Why no one is looking at your posts

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It's been happening for years, so I don't know why it feels like this is suddenly a new thing. Over the past month I have seen an increasing number of people come into the Leo Finance Discord and complain that they wrote a great post but it isn't getting any upvotes.

Why isn't my content getting any love?

We've all been there right? Heck, I probably jumped in a Discord or two and did the same thing back when I was starting out. The difference was, back then, I didn't know any better and more than that, I didn't have anyone to tell me different.

That isn't the case anymore. Although not as prevalent as we would like, Hive has grown. More people know about it now and it isn't the fringe platform that it was 4 to 6 years ago when some of us first created our accounts.

I'm not going to name names, but one of these bloggers showed up in Discord the other day. People were asking what their Hive name was so they could check out the post, other people were giving critiques on the post. All well and good, but I had some other questions.

One of the first questions I asked was how they heard about Hive.

Sure enough, they were introduced to Hive by someone else (like many of us). No big surprise there. They said they heard their friend speak about Hive. This is where a red flag went up for me.

Perhaps it was just a language barrier issue, but I found the choice of words very interesting. If I were to talk about how I heard about Hive, I would say "my friend (relative) told me about it. Using the word speak leads me to believe it was something else.

You're getting the message wrong

In my time as a "referee" for the Sports Talk Social community, we would often come across users who had heard about Hive by attending a seminar. These seminars were largely centered in a specific region of the world (where isn't really important). People would "speak" and get large numbers of users to invest money and create accounts. Basically it was just a giant planned circle jerk.

Eventually, one of the new users would violate a copyright rule or outright plagiarize content and they would get flagged by our team. Discord would fill with the users and the people who spoke at the seminar saying we were not being fair and that our actions were driving away investors to the platform. How dare we downvote someone who is investing their own money into the Hive?

Of course other pleasantries were usually exchanged, but I digress.

No, my thought was always "How dare you?". How dare you promise these users something that you likely know is going to make it harder for them to grow on Hive. How dare you sell Hive as a get rich quick scheme and not give people the actual tools they need to be successful.

That needs to change.

Let's look at the numbers

The second question I started asking myself when the latest user came into Discord and started complaining about the traffic to their post is "I wonder what their engagement is like?". Luckily, HiveBuzz has a great tool for that. It may not be as robust as Hive Stats, but it does the trick.

Not to toot my own horn, but those are some pretty awesome numbers there. Approaching 31,000 comments and just over 1300 posts. Feel free to check my math, but that is a 1 in 23 (or so ratio right there). Over twenty comments for every post I write.

You probably won't be surprised to find that when I looked up a couple of the people who were recently in the chat complaining, the story was very different.

  • User A: 29 posts, 5 comments (it has since increased to 12 comments after encouraging them to engage more).

  • User B: 20 posts, 5 comments

I have little doubt the results would be similar if I looked up some of the other people who have been in Discord lately complaining about upvotes or views.

Engage Engage Engage


Remember my numbers? Go ahead and scroll back if you need to. Maybe you think I am just an outlier, or a freak with too much time on my hands who does nothing but comment all day.

Okay, fair enough, let me give you some other numbers:

  • user 1: 3617 posts, 14558 comments
  • user 2: 1747 posts, 10794 comments
  • user 3: 3457 posts, 51158 comments
  • user 4: 1795 posts, 46115 comments
  • user 5: 985 posts, 19051 comments

Get the picture?

It isn't just me, these are some of the most influential people on Hive that I follow and they all seem to understand the one thing that isn't being taught to new users of the platform. Captain Picard gets it, why can't we?

It reminds me of the old daytime talk shows where they would bring people on and do paternity tests. There would always be a point where the host said something like "the numbers indicate that you are in fact the father" (or not).

In one of the recent discussions on Discord a person said they were not getting any upvotes. I asked if they were curating and commenting on content. They said "yes, but it is hard because I am not getting any upvotes" (or something like that), I looked at their Hivebuzz statistics and it was definitely a case of "the numbers indicate you in fact are not engaging".

