My 2021 Resolution (Blogging Challenge Contest)

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The end of the year is here again. The time for evaluation of the last year and setting goals for the new one.


My anual resolutions are very similar and I'm afraid that I'm not much successful in meeting them.

Every year I try to become a better man. At first sight it looks very easily, just do thing what should be done and not do things which are waste of time. Horrible laziness or procrastination, not solving problems and decision postponing eats days of my live. So I hope that the next year I'll be able to keep my things in order, give everyday few minutes to make my surrounding nicer and more pleasant for living. I'm sure that removing blocks from my head makes better my live and eather lives of people I love.

I wish you love, happiness and health in 2021!




Step by step every day you can reach your goals. Procrastination is something very common, but you can fight it with a japanise word I like, that is "shoganai" it's like, well, It can't be help... you have to do the stuff even if you don´t want to because, shoganai... something happened and you can´t do nothing, don´t be bothered because, shoganai...

Thank you for learning me new word. Good to remember and use expression shoganai.

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Thank you very much for participating, we wish you can achieve all those goals and have a beautiful week.

I hope you're able to fulfil your resolution this time of becoming a better man and avoiding procrastination, it's not easy to change but with gradual effort, it will become possible

Life is made to be done step by step, it is normal that everything happens little by little ... I am a faithful believer of God, I feel that the connection between him and me has improved, thanks to that feelings I have passed the difficulties better!

I hope you have a lot of success throughout the course of 2021 and also in the following years hehe

Happy and prosperous new year❤️

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First you must define what it means for you to be a better man. In what aspect of that word do you want to improve.

To be a better man or person?
To be more sincere, more hardworking, a better husband, brother, son.

Or do you mean reach material goals and work for it. Everything we do requires an effort and a minimum investment of time, when we put ourselves into action laziness dissipates.

Make a plan of action with small and easy steps to achieve as the progress increases the difficulty of the steps. And with time you will see that you have improved and reached some goals becoming a better man and a better person.

I wish you get the motivation to put a plan in place and achieve some goals.

Happy New Year 2021 😘🤗👍 @hairyfairy

Thank you for nice words. I realized that it helps to write down tasks for the day in the morning and then tick after finishing. If I hold on whole year it will be fine.
Have happy New year 2021.


Just for being so sincere with yourself to write this lines is a totally success because you're one step closer to your goal, it doesn't matter if it's just a "little goal" because there's no stupid goals, there's just stupid people that doesn't set some goals.

I share the same goal about the procrastrination with you because it happens a lot in my life but I'm almost a workaholic, I love to have money so I try to work every day of my life so hard to achieve challenges that bring me benefits in my economy.

I really wish that 2021 brings you a lot of peace with yourself and focus to achieve those goals to become a better person, you'll see that day by day you can work a little bit and then it will become just a memory, everything will be alright!

Good vibes and blessings from Caracas, Venezuela.

Dear Ilaz, thanks for your kind words. It's good to have money and be rich but threaten of punishment makes me more active than extra money incentive 🙂
Wishing you all the best from Brno, Czech Republic.

I liked your post, very honest and accurate. A calm and orderly mind translates into a life of the same form. I hope that your purposes are fulfilled and that you achieve great things this year. Keep it up!

Thank you for nice worlds, I would be glad if I succed in fulfiling my goals.
Have a great time.

The important thing here is that you are being honest with yourself, you really know where you stand and who you really are...that is something very important. It's impossible not to feel lazy, but you have to work at not letting it dominate you.

I really hope that in this 2021 you manage to focus enough to continue being a better person. By working little by little every day you achieve amazing things.


Thank you for booster, it helps to move forward.
Wishing you beautiful day.

Ser un mejor hombre siempre es una buena idea, ya que esto abarca mucho. Espero que si tengas éxito este año y trabajes en lograr esta resolución para el presente año.