Säntis - A spectacular Alpine wonderland

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One of our New Year's resolutions is to go to the mountains more often. Last year, we managed only a couple of times as we spent most of our weekends in the garden, but this year we will do it differently, so that we have a bit more time for other things than gardening as well. And what is a better way of starting the new year than going to the mountains? Lots of sunshine, amazing views, fresh air, lots of snow and some hiking - that's what we want!

It's been cloudy and foggy since we arrived back from our Christmas break, and some days it was even raining, so we were craving the real winter with lots of snow and sunshine, and we couldn't wait for the weekend to get it. We planned to leave on Sunday at 8 am, but as usually my husband didn't manage on time and we left at 10 am! Luckily, it is only about one and a half hours driving, so we still had enough time for our adventure. And we arrived right on time for lunch 😊

Let's go!


Säntis is nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, and it's easily reachable by car or by bus. There are regular lines from nearby places although I'm not so sure about the schedule as we came by car. There is a large parking area, but there were so many cars that we struggled to find a place. We drove around and then towards the exit when we spotted one remaining slot right in front of the hotel. It couldn't be any better!

The mountain is part of the Alpstein massif which is well known for its unique geology. When you stand in front of Säntis you can see that it's a large rock formation. You can climb to the top, but you have to start from another side as it's not approachable from where we were standing. It is a difficult hike and you need special equipment in winter, so we opted for the cable car as I can't do such complex hikes due to my hip anymore. Can you see that pal on the top? This is where we are going first!


The cable car goes every 15 minutes and costs 52CHF (ca 60USD or 55EUR) per person. You need to book it in advance as there are 85 places each ride, and believe me that it can get crowded. We were surprised that our ride was half empty, but what we didn't notice was that there was a strong wind warning, and this might be the reason why families with kids stayed in the valley. Well, there is enough for them to do too as there are maintained hiking trails, snowshoes trails, they can also do sledging, and we noticed some people skiing at random places too.

Let's go to the top!


The ride takes 10 minutes with more than 1100 meters gain in altitude! You can feel the pressure in your ears and at some point it gets a bit scary as it goes very close to the mountain and you can see the rocks only a few meters in front of you with BIG NOTHING under the cabin. It also gets wobbly when it goes over the safety pals. But when you focus on the views you will enjoy it.

Yes, that's our cabin 😊


Almost there...


And this is how it looks like when you exit the cabin...

The cable cars in Switzerland are usually very expensive, but you also get a very nice experience. They are clean and safe, and there is always a chatty driver who greets you, gives you some tips and then wishes you a very nice day. Some cable cars also have TV's with info, and there is always some music to make the ride even more enjoyable.


The cable car takes you to 2473 m above sea level, but the summit is at 2502 m above sea level, and there are various platform from where you can enjoy the views. You can also go hiking as there are many hiking trails, but most of them are closed for winter. There are many signs providing you relevant information about the trails.

Even when they would be open, it would not be possible to go hiking due to the wind that day. I must say that I have never experienced such strong wind in my life. First of all, we couldn't even open the door to the platform. There were two people pushing from outside and two people pulling on the inside to get it open. When we went out, the wind took my breath away instantly. I panicked a bit and it took me a while to start breathing normally. The platform was icy, so I struggled to keep my balance as well, and taking photos was a huge challenge. The funny thing is that it looks so calm on the photos 😊

This is a hiking trail called 'Himmelsleiter' or 'Ladder to Heaven'. Well, if you tried it in that weather than it would literally be the ladder to heaven for you.


We came from somewhere down there...

It's in the direction of Zürich.


On the right, we can see the Glarus Alps and on the left there are the Lepontine Alps.


The majestic Altman right in front of us...



And here are all the trails...

I've heard that the trail to Seealpsee is really beautiful. You need to reserve a whole day as it also take more than 2 hours to get from the Seealpsee to the closest parking place. We did that trail and it was lovely.


As you can see the stairs were not really clean, so it was good that there are railings...


In summer, you can enjoy lunch in the restaurant below. But don't worry, when you come in winter there are two restaurants in the building too, so you won't stay hungry.



The Himmelsleiter from another side...


We were so lucky with the weather! After a while, we could see that it started to get cloudy, but we still enjoyed the beautiful skies.



Normally, you can walk to all the levels from outside, but as you can see the stairs are not maintained in winter, so we had to return to the building all the time and fight with the door again and again.

When you look at the right upper corner you will see small crystals flying around. They were so painful! We were lucky that we had our sunglasses as the ice crystals were hurting our faces and I wouldn't like to get them in my eyes. It was some sort of natural peeling 😊


There are four expositions inside of the building - Säntis – the weather mountain, the world of ice, the geology, the history.