I get it, it is a lot of work. Trust me, I do. I had to start taking weekends off from the blockchain because it was seriously a full time job. Go ahead and look at my account though, it's blockchain after all, everything is transparent. I think the numbers speak for themselves.

Engagement works, it is important, and unless you have golden content or a whale in your back pocket, it is the only way you are likely going to grow your account into something on Hive.

If you are on-boarding people and glossing over the importance of commenting and engaging on the platform, shame on you. That should be the single most important thing you talk to them about (okay, maybe keeping your keys secure is the most important thing, but you get the idea).


You want to know why your post isn't getting any love? Check the numbers! Engage!


Sports Talk Social - @bozz.sports


All pictures/screenshots taken by myself or @mrsbozz unless otherwise sourced

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Yes LEO has been a bit weird of late because of this - although it has to be said that some of the comments I get are themselves pretty mundane and worthless so it's not all about comments! Decent comments welcome of course!

Yes, I totally agree with that. Some comments are better left unsaid!

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pretty mundane and worthless so it's not all about comments!

true. I can imagine folks upvoting with 0.001 and giving out their comments like mad to somebody who has HP more than 70K, and dont bother to engage and reply to all that stuff in comment section. 🙄

It is a thing, but thankfully not too much of it.

If Hive goes up 10 times in value I'm sure there will be a lot more of that sort of thing!

uhu, well, I agree to suffer from it, but getting the "Hive x 10" concequences at the same time 😎

Hey @revisesociology, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

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Engagement is probably the cheapest way of scoring new followers and readers. Learned that the hard way...

I think we all did. Hopefully this will help some people avoid that or at least pick up on it quicker than some others.

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Learning something new everyday is actually a benefit so congratulations!!! I'll check to see if I'm following you and if not I'll jump on your follower list.

new followers - yes, a lot. new readers? no. its impossible to read your feed if you follow more than 100 friends... I mean, the decent reading, not just paying back with upvotes ("favors for favors"). and, imagine you are in charge two, three, four blockchains, not just one?..

I suspect I may be one of your example users :) I have always said engagement is important and I was one of the most active non-bot commenters from the start. That is how I got lots of followers and some of them stayed active. I see some people who have been on here a while posting, but rarely commenting. They should know better.

You should be the last person giving out advice. Be honest, the systems rigged. You may be one of the most active no bot commenters from the start but I've been the most honest. Where's playing by the rules gotten me after all these years? To minnow level and I accomplished that without any circle jerking or self up voting.....and no thanks to you.

I really don't remember what I did to piss you off. I have made loads of friends here through commenting and actually meeting them in person. I've not done 'any circle jerking or self up voting' (well no self-voting in the last few years). Complaining about how unfair it is probably won't do you much good. I've had loads of people thank me and my experience has been generally good.


I wasn't complaining. I was stating a fact. Complaining accomplishes nothing on here. They want to keep sitting around writing articles on how to retain people, expand the platform, waste their time on twitter trying to onboard people, well if that makes them feel good about their failure to change things that's on them not me.

As far as what happened between you and I I'd have to go back to when I was on that rigged game called engagement league to refresh my memory as to exactly what your participation in the kerfuffle was, all I know is some people's names stick in your mind that you don't want to get entrapped into anything they are doing or suggesting.

Yeah, I have seen some people like that too. I was hoping this post might land with some of those newer users who don't feel their work is getting the recognition it deserves. The numbers are a great example of how some of the best accounts on here view engagement.

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A lot has been said about engagement but only a few or few can see how much engagement can take your hive journey to the next level.

It doesn't take much time to start from somewhere. Doing 10 comments daily adds up at the end of the week.

This is a social media platform, we should treat it like one by interacting, engaging, and getting to make new friends around the world.

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I totally agree. That is a great point about just starting small with only 5 to 10 comments per day. It doesn't take much to form a habit.

