Selling Innovative Dreams; The Reason Why The World Is Filled With Monopolists

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In this video, I used The African Economy as a case study. The sameness in the economic system is why I choose Nigeria as a case study. In talked about how dreams and innovations are being sold by young would be entrepreneurs, because of their inability to finance their dreams. I went ahead to analyze the system of exploitation, especially the kind of "unfair partnership" formed by people who are in liaison with those who would sponsor them to bring their goals to the limelight. I talk about the effect of this exploitation in crippling the ability of creative people to becoming independent and financially free

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I saw something similar in the series F is for family.

Bill's mom had this device she made in the in the 80s but took it to an exploiter.

Our government cripples us on purpose. The reason we do not have 24hrs light has always been a well known strategy for keeping people ignorant and unproductive.

80% of Dangotes money is political sef

Like yoj have said...keying into the internet and the cyberspace has benefits for everybody in the real world today.

Well you're not wrong. independent citizenry would mean less dependence on government, then this would in turn mean that people can flip the government easily.
I have seen people who are being exploited, I've been exploited too, almost everyone in Nigeria is suffering exploitation. The government stopping the trading of crypto through commercial banks is anti-progressive as well. It's mad what's happening.

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Mad happenings mehn. Very nice post by the way!!

Thanks for coming through. We eventually find ways to cope

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I would wholeheartedly disagree with this take, I am an African, I started a business, with my own capital and 6 years later its still going. I know people who have done the same, I know people who have raised capital too.

When you raise money, you're WILLINGLY enterting into a legal financial contract you're agreeing to the terms and you're deflecting risk off yourself to place it on a 3rd party who rightly so should be have compensation for the amount of risk they are taking, how you view that terms is up to the individual but its still a concentual agreement. Many people who have your take do not consider the risk of going to zero but the LP has to, that's the difference

Is capital distribution through fiat money unfair? Absolutely, but that's got nothing to do with individual agreements.

I also find it conflicting that you would hold this opinion, yet you're actively promoting shitcoins that are in fact an unfair system sold to people under a false pretense with NO legally binding agreements. Do you not see the irony and hypocracy in your statements?

Well, In reality, I've seen people who have entered into contracts not binding, not legal, not lawful, because someone is offering to help them build their dream, finance it and get it running. Not everyone can raise capitals, (if you've seen some terrible systems you'd understand what I mean) They see the future, but they don't consider the fact that they're getting into a contract where they'll be exploited, it boils down to many not have the right financial education as this isn't taught in school.
This is the main point in this video, and not the point you're raising. I try to use Nigeria as a case study but I have friends in places like Botswana where this happens as well.

You" in context of promoting shitcoin
shouldn't be definitive as I haven't promoted one before, unless you say Hive is a shitcoin.

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It depends, people's ignorance of the laws that govern them isn't an excuse, in certain regards verbal agreements are legally binding.

Now you're talking about fraud or duress, that is completely different and these are criminal offenses, and cannot be conflated with agreements.

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The truth In this. Criminals are made due to deplatforming by the institutions that are supposed to give them the platform. Creativity can not be stepped on forever as the name says it,they will start looking for creative ways out there and Crime becomes the outlet. This feeling is not only am African issue now, we are seeing people world over battling these institutions through crypto. Crypto is a great place for these creative to raise there capital to boost there dreams. Before the monopolies bet fat off it. Governments pretends to a working something when it's not thinking for its people but a few elites

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Well, I feel it's mostly Africa because the system isn't built to withstand or checkmate power-hunger and fascist politicians who claim to be democrats. It's crazy, but even crypto is being synonymized with crime in Nigeria, people are being victimized for owning crypto.

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However dictatorship is sugar coated in the name of democracy. Hope one day will be better I just wonder when. Hope you guys are managing to stay safe, as the wich hunt for crypto holders is taking place

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I listened to your video and I want to say weldone you have spoken. Earlier this year I sold 30% of my company to some rich people who bought it at a ridiculous price because I need support so that my other innovation could come to limelight. My counsel is that you don't have to be a millionaire before you help without extortion. You can teach that boy physics etc without telling him to pay because you have seen a great talent in him . Hence help without extortion and begin from where you are.

You've just summarized the world, and how it operates. The swift never wins the race nor the intelligent making so much wealth. It's the world we find ourselve.

The capitalist keeps working hard to monopolize everything to their advantage, more monopoly equals more power and wealth.

Exploitation is a serious problem and I’ve been looking for ways to combat it for most of my adult life. I often joined the protests against redevelopment in my 20’s because these redevelopment plans in Asia and America often destroy the local culture for the benefit of a few rich people with no connection to that neighborhood. Within 10 years everyone forgets the original feeling of the place and it just because history that is part of the package to sell to tourists.

European countries have exploited Africa in many ways which is why I am rooting so much for Africa, I believe every individual and every collection of individuals had a chance to shine.

On an individual level, I’ve had people steal my best ideas and use them for their own benefit and it feels horrible. I found that changing the culture to respect real contributions rather than flashy things is one way to prevent this. The only other thing I can think of to prevent such abuse is for each person to aim towards finding their unique and authentic voice which cannot be copied.

This reminds me of Nicola Tesla. The man was a spring of innovation but didn't had the means. These who stole his work after he died are now profiting immensely from it.

Exploitation is one reason in conjunction with corruption that is drawing our country, Nigeria down.

Not just our leaders, I've seen a situation where our so called friends try to make exploit of us.

Humans are wicked, I'll say, they don't want to see their neighbors moving to the next level, once they see your source of income they will want to look for a way to exploit you.

Let's say you ran into need and you go ask them for help, they will use that opportunity to enslave you by exploiting you.

I have so many thoughts on exploitation but you've said some of it and you've even motivated me to come up with something concerning this.

You've spoken well sir, thumbs up 👍👍.