A look into the LasseCash Tribe, as requested by Lasseehlers.

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I made a post yesterday talking about the typical curation rewards for a few popular tribes. Something I do from time to time as I find it interesting and it changes over time.

Then I received a comment from @lasseehlers shilling his tribe in the comments.


This comment ended up with a bunch of replies by the time I looked into it.

I am already somewhat familiar with LasseCash and how it is run, but for shits and giggles I decided to see if anything changed and what it looks like today.

The first thing I like to look at is the distribution.


I use my Tribes Top Authors tool to calculate this.

Here you can see the rewards are extremely focused on a select few authors, what I refer to as 'top heavy'. What's most interesting is the top author is the tribe owner @lasseehlers himself, over 100% more rewards than the next highest author. From there it drops off really quickly if you are not in the Lasse group.

If you look at other tribes with a reasonable distribution, you can see a considerably more realistic curve.

Clearly there is some major issues regarding distribution with Lassecash, in fact I'd go to so far to say there really isn't any distribution at all.

This is pretty clear when you look at who is staking the most tokens.


Out of 7.1M staked tokens, @lassehlers has 3.2M of them staked.

Surely he is using that to curate his tribe and help distribute the tokens?


Nope, if you look at his votes over the last 30 days they are mostly for himself.


Clearly not a good way to distribute tokens. I think people forget that when you boil down proof of brain it is really just another distribution method.


Let's look back at @lasseehlers's original comment promoting the "green mountain". Who is buying all those tokens?

Well if you look at his own account, he is.

@lasseehlers's buy/sell of LASSEECASH

The majority of that buy wall is @lasseehlers's himself.

If you remove his buy orders, the "green mountain" turns into a piece of paper. Very deceptive and shady thing to do in my opinion.

Also looking at his original comment he links a post by @ironshield promoting LASSECASH tribe as the unsung hero of crypto. Of course this post shows a lot of very impressive data about the LASSECASH token, all of it bullshit when you realize the truth behind it.

I responded to @lasseehlers's comment with this data and his response?


Do your homework before you invest!

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you can see a considerably more realistic curve.

I would like to correct you here Marky. In the tribe of Lasse, there are no curves, everything is flat.... Like the earth.

I love the fact that the video below is actually entitled Most of the cryptocurrency market is a SCAM!

Then we see the distribution of the tribe, lol

"takes one to know one" kinda thing perhaps :D

It seems so!

Now for all the brainwashed people that dont understand shit about shit, here is my explanation why LasseCash is going up big time!


And for @markySCAM I asked you to make the APY for LasseCash and you never did, instead you made this stupid ass post with literally no value in it!!! I dont believe your APY calculations for any of the "tribes" DUDE.

Dude the moon is a cold light.

You are right about the earth, its flat:

The price for LasseCash is up and to the right!

Disown him.

Haha with pleasure xD

That makes two of us... rather disgraceful, really.😕

Dude you are brainwashed.


Dont feel ashamed, a dane came up with the idea for the best cryptocurrency in the world, you should be proud!

Jeg har intet imod din krypto, men ser ingen grund til at angribe Mark sådan bare fordi han viser grafer og pointer nogle ting ud x)

Det har ikke noget med graferne at gøre, han er hjernevasket og en svindler, du bør ikke læse hans shit!

Iøvrigt første gang en skriver på dansk til mig, efter cirka 5 år på steem/hive nu, så vidt jeg husker har ingen gjort det før!

Cool du er her!

Mener data lyver vel ikk?? xD

Haha fedt! Troe jeg kender til 5 danskere her inklusiv mig selv :D

Og jeg har været her i 3-4 år indtil videre :D

Kender dem ikke, har haft kontakt med en fra danmark for 3-5 år siden husker det ikke, som havde en BS annonym blog... ret sikker på han var ret hjernevasket, så ikke noget tab at jeg ikke har haft meget kontakt med ham.


We need access to those graphs from Hive Engine to see how 'organic' each coin is. There are so many that it's hard to keep track of them.

I have all of 33 LASSECASH, so it doesn't look like I'll be earning much. I can't be arsed to use every single tag on my posts.

I suspect this isn't the only tribe with a 'manufactured' buy wall. I see many other tokens and tribes where the whole buy-side looks too regimented to be created by random buyers. There are nowhere near enough users on Hive to provide liquidity to all these tribes and tokens!