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Once you form that habit, it'll be easier to increase the numbers and see how much you can handle in a week.

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Yeah one of the biggest problems is people aren’t engaging! They expect the moon but don’t put in the effort to engage with people. It’s a learning curve part I think and some will adapt to that and take our advice where others won’t and it will just end up with them quitting which is fine with me. I think that the way we get them is also important as you mentioned, those seminars might not be the best venue for that since it’s typically filled with gimmicks.

I’ll have to check my post to comment ratio! I know I’ve got over 10k comments but don’t remember the exact number. Been slacking on those lately but for good reason! Moving isn’t easy :D

Moving isn’t easy :D

I hear that. I have done it a couple of times now and I am not looking forward to having to do it again some day. Very good points. I guess I should have mentioned, I am not opposed to the seminars, but please at least give all of the info. No doubt many of those people charged individuals to attend the seminar and they are just lining their pockets giving out half the information.

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You understand ... there is such a thing as idle talk. I do not like to run from post to post and say just something, so that my commentary is taken into account. I'd rather keep quiet if I have nothing to say. or, I won't be in the mood to write comments. Sometimes, people are closed from the outside world and their author's posts, this is the only thing that connects them with it. You should not divide people, different situations, different mentality and so on.

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Don't you follow people who post about stuff you are interested in? Then you might have something to say. You are free to do what you like on Hive, but, as the man says, engagement helps a lot in building a supportive following.

Watching and talking are different concepts, you can be happy for someone in your soul, experience what he is experiencing, and someone can say flattering words to you, but at the same time hate you.

I see people who post and hardly ever comment as well as those who make comments that are not really sincere. They may be focused mainly on what they can make rather than connecting with people. I will send my votes to the posts I enjoy, taking into account whether the person is being social. That's my choice and you can do what you want.

Yes, you are right, there was a period when I added myself to the list of a-social). But, those people to whom I gave my votes, whose accounts I followed, cannot say that I left them unattended.

I would like to add the following. Among my friends there are many authors who write heartfelt posts that have a lot of questions and answers. They invest themselves in these lines, just as Dickenson, the great recluse, invested himself in his novels. Among the writers there were many recluses who communicated with people through their writings. This must be taken into account, and not put an end to those who do not write comments. In addition to being a community, we are individuals, individuals, with different characters and attitudes towards life. Have a great evening!
Excuse me, how do you like this option:
A man with Alzheimer's, sits in a wheelchair in front of the table and, with difficulty, with his nose, types a few words on the keyboard for his post, his hands do not work, in the hope that the Hive will give him a livelihood, but no one votes for his post, for the reason that he does not write comments ... I have nothing to add to this.
And a person can be very proud and you will never know about his problem.

I agree with you @barski

I choose silence as well not to comment on things I don't understand. You will only say what you understand, right?

You are also right, that what we should do is the comments we give are not meant to be taken into account. We're just doing it to give another perspective from our point of view. If it can be of use to others, why don't we do it?

About someone who appreciates the opinion we give and that person gives us an "upvote", it's just a matter of the bonus we receive.
What do you think?

I don't really understand what you are saying. It honestly sounds like an excuse to me. There is a huge difference between a well crafted comment and just saying nice post. I agree, the crap comments are better left untyped, but if you took the time to read (or watch) the post, you undoubtedly have something valuable to add or ask. It may feel unnatural at first but it is a skill you can learn and hone over time.

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You said right. A "Wow, You have a great photo" comment is demeaning, and if, at this moment, I can't give the person a more interesting one own thought, or, I'm not in the mood for it, I prefer to remain silent.

Ah, okay I understand your meaning now.

I apologize, but when using the leofinance interface, sometimes, by accident, I post a reply to my own comment instead of yours).

No worries, it happens. Your mind is probably in a million different directions right now too with everything going on over there.

you are absolutely right @bozz

We become very successful in a community based on passion and love. Therefore, in interacting, we unconsciously present the heart in it.

