a better option would be. My experience has been that hot algorithm provided a better search experience for content outside of my personal follow list.

Name ideas to replace hot: engaged, tagged, boosted, suggested, recommended, popular, moments.

Whatever it is called and algorithm tweaked. Something other than trending and new (I would make the new algorithm default) would be great for me as nd I am sure would look better for new users/potential users.

Hey, good job with rearranging the things on the publish page. Yes, this way they do make more sense. Thanks!

I like seeing the Short Description removed from the hidden section and being out in the open, Now I may not forget as often.

On the preview link, is that editable by any chance where we can create our own link instead of a derived from header link? I think that tool would be real handy for authors they could use *...@peakd/booktitle-chap#... or some other scheme that would make sense to them and their readers. (Plus people can have just one more piece of fun with their post. /heyheyhey-here-to-save-the-day or what ever their idea of fun would be, just a thought though.

But I really like the sshort description break out.

Yep there is an edit button next to it.

I just saw that, and used it, what a great thing to add for the people. It is all the little tools that are really making the PeakD front end number one in the hearts and minds of a lot of people. I really appreciate the attention to detail, and the attention being paid toward the users, that is so rare in this day and age.

Glad you're enjoying it... sometimes we make upgrades and we know they're not perfect but we swing back around and edit the words to make them easier or edit in this case the organization the draft page.

Making things simple and intuitive isn't about NOT GIVING people options... it just takes some thought about how to organize things and design. I'm sure we'll one day make the page even better. But for now on to other things.

Cool developments. I'm getting ready to create some "Getting Started" video tutorials for people completely new to this paradigm (not coming from STEEM) and have decided to go with the Peakd UI primarily. The last time I did this for a chain, 2 weeks after I spent every day of 2 weeks creating it, they updated the UI pretty radically. Any significant changes you have in the works that should make me wait to cover something in a screenshare tutorial?

We will be doing a bunch more with

  • Guest accounts ... including guest commenting
  • Post promotion will be coming back
  • The wallet will likely have a lot of enhancements so don't do that one yet
  • We'll be doing more work to FAQ options
  • Not sure when it will happen but badges will get some enhancements... what's there is fine to cover but there's more to come.
  • Of course same could be said for community that what's there is fine but more to come.
  • Also our search will likely get some decent imrpovements for how the UI works

Okay. I did a little resequencing so that I go over wallets later. I don't know what guest accounts are, so if I add it then it would definitely go in the last video under miscellaneous useful tools/features.
The only problem is Search. I need to teach that in the very first video. When can I do that and have it be close enough for it to not be confusing?

Video Lesson 1

  • Settings: Setup Your Profile
  • Searching and selecting people to follow
  • Commenting before Posting
    Video Lesson 2
  • Curating & Rewarding (Upvoting) content
  • Writing your Introduce Yourself Post
  • Joining Communities
    Video Lesson 3
  • Increasing your Payouts
  • Managing Your Wallet
  • Voting for Witnesses
  • Miscellaneous & Useful Tools

How long would I need to wait to be able to do onscreen instruction on the wallet with things working the same? I was planning on getting these out over the next 2 weeks, with the last one going out by next Friday.

I need to get going on this and need to put searching in the first video. Am I okay to start now or is there a big change to search coming in just a day or two?

Great news for sure. The #hive community must be grateful for the hard work you guys are putting into it. Regards champ!

the short description is super good, because this will help with SEO long term. also, the link preview is a nice add too :)

funny thing is we had the link preview before but it's all about UI and placement and wording because "link preview" is much better than "permlink" haha

We love all our features... just sometimes gotta rethink their place in the space and how they're presented.

yep. I always forgot it was there... so this is much better now :)

The update I did not know I needed :)

Yeah? What about it did you like the most?

I think the "PUBLISH PAGE UI" part, because it was already awesome in my opinion but now it is better and I love the fact that your process of thinking includes how new users would experience and interpret different interface features.

Love the new features and changes! Not bigger ones but definitely needed ones!

Yep the small things matter as well

Thanks for all of your hard work, resilience and determination in making this work for the community.
I was on Steemit for over 2 years and am now a fully fledged Hivian!
Are there any special features for musicians like myself, that will enable us to gain more traction and followers/fans?
Thanks again
DC 🙏🎼

Thanks for the updates and site support. Good luck to you.

