Progress Report - December 2021

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January 1st, 2022
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Monthly/Year End Progress Report December

My monthly progress reports serve a couple of purposes:

  • The first one, and primary reason for doing them, is that it allows me to see where I have been, where I am going, and where I am falling short in my personal goals.

  • The second purpose they serve is to let people, new accounts and old, see an honest representation of an account built from scratch and not really knowing anything at all about cryptocurrency.

Just before Christmas, on Winter Solstice my Desktop computer crashed. I had to rebuild my spreadsheet, as they were lost in the crash. There will be no 4th quarter Hive-Engine token report.

Scattered throughout the post will be yearly update information. Now on to the report starting with the spreadsheet table.

Monthly Charts and Tables

The Monthly Progress Report Table:


I began the year wanting to reach a goal of holding 10,000 HP. I managed to reach that goal toward the end of November 2021. For the year my HP holdings increased by 2536 HP.

Monthly Pie.jpg

Most earnings still are coming from curation, and I really do not see any change in that for the coming year.

As we can see in the Yearly Earnings Pie, earnings for the year were mostly from curation.

The HBD-C is HBD converted into a Hive Value via the internal market. Not a real accurate way to go, but the best I can do. The Monthly chart HBD value was converted yesterday at chart creation time and the Yearly HBD converted today at chart creation time.

yearly pie.jpg

Monthly Account growth, slow but steady progress.

Monthly account growth.jpg

Engagement Charts and Tables:

Monthly post:
monthly Post.jpg

The data in the chart came from PeakD tool page.

The Hive Engagement League ran from 1/3/2021 to 12/27/2021.
During that time I made 73 post. That is slightly less than 1.5 post a week, (1.40384615384615), per the Engagement league. Numbers may not add up as there were a few days before and a few days after the year run the League numbers do not account for.

Levels of Engagement:

I had a couple of pretty good months then things settled out to a fairly steady average. For this chart comments and replies were taken from PeakD tools page.

Per the Hive Engagement League I entered 3841 comments, and on average left comments on 28 different peoples post each week.

Not covered elsewhere in this post or tables but well covered by the Hive Engagement league, I entered 14,130 votes during the League year, These votes were cast on average each week to 134 different accounts. For 2022 I can see the different accounts number possible growing this year. More HP means I can vote on a lot more content, but initially I am going to try to maintain a good mix between content and comments.

Conclusions and side notes

2021 saw Hive Token price start at around 0.10 to 0.12 for several weeks, then slow steady rises ending at about 1.50. It would be nice to see the same level/percentage growth for this year and it would be amazing if it did happen.

With reaching my Hive HP goal last year this year I think I am going to try and get to 500 HBD in my savings account. It will be hard, but with the 10-12% interest payments it would be nice to be there.

I would like to increase my posting rate, but I am not sure that will happen. I will be happy to maintain the current rate, and I hope to maintain my current levels of engagement on chain with people.

Computer crashed, a blessing in disguise. I am free from microsoft currently, and have been doing all my Hive activity on a simple little Raspberry Pi computer.

About The Hive Engagement League

The Hive Engagement League the link is to the last post for 2021. Asher started the league over on steem block chain, when he moved to Hive he brought the league with him and has been posting results since April 5, 2020.

I have been tracking myself and building a spreadsheet for all the thing he tracks for us, thus it was pretty easy to come up with the number of votes, number of comments and post and other information. He provides a pretty handy tool of information all in one place.

It is very easy to join and make yourself available to his tool, of course you would have to try and keep yourself in the top 100 to make use of his table, I did miss one week of not making the cut in 2021, I hope not to miss a week this year. To join simply leave abh12345 a comment on the post asking and he will add you in for the next week tracker.

Related Progress Report Links:

Tiny Picture links back to my blog:

edited to center images


How do you curate or become a curator in Hive? I am just starting out and I don't really understand curation and what it exactly is.

Some of the communities actually pay people to find good things, but in reality all rewards from voting are curation rewards. So to become a self curator you just need to vote on content, people's comments, or a combo of both. The more HP (Hive Power) you have the bigger your vote thus the bigger your reward.

Find stuff you like, leave valid comments, (try to be nice), and post on occasion for people to go and vote on your stuff. The more engaged you become, the more people will see your name the more likely they are to follow you or put you on a list to vote when they have extra vote power, or you get moved to their vote trail.

It takes a little bit of time, find things(post) you like on Hive comment, some people like myself will give votes on comments, power up all your Hive rewards you receive. Once you get to about 75 HP, your votes start to count, so avoid self voting as long as you can. Some people frown on the self vote, but it is an option.

For right now avoid voting on comments until you can give a vote that is at least 0.020 any vote value less than that gets burned up unless there are other votes to back it up.

Enjoy the New Year.

Thank you! I really appreciate the guidance. Hive is the nice place that I've been looking for on the internet.

Here is a link to another person like you brand new on Hive,

When I first started on Hive I found a few people that had started close to the time I did, some of them I have not seen in awhile, some still around, I found it was easier to get view points from them because like me at the time they were just learning and mistakes were not to deadly.

Now that's PROGRESS! Nicely done.. both the charts and the actions that created the data in the first place. I should actually try collecting the data too. The first of the year is a good place to start. Your APR of 9.25 overall for the year is not too shabby. That's some wise curation that happened there. Your account is growing very nicely.. Thanks for sharing your data 😁

It was a pretty good year account growth wise, I am hoping for more and better growth this year.

I concur, your APR rate is really high ! What are the curation trail you're following on autovote, and how much you put in?

I do my own voting still, some days it is hard as the more HP you have the more votes you can give and still maintain a decent reward to others. I know at one point in the future I will likely need to use a vote trail or bot but for now I just follow a few people's curation trails, My wife has a lot of people that I will vote on, @steevc has a lot of decent music people/post and engagement types to vote on and @gimp, (but he has gone missing lately). I also have a lot of different list I try to maintain, and depending on how much vote power I have left I use them also. I will usually turn to my list first before my wife or steevc trail.

I just realized that I've asked that question to you before haha, so sorry!

Ok, I'll follow @steevc trail, I saw some decent comments of him! Always great to chat with you!

Hi @bashadow I like your list and want to make one for me too :-) so you take the weekly numbers out of the Engagement League from @abh12345 or do you find them elsewhere monthly?
And is there a way to find all numbers now back for the whole year 2021?

I get the comment, replies and post from the peakd tool page. I gather that info every few days. For the rewards I use hivetasks. That one you need to gather the numbers every few days since they only show 7 days of totals. If I forget I use the tools page from PeakD tool page also.

I do use the Engagement league for keeping track of a few different things also, like where I placed, number of comments per week thing also. Due to a computer crash and temporary loss of data, I was unable to add on my Engagement charts on this post.

I have not seen nor know of any tools for going back and gathering things. PeakD tools page is a good place to start. You can just hover the mouse over the dots and it will give you the numbers.

I thought you would have kind of a tool to read the data. Reading them peakd is a good option, I have to look, but I think we can also request the weekle numbers in engagement leage report posting.
Thank you for the informations :-)

You are welcome, it takes time to input the numbers, and for me there was a long learning curve, you should see my first attempt at a tracker.

I wish there was an easier way, but so far I have not found any apps that make it easier.

Wow that is quite a bit in curation APR. That net you around 1k HP and I didn't expect it would play out like that.

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