When people who "have their hearts present" interact with each other, they will support and encourage each other. They will engage and respect each other.

Indisputably, the conclusion is whatever the community; engagement is the most important key.

Very well said! Thanks for the great comment! I really appreciate it. It's going to be so much easier to stay active and earn on here if we can uplift each other.

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I totally agree with you. Everything will be easy if we do it with heart and it could be useful for others.

For me, I do it because I like it and have fun. However, I will only do so if I understand what is being discussed. If I do not master this, then I will choose to remain silent.

Just remember comments doesn't just mean it is one way. You can always ask questions and most of the time people are happy to give more clarification if you don't understand. Sometimes there isn't a stronger bond than the student/teacher one. It could lead to a lifelong follower/supporter.

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Looks like I could even engage more. I recently wrote a post about engaging, that made me more motivated to comment and engage with others. I don't think I ever tried to find out why someone does not upvote my posts. It is much easier to just move on and do better next time by putting more effort in the post or write about something else that might be more interesting to read.
Bildschirmfoto 20220427 um 14.11.48.png

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I agree with that last part, but even some of the best content still gets missed if you don't have the following to support it. Building that base can get your post re-blogged or highlighted in a curation post. It can make a huge difference no matter the content. You are right though, some topics do land better with people than others.

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Exactly @solymi , I sometimes think it is about the topic and not even engagement. Some topics attract people and they are voted. Also, do we only comment on the whales articles, @bozz ?

I would say you comment on posts that brought value to you. It does not matter how big the account is. You never know who decides to put a million into hive after you commented on their post :)

When I found out the engagement is key. I hold on to the little secret Preciously

It is a precious thing to know. I encourage you not to hide it though. Share it like you would anything that you want to bless others with. We need people shouting this from the rooftops if we want Hive to continue to grow and thrive.

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Okay, fair enough, let me give you some other numbers:
user 1: 3617 posts, 14558 comments
user 2: 1747 posts, 10794 comments
user 3: 3457 posts, 51158 comments
user 4: 1795 posts, 46115 comments
user 5: 985 posts, 19051 comments

The numbers never lie.
Really appreciate for your sharing.
It's similar as real life - you get what you give.
If you don't engage with another post, how can you expect another engage with your post.
It's very simple :)

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If you don't engage with another post, how can you expect another engage with your post.
It's very simple :)

this is ultimately true for any social media platform. Well said!

Yes, the numbers are very telling. Very well said on your comment!

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I love the numbers/ data analysis.
When I saw the numbers in your post, I checked my status and I also found something wrong with me.
I'm trying to adjust it recently :)

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The numbers don't lie! I guarantee at least 80% of the top authors on Leo have significantly more comments than they do posts. Hats off to you for trying to improve!

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I often see such question on Discord. And the MODs there are very straightforward about engagement and giving value.

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I am not a mod, but I am usually pretty vocal about making sure you are commenting and curating content. Being able to point people to their stats on HiveBuzz is a huge eye opener.

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It's good to be straightforward, those who understand will thank you. Although some still try to find a shortcut hehe. And reading this made me take a look at my own stats too, lol

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You simply can't have it all for yourself without following the basics.

I'm sorry, what?

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My bad.
I missed can't n the text.
There are rules to play by when you are here and when you don't act accordingly, you are left hanging.

Ah okay, I gotcha now. Yeah, totally. Definitely a lot of intricacies, but nothing that someone couldn't easily inform people of when on-boarding them.

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Most times this onboarded prefer to play smart then end up playing dumb.
I was once in such shoes, there's always the consequences watching from the side lines.

Yes, there is a very good chance they know exactly what they are doing. It's too bad because it gives a bad look to the platform as a whole.

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Ah the platform, well, trust that hive watchers wouldn't take it likely with such person's.
There's a way the platform is built and we must act accordingly.
There's no shortcut, no free splash votes as well, you've got to earn it all.

I did upvote the post though

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Hit the refresh button.

