Dcity: State of The Union.

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My fellow Dcitizens,

As your new president, I would firstly like to thank you for your vote of confidence in electing me into office. I will try to be a president for all players and i hope to be able to use my presidency to unite us in bringing Dcity to the next level together. Secondly I'd like to thank Gerber for creating our unique little game and his tireless efforts in making it even bigger and better.

The past few months we have seen a huge increase in the number of players, but i like to believe that all of us are still early adaptors and the game itself is still in it's infant phase. The upside of being in an infant phase is that there is the potential for a lot of growth and development for our beloved game and i truly believe that Dcity can grow into one of the leading blockchain games. The flipside of being an infant however, is that we are still fragile and it's up to us players and Gerber and his team to each do our part in bringing Dcity to the next level.

So as your president i'd like to share some thoughts on where we are now, where i think we should go and what changes we need to get there. To keep this post to a resaonable size, i will adress some bullet points and write a more extensive post on each topic during my presidency.

  1. Return on Investment in SIM

Lets's face it, we are spoiled with our current returns. At the moment an investment in Dcity pays for itself in about 100-150 days of SIM earnings, which should make a realistic APR of 150% in Hive terms entirely possible. As much as we all love these returns, we all probably also realise that they are excessive and are not likely to be sustainable in the long run.

I expect that with the 3rd edition we'll see less generous income cards. Also, with the introduction of crisis events our collective SIM income will lower even further. This benefits the game in my opinion and i expect Gerber to come up with more features that help to control the SIM economy.

If the return in SIM earnings is reduced to around 100% APR over the course of next year, future players will still have an amzing return on their investment, especially when we manage to create additional, new rewards coming out of DcityFund.


2.. Bigger role for DcityFund

When Dcity started 50% of all Hive and Swap-Hive sales went to the reward pool and the other 50% went to Gerber as a fee for his efforts and to pay for dev's to develop the UI, Dcityhelper and other game developments. A few months ago, Gerber lowered his share to 40% and created Dcityfund, which currently receives 10% of all Hive and Swap-Hive sales.

With the introduction of the lobbying proposals, a part of the Hive in Dcityfund, is given as a reward for holding SIM. The current amount is 65 Hive, which amounts to a little over 20% APR and which has helped keeping SIM closer to the peg level of 0,005 Hive per SIM.

The current balance in DcityFund is 54,315 Hive, which is enough to pay the SIM holding rewards for 835 days, if nothing else comes in. But a lot does come in, a stunning 12,918 Hive was transferred to DcityFund over the last 10 days from new card sales, while only 650 Hive was paid out in holding rewards.

My vision for DcityFund is that it becomes a powerhouse for investments in crypto games and other projects within Hive. For example i would like to see Dcity invest in LEO miners, so that SIM holders would get rewards in LEO as well as in Hive.

But most of all, i'd like to see investments in other crypto games. We are riding the first wave of blockchain gaming here and if we invest in upcoming new games (also out of the Hive ecosystem), we can expect amazing returns on those investments.

For example: The creator of SIM CITY and The Sims recently started a new company to develop block chain games. Dcity basically is a blue print for what he wants to achieve and we should be on this like flies on honey.

If Dcity ranks first on the next SIM CITY, it will not only be a slam dunk investment, but a great way to promote Dcity as well.

Check it out yourself: https://www.galliumstudios.com/

In order to make the most of DcityFund, i think we should allocate a larger portion of the Hive sales to it. At the moment 40% of Hive sales goes to Gerber and 50% goes to the reward pool.

If we decide that we want to become a powerhouse for investments and strengthen our foundation, we all need to lower our short term results in order to gain long term success.

For now i think we should divide the Hive sales like this:

  1. Reward Pool 40%
  2. DcityFund 30%
  3. Gerber 30%

And as Dcity grows we should end up with this:

  1. DcityFund 50%
  2. Reward Pool 30%
  3. Gerber 20%

I realise that i am sticking my nose in Gerber's business and it's not that i don't think he should get his Lambo, but i truly believe that we all win in the long run, by making the right choices now.

