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I declare my recent social experiment a mild failure. Sure, it proved people prefer to stand away from fights unless they have a dog in (most do not) but I have known that before. I did not even get a couple of hot-head downvotes I expected (I am not nervous though, my fair share should come closer to payout). Bad luck.

On the other hand, I got to have a civil conversation with @balte, who is the largest whale in the German-written sea. He questioned my policy of not leaving a note while downvoting. Even though I never downvoted his posts, he has upvoted a couple of posts involved so it would be rude not to inform him.

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Hello @jelly13 , so if you don't understand my text, please ask because English is not my mother tongue
What is Investinthefutur about:
There are two points here:
@investinthefutur is an account that invests the income from the post in various tokens, if a certain upper limit is reached then there is a distribution to the VOIN token holder. Unfortunately we are still among them.
The second point is the tool !invest_vote, here you can mark different posts which are then voted via a bot, this should simply give the small account the opportunity to reward good post.
But am currently in the process of changing it a little, but in total it is so that the income goes back to Hive
As for @balte, we are glad that he supports us and does not ask for anything in return.
It is best to simply ask questions and questions will answer your questions as best as possible.

I think a great problem is the language , if you make a project and i can't not explain in english , therefore it is only known in the German-speaking area.

Also ich verstehe nicht wo das problem ist, kann @balte soweit ich das vestanden habe zustimmen, grade im bezug wieso es nur um die deutschsprachigen geht, gibt ja genug englischsprachige, spanisch und auch anderssprachige, die das gleiche machen.

Die Linken haben, soweit ich weiss, dafür wohl einen Begriff geprägt, aber ich komme da im Moment ums verrecken nicht drauf! Vielleicht hat ihm ja mal jemand, unserer Sprachgenossen, die Vorfahrt genommen.







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Ih verstehe nicht, warum hier wieder jemand meint in "communities" in einer Sprache, die er offenbar nicht wirklich spricht (aber das weis ich ich nicht genau, vermute es) "erzieherisch" bezügl content, der defintiv kein scam oder ein plagiat ist, downvoten zu müssen, ohne vorher mit dem jeweiligen content-creators zu reden.
Selber erschafft er ja nicht gerade einen most valuable content aus meiner Sicht, genauso wie der andere account, der hier downvotemässig aufspringt und der einen actifit-post als jeden zweiten Post z.B zum besten gibt, mitzwei drei Sätzen, also das was der Kollege hier an satren-random z.B. kritisiert hat.
Naja, ich stell die auf mute, downvotes erhalten ein contra-upvote und gut ist.

Ich bin auch nicht sicher, hab mir das grad durchgelesen (mit ein klein wenig Hilfe vom Übersetzungstool) und naja,

.. mir kommt vor, er (ich sag mal er) wollte was beweisen, aber letztlich gab es einfach ein wenig zu erzählen, damit der Aufwand nicht umsonst war.

Nach der Lektüre mehrerer seiner comments bleibt mir nur ein mute, unter der letzten hiq habe ich ein paar verszeilen dazu geschrieben.

Mir fiel er vorher noch gar nicht auf.

Muss wohl froh sein, dass er bei mir nichts zu lästern hatte.

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Even if they would, I do not have the language skills to deal with them unless somone else makes this kind of post to guide me.

Dieser Antwort zu folge müsste er ja deutsch verstehen, sonst machts ja keinen Sinn.

Auf jedenfall all die Inhalte die er hier aufgezählt hat, habe ich schon in ähnlicher Form dutzend weisr auf englisch gesehen, aber auch auf Spanisch (bzw. die sprachfamilie).

