Wallet, Better Tips, Cross Posts and More

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A new release of peakd.com is now available. Keep reading for the full list of changes and improvements ;)

The new release is now live at https://peakd.com


1. A better Wallet

The wallet page has been redesigned, now it is more organized and it will be easier for us to add new features and improvements.


2. Easy Delegations management

You can now view and manage your delegations directly in the Hive wallet page.


Thanks to @stoodkev and @keychain for helping us in the display of incoming delegations.

3. Hive Engine and Snax tokens

With the new wallet layout we added also the Hive Engine tokens. More improvements and support for other operations can be added in future releases. And of course you can check also the transactions history.


Also SNAX you can now check your SNAX tokens balance in the 'Others' section of the wallet.

4. Tips on comments

This is a feature highly requested from our users ...so it's now possible to send tips for comments and not only for top pots.

Also starting with the release we have improved (thanks to @cardboard for his work on this) the way tips are fetched and the result should better and more reliable.

5. Tweet can now be embedded in your posts

You can now embed a tweet in your post and it will be rendered with the correct format.

More customization options may be included in future releases

6. New Cross Post format

With all the feedback we have received in the past weeks we have decided to do some changes to the cross-post format. This is a recap of those changes:

  • The rewards are now automatically declined on the new post
  • When you vote on a cross post from your feed the vote is automatically redirected to the original post
  • When you check the full post page you have the option to interact (vote/comments) on the cross post or the original post
  • The message allowed for cross posts is now longer, up to 200 characters
  • The layout has been improved and more details are available for cross posts.

Please let us know if you have feedback or suggestions regarding this change.

7. A new page to check the release notes

A new page is now available to check the features and the improvements released in each new version. This is a quick preview, or you can check it out here.


8. Some minor bug fixes and minor improvements

As always some minor fixes and improvements across the website. You can check the full release notes here: https://peakd.com/about/changelog.

Support the @peakd / @steempeak projects

Now is probably a nice time to remind you of the ways you can support the development of @peakd.


We have a proposal on the Decentralized Hive Fund. You can review the proposal here.
If you agree to the proposal and you think the points mentioned add value to the Hive Blockchain consider supporting it using the above links or directly with this link.

We also run a witness server to help produce the blocks for the Hive Blockchain. You can vote for our witness so we are in a position to process more of them.

Vote on the witness page: https://peakd.com/witnesses

  • Using Keychain: You just have to click and approve the transaction
  • Using SteemConnect: You'll need access to confirm the transaction with your Active Key at least

The PeakD Team

About us: https://peakd.com/about
Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/Fy3bca5


I noticed a very small bug. The link in the below screenshot takes to https://steem-engine.com. It should be changed to https://hive-engine.com.


It would be great if you can add more features to the Hive Engine Wallet page where we can stake, unstake, delegate, cancel delegations etc. This will let us not use peakd itself for all those activities instead of using Hive Engine interface which is not very great.

Oh, thanks ...will be fixed shortly 😉

Thanks and tipped your comment

Thanks for the tips. Cheers!

@asgarth I'm personally really disappointed to see a tech update change a key concept of curation ie evergreening old posts via crosspost. This SHOULD have been a community consult issue. I/we set up a special crossposting account @artemisshares and received generous delegation from @kennyskitchen @naturalmedicine @riverflows and @abundancetribe specifically to evergreen old content. The first we knew of the change in curation policy was last night when PeakD suddenly nixxed all the rewards. What was being used effective across 4 communities to celebrate community members by reviving and rewarding old but good content literally disappeared overnight. We now have a glorified share button and a new tool for people to spam their content across multiple communities (perhaps not always thoughtfully).

So do I return the delegations, empty that account and feel resentful that no one even bothered to at least warn the people actively and successfully using a feature to grow the content creating community ? Surely some tech nerd could, at the very least, have searched out all crossposts in last 7 days and sent a group memo? Or tagged us in a "this feature will self-destruct immediately" post?

Is the concept of evergreening old content dead? And decided by whom?

Sorry for the late reply. We discussed this change with our community (on our Discord server) and some users also had the option to test it before the final release.

But I'm aware that the change is not something everyone will be happy about, but it was a required change nevertheless. Unfortunately not everyone is using the old cross post format correctly and this lead to the possibility of 'abusing' the system to get more rewards.

Also after the introduction of Tips sending rewards to old posts is still possible also if not using the reward pool.

Appreciate the response, @asgarth. Thank you.

You can't tip from delegated HP tho, so you ARE saying our way of doing it is dead. Albeit not very directly. LOL The tip feature is a personal thing and does not enable communities to reward people collectively. Also no one sees it being done so it doesn't encourage other individuals to join you. Basically 90% of our effective evergreening has been made no longer possible. I think that is a step backwards for supporting the backbone of Hive - the content creators.

