What are the undervalued projects on Hive?

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Hive is an amazing ecosystem with literally hundreds of smaller or bigger projects. We all know about the big ones like Splinterlands, Leo or 3speak but we often ignore much about the smaller ones.

The mission today:
Present us one project/app that you have the feeling is undervalued, not paid enough attention to.

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A project run by @ph1102 and @achim03


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The main underrated project on Hive is Hive itself. But speaking of layer two tokens I think that with the last drops my bet is for CTP, LOLZ and CENT

The main underrated project on Hive is Hive itself

I agree with that lol. Among all the crypto projects out there, hive doesn't get the attention it deserves.

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I think CTP is an undervalued project in our ecosystem. I learned a lot about e-mail marketing via Listnerds, as well. These are the first ones that come to my mind :)

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CTP definitely offers a lot of added value in terms of considering our activity here on Hive as a kind of business.

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Is it cheating to say Liotes lol. This project has been so well managed, and stable that I’m constantly surprised there is still LENM available to buy.

My other choices would be LBI, and Cublife. They are well managed and have had steady growth in assets as well. !LUV

This project has been so well managed

Thanks a lot for your kind words :-)

LBI, and Cublife

First time I hear about Cublife...

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I think the Hive commerce ecosystem is highly undervalued. https://www.hivehustlers.com/token-economy/

They have a hive-based platform for classified ads that can be posted to using the #list tag. You can create your own brand and sell merch in the Hivelist.store
The $COM token is really great and has a lot of utility similar to the INDEX token. And I've been using the hive hustlers platform more lately and it working out pretty well for me.

And I think @thelogicaldude is doing an NFT platform for musicians. but yeah a lot of value is being built for sure. It's pretty wild those projects aren't highlighted as much.

Oh, you are right about the work that @thelogicaldude is doing around the hustler community, the hivelist, and all other stuff... I hope it will get a bit more spotlight on his projects as he deserves it!

Thank you for the kind words sir!

Actually, the #list tag does nothing. We have a list of tags to use and how to properly use them on our home page, https://hivelist.io/list-token

And yes, I have @blocktunes that has a social front end on Hive, https://blocktunes.socail and then the main site and NFTs are being built on BSC and will be utilizing the bHBD token as the payment token.

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What do I know? Liotes for sure :)
If I look at the tokens, these are the ones that interest me:
SEED token, which is something similar to Liotes, and let's say DeFi token. I mentioned them because when I look at my HE wallet they are quite stable.
I also find the POSH token very cool because it's the only project where you actually get something for sharing/advertising Hive content outside of Hive.
It's not all about tokens. For example, the Dreemportt project seems to me to have a lot of potentials, especially for bloggers.

You are right about "not all about tokens"! There are some fantastic initiatives that are helping a lot to the whole HIVE ecosystem, but there is almost no talk about them... Like, Dreamport that you have mentioned...

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CTP (https://ctptalk.com/),Alive (https://www.wearealiveand.social/) are the two projects which i have been involved since its inception (almost)

CTP is an affiliate marketing community, but it's not limited to affiliate marketing.
The project has evolved so much since its inception. @jongolson and @blainjones have been doing great job. HivePay, Listnerds, Index and many other projects are been developed and managed by CTP owners. CTPSB project is part of the ctp community.

Wearealiveand.social is a group of alive projects under one roof. The standalone iamalivechallenge has evolved into many projects all driven by Erik (flaxz).


It's interesting to realize how many projects have been started by people that initially came from the CTP community. Zoltan and myself also started from there.

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I think dcrops and Rising Star Game are pretty good too.

Both of these games have a pretty solid structure and are definitely worthy of some more attention :-)

To be honest, seeing Rising Star at Hive Fest made me think how undervalued it is... and that was an idea for this mission post :)

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I think RisingStar is an excellent project, especially for music lovers, that people haven't taken very seriously yet.


Rising Star is definitely one of my favorite projects out there... Always evolving, always adding new parts into the game...

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I think the Liotes project is way undervalued and I am surprised it does not have more participants. Excluding that project, I believe the Awesome token and associated project is undervalued. The AWESOME token is a growth token based on the Hive Power value of the @thisisawesome account. This project is run by @flaxz There is not much buy or sell activity with the token because most people that get the token hold on to it.

Thanks for pointing out these two projects! Liotes and AWESOME projects are two dearests to my heart... Being part of both contributed to that... :)


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I think dcrops is a good one.

I had a short checkup at dcrops a long time ago, but didn't go deep into it... Maybe I should take a second look!

Beta just got released and it's changing the game. It's worth checking it out.

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Personally, I think #dCrops isn't getting as much attention as it should right now with all the new mechanics it's implementing and the release of the Beta Packs. The game is fun, interesting, and you can actually make some money playing it. It's not like Splinterlands where you could potentially make thousands of dollars, at least not yet, but I collect over 2.5 HIVE per day with my holding rewards and add a few thousand CROP to my balance every 2 weeks so...it all adds up.

