The excitement and uncertainty of new projects

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The excitement and uncertainty
of new projects

by @d-pend

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HIVE "all-time high"

Since January, price action has really started heating up on HIVE. Counting the new all-time high we made yesterday in terms of USD value at around $1.04, we've already gone 1000% up from the bottom. Personally, I believe we have the potential to go ​much higher during this bull cycle, but we shall see!

LEO has also done extremely well during this bull market. HIVE is simply catching up to what many other coins have already been doing for months. It's a sleeper — but when it pumps, it really pumps.

Of course, for me, I can't help but think of all of STEEM's price history up until the chain-split as HIVE's price history. Given that perspective, the true all-time high of HIVE was around $8 back in December 2017. If we match or exceed that valuation during this market, you can expect a massive influx of new users here.

Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 8.06.49 AM.jpeg

Above — chart showing USD-HIVE as traded on Bittrex, hitting all-time-high around $1.05 yesterday.
Below — chart showing STEEM-USD on Yahoo Finance, hitting all-time-high around $8.03 in January 2018.

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Price is a trojan horse

Thinking back to a very old article of @dan's that I read on STEEM, he considered the whole concept of a crypto blog where you could "earn" by posting to be a way to somewhat "trick" people into learning how cryptocurrency worked by making it fun and accessible.

In a similar way, explosive price action during crypto bull markets is a trojan horse that encourages people to begin to educate themselves about the emerging blockchain technology that is destined to transform the way that we store, verify, and access data. It starts out being somewhat self-serving and ends up more about philosophical principles related to what represents value that can be exchanged conveniently and securely.

For that very reason, I enjoy the bear phase of crypto markets. Once all the dust and smoke settles, there is little to be done except to hunker down and focus on developing the technology and community of blockchains.

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Where will CUB go?

As HIVE recently turned one year old after hard-forking away from STEEM and made a new high, it's interesting to look at CUB — a brand new DeFi project from Leo Finance — and speculate where it might be one year from now.

By that, I don't just mean price-wise, as at one point or another we will re-enter a macro-consolidation phase of all crypto which tends to pull all coins downward along with the Bitcoin price. Much more exciting to me than CUB's potential price upside is the utility that can be created through the upcoming Leo Bridge and other applications leveraging liquidity pools.

Long-term I am very bullish on CUB and am watching closely each update of new farms/dens being added or deprecated. Individual investors want to see very different protocols being plugged into Cub DeFi... for me personally, I would absolutely love for BHive (wrapped version of HIVE on Binance Smart Chain) to be involved, whether as a farm, den, or both.

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Keep calm through the mania

I think once one has experienced at least one major hype-and-crash cycle of a commodity (ideally gaining and losing large amounts along the way) there is the tendency to be somewhat jaded about the unrealistic euphoria and expansiveness present in a bull market. This can absolutely be your friend, as it can help prevent you from FOMOing in to an absurd level — like selling your house to buy the top of BTC and then having to wait several years to break even.

Overall, I am quite enjoying the excitement of all the cool projects popping up both within and without the HIVE ecosystem — yet being my favorite crypto project, it is the HIVE-related initiatives that get me the most stoked, which is why I'm an early investor in CUB despite the uncertainty and risk that may represent.

I'd like to think that I'm ready this time around for the bubble-pop whenever it happens, at which point I plan to continue to BUIDL in this space with a long-term mindset and keep connecting with and contributing to the community however I'm able.

What is your experience being involved in brand-new projects, whether crypto or otherwise? Would love to hear from you in a comment below!

Post created by @d-pend for Leo Finance on HIVE on March 28, 2021.
Images are screenshots and Deep-Dream-processed versions of HIVE/ CUB logos.

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In a similar way, explosive price action during crypto bull markets is a trojan horse that encourages people to begin to educate themselves about the emerging blockchain technology that is destined to transform the way that we store, verify, and access data.

That is a very good statement. People will also be more likely to learn about how fiat money and banking works. On top of that, the speed and efficiency of blockchain and Defi is unmatched by any institutional product. People are going to have o wake up to that fact.

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You should make that last Hive logo into an NFT. Looks super cool!

I think your picture edits have gotten even more surreal over time. It's as if they have taken on a life of their own. Your writing style also invites people to interact instead of leaving us at edge or to wonder what we just read.

I love your topic: Price is a trojan horse
Most of us here were on the first roller coaster ride as well. A lot of Alt coins never got back up because they never had anything going on in the first place.

Cub will be fun to play with. I had difficulties with sending Ethereum on Binance network in the past. I think I got it right this time. I try not to jump into anything new, but there is so much going on. I like Blurt. They have been forking the blockchain and expect and airfrop. is like twitter with BitcoinCash tips. There is a network called pi that will relaese a wallet in the end of march. These are some things I am into and that's when I try not to get involved.

The cool thing about bears is that they hibernate. It's a really good time to reflect and to learn and grow. Bulls just push forward. Both are necessary.

It is exciting, and yes it’s also important to be a little jaded. That’s healthy. I have earned all of my crypto through blogging. Having lost money and missed opportunities of many kinds over the years, I’m pretty conservative. But by hodling and working steadily I have a good-sized chunk of Hive and I don’t plan to change course, except maybe to finally diversify. All smart crypto enthusiasts do that much! We don’t know the future and investment emotions can be capricious. Glad to hear you see bear markets as an opportunity to build the projects that help to make this platform awesome! I think the projects and enhancements are what makes it a great long-term strategy.

I should jump into Cub. Thoughts on the best way to do that?

yes, thank you, for sharing a very useful post for us, and I really enjoy what you say, I hope you are always healthy and always successful under any circumstances @d-pend

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