Hive and people who use PeakD product is a much larger group than the tiny % of people who engage with the PeakD discord around a piece of software, so I would observe that the attempt at communication was pretty limited. That, of itself, is disappointing. Decentralized community requires stellar communication, and that will need to go beyond a memo stuck on a wall in a broom cupboard a the end of a rarely used corridor - particularly as Hive grows.

@kennyskitchen and I will find a way to untangle our mess and explain it to the many other people who didn't get the memo.

Hoping for better communication, and not after the fact, next time.

You guys are crushing it. Real talk.

You've been working tirelessly so that everyone can have a far more pleasant experience. One of the few proposals that worth every penny requested, yet it's below the return proposal.

Sheeesh...I hope people can see the work you put into this and help you get funded.

Damn lol really nice update! I woke up and saw new stuff and instantly loved it but also knew I had to find out what other awesome stuff happened. Solid update for sure! Loving the new delegations and wallet page improvements.

And when someone asks me which is the best development team on Hive, I don't have the second choice to think about it. Great work guys.

When you vote on a cross post from your feed the vote is automatically redirected to the original post

and if the OP is older than 7 days?

other than that, great updates! really like the new wallet overview and delegation system

Oh, I have not mentioned but now when you try to upvote an old post the panel should be a bit different. Give it a try ;)

🤤🤤🤤 genius change.

Loving the new wallet, its making it so much easier to figure out this crazy mess and great move on the tipping of comments! Keep up the great work

Awesome Updates! Love the new Wallet Page, the Changelog is Great and last but not least you guys did an Amazing Job for the Tip on Comments!

German Version of this Update-Post:

I dared to draw the attention of the Czech community at Hive to these great innovations.
Thanks for the great work.

Absolutely remarkable!

Thank you so much for these updates...The new wallet looks super slick as well as the Hive-Engine token listings.

Great job guys, you are creating the perfect front end 😀

Finally, a delegation manager. 🙌🙌

Thank You so much for keep improving the user experience!

Cheers for bringing us some new updates! It's looking pretty great so far, and I'm particularly pleased about the correct formatting for embedding Tweets, and the new cross-posting features. I've cross-posted only once before I think, but I might want to give this another go! On the subject of Tweets, does embedding it only include text, or will photos and videos included as well?

Love the integrated wallet and the delegation manager, waited a long time for that.

About cross post, if someone has already autovoted the original post, what happens to the autovote on the cross post if say the author cross post the next day? Does the upvote still go through wasting the VP? I just hate wasting people's VP unnessarily

You can thank @stoodkev for creating something that allowed the delegation manager

You'll have to talk to your auto-vote system. We add the cross-post tag to the post so maybe your autovote system skips those... it would make sense for them to do that specially now with them being declined.

So if a curator upvotes a cross post, but hasn't upvoted the original post before, the upvote goes to the original post.

But what if the curator has already upvoted the original post and then upvotes the cross post? The cross post declines the second upvote reward? And what if the cross post upvote is different from the original upvote %? How is that treated? My apologies if this if this is sounding a bit pedantic,just like to understand how things work. Thanks

But that's the thing we don't really have an interface to upvote the cross-post ... they'd have to use a different interface if they want to upvote the cross-post itself.

I mean they can go to the full post and try to upvote the crosspost itself if they want so there are ways but you kind of have to go out of your way to try to upvote the crosspost itself.

Basically if you've already upvoted the original then it will show on the cross-post because the cross-post is showing the stats of the original.

I just cross posted for the first time, think I understand how it works now. Thanks

Such a monumental update, I am always amazed with these releases. They make my quality of life vastly better.

really an excellent job! I really like the reorganization of the wallet page, intuitive and simple. I also noticed the availability of the games section and Splinterlands!

eighty work! I hope the team will be able to solve the problem of the nodes that is causing some slowdowns and I hope also in a future App, the key to turning Peakd ♥ ️

I loved the option to see delegations and manage them, as a heavy user of Dlease, it is very helpful. It took me 10 mins to figure out I need to click on the delegated amount to get the dashboard, it doesn't look like a button at all. Maybe it should appear in bold when the mouse goes over it?

Also, for notifications, the URLs to the actual comment/post make the design crowded. A better way would be to make the notification itself as a link. Or maybe just the sentence For example: if I receive the notification: "@asgarth voted on your post" then the sentence itself could work as a link instead of using an URL.

I hope these suggestions help, I love the website.

Thanks for the suggestions. Probably the vote notification is not the best one to use as a reference and removing the URL make sense.

