More Options for Content Discovery and Other Improvements

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A new release of is now available. Keep reading to discover the new features and check the full list of improvements ;)

The new release is now live at


1. A new way to discover interesting posts

This is something I discussed with @jarvie for some time now ...and finally we decided to try it :)

You can now view posts sorted according to the number of views tracked on We plan to improve the available options in the next weeks but for now you can browse the results on this page: or for specific topic ('hive' for example is at

Most viewed posts in the past week

Keep in mind that defining a view is not easy as a single user opening the same page multiple times should not be counted as multiple views. So we rely on our analytics software for this (Matomo) to provide reliable analytics data.

Also please note that sometime the page requires a bit of time to load. I'm working to improve this so hopefully it will be faster in the upcoming releases.

2.Views counter when reading a post

Somewhat related to the above point it's now possible to view the number of views for a specific post (note that this is shown only if the post has received a minimum number of views)

Number of views for a post

3. Notification for upcoming HF

This is a small change that hopefully will be useful to user not aware of the upcoming hardfork. If you already know about it just dismiss the notification and it should not bother you again.

Upcoming HF notification

Please be sure to read the details in the official post.

4. Revamp night mode colors

Based on the feedback received by some users (mostly @encrypt3dbr0k3r and
@rishi556) the night/dark mode is now a bit darker. Hope you will link the new colors and keep suggesting or reporting possible improvements so we can achieve the best possible look.

A quick preview of the new colors

5. Support the HiveWallet app by @roelandp (

Login with Keychain is now supported when using the HiveWallet app by @roelandp (

Kudos to @roelandp for his work to make this possible ;)

6. Some minor improvements and bug fixes

As always some minor improvements, updates and fixes across the website. You can check the full release notes here:

# Improvements and Fixes

[update]  Show communities role in top bar dropdown
[update]  Improve comment header layout for mobile devices
[fix]  Improve Pending Payouts estimated amounts
[fix]  Fix error on cross posting when using Hivesigner

Support the @peakd project

Now is probably a nice time to remind you of the ways you can support the development of @peakd.


We have a proposal on the Decentralized Hive Fund. You can review the proposal here.
If you agree to the proposal and you think the points mentioned add value to the Hive Blockchain consider supporting it using the above links or directly with this link.

We also run a witness server to help produce the blocks for the Hive Blockchain. You can vote for our witness so we are in a position to process more of them.

Vote on the witness page:

  • Using Keychain: You just have to click and approve the transaction
  • Using HiveSigner: You'll need access to confirm the transaction with your Active Key at least

The PeakD Team

About us:
Join us on Discord:


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Oh wow ...I have seen that you have been working on the project, but this is AMAZING 😄

Holy fuck the new nightmode is epic, thank you!

Thanks @encrypt3dbr0k3r for suggesting the change too.

The darkmode is perfect except for the peakd logo part. Thanks for the update.

Screen Shot 20200925 at 3.50.01 PM.png

Ouch, thanks ...I think the CDN has not yet updated the cached version of the logo. Let me fix it now 👍

Disabled my cache and its awesome. This looks like true dark mode now.

  1. A new way to discover interesting posts

This is really great. I think this has a lot of potential and we should have different options to organize trending

Thanks, I find it interesting myself ...we are going to integrate it better with the rest of the website after a small tuning phase

Loving the page view counter, I think what could help with views is having impressions and views so a user could see impressions (total views) and then views can be individual users as per your traffic tools definition of a unique view. This way you cater to both and the user can gauge how attractive his content is to a larger audience versus a repeat audience and that makes the content even more valuable as a measurement outside just rewards and amount of votes and comments

Such a great addition though, I've been wanting it for ages

Yep, I agree. There are a lot of improvements we would like to do in regard to this update. We preferred to start with something easy but I would like to add more options and details soon.

Getting better and better on every update 🙌

Can you make the white less bright, or let people choose which darkmode they want? Now that the darker colours are even darker, it feels kinda bad for the eyes because the white is too strong, if you know what I mean. I liked the old darkmode better than this.

if youre using an IOS device, the white point can be adjusted in the accessibility settings. Also you can add a shortcut by triple clicking the home button.

Great update. Was going to say it was too dark but it's growing on me. Much better now with the logo fixed.

The instant I booted up into Peakd today, the first that came to mind is, 🎼 hello darkness my old friend... 🎼. I didn't have any complaints with the old colours, but I'm liking this added shade of darkness. Keep it up with the awesome updates!

The dark mode is "too dark" for me and sadly far less aesthetically pleasing. 😕 Would have preferred if you created another option, instead of enforcing this based on two subjective view-points.

Noted ...I'll gather some feedback and I will adjust accordingly.