Wird es aber auch wohl in fast jeder anderen geben.

although i dont wanna comment "too much" here -maybe the accounts you noticed should do it by their own- here some words.
Most of this accounts are members of the "german speaking" community for a very long time now, some for a shorter period.
No one is a scammer, some have their fans of coursem thats normal if you act on a social-media-blockchain. I vote them without any trail or something, some for years now, because i like their projects and because we had a lot of comment- and other contact togehter.
Some dont like their projects,so they are not voting.
As you mentioned, i am a whale, but not the biggest one with "german background", and i am not only german, due to my estonian passport.
I mainly support the "german speaking" community (Germany, austria, switzerland) for a long time now, but not only, it depends on my voting-manna, i always mentioned, that i am 1/3 investor, 1/3 blogger (i started as a blogger, but for a long time a write own posts only once a month or something/comment-creator, 1/3 curator.
I am also involved in a lot of other projects like the next hive-camp at the "bodensee", organized by @blue-rabbit, i support the great @hiq press-people with a lot of discussions and with some delegation like some others, and a lot of things more.
@lotto-de is for example something, which runs @miketr now for a long time, and a lot of members like that, i vote the posts, give some comments from time to time and spend 40 Hive every week for this project. The project brings people together and some hivians have a lot of fun by doing the lotto-game together.
About @investinthefutur ask @cervisia, he runs a witness node also. I am in the richlist, there, "of course" still at position one right now, due to my high HP, but i stopped to get any "vointokens" a long time ago, so the smaller accounts who are in this project, have more benefits.
And if somebody writes several posts a day with his own content, he or she is free to do this here.
Not every post gets an upvote from me every day of course.
Maybe i dont get any point of your post right, sorry, english is not my mother-language just as yours.
Instead of downvoting it should be better to get in contact with all this content creators, as we discussed this night.
And i am just curious to know, why you spend so much attention to this "german" accounts, you could do this with the spanish, the italian, the french, the russian, the US and Uks, the africans and all the other communities, which are on this blockchain.
For me it is not clear, what you wanna tell us here with your post at the end and i a ask myself, why you dont ask all of this content creators personally first about their projects, if you have any problems with their content.
Best regards.


Danke für deine Unterstützung @balte !






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So, no need for further discussions, you should follow your way here. Best regards.







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I like to thank you, @balte, and every well minded member of the community for making up for yesterday's fuss. Frankly, I changed my mind around "mag die Idee eines Inflations-Pools und Proof of Stake um so weniger", because I sense how monetary influence gives clashing parties significant leverage, no matter how small. It is easy to ignore a Like, Dislike, or Troll. But when it comes to actually gaining attention for a cause, a conversation gets to a more substantial level. I like that, the more I think about it and actually experience it.

Even though I had a good laugh when I read this comment

and my reputation is below zero because you guys have trade union.

and there may be something to that, maybe the low reputation is more about calling other people liars.

Either way, as long as the reputation is in the basement like that, I'll rather give my attention away elsewhere. My last #dcity post is not hard to find. And from here on, every other answer to a question I have to reveal for me to read it, costs 5 Hive in advance.

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Your are right, its more about calling other people liars etc.You can see this with this "trade union accusation" here again, and of course, all the others are liars, spammers, most toxic and more, they made a great evil conspiracy😂 and the account behind this great evil is balte😂😂.
There is no "abuse" in the so called german speaking community (which are quite different persons which quite different points of views), but a crusader must strongly follow his way and his personal blacklists, like it seems to be. But, hive on, should not spend to much attenton to this topic, there are a lot of positive things going on with this blockchain. Best regards.

Yes, thanks for the follow up. Latest thing I noticed is !PIZZA and tipping.* So much positive going on!

!PIZZA and one !BEER😁 back. But someone may call this spam😂, anyway, best regards.

Haha! A stale beer is definitely worthless compared to some sausages, bacon and spam. It all is traffic after all. Time spent in traffic at the end of the day. But who usurps the right to decide who commutes where and when? Here's another slice of !PIZZA

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@balte! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @anjanida.

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Alter Schalter! Ich hab den account nun auch grad "kennen gelernt" und mag die Idee eines Inflations-Pools und Proof of Stake um so weniger. kopfschüttel Danke für all euer Engagement und Sprachkenntnis. !PIZZA hab ich noch, wer mag noch eine?

Update: Ah, ich glaube, ich habe den Grund für den Ärger gefunden und hoffe, ich habe ihn gut angesprochen.

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Balte called me a little policeman because I was downvoting spammy bot comments from @kushtia who engages in "comment" abuse with his other alts aka @kushtia2 and a few other accounts xD

Ohh ye, I am not personally worried at all xD It was just funny xD
He could legit combat abuse so easily but choices to ignore it xD

Haha, well, she technically is a content creator tho, maybe not a good one :p