With the release of the Beta Packs there is now a whole new set of seeds you can get as well as crafting and cooking you can do.

Like I said, I'm not saying it will make anyone rich, but in this bear market it might be something to work your way into. Who knows, when the bull returns, this might be one of those things people start splurging on to get involved. In the meantime, I'll just keep slowly growing my rewards.

Another project that I don't think gets enough attention is EDS. I bought some miners a year and a half ago when the HIVE price was like 30 cents and I haven't added a penny since. I just collect my EDS every day and then get a HIVE dividend once a week from those EDS. I'm up to getting over 1.5 HIVE per week and it slowly keeps climbing. Really a "set it and forget it" type of thing.

The other one making moves behind the scenes that I don't think it getting enough credit yet is #PsyberX. They've been building bridges, creating collaborations and partnerships, and expanding into other chains all while making some serious progress on building the game. The #LVL token is still really cheap and I think it's got a chance to really make it big in the next 12-18 months. I continue to accumulate here and there as the price spikes and dips. The potential is off the charts. Not one I want to miss if it does take off.

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You have pointed out some interesting projects! Slow growth projects can be an interesting investment as they have steady improvements... Something that we are doing on Liotes, too...
Also, we have bought some EDSM tokens a long time ago and they still work, bringing profits to Liotes!

I would have added #Liotes to this list if you guys weren't the ones asking. :-)

EDS really is the gift that keeps on giving. There is definitely nothing flashy about it and there's virtually no chance you can make any money on it in the first couple years. But after that.....pure profit! As long as HIVE exists, EDS are going to make you money. And if HIVE ever takes off and goes to $5, $10 dollars? All of a sudden a few hundred EDS tokens pegged to the HIVE price and 2, 3, 5 HIVE tokens paid as a dividend each week turns into real money.

At these early stages of crypto, it's still a marathon and not a sprint. EDS seems like a tortoise that could pass a few hares over the next few years....

As long as HIVE exists, EDS are going to make you money. And if HIVE ever takes off and goes to $5, $10 dollars? All of a sudden a few hundred EDS tokens pegged to the HIVE price and 2, 3, 5 HIVE tokens paid as a dividend each week turns into real money.

Something similar will happen with LEN tokens as it is also directly connected to the HIVE price... On the other side, if the HIVE price goes down, then we (LEN) and EDS will also go down... But, if you believe in HIVE, than EDS or LEN(M) are the way to go... ;)

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I do enjoy all kind of projects that strenght the authors on Hive. So my take is the HSBI project: it's a wonderful project that follow the old saying "Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish, he eats for a lifetime".

A huge vote on someone's post is like giving a fish. It's good but it's effects ends immediately. But by purchasing someone HSBI shares, they'll keep receiving votes forever, incentivizing the beneficiary to keep creating content on Hive.

I heard that the HSBI project is going DeFi, and they're working to launch a governance token. Let's see how it goes :D

I was into SBI on the old blockchain then the project got kind of attacked and I lost a bit sight of it. Thanks for pointing it out!

I do understand the critics against it when it was "purchase your own shares", as it was just an indirect way to vote yourself. But now that you have to sponsor another user, it's a great way to incentivize content creation: giveaways, contests, etc.

Hmmm... Interesting... New info 👍 I will look at it later 🤗 ty~

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When it comes to underutilized communities, I have to go no further than my own Family History community. It is a place to capture your family history (stories and life lessons) to be shared now and passed down to future generations. You can check it out by clicking HERE. Come by and share some of stories about your family (past and present), whether it be places, events, activities, or just what makes them special to you.

Thanks for sharing info about your Family History community!!

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Hmm, also going to cheat and say Liotes :D There's probably some other undervalued projects, but I may not even be aware of them 😅

Thanks for cheating :) And I do agree that there are dozens (or hundreds?) of undervalued projects on HIVE... We just have to scratch the surface and find them!

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I feel like eXode is very undervalued.

People were very impatient despite the fact that there is only a single developer (the art team has grown recently fyi ;).The pandemic took its toll on the project as well. Despite all of this, development has continued and just in these last days, research teams became assignable and the new UI reveals the technology trees. We even caught a sneak peak at the Mysterious Robot! My top researchers are analyzing the planet and our ship's damage. They got first dibs on the prefab habitats too while everyone else lives in the shipwreck.
This game will truly be a gem like no other.

eXode is definitely an undervalued game on HIVE! I have tried it and liked it, but the only problem was that I have no enough time to dedicate to games...

I'm sorry to hear that but glad you agree with me! I am so excited for beta, which seems so near now! Hope you get a chance to play more then.

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I'd say the !PIZZA project. You can check out their discord HERE.

Having been in a large number of discords on different HIVE communities since I discovered HIVE last year, I'd say that other than Splinterlands, PIZZA has to be the most active one out there.