BTW I have done some research before adjusting the colors and compared the night mode on other websites with the color I was using. Also the third option is definitely possible ...I'll see if it's easier enough to be included in the next update ;)

Do you think a way to switch between the two modes would be good? I'm a fan of dark and tune my night mode to be darker than what most others like and I sort of don't want to let this go. As well as extensions works, its nothing like native dark mode.


The problem with "too dark" is that I find it actually more straining for the eyes since the white is too crazy.

I agree with it being a bit too harsh on the eyes. Would love to see different themes available or even a way to customise with with colour pickers. (view count is great)

I have a question:
I muted this post in my insect community because its content doesn't suit to the topic. However, it seems that the post is not only muted in my community, but even if you go to the blog of the author and open the post, the images in the post aren't shown "due to low ratings". This was not my intention, I only wanted to mute it in my community but not in general ...
Are you aware of this 'global effect' when muting posts within a community?

Checked and I agree with you, this should be improved. I'm not sure I can handle this on peakd itself as the information is provided by the API nodes themselves. I'll let you know if I find a solution. Thanks for reporting 👍

Thanks for your reply!

Always appreciated and I live the views option

@jarvie what is the minimum view count before its visible

Right now is 50 views, but this can change in the future.

Why 50 ? That’s very much , I feel it could benefit peakd fans if it’s less

Just to avoid having very small numbers in there ...and the post author can always check the count in their own analytic dashboard. But as I said this can be adjusted, we just had to define a starting point and gather feedback ;)

I checked my last 7 blogs none of them have the views so I must be doing something wrong in my blogging life Hahhahahah

Have you checked your own analytics page? Click on your name in the top right, select Tools and click Views:


Helps to promote outside of hive users... hive users are mostly creators they arent as much of viewers ... when i promote my post on fb i get a ton of views when i dont i dont get msny views.

I am a one platform only gal 😉

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Update for regular authors

Great job for the new updates! They are good for building a decentralized and fairer environment! Thank you for the efforts!

Btw, could anyone tell me how some of the contents get "promoted" under All Topics? Just by burning Hive or? I am learning the mechanisms of PeakD and Hive.

yes there is a promote function and they burn hive to do that

Thank you so much for the reply! That is interesting!

Can I assume that autovotes don’t count as views? Or for that matter posts that are manually upvoted without having been opened?

No they don't count

i see in the comments that you opened the Pandora box with color, and we will in the end have 50 shades of gray options :D

the option to sort by views is really interesting. the option that shows views will probably be a bit depressing for me :D

great work!

I love these updates 😀. I'm not sure what is the minimum number of visits required to display them?

Thanks. Right now the number is 50, but subject to change so I have not specified it in the post ;)

Hi @asgarth, thank you for answering my question so quickly, I will keep an eye on the following information. 😊

St++mit used to have views, but they decided it was not useful. I am interested to see if people actually look at posts with so much auto-voting going on. Interesting that some of the top posts do not have much interaction.

I noticed extra info appearing on my replies page about payout, but am not seeing it now.

Keep the updates coming.

autovotes have a place but they arent views and perhaps people will realize they should try promoting their posts to the outside world.

CAN you explain Something is this DAPP is better then Steemit.?

its built on the Hive blockchain and communtiy and not the steem blockchain so thats a huge bonus. Also has dozens of features steemit doesnt have. Also steemit doesn't really develop or improve their site anymore from what i understand.

What’s the minimum number of posts?

Thanks for the good work

I had this idea, I don’t know how it could work but it’d be really nice if we had a way to use links that would redirect to whichever front end we prefer....sometimes a friend links me to a post and I’m using a device where I’m not logged in anymore and it’s a pain. Once again, no idea how to do this but it would be awesome.

Maybe the best you could do is just a tiny little icon that would redirect us to leo or natural medicine or front end with a click and we could choose which buttons would show up for us. It'd be nice if could implement it too for peakd

do you mean minimum number of views for the view counter ti be visible to the public? 50

awesome, nightmode rocks :) thank you all for doing such awesome work

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Hive Power Up Day - Introducing the Power Up Helper!

Is there a glitch underway? Nothing changed on my end (I tried from two devices) but I keep seeing this message when trying to claim rewards:


And this one when trying to post:


Also, note this workaround:

Um, how would one “update your wallet”?

it's so strange; sometimes I am getting really bad performance on peakd: site doesn't load good and my wallet shows "vests" which I have never seen before (the balances are also not showing). When this happens it also seems that blockchain transactions don't go through with keychain. Is this something that you have seen before?


some nodes were having troubles the other day... probably because some of them were upgrading hivemind in preperation for HF

okay that makes sense, thanks