Exactly! The Hive community is tiny really and yet we have so many tokens. I'm not going to put 20 tags on every post just to make an extra cent, but some of them are quite lucrative. Even I can shift the price of some of them when I buy or sell.

Having a project leader who seems keen to alienate a lot of the community does not seem a great strategy.


I can confirm it's not the only tribe. BLOG also artificially manipulated the value of the token. It seems to have stopped doing that and now BLOG is pretty much worthless.


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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

I partly agree, but on LasseCash its different, we have the best product in crypto!


I gave you a 1000 LASSECASH upvote.

Thank you and trying to remain neutral in this thread, regardless of my opinions of your views, you've been running this a long time and unlike hundreds of other tokens and tribes, it's still going so kudos for that.

Finally a person that understand it.

The people that get on-boarded now will be rewarded heavily!

A 100% upvote.

you need LASSECASH POWER to earn curation rewards, you should now that by now... when you get LASSECASH POWER you can upvote my posts before me and earn a huge curation rewards, often daily... I usually try to vote after 12-24 hours!

I staked 2500 LASSECASH POWER for you, to get your started.

Do you even use the tag?

why would he waste one of his 10 tags on trash? He'd be better off putting #IDontKnowHowToUseTags than using your shit token tag.

Dude you are extremely stupid, just so you know it!

He can use 20 TAGS on www.lassecash.com ... 4D marty!


How are those 20 tags treating you with a 0.00 payout

I dont care about Hive payouts, thats how it has been for a very long time.

You are looking at the wrong site, look here: https://www.lassecash.com/@lasseehlers


you seriously redirected me to a stock tribe site with pride!?

Screenshot from 2021-05-26 12-17-49.png

Nice list of authors you got there. Really taking off to the moon, eh?

I dont know what you talk about, what you write make no sense, you must be really stupid!


Btw no one ever been to "the moon", its all fake, the moon is a cold light, brainwashed Illuminati slave. So for that reason I am not a fan of the "going to the moon" phrase in crypto and dont use it myself!!

LasseCash price goes UP AND TO THE RIGHT, look at the chart dumbass!

I remember Lassie, He went full on Flat Earth-tard. Nice to see he has made a niche for himself. Literally :OD

Is the earth curving away in the distance?

No, that is Lasse's niche.

Happy you remember me, means that my hard work made an impression, and YES I been here for 5 years posting almost everyday!


My name is stored in history by now!

I would love to see how the sun and moon worked in that model above :O)

The moon is cold light, we dont know more then that.

The sun is close and small circulating on the flat earth, there are some information about it in this video:

The science about the sun is fare from settled! In general all we know for sure is that the earth is flat, we have many proofs of that!

We dont have any proof, we have misunderstandings of basic science. The sun, regardless of it being small or close would illuminate that whole earth all the time

Unless it is outside the dome and goes underneath it?

Sometimes you just need some perspective :)


Are those the supports for the grand dome? 🤣🤣

But but time zones, gravity, eclipses, astronomy, satellites, long distance flights...

So many questions!

It's a pretty crap conspiracy anyway as most people don't give a shit what shape the world is. It doesn't matter for their daily lives.

sometimes you need to shut the fuck up and listen!



Angled sunrays prove that the sun is small and close. If it was millions of miles away the rays would be parallel.

Do your own research, start by watching the 1 hour video: https://www.lassecash.com/flatearth/@lasseehlers/level


So do the rail tracks meet a short distance away? You need some perspective.


No, I'm not going to watch a 1 hour video.

Ballhead watch the video and learn, you are brainwashed.

I dont have time for this shit.


btw dude, those sun rays that are angled proof that the sun is small and close. Research it.. that is actually explained even more in the video I sent you!! but you lasy fuck dont watch !

I do do my own research. It doesn't matter how small or big the sun is or how far away it is. It would still illuminate that entire flat earth. Light and its travel is very well understood.

So is it always daytime? I never noticed when I went to sleep last night in the dark

The arguments against your stupid thoughts are in the video, watch it.

I dont have time to help you!


SciManFan debunked that and all of youre arguments, hmmh, I have to get him to join hive!

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Do you see that Illuminati Puppet? Thats SciManFan. TRASH!

