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It is about 3 hours north of Jaipur, about 180 KM, but it can be million miles away from the hustle and bustle of tourist. Mandawa, is perhaps what Rajasthan was before tourists from all over the world started flocking the place. On the surface and especially in the following picture, it may seem like a strange haunted and abandoned place, and yes, there could be some truth to it. However, the fact is that it is a thriving happy and warm little community of wonderfully kind people who choose to live in this 'abondoned' town.


Back in the day Mandawa was known as a trading hub for ancient caravan routes around western India on the way to China from the Middle East. During the 18th century wealthy Marwari businessmen settled around this little town (it was not so little back then). They all built large decorative mansions around town, known as 'haveli's. Each of these mansions had and still have wonderful frescos both inside and out.


With time however, everything declines. There are alternative trade routes that became popular in modern times. In addition, after the independence of India in 1947, the trade though this area stopped. Rich dynasties got broken up and people largely moved to big cities, and Mandawa largely remained abandoned.

Today, however, many of these havelis have been restored as hotels, but most remained abandoned. Some are absolutely falling apart....



While others are in decent state. There are family members who are trying to take care of the frescos as best they can...



The thing that intrigued me a lot about Mandawa are the wide streets, covered with dust. Dust is everywhere there, its thick and gets into everthing. Its Thar desert afterall! I begin to imagine during the glory days of Mandawa, how beautiful this town might look like with upward of 120 havelis all decorated. People living there having fun, going about their daily life. That must have been a spectacular sight.



Love the cobwebbed door, I hope you disturbed them and went in?

Lol, classic slobs comment.

I did go in. I was actually thinking only about you at the time. All along thinking about your urban exploration. Please put Mandawa on your personal map. Supposedly there are 93 such houses left abandoned there :)



There was this easier way to go upstairs. When you go upstairs it’s surprisingly clean! No idea how!


Holy smacks, is that Ground all sand?


There is pavement underneath, but all gets covered real quick

Reminds me of old rail road towns, when the trains stopped coming through the towns populations disappeared.

I like the artwork adorned on the homes, the shapes of the door ways and that tree in the courtyard looks quite old but doing well.

Yes, or mining town in the west. Colorado, California, Utah are full of them

Amazing. Never heard. I've bookmarked Mandawa on my custom map "Where to go in India". Hope to have a trip in India (again) in 2023 or 2024, let's see.

Screenshot 2023-01-29 at 00-26-30 Куда ехать в Индии - Google My Maps.png

You have central India empty, and also fairly non-existent in east and north east India. Excellent coverage in the south, west and the north

Yes, Assam and surrounding are just empty. Mountains - nothing on the map. It's because I marked places that were near I was in India (I had 2 trip, 3 months each) or places I hoped to visit soon and had time to explore them online. The map does not claim to cover all of India.

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I just love this kind of house. Thanks for sharing.

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The buildings there are of course still very strong and very good. How are you today friends.I always hope your days are always fun.

Seems calming...
Like the best place to go for a retreat 🙂😍✨

😊How amazing historical heritage👍👍

It's a beautiful place.
Painting cached my attention mostly.

Namaste Ge. We love India 🇮🇳

Planning in the end of the year to go back there. Have a great time.

These old buildings look very nice.


You can't think that back in the 1800's that was probably a very rich and wealthy area... Yet no it seems desolate...

Desolate as it may be, it carries so much history and that's what makes it even more rich!

Love the photos

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Thanks for another Indian history lesson!

You are welcome. I write when I feel like.