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I did, several times.
The notification went away when I came to Peakd and read what it was. This is one reason I stick with the front ends that work for me ha ha ha 😎

Rewards are great and all but have you ever tried engaging with a community that knows how to carry on banter like they do on Reddit.

It strikes me as odd that even though my brain knows I may earn more to post on Hive that I'll opt to comment / joke / meme on other platforms i.e. Reddit, Minds.

Think once you peel back the technical aspects, you can see how important vibe and engagement are for maintaining interest in a platform.

Hive is awesome on the technical side but still needs work to possess the fun factor as Reddit as well as breadth of topic... Without their censorship.

I mean I have a lot of fun with comment threads, puns, quips etc on Reddit. While those things get highly appreciated over there, don't seem to get the same here from what I have observed...(especially when the convergent curve was in place. It was horrible.)

That is a good point and while I don't disagree with you, I would suggest that it might be because they are two separate things. What I mean is, sure there are long posts on Reddit but for the most part they are just a picture or a video or something. The content is just a vehicle for the interaction. Whereas on Hive, the content is king. Whether that is right or wrong, that is where the meat is. Once that long form content is out there, sometimes there is a ton to discuss, but not always. I know that opens another can of worms regarding the debate over long form and short form content. I definitely understand your reasoning and you bring up some good points. Would you consider Medium one of the places you go for the discussion? I kind of see Hive sitting somewhere between Medium (at one extreme) and Reddit (at the other).

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If you like short content or memes there is frontends you can use for that.
https://www.hiveme.me/ is focused on memes and fun content while https://inji.com/ is a perfect way to post short content to hive and twitter at the same time.
If you don't want your short content to be a hive post on its own you can post it in the inji comment thread insteaf and still earn some rewards on them

I have been fighting this on sports over the last 6 months. red flags when users have more posts than comments tells you all you need to know and these are the milkers. There is one who posts and hasn't made a comment in months and he is meant to be an influencer of sorts.

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That's horrible. I guess it's one thing if you are just milking the system, but when you are trying to milk the system and complaining that it isn't working that is another thing :P

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Engage Engage Engage

Okay okay okay!
Well starting with this comment, I hope it counts.

Hehe just kidding. Out of all the articles I’ve read on improving your account, engagement is the top tier even beats posting daily. I wish I had knowledge of this few months ago I’m sure I’d be getting more upvotes than I am now. (Don’t check my page though it’s not pretty 😅)
Thanks for sharing this awesome tip, it’s motivates me seeing this on my feed.

Posting daily comes eventually, you need to build up that following first though for it to actually mean something. This was a great comment by the way. Well done!

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Okay so I should engage by constantly commenting, upvoting and following? Got it!
Thanks for the compliment and thank you for following, you’ve made my day!

That sounds like a great start! Keep at it and good things will come your way!

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I also haven't been getting love on my articles, I do wonder why. Although, my posts to comment is not that bad, it is 1 ratio 4 i.e for every article, I write 4 comments. I want to be engaging and be getting the rewards also. It will definitely be fun to know that I am recognized by the whales or people with some huge HP, it will make me even want to work harder and better. I will increase my engagement and hoping this trick of yours pay off.

Thanks for this wonderful article @bozz

It definitely can't hurt! Thank you!

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It's a fact. But also something that takes a lot of time. Because just leaving a comment what says, "good post" won't do the job.

Engaging with a post because you really read it, and have something to say about it, is really 'an art' that not everyone seems to have. And that's also an important thing to know. Leaving 100 comments a day, but not saying anything ... won't get you very far.

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Very true! Maybe I should cover that in follow up post! :)

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I'm glad I could give you a new blog idea ... lol.

Very true Mr Rikard. We all need to become Data in order to get those comments in.

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Indeed...engagement should even be a priority over posting, especially for newbies.
I like to compare it to moving into a new town. You have to mingle with the locals and learn your way around before you expect local support on your endeavors...and even then, no one owes you anything

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A very good analogy! Thanks for sharing! As others have said, it has to be genuine support too. Just a passing hi or nice post isn't going to engage the same way as a meaningful comment.

