Progress Report - November 2021

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December 1st, 2021
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Monthly Progress Report November

My monthly progress reports serve a couple of purposes:

  • The first one, and primary reason for doing them, is that it allows me to see where I have been, where I am going, and where I am falling short in my personal goals.

  • The second purpose they serve is to let people, new accounts and old, see an honest representation of an account built from scratch and not really knowing anything at all about cryptocurrency.

Monthly Charts and Tables

The Monthly Progress Report Table:

Monthly Stats.png

This is one of the best Months ever. I actual managed to reach my goal of 10,000 HP a whole month early. I could have just kept going the way I was, but I really wanted to reach my goal, so I sold a lot of the tokens I had on Hive-Engine, and then sent them to myself.

Last month, you transferred 0.000 HIVE to @honey-swap and withdrew 0.000 HIVE. You sent 0.000 HIVE to @leodex, and received 335.1 HIVE. And you sent 0.000 HIVE to @hiveswap, and received 0.000 HIVE from @hiveswap (BeeSwap).

Info was kindly provided by @abh12345 (better known as Asher), in his monthly script report.

I was kind of surprised at the number, early in the month part was transferred to my delegation account, and used to help another Hivean with a delegation

Still I was pretty surprised at the number. I managed to power up 2324.356 Hive for the year so far. I began the year with 7696.407 HP. On average a little over 211 HP monthly growth.

While the total HP earned was less than previous months, this is due to the price rise in Hive value. It is getting harder to earn that Hive, so HP growth may falter a little bit, but it is just a cycle, and while growth may be a tad slower it sure was nice seeing a $30,000 + valuation on my account total holdings.

Monthly Pie.png

You can really see the effect that the Hive/HBD ratio has gone through. I imagine for a little while curation is going to continue to overtake my Author rewards (HP Vest). I'll eventually get back to more posting but so far this year it looks like 6 post a month on average.

I really do like that I can give larger up votes to people I may have to think about dropping percentages down if the price of Hive keeps going up, but that just means I will be able to hand out more votes on more content and more comments. It is something I will be thinking of over the course of the next few weeks..


I think most of my future rewards are going to be from curation. I am not sure where things will settle out with the price rise of Hive, but I was receiving 22-23 HP a week just on curation.

Account Growth.png

A nice slow smooth steady climb up the ladder. I am just over the 10000.00 line.

Engagement Charts and Tables:

Monthly Replies and Comments
Levels of Engagement.png

Not a very engaging month for me, but I was thinking a lot about how to reach my goal so was spending some time on splinterlands and speculation on Hive-Engine tokens.

Monthly Post:
Monthly Post.png

A little bit below average on postings, I was hoping our early snowfall would lead to a couple of Driveway Saga post, but we just have not had a plow-able amount of snow yet. We did get a semi significant snow fall thanksgiving day and into black Friday, but it was very cold and no real moisture to the snow. Perhaps I will post the "pre-plow" photo's I took in a just because posting.

Always things that can be posted about it is just making time to develop the post.

The Engagement League Info

Daily Comments:
Daily Comments.png
As you can see not very many 10+ days, and a couple o one comment only. I am surprised to see a couple of one comment days since I do have two daily comments I make, I must have had really bad days to forget one or the other. I strive for ten a day, but I quite often fall short.

Weekly Comment Activity:
C and EL Weekly Comment Activities.png
The Hive Engagement League run by @abh12345 helps new and older users track their progress against several items one of these is the number of comments made on a weekly basis. I hope to get back to 90 range of weekly comments but it is a hard thing to sustain.

Weekly engagement standing:
C and EL Weekly standings.png

One of the other things tracked by The Engagement League, weekly standing in the top 100. Being closer to the bottom of the chart is better than being close to the top of the chart. I have been hovering in the middle for a while now. As you can see there is still that blight on my chart, where I simply did not make the top 100 that week. I hope to have a clean chart next year with no breaks, but it is getting harder to do as more people join and become pretty active.

Conclusions and Side Notes

It seems that Hive Price wants to settle with $2.00 as the new bottom for awhile. Over the course of the week and a half, and since it hit $3.00 it seems it has not wanted to drop below $2.00.

The plus side of the price rise is that it has made HBD easier/(cheaper) to buy, and since during the last HBD rise I had converted most of mine to Hive, it is now time for me to acquire a little bit of HBD over the remainder of the month.

I would like to get at least 100 HBD in savings so that I earn the 10% interest that will give me 1 HBD a month. Also it would be nice to have it for HBD's next price spike.

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Congratulations on reaching 10k. I also think spreading out the votes a little bit more when price goes up makes sense. Maybe with the increase in price I should also bump up my % so I can cover the dust threshold.

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I have an account I use for delegating to people and projects. It only has about 25 active HP. I use to get curation rewards before the last hard fork, not many but some. Since then I think the curation reward change effects voting in that if you vote in the first day you get what your vote value is regardless of time voting in that first 24 hours. So if you do not vote above dust level you may not be getting any curation reward at all. I am not sure that is how it works or not, but it seems to be the way it is.

Yea the previous hard fork removed the reward curve so don't lose HIVE rewards so long as we are in the first 24 hours. However the dust threshold of $0.02 is still there. If it isn't above that then the votes go away and nobody is rewarded. I tend to give comments some upvotes but the amount isn't enough to cover the threshold but with the pump in prices, it might make more sense to increase the vote weight and vote a little less.

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I wasn't sure about the dust vote level, but it does make sense I guess. I just need to figure out the right level.

Thank you for sharing, your chart is very detailed. I also have an HP goal, for now, just starting here. Hopefully, I can get the target HP and HBD. Keep up 😄

It takes time, re-invest in your self by powering up, then you start to get rewards on your votes, I am no longer sure how much Hive one needs for votes to give rewards, but when you start to get curation rewards, remember to vote on post that have more than two cents worth of payout.

Wow, thank you very helpful tips. I will include trading in Hive too. But it seems a patient to watch over the graphs and exchange rates. Thanks again 🤗

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Thank you. Still a bit out of sorts that I missed 2 months, but life will go on and I am sure there were other things I needed to get done.

You're welcome @bashadow, we're sure you'll reach it soon 😊👍 Have a nice weekend!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 83 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you, I hope people can see you do not need to be rich to have fun on Hive and grow.