100K is not a scary number...

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Finally, I reached one of these 'biased number' goals that one can only dream with.

I'm now the proud owner of 100K LEO tokens.

I have been silent the last few days as I'm a bit afraid to think out loud some trading strategies/thoughts and give others some hints to countertrade me, something that obviously I want to avoid as I'm (at least regarding LEO) trading decent chunks.

I powered down LEO in anticipation to the WLEO launch and I committed with my liquidity as I said in this post from a few days ago.

A Successful Uniswap Launch:

I have been providing a big chunk of liquidity since the first hours of the WLEO launch and nobody can't deny that the launch has been an ABSOLUTE SUCCESS.

A quarter million (~250K$) is not a joke. Kudos to everyone who made it possible.


However, for jealous LEO holders like me, all this liquidity operation have a little problem; You must provide an equal sum in terms of ETH to be eligible to provide such liquidity.

And you earn the fees and are eligible for the bounty and so on, but... but!

When WLEO pumps, you're 'losing' WLEO.

And if ETH pumps and WLEO not, the opposite is also true. If I'm in good understanding, that's what we call 'Impermanent Loss'.

This is because the Pool rebalances itself constantly (in fact this is how the WLEO price is extracted. Less LEO and more ETH in the pool equals a higher LEO price in terms of ETH).

this normally wouldn't be a problem, except by the fact that I dislike high market caps.

I'm a kind of a shitcoin maximalist, but this is a talk for another day, my main problem is that I'm 'forced' to hold ETH, when in fact I don't want to.

Liquidity Secured. Gates are Open.

Uniswap improved our liquidity orders of magnitude. And this is a blessing. The problem with low liquidity is that the big players don't want to touch something when they can't go out safely.

Do you want to know how I reached that 100K magic number? That won't come from an 'insider' deal or an OTC trade. I bought all the LEO from Uniswap.

~30K in a single purchase, to be exact. And you know what? The price only slipped ~3,7% approx.

Spoiler: If I would have been forced to make that same purchase of 30K LEO in the Hive-Engine books, the price would be now over 2HIVE/LEO.

Unacceptable to accumulate in such conditions. 'Uniswap is a blessing'; said & repeat.


And why I'm buying huge amounts of LEO? Because I see it pumping more than ETH and I won't want to miss on easy money.

The biggest LEO holders (like me) are going to keep holding and we won't be selling huge amounts until we reach our price goals (which for some of us are in the 1-10$/LEO range).

Most of the LEO is in strong hands. See? I just removed 60K LEO from the total WLEO supply. What do you think that will be happening once some ETH guys realise that they can farm in multiple layers with the LEO token?

Of course, I could be mistaken. But as I always say, I'm putting my money where my mouth is. And I always bet hard on what I believe.

Fasten up your seatbelts, my little lions.
The trip will be amazing.

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jeeeeeeeeeeeeeez... who wants some?

Cmon! I'm giving out some to everyone who interacts with the post :)

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Thanks edicted, hope you're doing fine :)

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I want a little please, recently I bought 30 Leo in hive engine and for me it was OK today we should continued to invest in our Leo token.
Hold on.

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Enseguida repartiré galberto, un poco para todos!

Estoy abrumado por las respuestas! :O

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Si imagino, muchas gracias.


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You have enough. Leave some for us.

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Suspicious behaviour from this bot

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Of course you had to provide liquidity but then congratulations on 100k that's totally deserved. Lights, cameras, hurray, now spread some of the champagnes around I mean LEOPAIGN haha

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hahah thanks josediccus :)

Let's see how the next weeks/months go.


Cheers to you too, hopefully it turns out really good.

Woww!!! It is a great investment! Big bets, chances of big profits! I'll be here with you, gathering a little too! Leo to the sky! 🦁🦁🚀🚀

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So it was you :)
Congrats on your 100k! That is quite a lot.

Hoppe the market serves you well. I think we now need to make the LPs incentives game more visible to eth people, make them to want to enter the pool. To do that they will need some LEO in the first place.

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A bet that will pay off big or maybe dump me in the mud.

Nah, not really. I always recover :)

I know the risks and I'm ready. This will be amazing dalz! :D

Hope things are going great for you!

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Congrats on your 100k leo. I would love to get some more Leo if I had the cash and then probably power it up.

I am still happy for the fact I got 240 leo for 50 Hive last month and powered up doing hive power up day.

As from next month, I should begin buying leo with my hive rewards and powering then hope.

New goal now is to be a leo dolphin. 😊

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There's a lot of LEO hodlers wishing to use their power, post finance related topics from the native interface and surely you'll see rewards coming :)


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I'm now the proud owner of 100K LEO tokens.

Wow that is awesome! Congrats on your 100k 🥳

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Congratz on the milestone.

To say that the Uniswap pool launch has been a success would be an understatement, its been pretty spectacular.

So much has happened in the last few weeks, it's mind boggling to think what the next few months hold for the LeoFinance community.

Well done mate.

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Thanks buddy, great job with the spinvest-leo initiative.