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Esto es algo que debe destacarse.


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Perfect @bozz you are of course right like any community platform being social is key if you want any success.

Great information came from Listnerds !ALIVE

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Sometimes the problem is subject matter. I like to write about and read about geopolitics - but there arn't a lot of people interested in that niche on Hive.

Maybe you should start a community.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

'Engage! Engage! Engage!' <- I hope you dont mean the comments like 'Brilliant click, Sir!" 😂 😂

just checked my ratio, it is apparently 1:16


but I am not convinced it is due to all the comments I give out... 🤪

Very nice! That is pretty awesome!

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Me screaming...Thank You!

I joined hive few weeks ago and it has not been really easy, seeing this will be so helpful.

I hope it did help. There are a lot of little intricacies and unwritten rules that it takes some time to figure out when it comes to Hive.

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Engagement is so very important on Hive and I understand, because a community is virtually inactive when there is little or no engagement.

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Yeah, I have seen a couple of those. I think I might even be an admin in a couple of those. Sometimes it just takes time for people to find the right place.

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Ha! I think you may have broken HiveBuzz :-)


I guess I can't check my ratio. I know that I have lees than 10 posts and certainly hundreds maybe thousands? of comments.

I was thinking this week I might have the opposite problem am need to start writing some blogs. If anything just to force myself to engage in that manner :-)

One thing that I think many forget (myself included at time) is what my dad always told me "Son. You gotta give something to get something"!

Lots of people look at billionaires and whine on and how they are predatory and evil, but if you think very carefully almost none of them got there in a completely predatory way. They all gave time or services or products or something. Yes. many times they give us something bad like vices, but they are giving because that's what we want.

Commenting and conversing is giving and if you put the giving first 9 times out of ten you will come out ok.

I am gonna risk going old fart here for a second. I think part of the reason for so many being take, take, take is that we as a society no longer teach this as important and truth. Many have become focused on take and now pass it on the future generations.

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Yes, I think you should start posting more. That was the whole premise of the original post. People were complaining that no one was reading their content. It sounds like you would probably have a decent following built up by now if you had content for them to read! Working in public schools I have seen all sides of the current generation and one thing I do know is that they confuse the heck out of me.

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My one hope is that every 4-5 generations the greatest generation comes along. I am beginning to see it right now in the kids in junior high and some high schoolers. They are really better than the millenials and starting to smell the coffee.

My oldest son was in the millenial generation and tells me "Dad, you have know idea how bad it is with my generation. I am great compared to most of them" Haha!

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That would be the rare exception I guess. What is the current one? Gen Z? I can't even keep them all straight.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I think it might be Gen Z, but the reason I din't label it in the post is I wasn't sure either :-)

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Absolutely when people complain I generally ask if they are making comments and engaging with others and generally it's a no.

More entitled people think that just because they write something and put it out there that it will be easily accessible for everybody in the world to see and they will become a millionaire with just a few posts....

However I've just had fun and allowed everything to accumulate. Now I turn around and I have a huge amount of these different cryptocurrencies....

And on top of it now I've got a bunch of these set up as Investments and as I keep reinvesting and compounding my compounded interest...

Well there are quite a few phenomenal things that have happened.

Even though I'm homeless I actually have a lot of Hope and I get to teach other people how to do this who are valuing my time and efforts. Teaching people how to automate their account and invest in themselves has been very successful for me. I've got a ton of friends around the world now.

However it all started with engaging and talking with other people and supporting their ideas. I've ended up affecting the blockchain and small but extremely profound ways.

And now I get to teach everybody about the opportunities that we all have. And lots of my friends are telling me about all the new opportunities that are coming about.

It all starts with engaging.

If you go to the bar and you sit in the corner staring at the wall you wont meet anybody.