Their token has weathered the entire bear market pretty well and the project is partnered with several other P2E games on HIVE. Lots of people seem to assume that PIZZA is purely a tipping token, however that is really far off from what it does. Staking it offers a decent APR, the token can be used to buy Steam games on the pizza website.

There's a lot of weekly events going on over there and their team members @thebeardflex @hivetrending have contributed quite a fair bit to the development of some stuff on HIVE.

So yup. Feel free to check it out if it catches the attention of anyone reading this 😜🍕👍.

!PIZZA project, with two great leaders are definitely one of the undervalued projects on HIVE... And one of my favorite tokens... :)

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I think it would have to be Rising Star because it's a good game that many people can get involved in. People can get started without spending and I know they are trying hard to get more exposure outside of Hive.

Some secondary projects that I was considering were LEO and CTP though.

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Oh, yes... Rising Star is one of undervalued and I expect another boom in user growth in the game... But, we will see...

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If you are into fitness and working out, check @strava2hive in the EXHAUST community. They do something similar to @actifit, but a little different. You can automatically post your recorded Strava workouts on Hive with them.

Wow! That's great information as I didn't hear about it until now! Will definitely check it as we need something like Actifit...

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It's hard to single out one but I'd go for Rising Star. It's quite a fun game. And it may be a great channel to onboard more users to Hive.

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Everyone likes Rising Star! The best game out there with an awesome community!

It truly is :) It's addicting in a good way.

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That's so awesome! Thank you so much :)

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Present us one project/app that you have the feeling is undervalued, not paid enough attention to.

Not paid enough attention... The real answer is supposed to be "dunno". If it's not paid enough attention, How did I know it? 🤣. But, there is a token that I just know around some days ago, EDS family (EDS, EDSM, and EDSMM). Learn and bought 3 EDSMM for a trial. Tbh, the chance of getting an EDS token is kinda low for now as I don't have at least 1% of the staked EDSMM. Liotes is still better for my situation rn 🤔. I still want to get more WORKERBEE tokens before buying more EDSMM tokens again 🤣

LVL token is going up as I see some PsyberX posts lately 🤔. Someone said about the BRO token that I think it's not working anymore as I never heard of that token again around months ago.

We invsted in EDSM when we started the Liotes project and the project is still around and still pays dividends which is kind of an exception for hive-engine projects :-)

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Hello Achim bro, it's great to see you again with another survey. What's up?

I would link you to the fiction writer's community, it is a small group of writers and poets known as Scholar and Scribe, a few weeks ago, I also wrote about it in my regular Layer-II Token post.

I am also a member of this community and I write fiction stories occasionally. The tribe rewards with 2 coins and they have a very dynamic tokenomics for both writers and readers. Writers get 80% of SCRIBE tokens from the curation, while readers/curators will receive 70% of SCHOLAR tokens.

The tokens were quite great in price in the beginning, but now they lose their value drastically, curation rewards are amazing, but due to low prices Authors are likely underpaid. Unfortunately, no other support for the author's for relevant community or whale curation accounts.

This is it for now. thanks my friend.



Thanks for pointing out this project, I will definitely need to have a look at it :-)

That'll great, you'll find plenty of interesting fiction of you like to read some. :D Thanks


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BEE is a very undervalued token for the utilities it has. In general, the market is low, it is time to buy.

I agree. Bee has tons of use cases and it is a bit forgotten in the hive-engine world.

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I thought it would be nice for me to share the "Scholar and Scribe" Community.

It's a relatively new community that focuses on creative writing. I was one of the pioneer members and have posted some of my writings over there. The team has worked to collaborate with many other projects and there are many contests to take part and prizes to be won. You can take a look at this post for the month of September - https://peakd.com/hive-199275/@jfuji/september-contests-prompts-and-prizes

There's also two tokens, SCHOLAR and SCRIBE, for posts that are posted within the community and tagged scholarandscribe. The liquidity isn't fantastic at the moment because it's still a new project. But we do have an enthusiastic team who has a lot of passion about creative writing.

Thanks for presenting this project. It seems several people from our community are involved with it. We definitely need to take a look :-)

I think Liotes is the most undervalued project right now on Hive! lol https://liotes.com/

My 2nd place may be hashkings, this seems to be an underrated game.


I think Liotes is the most undervalued project right now on Hive!

Hehe, nice to hear :-).

I haven't really looked into Hashkings. Thanks for pointing it out.

Post out on HashKings tomorrow! !LOL

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Dcrops is the most underrated game project on hive. CTP is amazing too and possibly the most underrated of hive's overall projects.

Thanks for sharing your opinion! These projects are underrated for sure!

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You might want to take a look at this, https://peakd.com/hive-155221/@ironshield/why-i-invested-100-hive


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Thanks for sharing! ALIVE tokens and the "subtokens" are indeed an interesting investing option... and also, a very undervalued project in general!

We are adding as much value as we can and have time for.


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