CONTEST: What is your favourite action movie?

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Authored by @namiks


Hello! Welcome to the next Movies & TV Shows Community contest, this time, we're focusing on action! The genre of explosions and cool guys that don't look at them; overly dramatic leaps of faith; and often enough featuring protagonists with no hair on their heads.


With this contest, our rules will be simple but also a little different than usual:

  • Your entry must be posted in the Movies & TV Shows Community.
  • Your entry must be about your favourite action movie.
  • You'll receive 'bonus points' for engagement in the community during the contest (curation, comments).
  • 'Bonus points' also given to those who also follow & tag our Twitter account with entries.
  • 'Bonus points' also for good presentation in your entry: good writing, good screenshots and images.
  • Entries must be of at least 500 words.
  • Bilingual posts are allowed, but the above criteria must be met in one language, not two.
  • You can publish multiple entries.
  • Use the #actioncontest tag in your entry posts; this helps us find them!
  • Video submissions are accepted.
  • Your entry must be published before MARCH 19.


As mentioned above, the deadline for the contest is MARCH 19. From that date, we will no longer accept submissions and will begin to choose the winners. We'll allocate a total of 50 Hive to the top 3 chosen people:

  • 1st place: 20 Hive.
  • 2nd place: 15 Hive.
  • 3rd place: 10 Hive.
  • 4th place: 5 Hive.

Throughout the contest, we will also be running a highlight post each day in which we highlight our favourite entries from the day and distribute a portion of the rewards with those chosen. This will be done in addition to our regular curation and OCD post nominations. Those who are featured in the highlights will also be given the Movies & TV Shows Community badge!


If you have any questions regarding the contest, you can ask us here in the comments, on our Twitter, or drop by our Discord server.

If you'd like to earn with us, we also have a curation trail you can follow.

Good luck to everyone, and have fun!


Amazing idea, count me in😎

Ohhh Godss!!! Too bad I don't have that much experience in action movies, but of course I'll participate!!!!

Thank u @moviesonhive for your effort in keeping the community motivated and for making the community grow more every day with his ideas!!!

You are amazing!!! 🤗💞

Me encanta la idea, seguro prepararé mi entrada al concurso. 🥳

I will be joining soon. :)

This sounds great, I want to make a question:

If I want to make a video on 3speak for this community can I use parts of the movie I'm talking about or would that be considered plagiarism? I'd like to make a kind of review showing parts of the movie on my video, but I want to know if that's allowed?

It looks like it's going to be a very fun contest, I have to think very well about which movie to talk about since I'm not a fan of having a single favorite, but I will try to make a very good post, thank you very much for this opportunity and good luck to all of you.

Looks amazing! It's the time of the fangirl inside me.

Hey! I'm new to the community and I love the initiative, I'll try to participate as soon as I made my mind on which my favorite action movie is xD

Interesting, I have to see some Movies so I hope participate in this contest soon

Great. There are some good movies around my head right now.

Hola @marivic10, feliz y bendecido día. Esa película que escogiste es hermosa y nuy profunda sobre la poca atención que ponen algunos padres hacia los hijos, se dedican es a amasar fortuna y lo más importante lo dejan en un segundo plano. El papel de Denzel es hermoso, mejor guadespalda no pudo haberle tocado a Lupita, esos dos seres se amaron incondicionalmente. Quedo evidenciado, el hecho de que puede nacer una bella amistad, entre dos personas, con diferentes edades. Éxito y suerte en el Concurso.

Hola amiga, así es, esta película es especial, su contenido y su mensaje son muy buenos. Saludos, gracias por tu visita.

Saludos amigos de la Comunidad Movies & TV Shows por aqui dejo mi participación en el concurso:


Hola hermana bella @mafalda2018, feliz y bendecido día. Excelente post. A mi Steven me fascina, y como cocinero mucho mejor y tu escogencia fue espectacular. Deseandóte mucho éxito y suerte en el concurso.

hello friends, here I leave my participation, a little late but sure, greetings

Hola @davidpena21, feliz y bendecido día. Yo amé a King desde que lo vi por primera vez, grandote con esos ojos hermosos. Y realmente quede impactada, con el tamaño. La magia del cine es única. Siempre he creído que ha ocurrido todo lo que plasman, la imaginación del hombre es única pero de acuerdo a mi criterio siempre ha sido basado sobre algo que ha visto o definido de acuerdo a estudios geológicos, paleontológicos o de otra índole. La toma donde Ann cae en sus grandotas manos es inédita. Ella era su más grande amor y ella también lo amo. Queda en evidencia que algunos seres humanos son ruines y para aumentar su imagen de ególatras, y ganar el dinero que sea son capaces de venderle el alma al mismísimo diablo. Me encanto tu elección. Éxito y suerte n el Concurso.

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This is going to be huge fun. I'm all in.

ooo i wanna join this and see what others fave action movie is

Pronto dejaré mi participación

As I told you in the comment of the publication, I am curious to know how the man did to get out of his problem. I'll find time to see her. Thanks for this suggestion.

Great! I love these contest, I love the way it is structured putting activities into consideration. I would gladly participate. problem is, there is just too many action movies to pick from.

I haven't been to the movies for a long time, but I would definitely like to see this movie. Kingsman looks like a good one and it will surely catch me in the plot of it. Thanks for your publication.

thanks for taking the time to read my post, it's a great movie.

Wow, I did see this movie and I really liked it. An excellent actor, his protagonist Arnold Schwarzenegger, also made several of them and all of them were spectacular. They leave you glued to the chair. Very good film.

Hola, es innegable que fue muy buena y emocionante, es considerada un clásico de las películas de acción. Saludos.

Angelina Jolie is an extraordinary actress and makes what you see is captured as if it were you. She transforms you into the protagonist of her movie. Excellent.

Excelente reseña, Angelina Jolie es perfecta para este tipo de personajes, me hizo recordar su audacia en esta película cuando filmó sr. y sra. Smith. Saludos.

que buen concurso, con todas esas películas de acción legendarias seguro veremos muchas buenas reseñas. Espero poder participar.

Oooh! I love action movies. Count me in!

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My first time here and I'm already loving the energy. I love action movies🙃🙃

I'm coming with my entry

The best action movie in the world. here my entry

This is my entry for this contest where I share with you some of my favorite action movies. Greetings.

Red social twitter.


Hola estimados amigos, por acá dejo mi entrada al concurso.


Hola, no me había dado cuenta que estaban dejando las publicaciones del concurso en los comentarios 😁 por aquí mi entrada.

Hola gente bella de @moviesonhive. Feliz, exitoso y bendecido día. Me encantó el género de este Concurso. Hay películas muy buenas... fue díficil escoger, pero aquí anexo mi participación. Éxito y suerte a todos los concursantes.

Hola gente bella de @moviesonhive. Disculpen, el lind anterior esta erradao. Está es mi participació. ... fue díficil escoger. Éxito y suerte a todos los concursantes.

Buenas tardes, me animé a realizar una tercera entrada al concurso, no quise dejar esta película por fuera dentro de mi selección. Saludos, estimada comunidad.

My entry to the contest, is it about The Warriors (1979)

Uh oh... Didn't realize I don't seem to have a favourite action movie. Oh but wait... Hahaha. I just remembered what it is! Imma be writing it and post the link asap. 😆