First Quarter Report (new experimental format)

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April 5th, 2021

Quarterly Progress Report

This is an experimental format posting, feed back would be appreciated. Was it clearly viewable on your device? if not what type of device? Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop?

















It took a little bit of time to prepare this post. I utilized Libre Office Impress to create a slide show. I could not find a method to export just the slides as an image, so I tried via creating a PDF file, but once again I could not extract the slides. I finally ran the slide show and used a print screen and then paste into program and saved the slides that way.

Tiny Picture links back to my blog:

I can see everything fine and enjoyed the presentation. Sounds like it was really a lot of work in the end. Do you think you'll do this again? If you could only skip the print screen thing you may be better off. Not sure how though. Not my area of expertise. lol

If I forked out a few bucks for the adobe pdf program I could export the slides as images, but I'm kind of cheap and like free, (retired). It was a little bit extra work doing the screen shot thing, but not a whole lot. I am still up in the air if I will use the format again, or if I'll do a mix format on next months progress report.


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I tried via creating a PDF file, but once again I could not extract the slides

Hmm there should be some command line utilities that convert each PDF page to a PNG image. What operating system are you on?

It has a convert function, but Adobe wants me to buy a version, the free pdf file viewer will not allow the convert function.

What version of ma office are u using because there is an export option in new versions where you can actually export in pdf format.

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Yes Libre Office ver 7.0 is pretty good, I have been playing with it since ver 5 or so, for about 4 years now. I was able to export to a pdf, but the free Adobe viewer will not allow you to convert the file to slides, you need to have a paid copy.

I think to get 20 comments a day per post is really hard, unless you spend your day yourself commenting on other people's post and create engagement.

Very good report! I wonder what's a good number of HP and HBD to earn per month...

Almost all of my comments are on other peoples post. I simply don't post often enough to make a lot of replies on my own post. But I love visiting other peoples post and commenting.

The amount of HP or HBD to earn a month change as a persons account grows and they have more powered up HP, I am finally at the stage that I actually earn HP just voting/curating.

This is exactly what I want to do. Having a voting power of maybe worth 1 HIVE, and pick my fav posts daily. Of course still posting on the side, but curating new people is always fun.

I can see everything on my old MacBook Pro just fine and I like the honeycombs that show the pages. Very Hiv(e)y 😁 .

I recognized that I am so damn clueless about everything, like the tokens stuff or how to make a powerpoint lol. A quarterly progress report...great thing though 👍

I like keeping track of where I am on Hive. I had not played with power point type presentations in a long time, so thought I would try to make one, but only used the slides.

I never played with power point lol. And I def need to step up my game learning about the whole crypto stuff. And all the other stuff that one can do on Hive.

Three and a half years later and I still do not know much about the crypto side of things. When I joined I did not even know what crypto was. I had help in learning how to power up, and when to and when not to sue the HBD conversion, and when to use the internal market. Then about a year and a half ago Ionomy came in and with the help of another I learned how to send funds and then move my steem stuff to Hive. So far I have not made a single U.S. Dollar because I still have not taken the time to learn to buy or sell with U.S. Dollars. I figure I have time to learn as I go, and when I am ready, right now I am fine with what I know how to do.

That makes me feel a little better, reading that you are somewhat clueless still 😄

I knew what crypto was joining 4 month ago, but I still don't know anything else. Ok that powering up is better than just sitting on it, I am waiting for the 1st to do so, and how to convert HBD into Hive I know now but that's about it lol. I will try to find some posts within Leofinance that might make me learn a little bit.

Thanks for sharing your experience with me :)

There is a lot to learn, and re-learn as time goes by.

Everything looked fine in Ecency on a $40 phone.

Thank you I appreciate that, I was not sure how they would look on phones.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 51 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you for the support and re-blog, very much appreciated.

hello @bashadow ,
one of the possible solutions is to take a screenshot and then edit the screenshot in an online editor that will allow you to easily transform your files to jpg format.

I'm promoting That curation trail on HIVE and it would help me a lot if you forward it, You can also check it yourself: you might find it interesting to join, I'd love to hear your comments.

I do my own voting and do not follow any voting trails. I have 4 individuals/groups set as Favorite Curators and I maintain a very large set of list so I never have to worry about finding things or people I enjoy to vote on.

The screen shot to a paint program is pretty simple and requires no editing in the program at all of the slides, just the save as function, it was pretty simple really, just a bit time consuming.

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