Apparently, Säntis is home to weather records, so there is an entire exposition about it. You can learn about weather extreme conditions, and see tools that are used for measuring. It's an interactive exposition, so you can also create your own tornado.


I find this box interesting as there were tools used for condition measuring. The one on the left is called hair hygrometer as in the past, human hair was used to measure the air humidity.


Here we could learn about snowflakes and how they are created.


The highest snow precipitation in the Alps is 816 cm. I was surprised by that number even though I don't know if I expected it to be less or more, but I didn't expect it to be 8 meters.


This shows the comparison of glaciers around the world to the biggest glacier of the Alps called The Aletsch Glacier (the small blue cube). The biggest cube shows the volume of all glaciers around the world to the Aletsch Glacier.


I think there is no other museum with more beautiful views...




At some places, the snow covered almost the entire windows...




Here you can see how it looks like in summer. There was also a model of the massif.


The best views!


Let's go to the history part of the museum...


Among other items, we could see traditional crafts, musical instruments, clothes, and we also learned about the history of the cable car and its operations.


Those wooden figures are so pretty!


When you go hiking in Switzerland, there is a 99.9% chance that you come across cows with such bells. Sometimes those bells are smaller, sometimes as big as on the picture. I'm not a big fan of the sound that those bells make, and I can't even imagine how it is for the cow to wear it and listen to it day in and day out.


We are not done yet! I said at the beginning that we went hiking and so we did. We spent about 2 hours on top and then we went back down to do one of the theme trails called Laternliweg or Lantern trail. It's a beautiful hike along the illuminated lantern trail.

But first, let me tell you about our ride back down to the valley. There was a music band in our cabin, and they started playing their instruments and singing as soon as they boarded. We enjoyed some traditional Swiss music and YODELING. I don't know if you ever heard yodeling, but it's very loud and in the closed cabin it is almost unbearable. However, the Swiss seemed to enjoy it and they were singing along and clapping. Soon, almost everyone in the cabin was yodeling and you could see the foreigners praying to get down as quickly as possible. I was among those too! 😊

It was like a different world in the valley. It was nice and warm, and there was no wind - the perfect conditions for our hike.


Laternliweg is a round hike that takes about 40 minutes to complete. It is an easy hike in the woods where you can enjoy tranquility and some beautiful light conditions (weather permitting).

This time we had to be careful as there were many people sledging down the trail too.


The days are still short and we were slowly approaching the sunset...



It was too early for the lanterns to be lit, but we loved the hike anyway.


From time to time, Säntis was peaking from behind the trees...



And here it is in its full glory - it was funny to think that just a few moments ago we were up there fighting the wind and now we were enjoying the sunshine and almost spring weather.



It was getting dark, but we were in no hurry as we thought that our drive back home would be fast. Little did we know that many more people had the same plans and our trip home would take almost 3 hours, most of it spent in a traffic jam.




Those trees are so tall. I'm sure that if we would come a few days earlier they would be all covered in snow. That would have been even more beautiful.


I could sit there and watch the skies...




We're coming to the end of the trail already...


Last few photos before going back home...




We had such a great time even though we almost flew off the platform 😊 When you're in Switzerland, I would definitely recommend you to explore Säntis. You won't regret it.

As I mentioned, the drive back was not easy and I got car sick in the traffic jam, so I went straight to bed when we arrived home. But it was all worth it!






I hope you have enjoyed another trip with us.

Thank you for reading!



Wow, ani nevím, kde začít komentovat :D Asi u té lanovky? Nejdřív mi vyrazila dech ta cena (my jeli naposledy lanovkou na Madeiře, ta jízda byla ještě o něco delší a stála asi desetinu té vaší :D) a pak samozřejmě ty výhledy! Tomu říkám dechberoucí horská panorámata. Vítr na fotkách většinou vidět není (pokud to není nějaký hurikán, co zrovna láme palmy), to máš pravdu, ale myslím, že si to dokážu docela živě představit :) Jednu věc ale nechápu... Jak sakra v takové výšce a v tak extrémních podmínkách dokázali nahoře postavit to muzeum?! :D

Jsem rád, že tomuto článku se dostalo odpovídající podpory i engagementu, máš tu moc hezké komenty ;)

@tipu curate 7

Lanovky u nás sú veľmi drahé, no sú tam aj nejaké zľavy pre turistov, ale to si zas musia kúpiť špeciálne kartičky a to neviem na koľko výjde. Ale ako vravíš, stojí to zato 😁

Ja som čakala, že všetky fotky budú rozmazané, keďže som vôbec nemohla udržať rovnováhu. Chvíľu ma aj musel podržať Stefan, lebo som skoro odletela 😂