But for replies and other notifications the link can be useful, maybe I can try to make it a bit shorter.

Some change in the notification style does sound beneficial.

I like this.

I like this A LOT.

The rewards are now automatically declined on the new post
When you vote on a cross post from your feed the vote is automatically redirected to the original post

That is an awesome update on the cross-posting! Thank you :)
Love the wallet too.

Honestly PeakD is amazing. It really allows to do everything on HIVE, and makes it simple.

Please do a rebrand and change the name though, I want PeakD to be ready for mass adoption. It needs a name that is more social media like.

Noiiiiiseeeee! Awesome upgrades team! Translating this one already for the team! Regards champ, keep up the aesome work.

You're killing it! Amazing updates!

Hi @peakd, I am the biggest fan and first day user of steempeak and now peakd, but all of a sudden I can´t see my drafts anymore. Is this a temporary bug? Please don´t tell me, that I lost hours of work! @asgarth @jarvie @dmytrokorol any idea what could have happened?

Hi, do you mean old drafts already published? Or new draft not published yet?

New drafts not published. Almost a ready to go article - completely disappeared.

I checked and I see 5 drafts stored for your account. Are you on Discord? If so can you just find me in the official PeakD channel and send me DM?

Now I see them again, I don´t know what you did, but thanks a lot!

Nothing 😄 ...probably a network issue on some API calls

I am a new user on Peakd and seems already started calling in love. These new development further help me to use it continously..also help if wecan undelegate through wallet as well ?

Yep, 'undelegate' is actually just a delegation with an amount of 0 (zero).

Hey @asgarth doesn't we can view the list...I actually forgot the names...in case if we can get a complete delegation list..or is it avialble somwhere else

Click this icon in your wallet page:

This is very helpful.....thanks man 👍

Thanks for updates in system and notification, look forward to seeing this in action. Cross-post makes more sense doing what you have done now.

Ooohhhhh, very cool... 😮
Thank you!! And bravo to the team! 👍👍👍

Sweet improvement or should I say sexy improvement!
I'm loving it! 👏

Awesome, keep up good works.

I really like the tipping feature, cheers to you and cardboard. Hope to see it encouraged more and more and various creative use cases increase.

RE: New Cross Post format
Please let us know if you have feedback or suggestions regarding this change.

I think the changes are good.

Is there any way you can warn user who are double-dipping the reward pool by voting both original and cross-post? This is frowned upon. Please consider to indicate the 2nd vote (I suggest a nacho with an obvious bite mark about to be dipped into the guac again !o.0! and perhaps warn them with a kind suggestion to refrain from double-voting either when choosing to vote on a cross-post or when cross-posting?

Is there any way you can warn user who are double-dipping the reward pool by voting both original and cross-post?

Payouts are automatically declined on the cross posts and the vote gets routed to the original post.

Cool, I thought it was a default option and not a forced thing. That makes my suggestion irrelevant.

Thanks so much @peakd team!! You guys are awesome <3

Nice work! I love the new wallet!

great job guys. proud to see that this fork was a good move

And what about Cross-post that is in the title?

It's also in the article

Yes, now it is...

I liked the update - thanks for the work done

Amazing stuff guys! Loving the developments and updates here!

Can Mixcloud embeds to posts also be introduced to a future update please? I know you put Spotify embeds in which is great for musicians and music lovers. Mixcloud embeds would also be great for DJs, mixes and podcasts to be shared seamlessly in a blog 😊

For example, this is the embed code for a Mixcloud set:

<iframe width="100%" height="120" src="https://www.mixcloud.com/widget/iframe/?hide_cover=1&feed=%2Fnicky-havey%2F1-hour-dnb-mix-by-daveyhub-tunes-from-daveyhub-nicky-havey%2F" frameborder="0" ></iframe>

Excellent work on the wallet guys!

Awesome work!

Those are some great updates. I wish to see more releases in the future. Thanks for all the great efforts. 👍

About 4 hours ago, my post published via https://peakd.com/ (last post) was published on the STEEM blockchain. Were these errors corrected?


If you use Hive keychain installed manually, do the following:

  • export your accounts (helps if you added multiple accounts)
  • remove your old Hive keychain
  • install Hive keychain from Chrome/Firefox addons store, depending on the browser you use
  • set a locking password for Hive keychain
  • import the accounts you exported at the first step

This Hive keychain installed from Chrome market.

OK, I see you found what the problem was.

This is not an error related to PeakD. Multiple users reported the same in the past weeks. The issue is with old version of Hive Keychain and is solved if you update to a recent release (available on the Chrome/Firefox web stores now).