Love that option of switching nodes if we get an error. Shocked other front ends have not done it either.

Thank you for all the hard work you guys have been doing.

Thank you guys!

Good job. You are truly number one!

Nice update! Really happy to have PeakD and it just keeps getting better

very well done

An error that we came across about an hour ago:

I'm not sure if this is related to

drop legacy JS library

but when @hidave was trying to post earlier, he got this error (on Android tablet):

I suggested that he log off then log back on and try again. But it still happened with the same error message.

When I logged onto his account via laptop I was able to access the draft and post it for him with no issue.

looks like some others reported this and there may already be a fix for it. May have to refresh the page so you're using the updated version of

Cheers -- I'll get him to do a hard refresh. 😊

that's cool, you always impress us. By the way, just my own opinion. Why don't you make translation so that all of us around the world can understand each other.

We are going to do a translation project for the site. But it's presently in the back-burner to some other features.

ah, thanks.. I'll be waiting for it.. thanks

I must commend your efforts. I really hated this error

Impressive! Keep up the good work! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

You guys are awesome!

These are all very good updates. Thanks a lot for your hardwork guys!

Hope they actually come in handy for you

Right now, I'm enjoying the publish page and currently learning the best use of the features in the Advance.

I'm still using Steempeak and so I can see the difference between them.

Awesome work as always!!! Thanks for your dedication.

Thanks for always giving feedback

Hi, I have a question, not sure who to ask but hoping you have an answer. Today I created a post using PeakD. After I published, it didn't appear on my Hive profile. After fucking around for a while looking for it and trying to understand what happened, I said screw it and logged into steemit to make the post there. When i logged in I saw that my post was actually published to my steemit account. I don't understand how it was published to steemit when I was in my Hive account on PeakD? I'm so confused and am wondering if you know what happened there and how to avoid it in the future. I also couldn't comment on other posts while in PeakD. I ended up logging out of PeakD and posted using the Hive blog. That worked which was also surprising considering pictures almost never upload for me in Hive - but thats another issue.

This cool about peakd, I don't even use just this amazing front of this blockchain

Absolutely loving PeakD, its a great tool and I use it for all my posting, the advanced features are great and I enjoy watching a platform in live development, well done and a big thumbs up

Aloha @PeakD (aka @jarvie)!

I have two suggestions for improving PeakD!

First, it would be nice to add another filter function to the own posts. I would like to be able to filter my past posts by date. I think this will help many people.

Secondly, it would be nice to integrate a direct contact function in the Menu field of the actions button on the user's profile page. That means that you can write to the person directly, e.g. to interact together in business or just to exchange feedback etc. Spammers or users who would abuse the function for agitation or insult could be counteracted by integrating a mute function.

I hope that you like my suggestions and that you see a positive benefit for the community and PeakD.

May the Good be with you!

"it would be nice to integrate a direct contact function in the Menu field of the actions button on the user's profile page."

The user's profile page you want to contact!

For example when I click on your username I'm linked to your site where I can activate the follower butten in the meu field of the actions button. And in this menu field should be the direct contact button.

My compliments! Some really fantastic quality of life changes. The notification system is an especially great improvement, and those colour codes really makes it easier to manage one's account. I don't suppose you're thinking of adding some of these to Steempeak as well, are you?

Hi, i don’t know where to find help for this issue.

For some reason the peakd feed does not display a preview of my videos for some of my threespeak post. Just a title. For others it is fine and for some it displays a preview initially and has now stopped doing so.

Please help :)

The image servers were having a lot of issues recently which is likely related to the previews. Let us know if there is still an issue

Hello people, I'm loving PeakD.

Can you add the autosave feature to the post creation layout?

It's really a shame that with a small mistake like hitting the "back" button or something in the favorite bar, everything gets lost. It just happened to me after a three hour writing and I want to die now. I think it's really important because if you save yourself things can happen, for example: blackouts, no internet, your computer hangs or restarts. There are many reasons.

We have an auto save feature for posts. You'll need to be logged in and online.