...and you used the #lassecash tag hehe...., as blunt and direct as ever! <...laughing...>

I can't wait for all the $LASSECASH!

Apparently it is 1000 times better than Bitcoin!


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oh look the woman angle, I'm sad my story as the lost angel didn't make it ;) .......nice post Marky

That promotion ends soon, but it was useful to spread awareness about LasseCash!

What's interesting is you don't even need proof to know it's fucked. It just is.

What are you doing, man? I'm not interested in being brainwashed into your cult today.

Doing real work, while you brainwashed motherfuckers are wasting your lifes!

Have fun being poor!

Real work is mumbling in front of a camera and talking about something being stuck in your nose?

Have fun pulling it out!

Sometimes I have a problem in my nose, does that bother you???

I give real education for free for 5 years on the blockchain, take it or leave it dude!

No, that's not enough to bother me; but when I pick my nose, I don't call it work and act like I'm busy. You doing that doesn't bother me either. And notice how I just educated you, for free? We probably have a lot in common. I'm just not an idiot. That's what sets us apart. And because of that, it'll be very difficult for us to get along. So for your final lesson, I'd suggest you just move along.

You didnt teach me anything!

I am one of the smartest people in the world and with LasseCash using my skills in a way no one else is doing!

So go fuck a goat brainwashed motherfucker!

Weeeelll... I do appreciate you taking the time to run the numbers "just for shits and giggles." I have have run across some of his missives from time to time, and — being Danish like him, and often reading the web in Danish — I was well aware this had to be a pretty effed up mess, but it's interesting to see just how effed up it is. Somehow, I ended up with about 15 of the tokens for no reason I can think of... so I guess I am just not part of the "inner circle."

Dude you are brainwashed.


🤣 I mean that's one way to run your tribe into the ground. Self centerness wont get you far in trying to build a community on crypto. Well I take that back, it's works for some a$$ hats sadly. Always good to put light on situations.

I probably just don't understand it.

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you are right, you PROBABLY will never understand it!


Stop sending me blurry selfies.

ok this time you made me laugh, maybe for the first time... Thats good after all the hard work, donated 1000 LASSECASH POWER for it!

I haven't even finished powering down the last 2000 you gave me. It takes forever to get rid of this shit coin.

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A really nice adult reply you scored there.
Never looked at lassecash myself but to be honest also not that much into other tribes.

The communities are a great addition to the Hive blockchain. The idea behind it is great. Making it easy to find posts to your liking. But lots got messed up by euhm human greed. All posts almost have the max allowed tags, just to make an extra income.
Due to this lots of spam can be found in the tribes.
Probably my posts don’t differ from that but I think I am on the lower side of tag usage.

Could you explain how such a curve should be interpreted?
Did discover your site today and it is awesome!


The curve shows you how rewards are distributed. When the end of the curve goes straight up like in the case of Lassecash that means the rewards are distributed to very few accounts.

The slower the curve goes from 0 to the top of the chart the better the distribution.

The left side of the chart will always be low as most people get very few rewards as they don’t get many votes or don’t post often. The right side of the curve is what has the most information. In fact this chart cuts most of the left side off already to try to zoom into the section where most of the distribution happens.

Ideally you want a curve that raises above zero but only slowly raises to the max value which means a lot of account have decent rewards but it isn’t stacked a select few popular authors.

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The tribe is still small, thats why it looks like that!

We reward Anarchy, Crypto, Truth, .... simple as that!

Nice one! I also like, how he owns more than 8 million tokens, at a supply of 30 million and a maximum of 52 million. You have got to love the transparency of hive in times like these.

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The article sounds like Lasse is a narcissistic psychopat but the truth is he cares for his tribe members when they are down.

He very well may (your link doesn’t even work), but his tribe is deceptive as fuck (as well as many of his statements). In fact it looks more like a security than a utility token.

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Double-checked the link. You might be on a frontend that banned the post author PeakD link.

Cheers, it is not fair to bash your tribe's reward distribution without actually looking at the work of top authors like @pele23 or @ironshield

maybe I am confused here, its late here now... but wasnt it you that downvoted pele23 recently? Can we debate this in discord=?


Is it possible you are confusing me with @zedcell or @achimmertens ?