No to neviem, ale tá budova je fakt veľká. Má 4 poschodia. Inak, vždy keď niekam prídeme, tak je tam nejaká veľká budova a rozmýšľame AKO sa im to podarilo. No hold, Švajčiari sú stavitelia 😊

Ďakujem, ďakujem, len ten haeijin nie a nie prísť, no teším sa, že je to lepšie ako minule 😊 A tie komenty ma potešili tiež 😉

Although Ph already said he would prefer this place without snow hahaha, I would definitely go there to enjoy this sunny, snowy paradise. And yes, my vehicle is already there, the cable car 😁 though we were commenting with ph that it is quite expensive. However, what you get is an experience that is priceless. Sunglasses - for sure, a must in these places. What I also loved here were the wooden figures, the musicians and dancers in traditional clothes - how cute 😍

Yeah, cable cars in Switzerland are generally very expensive. You can see many people hiking instead, but sometimes it's simply too difficult or even dangerous at places. The most expensive cable car that we took was about 120EUR per person and when we went to Jungfraujoch we paid for the trip more than 300EUR. These are one in lifetime trips though 😊 It took us more than 10 years in Switzerland to finally go to Jungfraujoch as we found it too expensive 😂

Oh, I should have asked for a discount if I would have known that the cable car was yours!!! 😂

I loved them too 😍

Oh, I should have asked for a discount if I would have known that the cable car was yours!!! 😂

Yes, now you know for the next time :D

Those photos are astonishing!!! Thank you for sharing... Is Säntis all year covered in snow? Just asking for a friend... 😃 I mean, photos with snow are great, but I would rather take a walk without the snow... 😂
Jokes aside, it looks like a great place to spend a day (or a couple of days)!

This is a hiking trail called 'Himmelsleiter' or 'Ladder to Heaven'. Well, if you tried it in that weather then it would literally be the ladder to heaven for you.

If it was windy as you said, I would rather call it Ladder to Hell... hehehehe

PS. Send greetings to your hubby!!

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No, no, it's not high enough for snow all year round. It should be normally gone by end of March. Hiking without snow is so much easier as the terrain is not so uneven. And it's also much warmer 😂 But snow has its charms too.

Hahaha, depending on the person I guess 😂

He says hi back 🤗

Wow those photos look magical. The first photo was already so beautiful, but the view of looking down on the mountains and snow was surreal. And finally, the trees at the end together with all the snow, the clouds, the mountains, and the sunlight, really had an amazing contrast of colors. This was wonderful, thank you for sharing.

Thank you for your kind comment! Have you ever experienced the snow?

Yes, but only once when I was younger. I visited Big Bear California. It was a very unique experience, and I had to wear thermals and thick clothes. Seeing my breath fog up, making snowballs and snow wings were fun.

We don't even think about such things as our breath fogging up, but it is indeed special 😊 Just became so normal for us.. Playing in snow is a lot of fun even when you're grow up 😊 what is the temperature now where you live?

It is actually a cool 26 Celsius tonight in the Philippines.😆

Today's publication left me absolutely enchanted, those landscapes are beautiful, like from another world!

And when I look at the ones below with the pine trees, I said, what a beauty!

I thank you so much for this walk, thank you!❤️

Thank you! I'm happy that you enjoyed it 😊

Simply great photos, I loved how you narrated the entire trip, I'm not a big lover of landscapes, but these will certainly leave anyone's mouth open, without a doubt the price of $60 seemed very expensive to me hehehe here they charge me 10-15 and I'm already complaining, if one day I can go to Switzerland I won't forget to visit Säntis

It's actually one of the cheaper cable cars. We already paid over 120USD per person in other places.. it's a choice that you make - either pay or hike 😁 but yeah, it's very expensive, I would love if it would be 10-15 over here 😀

Thank you for your nice comment! Have a lovely day!

wow hehe 120$ would be a flight from sao paulo to rio de janeiro, of course we wouldn't have those incredible views, greetings, have a good day too

I agree, it is very expensive, but I know that there are some discounts for tourists, but then you have to get a traveling card which you have to pay for too, so I'm not sure what is cheaper in the end. Either way, I think I would prefer the flight if I had a chance 😂

High quality content as always!... I have been absorbed looking at many of these photos, these are really charming, especially the ones with the mountainous landscape and the blue sky crossed by white clouds!... Congratulations and thank you for sharing this great post @delishtreats friend!!!

!discovery 45

Thank you for stopping by and your comment! I'm glad that you liked my post 😍

Have a lovely day! 🤗

Glad to see it's a great snow season this year

Yeah, I think there is enough snow, and for sure much more than last year when some resorts had to close in January because it was way too warm..

