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Are you new to Splinterlands and searching for some advice, then you found the correct series! In this Beginner’s Guide Series, we are discussing things that new players of Splinterlands should know or try to learn. In this specific episode we will talk about the cards that I intend to level once I reached my summoner goal. For everybody who doesn’t know, my goal is to level Obsidian as quickly as possible to Level 5 as well as Tarsa. This way I am hoping to solidify my ranks in the Gold Leagues and hope to move to the next level strategy and performance wise. At the moment I am an average Gold 3 player, but I have the CP-potential of reaching Gold 1. Therefore, I am planning my way up to the top! With that being said, if this article motivated you to start playing this amazing game, then feel free to join the fun over the following link:


Magical Earth Cards

With the decision 2 weeks ago to allocate some of my SPS holdings to acquiring some new cards, I started the mission of leveling up my Obsidian. So far I was able to reach Level 4 and I am only 13 Obsidian cards short of achieving my goal. So far I was able to spend 500 SPS and I think that the other 500 SPS will help me to reach this goal. On top of that I am trying to shift my card holdings from quantity to quality cards. The funny thing about the SPS allocation is that in those two weeks I was able to almost get the same amount of SPS back from staking and battle rewards. Therefore, it definitely made sense for me to invest some of my SPS into my deck. I am more than certain that in the long run this investment will pay for itself.


First Priority

With this being said, once I reach level 5 with Obsidian, my first priority cards will be the following: First and foremost there is Grund! I think for the Earth Splinter he is the perfect tank. He is a Melee striker with the Double Strike Ability. This makes him very dangerous. On top of that, on level 3 he would have 4 Melee Attack which makes him deal 8 damage in total per turn. Isn’t this not insane? With 11 health he can also take some hits and is definitely one of my most used cards in general.

Next up we have a card that not many people are using but I definitely love to use: Djinn Biljka! For only 3 mana you are getting a card that can not be targeted by Sneak attackers nor Snipers. It comes with only one mana damage but on level 3 it will have 2 which makes it 3 mana damage with the Obsidian summoner. On top of that it gets the additional Weaken Ability which allows us to reduce the health of all opponent’s minions. With 3 mana attack, this could be the end for a lot of them!

Last but not least we have Mycelic Slipspawn, which is also one of my most popular cards to use. Granted, I only use it in high mana battles but a Taunt Ability monster is always nice to have. In general, it will only increase its health and gets the additional Force-Shield Ability which reduces all attacks higher than 5 to one. This is incredibly important for a Taunt monster and therefore it is one of my highest priority to get this Ability as quickly as possible!

Bild2.png Bild3.png Bild4.png

Destructive Fire Cards

After we finish off the Earth Splinter, my next Target will be the Fire Splinter! With Tarsa, we have a very cool summoner which allows us to increase our attack and our health by one. In my opinion it is the perfect summoner for the Fire cards as they are Melee heavy anyways and most often lack a little bit of health. Especially the Stealth cards that I like to play are extremely beneficial with this summoner.


First Priority

Saying that, I have another 3 cards that are high priority for me here. First up is once again an epic tank that goes by the name “Forgotten One”. I really love this card. Not only can you play this card in the first position, you can also keep it in the backline if there is a Poison Ruleset. Thanks to its Immunity ability this card is not getting affected by Poison and therefore survives a very long time. On top of that it comes with 4 attack, 5 armor and 9 health! On level 3 it even gets the Retaliate Ability which means that there is a chance to attack back every now and then and deal some additional damage.

Another card that is very high on my priority list is Uraeus! This little Sneaky Snake is a card that I neglected at first because of its low health but if you get warm with it, this card is just amazing! Not only will it have 4 health and 3 attack with 3 speed. It also has one armor to defend it against quick blows and on level 4 it will even get an additional Poison Ability. Why is that great? Well, the longer the battle goes the more damage you want to deal and who would say no to an additional 2 damage each turn, right?

Last but not least, we have a card that probably not a lot of people would buy first, but this card is one of my most used cards in my Fire Set. The Radiated Brute is definitely a gem card for me. Not only does it have 3 attack which gets bumped up to 4 but it also has the Reach Ability, meaning that it is the perfect second position card. On level 6, this card is not even that slow anymore and with 3 speed and 5 health even a decent tank in later stages of the battle. Last but not least it has the Enrage Ability on this level which means that its attacking and speed stats will get increased once it has taken damage. This will make this card very important for the middle and late game!

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