@gerber: It's better to get 20% of a billion dollar game, than 40% while it lasts.

And a billion dollar game is just as possible as an implosion. It all depends on the choices we make together and to what extent we believe in Dcity and do our part in making it the stuff of blockchain legend.



3 Maintaining the SIM peg.

Gerber has created a very smart mechanism to maintain SIM peg, with the income tax being linked to SIM price and the price for new cards pegged at 4 Hive / 800 SIM. The recent addition of SIM holding rewards has helped in supporting SIM price as well.

With the growing SIM economy however, i feel we need to do more to add underlying value to our sweet SIM.

A big part of this extra value should come from more rewards for SIM holding from the larger DcityFund i have proposed. Hive rewards for holding SIM can easily be increased, but i'd like to see investments in LEO miners and other gems in our blockchain and payouts of the returns on those investments as additional rewards.

Another tool i think we need is an automated marker maker, which uses the funds in the DcityFund account to back up SIM price, by buying at lower levels and either sell it at higher levels or hold it to receive the increased rewards for SIM holding.

4.. What if Gerber's parachute won't open?

There is a big risk that we don't talk about often enough. If anything were to happen to our beloved, benevolent baby dictator, we are all in deep shit. The fact that there is no contingency plan for such an event is a risk for all Dcity players and increases the entry barrier for interested, larger investors.

I don't know what options Hive-Engine has that can help in this regard, but it is something that needs to be adressed rather sooner than later.


5.. Marketing and userbase growth.

Gerber has some very clear ideas on when it is time to start talking about marketing. In short that means that he's not interested in it until the game is further developed. I think that both paths can be walked simultaniously and that we should always focus on increasing our userbase in one form or another.

Stagnation is akin to regression and this is even more true for Dcity, especially as long rewards are as dependant on Hive sales as they are now.

I have taken the initiative to exhibit Dcity and Splinterlands on a consumer game fair in October 2021 on a fair in Essen, which is close to where i live. More than 200,000 gamers visit this fair and i believe it is worth the time, money and effort to be on this fair and other similair ones around the world. I have discussed this with @aggroed and @gerber and we agreed to see if we can find a way together to make this work.

If you know of another fair near you, feel free to request them for info and dm me to see if we can do something similair there.


6.. Pensionada Tax

I would like to start a discussion about another tax. The idea for this tax came to me when i noticed that one of our Dcity oldtimers @themightyvolcano, basically stopped playing and started selling of his SIM on a daily basis.

Ofcourse, this is his prerogative, but it made me think. If a luxury tax is considered fair for players whose strategy is to go for ranking with zero income cities, why wouldn't it be fair to introduce a tax for players who over a longer period neither grow their city or increase their SIM holdings.

I can imagine a tax that slowly increases daily, so that it works as an incentive for not just cashing out. I am curious to hear your opinions on this.


7.. Ask not what Dcity can do for you, but what you can do for Dcity

We have a great community! It's fantastic to see how active our discord is and how willing players are to help new players with answering their questions and giving them a nudge. When we as players do our part for Dcity, it can only help us in getting ahead.

So please, keep posting about Dcity, keep telling your friends about how you make money by playing a game, keep making art work and don't be shy when you have an idea for the game you think would make it even better.

To stimulate you guys, i'd like to finish with a contest.

I will give away 10 Military Industrial Complexes to 10 players who print out the “I want you to play Dcity” poster a friend and i made for this post and put it in in a highly visible location somewhere near them.

I am thinking train stations, shopping malls, community centers and any other crowded places you can think of. Photograph the poster and write a post about it. Please dm me your e-mail if you want to get the high res version if you wanna print it big.

Let's make Dcity that Billion Dollar Game together.


This is simply my opinion on the direction i feel we should go. I don't claim to know for sure if any of this is true/correct or even advisable. It's just my 2 cents.