Thank you for stopping by! 😊

Stunning landscapes! Been a while since I went down the slopes. Have fun! 🙂

Oh, I don't go down the slopes at all, I'm so scared of skiing 😁

Happy, you liked it! Thank you for stopping by!

You have to try at least once! A small green lane, and you'll be hooked, you'll see! :) !BEER

Oh, I don't know.. the truth is that one of my friends passed away during ski holidays because of a guy on a snowboard who hit her when she was on the lift. She rolled down the mountain and they couldn't save her anymore. So, I would say that I'm not so afraid of skiing itself, but of other people not paying attention and being dangerous for others...

OH. Sorry to hear that. For sure, there are some crazy people on the slopes... fortunately they're a minority. !LUV

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'Ladder to Heaven'

Cable car to heaven 🤣 beautiful views. Impressive museum at the top. Absolutely stunning photos of the Alps 😍

Thank you! Glad that you like them 😍

Hola saludos me gustó mucho el paisaje es muy agradable felicidades

This is heaven. I've never been to the Swiss Alps but I ski in the French Alps.

I don't ski, but there are so many maintained trails that we can enjoy the snow anyway 😊

I'm not so familiar with the French Alps, but I guess they're not much different 😉

That's nice. I haven't tried hiking on the snowy trails, I might lose my breath. XD

It's more difficult and tiring than normal hiking, but you just need to find your speed and go 😊 It's a great exercise although your legs might hurt from uneven terrain..

Yes, I can imagine. I have difficulty walking with snow shoes.

Wow an amazing place that leaves you speechless, your photos remind me of a mountain area in the Carpathian Mountains here in Romania namely Bâlea Lac, similarly up there you can only get there by cable car up to an altitude of 2032m.
I have to admit I miss hiking on snowy mountain trails.

I've been planning to visit the Carpathians in Romania for ages.. but we somehow always come up with other priorities.. 2000 m is quite low in the Alps, but you can get beautiful views too 😊

Well, then it's the right time to change it.. the weekend is coming, so you can spend it in the mountains 😉

Hugs right back at ya! 🤗

It would be a great idea to hike through the Carpathian Mountains this weekend, but unfortunately I already have other plans.
To reach the Carpathians I need at least two days, the mountain area is quite far away (over 300 km and around 4-5 hours by car).
I recommend you to visit Romania for sure you will find something to your liking, either in the mountains or in historical areas, I do not recommend the Black Sea coast🤗

Oh, I didn't know that you were so far away from that area..

I would like to visit the Cluj area one day. I have some friends there, and it also looks beautiful, so I'm sure that it would be a great trip.

Why don't you recommend the Black Sea coast?

Oh yes, Cluj and the surroundings of Cluj are amazing, I have visited so many places there and still have more places to visit.

When it comes to the Black Sea, there is a lot to be said here, now it depends on one's comfort zone or what they are looking for when visiting such places.

At least in the very famous resorts (Mamaia, Mamaia Nord) the beach has been widened, and as a result of these works the beach has become very wide, so it takes 5-10 minutes to walk to the sea water.

Value for money from services (accommodation, food, taxi, activities) is very different, bad services have exorbitant prices.
Yes, it's strange to say these things about a certain area of my country, but I'm honest, just like in my posts, if I like something, I'll tell you that, and if I don't like something, I'll tell you what I didn't like.

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The view is very beautiful..

Woah! What an amazing place to be! I've been dreaming of visiting the Swiss Alps, and I hope I can finally go for it this year. Thanks for sharing, your photos are very inspiring.

Fingers crossed that you can come here, you will for sure enjoy it 😊

Have a lovely day!


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What a great experience, cable cars are an awesome experience and good way to get the view and save the legs. The view of the Alps is absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing. xox

Indeed, sometimes those hikes are so complex that unless you really love hiking you rather take the cable car as you can do some smaller hikes in the valley too 😊

Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely day!

I'm no stranger to a longer hike but if there is an easy way up, better believe I'm on it! Here in Canada too, there is generally an entire trail network both long and short once we get up and off the cars.

The view from the cable car is simply breathtaking! We have a similar experience where I'm living but it always feels a lot more beautiful to see things you are not used to, lol!
And that museum up there? Pure fantastic!

Indeed, it's always nicer to see places that you don't know even though there might be similar places close to you 😊

We loved the museum! 😊

Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely day!

Have a lovely day too 💖

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I love your new year's resolution of going to the mountains more often. If it's close by, then why not eh.. Your photos are amazing and probably don't even do the place justice, but it looks amazing

When I saw the picture that my friend showed, it was truly extraordinary.And I really like seeing snow like this and in my life I have never felt snow because it doesn't snow in my country.In my heart I really want to be able to visit countries that have snow and are as beautiful as in the picture you show.

Omg! I want to try cable cars,I heard it's scary

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