You surely helped a lot of small to medium players to participate!

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I'm now the proud owner of 100K LEO tokens.

Happy for you :)

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The pleasure is also mine.

Nathan! Wen Witness?

Hope you're fine buddy.

best wishes!

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Some life events caught my attention recently and my witness node will be active soon :)

Let's keep building together

This is huge! Big respect for setting that goal and achieving it!

I too think that after breaking out of the shadow of HIVE, LEO could easily hit a dollar, and a 50 million dollar market cap is not out of reach!

President! The pleasure is mine!

That's it, the extremely low supply makes it very possible for LEO to reach the 1$ mark 'relatively' soon. But this could be only the beginning.

Ps. Wen lower taxes? :D

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He estado pensando en 'wen lower taxes' en el contexto de optimismo extremo que tenemos por LEO. Parte de los impuestos estan controlados por el mercado del SIM, tenemos un fondo para tratar de mejorar los mercados de cartas (y influenciar el precio de SIM) - @discohedge - recibe SIM en cambio de DHEDGE token, y vamos viento en popa con el desarrollo.

Bro podemos hacer cualquier cosa con el poder de LEO 🤣, contacteme en discord si quiere. Pero por el momento, recomiendo a todos mis citizens quieridos, para participar en post-tax reparticion de SIMs, solo tiene que tener Military Industrial Complex.

I'm contacting you one of these days.

farewell! :)

Hey congrats! But don't aim to become a dollar Millionaire. Dollar is a shitcoin, be a LEO Millionaire instead! 😜

I hate you for stating LEO as some shitcoin ...Shitcoin Maximalist is a weird term. Please respect your bags! 😂

I guarantee you that most of my net worth is in crypto. Fiat are all shitcoins. Their whitepapers don't disclose the initial supply's correctly bro

Of course I respect my bags!

Being completely honest, 'shitcoin maximalist' is a term which I use to describe people like me who holds high amounts of low caps.

I own 0 BTC nor ETH, In fact, my highest mcap is HIVE.

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Yes, I can easily relate to you. I too hold altcoins only. :)

You do not know how well this price increase is coming for my studies, I do not like to sell I read but for now I will have to, but I will have a decent amount to continue healing, congratulations to you, you have a great investment here

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6K no está nada mal, es una cantidad muy grande en términos de supply total.

Piensa que con 5M circulando, solo pueden haber 1000 holders con 5K LEO o más. Algo muy difícil a medida que sigue aumentando el precio.

Y después estamos algunas ballenitas como yo... que vamos full degen en estos casos.

Un saludo! (Y publica un poco más, que nos falta contenido en spanish!)

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Dang. The Leo Whales are coming. I have 0.13% stake on the Uniswap pool. Wait, it must by 0.1% now :)

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It's better to own a bit less from something much bigger.

best of luck!

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Absolutely. And, wLEO is jumping in price which makes it more logical to be part of something that is growing exponentially.

Congratz for the milestone!!!
I wish for a number like that..

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Keep accumulating... someday you'll be there ;)

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High risk, high reward. Especially if it's a calculated risk like yours. Cheers to you! Don't know if I'll reach 100K, but bit by bit I will get more LEO and some of those miners. Just bought 2 LEOM actually a few moments ago.

100K is only scary if you don't know what you're doing, but you seem to have that under control. :)

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step by step and when you notice you can't believe where you at.

You would believe me if I would say that by May of last year only had ~1000 STEEM?

Yeah, that's true. Things can change when you're not afraid (not advising to go full YOLO btw).

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Exactly, it's all about the big picture. Thanks for the encouragement.

Coincidentally I just had a mini YOLO moment a few hours back and put in some of my own money into Hive for the first time.

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LEO is in very strong hands. There is no doubt about it.

The liquidity from Uniswap was vital for people to amass a large stake. H-E would either send the price flying or it would take weeks to fill.

Either way, it is great for users to have more options.

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Thanks for providing this little niche with your long and insightful posts taskmaster. I'm always reading you (even If I don't comment that much).

Yes, definitively LEO is in very strong hands and the price action is showing exactly that after the latest great developments.

We said that multiple times, both you and I, but the extremely low supply of LEO makes it very desirable to amass.

It's already a functional product, and this alone matters a lot.

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100k is quite a nice number, next goal i hope 1 million:D

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Whoa, that would be massive, but for the health of the ecosystem better to avoid that happening.

In fact, 100K is 'too much'. It's 2% of the circulating supply of 5M.

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Well played getting to 100K Leo! While I share your concerns for this impermanent loss, I hope Leo continues to moon and I'm willing to accept having a few less Leo's as a result of providing liquidity.

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The bounty & the fees received are very well worth the risk. In my personal case I just prefer to get more LEO instead of an equivalent in ETH.

Thanks for dropping by volcano! :)

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100K LEO or 100K Hive.... Hmm... tough decision, but I would not complain on any of two... :)

Congrats on 100K... Nice chunk!

IMHO I prefer 100K LEO. But why not both?