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I am all for having a stable currency but stable at 0.0047 or stable at 0.004 is twice as good as stable at 0.005 peg. I do not know which one is better but both are twice as good as the peg. Why? Because in case of need, the price can move twice as many directions to smooth things up (without inventing "market maker" with an endless pocket).

While the Pensionado Tax has been criticised for a reason, I agree the Luxury Tax feels bad as well. It should be dropped. Just do what @rabona does when the club that receives a reward is in debt - they convert the Hive reward to RBN (their equivalent of SIM) so the payout lowers the debt (ie. it is not cashable). For dCity, your daily SIM loss could be converted to Hive value and the daily liquid Hive payout lowered by that amount rather than the artificial (10-)30% tax.

OK, I do not actually want to make it an unplayable strategy, I just want to point out how irrelevant the fairness analysis is.

If you like LEOM, buy less dCity cards and more LEOM. I like how various tokens spice up the game and LEO should be one of those but paying out considerable amounts in token that is not tied to Hive (in terms of pricing) introduces a new decently sized layer of risk.

It was a good read, although you overused "we". Thanks for posting it.

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@jelly13 Thanks for your reply, it's good to hear your take on things.
I am kinda hoping that at some point added value to SIM holding, does make it possible to move in both directions with a sim peg of 0.005, but we are a long stretch away from that point.

concerning the luxury tax, it's a tricky one. For now i think it works fine and it does not really compare to being in debt as in Rabona. There's just not enough sim to pay for full social support, so income is zero and support per citizen is lower than the standard 0.02 SIM. I can imagine a sort of opposite popularity effect, where population shrinks when social support is lower than 0.02 SIM.

Or maybe a ranking where all stats are added to a final number: so population + sim sim income + popularity + education + creativity + amount of cards. I am sure the last word hasn't been spoken on this, but for now i think it works pretty good. In my opinion building a zero income city is a valid strategy, which brings interesting battles and keeps certain cards valuable, which may otherwise become almost in. Which makes it less interesting for the "professional" card sellers to keep doing what they are doing.

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You can only keep SIM over the 0.005 peg if you persuade people that dCity is not worth playing. Otherwise they will stubbornly buy cards instead of SIM with their Hive. Not my plan.

I konw the population leaderbord and the luxury tax work fine. Between the two of us, you are the one who - in good faith - looks for creative ways to break the balance. Combining more stats into a single leaderboard looks like another one of those to me (at least it should came with distributing smaller percentage of the pool daily - to mirror that the current actual number is below the 1 % written on the wall due to luxury tax).

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With additional SIM holding rewards non players will also hold SIM. This is already happening with the Index token. I for one welcome the idea that holding SIM is interesting even for non players when rewards are interesting enough to do so.

Concerning the reward pool: If it was up to me i would leave things as they are, only i would choose for a lower payout % of 0.75% when we pass 350k. I think zero income cities follow a solid strategy amd bring both interesting battles and help in keeping value for otherwise non desirable card types. I am merely responding to comments from several players who feel there is an element of cheating when it comes to zero income cities. This is the reason lux tax was introduced in the frst place. So to make it crystal clear: The ranking system works fine as it is as far as i am concerned.

I find it funny that you say i try to find creative ways to break the balance. The balance is all i am concerned about, but with a growing SIM economy certain changes from time to time are needed to maintain it. IT seems to me you confuse balance with Status Quo. In the past i have lobbied hard to get the daily payout percentage lowered from 1.5% tp 1%. The fact that we have a 280k plus reward pool now is due to this lower percentage.

Now i feel the time has come to focus on creating additional rewards for SIM holding. That won't break the balance, it will enforce it.

Memento Audere Semper: Remember to never be afraid to act.

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I should have said "creative ways THAT break the balance". I am sorry if it sounded like breaking the balance was the goal, i figured the "in good faith" remark made my point clear.

We are in full agreement as far as the current reward pool distribution strategy is concerned (flatter payouts, lowered percentage, as the game groms).