However when you walk up to somebody with a smile on your face and introduce yourself, most times people will introduce themselves.

Very well said! Thanks for the great comment! It definitely makes a difference when you put yourself out there and you put the work in!

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Thank you...

I heard it from a friend. Lol it's getting way too common answer to grab. More precisely some new users are taking HIVE as a milking cow.
Just come, post and grab the rewards and cash out.
The faster they get out of this idea, the better the eco system will be.

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Yes, very true! We need people to be staking and building their accounts.

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Engagement is definitely one key to succeeding on Hive as a content creator. Even in areas like dev work or gaming, there still needs to be collaboration if there are teams. But one should not expect to make it on Hive by creating content without interacting with others, like a lone wolf.

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Very good points! It is a blockchain community after all!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I always try to encourage conversation, whether in my own posts or the comments I make elsewhere. My ratio isn't as good as I would like, but it trends the right way.

Screenshot 2022-04-27 at 11-05-31 HiveBuzz.png

Nothing to be sad about there. Those are some nice numbers.

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True, engaging is the ultimate way of growing (and sharing with others too!), but it’s always easier to complain and point fingers to the curators.

In the end, Hive is all about connection as well as networking…the platform wouldn’t have grown this much without it, but it’s nice to see users that point out the importance of this, sometimes all I get to see is just posta about how to improve your work, but not this kind of things!

Thanks, I appreciate that. Yes, I agree with you. It is much easier to complain than it is to actually put in the work. Hopefully some of those people see this post and get something from it.

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Very well written.. point to be noted

Thank you!

Thanks for this post. Yeah engagement is very important in my oppinion. You should just look for content you are excited about, and then it´s easy to engage!

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For sure! That definitely helps!

I grew up with Captain Picard ... so "Engage" is always in the back of my mind...


Thanks a lot for sharing this useful insights on the matter. I have reached your post through ListNerds, activity which I've started just last week. I found it to be a very interesting way to reach a wider audience, and hopefully, to a better numbers regarding engagement.

A lil offtopic: why you've decided to opt-out of refereeing in SportsTalkSocial? I'm just curious.

Best regards bro,

- EvM

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They stopped the referee program and are handling things a different way now.

Fab post @bozz 👏👏👏 , I'm as a newbie boosted as well 😊

Did you check the stats of the following accounts on Hive buzz?

You mean the people replying here?

I mean how to check the comments and post count of a particular profile? If I check on hive, I only see the post count in total.

Just use hivebuzz.me/@coinfactor

Thanks, will try it later as the site is under maintenance now.

Good points here. !BEER

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Wow! That's the "key" I'd guess.
Thanks for sharing this valuable insight!

As a new Hive user (well, four months) - I guess I need to say, 'Well said'.
Beyond commenting though, I'd say engagement also extends into those discord rooms - and being there, and authentically engaging with one another. There has to be a blurring of the lines given the discord communities enhance the hive communities, and vice versa.

Good point. I know there are some people who feel that discussion should be taking place on the blockchain, but I have yet to see a solution that works as smoothly as discord for those off the books discussions.

Yep - or, build an audience. Engagement is about relationships - a large part of that is fluid conversation.

You are right @bozz. Engagement is key. You cannot build relationships and community without it.

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I completely agree! Things never really took off for me until I decided to start engaging. Why did I engage? I ran across one of taskmaster4450's posts about it and I gave it a try. It worked and you need to actually put in actual engagement. Don't try to leave it with a "good post" comment.

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Yeah, I think I am going to make a follow up post that talks about good comments. Thank you!

The numbers never lie! :)

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2064 posts, 9467 comments

Looks like I might be a bit of a slacker. In the real world, I’m more than a bit of an introvert not known for loquaciousness. I guess it’s carried over to Hivelandia. 😅

Captain Picard gets it, why can't we?

Make it so.

Trust me, I am the same way. I couldn't carry on a conversation with a paper bag in the real world!

If you don't engage you can't expect a response. Thanks for sharing.

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