"@jelly13 has decided to downvote almost all my posts for a 100 % because he finds them "shitposts"."

Please come to discord, comments are not suitable for this debate. Tomorrow I will respond again!

I am the greatest leader of the world that I know of!

And yes I do protect my tribemembers..

here are the post: https://www.lassecash.com/hive-174578/@pele23/to-selfvote-or-not-to-selfvote

Thanks for the heads-up! Upvoted and rehived.

Dont listen to him, ... his tribe is rewarding pseudo science, so he is a fraud... and he is probably jealous that LasseCash is worth more.


And he will now show his face, so he is just an anonymous puppet on the internet, no value at all!

Upon initially seeing this post I was like "wow, must be a slow week for Marky if he's doing a write-up on a tribe." and I passed it on by. But then after scrolling a bit I thought "Marky wouldn't make this type of post without reason" And a devilish grin spread on my face.

As sure as the world is round, there is a good reason for this post!

Fuck the haters they're he's just mad that you're doing you better than he's doing him.

Dude the earth is ROUND and FLAT, what a concept!?


LasseCash price is up and to the right.

you're a joke, buddy.

How does your flat earth account for daylight in South America while I have 24 hours of sunlight?

The sun is literally up 24 hours a day. Your flat earth can't have that.

Okay, let me just go drive across the ocean and watch as the mountains rise from beyond the horizon.

Please don't breed.

Dude too late, I have the richest son in the world! Plus a daughter, loser!


This was an awesome look into this tribe and its distribution. I laughed out loud a few times. Thank you!

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Never heard about LasseCash before... I guess I didn't miss much.

Thanks for that comprehensive analysis.

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You missed the first 2 years where tokens was extremely cheap and people made a lot of money on the tribe, selling all the time... but now its different, no one is selling!! So yeah you missed out on a lot!

Some people don't know when to be quiet. They asked you provided, you made no snide comments that I could see. Homework is indeed called for.

Dude he didnt provided what I asked for, I was asking for him to run his BS APY calculation on LasseCash, he never did, instead he made this stupid post with no real information of value.

Good luck being poor!

Good luck being rich.

thanks, look here:

up 20% today

Screenshot from 2021-05-26 09-11-32.png

APY is math. It's like the shape of the Earth. Both can be verified by anyone. You asked a question. Nothing in this post should have been unknown to you. Why are you at war with objective reality?

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Thank you Marky, for the single most entertaining post and comment section I've read in probably a month.

My only regret is that I haven't yet figured out a way to make money off of crackpot conspiracy theorists, and for that I'm sad. Maybe I should offer to watch an hour of dumb flat-earth bullshit for every 100 hive (or equivalent value) sent my way... Hmm...

Watch this and I donate you 5000 LASSECASH POWER!


Its actually an hour! Tell me what you thought about it in Discord and I sent you 5000 LASSECASH POWER!


15,000 Lassecash and I'll watch whatever and provide a detailed response. 1/3rd up front, 2/3 upon my response.

My time is worth more than 15$/h. ;)

Dude in every transaction there is trust involved, so lets say I trust you that you will watch it, then you want me to send 5000 LASSECASH POWER now?

Well, a deal is a deal and as I see you have, in fact, sent me 5k... I'll watch the video tonight and get back to you after. I doubt I'll agree with it, but hey, a deal is a deal.

Its not easy for the brain to realize this, so I dont expect you to be able to watch it all at ones. Take your time and let me know what you think in Discord, you are in Discord right?

And of-course I will support you and donate more then we agreed if you realize its true.

Its night here now, tomorrow!

I am in discord, yep. I'll pop into your channel later.

Hmm interesting...

LasseCash might just be the DOGE of HIVE!

Screenshot 2021-06-07 at 6.32.41 PM.png

You too can make a token pump when you are the only one buying your own token.


Or when you primarily vote yourself with 55% of the stake.


But by all means, keep buying that shit, maybe he will buy it back for a few pennies more.


I’m not your mom though.

Haters will be haters, especially brainwashed ballheads like Themarkymark, even the leader of Hive Engine himself has a big problem with Marky...

Thanks for down-voting @hojaraskita, your evil behavior send her right to me and she might be a new tribe member thanks to you!

Folks you have no idea how valuable LasseCash tribe is, keep up the good work!