I have the latest version


Adding @stoodkev because I don't have a clue on how to solve this.

The problem was on my part. Somehow, an additional extension was installed in the corporate network that blocked HIVE keychaine

Проблема была с моей стороны. Как то установилось дополнительное расширение в корпоративной сети, которое блокировало HIVE keychaine


These updates are just wonderful !

Makes it so much user friendly and we can promote the ecosystem through the wallet interface with games and dapps now listed !

Congrats to the entire @peakd Team !

I am loving it.



Can there be a possibility for an app of that??

Congratulations @peakd! You have completed the following achievement on the Hive blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

You got more than 100 replies. Your next target is to reach 200 replies.

You can view your badges on your board and compare to others on the Ranking
If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP

Vote for us as a witness to get one more badge and upvotes from us with more power!

Wow this is a great update, I like it, thanks for your hard work.

Wow you guys are amazing. Nice work!

This is wonderful. Great work you both are doing.

Question: If a post beyond 7 day payout is cross-posted, are the rewards now burned since they will automatically try to go to the closed payout original post instead of the new cross-post?

We didn't mention it in the post but if you go to an old post and try to vote it's now a different interface. You may like it.

I see that it becomes a tip option when done directly on the old post. But if someone is crossposting a paid out post it also creates a tip? How do the rewards work on the crosspost when people upvote the new post?

I don't think you can, @indigoocean, you can only tip.

I think its a shame, because there were old, underewarded posts past payout we were crossposting in the community that had opportunity to see light of day, but now can only get a tip.. which is highly unlikely.

I agree with you @riverflows - perhaps we were the only ones using crossposting well??

That's the scenario under which I really appreciated a recent crosspost one community did of one of my older posts. It didn't earn that much originally but the crosspost rewards even at only 95% about doubled the overall payout on it. Oh well. I guess there is a way to manually choose the payout going to the new post, just not the default.

Hey @peakd, sorry to comment three times but I found a couple of bugs.

In the Hive engine tokens wallet on PeakD the value of coins is not calculated correctly. It shows a dollar value in the wallet but in reality it's the Hive value.

For example, I currently have a 1000 DEC in my wallet, and it shows "$1.84" under the "value" column. But on the Hive engine market, 1000 DEC trades for 1.84 HIVE, and 1 HIVE is not worth 1$.

The same thing applies to other tokens. I have only checked for two tokens, but it is probably valid for all.

The second bug occurs when videos are in a post. When I click the video directly without being inside the post page, it plays from the outside. But, I am able to play the video from the outside, then click on the post and enter its page, and then play the video inside the post again.

This makes it so that two videos of the same content are playing with a slight lag. This happened to me twice today with 3speak videos.

Hi, thanks for reporting. A fix for the HE tokens value will be included in the next update.

For the other thing I don't have an easy solution. Basically the video frame is still on the page, that's why it doesn't stop playing. Also this is something that happens for all the video we allow to be embedded and I don't know if there is a solution that will work for all of them.

You guys rock. It's nothing short of amazing to see these awesome developments around Peakd

PeakD is full of features, its much easier and much better version, the future is in hive.

great update. just what are SNAX tokens ?

Pretty nice update @asgarth thanks the wallet looks fantastic with all the things we see there now.

Thanks for adding more updates. Peakd is my preferred platform for Hiving.

very good!!

Thanks for making such a good front end

This is great development

Nice development going on

It looks great! Thanks! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Thanks so much! I have to check out the updated version! Reposted!

Do I need to update anything or is the site already updated and ready to use with the new look?

You don't need to update anything :)

Awesomeness, thanks...just getting used to the HIVE environment. 😇

Can we change it to not decline payouts? I mostly ask because I am trying to bring back The deadpost Initiative which as a community which is trying to revive old posts that got totally ignored.

You are so awesome btw.

@PeakD, only saw this now and I don't know if there's enough paper here for another comment :)

You guys are doing great and you deserved another vote on your proposal and also a witness vote.
Blessings to your work guys.

Thank you @PeakD for doing what you do! Without you, Hive wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable. Keep up the good work the please continue to communicate all the latest great things re: Hive advancements!

I really like the update to the wallet... it was kind of annoying before that the claim rewards button was on top of the price feed... thanks for the good work!

Right now I am having issue to log in to Peakd using Hivesigner, it fails while redirecting, is there any issue ? Why is it going to Steampeak ?


There are some issues with Hivesigner login at the moment. You can login with PeakLock of Hive Keychain.

Why is it going to Steampeak ?

Fixed now ....apparently I forgot to update the logo on that page :D

sOoOoOo does anyone know where we can cross-post without denying rewards?

Finally.... A delegation manager