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It's amazing how the Leo token is evolving. Definitely will have to be involved in DeFi in the near future. And congrats on those 100k!!

Thanks for the compliment. And yes, it's incredible how fast things are unleashing

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I'm strapped in and ready to go!

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The ride it's being amazing so far... let's see how far we fly :)

We're OG's it seems ^^

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Amazing amount of leo for you dear, well we have 1k and i AM very happy with this because in the future we were grown a lot.

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Nunca es tarde para seguir creciendo... No puedo describir la suerte que tuve al conocer LEO tan pronto.

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Genial vamos a la saga pero aun hay tiempo.

If leo hits 10 dollar which i hope it does, ill be mining 750 dollars a day lol. Epic.

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We'll be there my friend. I'm happy with 1/10 of that.

Glad to read you there. All the best.

See you at the top.

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I’ve got 16k LEO and plan to hodl for a long, long time. IMHO, it’s by far the best H-E token. Congrats on 100k.

16K is a very huge amount. Not that many people will be able to afford such a number.

Thanks and also congrats to you.

I would love to see all of us succeeding!

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any tutorial on how to play this liquidity game?

The best one has been written by @edicted a few days ago.


Hope it helps.

If it is not enough, reach to @khaleelkazi, he did a great job documenting all the process in his videos.

All the best.

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What ? Shitcoin Maximalist ?
What a crazy term ! 🤣😀😂

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I respect BTC but I need more movement, shitcoins provide me with that.

Haters gonna always hate. I'll be enjoying the massive earnings (or kissing the mud in the process).

All the best Alfa!

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Hold on to your hats boys and girls, this is going to get bumpy, we've already blasted through he sell wall of 1.2 HIVE and we are barely into the 3 month reward period so who knows where this thing could rocketship to. I'm just staking all my LEO and not trying to get caught up in the hype and FOMO, strong hands!!!!

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Holy shit buddy!
You are a true example to put your money where your mouth is! 💪💪

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Glad to see that you managed to reach onto these miners.



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When I grow up, I want to be like you

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So one has to provide x number of leo and then buy that same x number of leo by providing ETH to earn the bounty ? I am yet to use Uniswap and understand all the dynamics of this, I accumulated just 100+ leo to experiment.

With that amount, better reach to @spinvest-leo or the gas fees will be killing it when using ETH.

All the best!

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Man, that's crazy amount. So it was because of you that the price also went up to $0.20? Either way, congratulations on this milestone. 🚀

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It's true that I accumulated (and broke resistances in the way up), but don't get confused, it's real movement & buys what's keeping the price up. In fact, I sold some at 0,5-0,7.

Thank you buddy. All the best! :)

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Congratulations on the milestones achieved man... I see you contributed to the bullish of Leo and that's just great!

I'm a biased bull must confess...

after all, I'm only right half of the time (the other half I accumulate..)

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Boom!!!!!!you my man are a serious fish! Oh sorry massive whale!!!!gaddemit! I want to do these moves, but I will have to sell my father's house! Urrgh! Mentor me

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Serious fish? I prefer to be funny as a fish!

hahaha jokes aside, keep pushing and eventually you'll be reaching unexpected heights.

Did I said that I had only 1000 STEEM May of last year? If you commit, eventually the results come.

Best of luck!

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I just upped my staked pool from 0.4 to 0.6 so that's that...
exited to see where this journey takes us but I can only see it going up

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0,6% of the pool is a decent stake. I', curious to see what are the coming rewards after a week.

Glad to see you there buddy.

Best wishes :)

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100k is an incredible brand, congratulations!

Months ago it would be crazy to think that I could be close now to having 10k LP. I'm almost on my big goal and I'm sure that all LEO holders will still celebrate a lot from here to the end of the year.

The trip will be very exciting and fun.

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You made a great work and posted very frequently, eventually that little pennies aggregate into insane amounts.

10K LEO is a lot...

Congrats on your achievement!

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Thank you!

I always try to be inspired by the best and without a doubt you are certainly one of them. Until today I liked to know a little of your story in a post you made. It is these real stories that motivate us to move forward.

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Yes indeed! That was the one concern I had after committing 90% of my LEO to LP. The fact that I will have less and less LEO as it gets scooped up. I have bought some to offset, but only about 20% of what has already been sold off. Either way the launch was awesome!

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Damn 100k that's stout.

#grownassman status achieved

you wouldn't recognize me in a bar :)

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Did you buy them or earn them as rewards?

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this normally wouldn't be a problem, except by the fact that I dislike high market caps.

I'm a kind of a shitcoin maximalist, but this is a talk for another day, my main problem is that I'm 'forced' to hold ETH, when in fact I don't want to.

Man this was so #relatable All of my best gains have come from those tiny marketcap assets. I held 28K HUNT and the gains I had from it were amazing: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/hunt Same goes for my (rather small) LEO stake. I think the same will apply to @splinterlands cards. We are still at very early stages of card emissions. Alpha/Beta cards will be extremely rare in the future.

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