I am a secret fan of the Macho Index. I have already shown what a cynical person I am so no surprise - I am fine profitting from the people who pay 10% fee for an investment management that at times involves buying SIM close to peg to hold. I do not tell anyone to do that to fund my fun playing dCity, but I do not object. The fact such things happen does not imply this can be scaled up significantly enough.

You will be a great President if you use the title to leverage your Foreign Minister skills and stay cautious in the Treasurer area. Stick your presidential nose in stuff gerber fails to spot/acknowledge but do not waste time telling him his numbers were off on stuff he clearly recalculates periodically.

I am going barehanded against the crowd cheering for you. I am surely not afraid to act.

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Yes, you are clearly a cynical person, but that's fine, we like cats of all colours here.

As the tresurer part of the game is what i am most concerned about, i will certainly continue to give my opinion in that area. I have noticced that apart from being cynical, you also have the habit of referring to remarks that were never made. I have never said that Gerber's numbers were off. I have only given my opinion on how i would like to see certain aspects of the game developed. He's a big boy and can surely handle some constructive discussion.

As for the crowds cheering for me, i don't see them, but it's good to know that we have our own Don Q, who's going barehanded against them.

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Your Number Two bullet has two sets of neatly spaced numbers with the magical % sign attached. Pitching them without implying the current numbers are off is Chutzpah to me.

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I guess in your world Chutzpah is both starter, main and dessert. In my world however, stating an opinion and proposing change isn't insolence.

But it's good that i know where you are coming from now, with your remark that i am wasting Gerber's time. Sitting quietly in a corner, waiting for change to come to me, is not my cup of tea. In the end it's all up to Gerber to choose which path Dcity will take and i will most certainly continue to give him unsollicited advice along the way.

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I got no big plotter so 8.5" x 11" will have to do. I live and breath dCity now. Thanks @luca-legend for getting me hooked.

Good to hear you are as hooked as i am.
The idea is to put the poster somewhere in a public place, so grab some tape, go out and the MIC is as good as yours. ;-)

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I would if I could but is pitch black outside right now lol. Will do that first thing in the morning. Hopefully I won't be late too late though.

Haha, no you are the first one.
I appreciate the enthousiasm.

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I did it! Hopefully not late. Too busy blogging 😅


What's your city name? I will send you your mic.

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Same as my hive handle: mawit07

1x Military Industrial Complex (ID: 120018)


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Yes this is my Work Place that i add in Photo i am sure my other workers will ask me about #dcity
My focus 10 Peoples bring at this plat form ;)
President @luca-legend for Forever Must See Poster with 100X zoom
and Thanks to bring me at save Crypto earning Plat form ;) you see Present Name

my excitement is going Up day day to investing in #dcity

That's great. I hope your co-workers will ask you about it and Dcity will be the topic of this week's conversation.

You got yourself a Military Industrial Complex.


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I invite to others come at #dcity and get passive earning

Ok so today I hung a sign on a friends store, but I want to make some spanish versions to hang in the plaza and in more computer and internet shops around town!!


When the door is shut it looks like this:


Very cool!
Pls share the Spanish version with me and you more than deserved your military Complex.
Sending it now.


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If I gave you the spanish words would it be easy for you to make a new version??

I'm a content guy, I have found that in the Spanish language my channel has an incredible niche and that easily at the rate I go I can be some kind of reference in the field. At least in marketing I think I could collaborate with you if you are interested in a more professional way as an ambassador for DCITY, in the end my goal is to be an ambassador for all the good projects within the HIVE-GAMING ecosystem.

And well I leave you my channel where you can see the DCTIY videos that I have uploaded and that has a "relatively small" audience but it is much more a buyer person than a larger cryptocurrency channel that is not focused on Blockchain gaming.


i think with a double side support we can help into the goal of expanding the brand and the hive-gaming ecosystem :)

I think we think alike on the importance of promoting Hive-Gaming. Look me up in the Dcity discord and send me a DM pls.

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Bets dcity post I've read so far. U have points that are forward thinking for more than 5 years from now rather than just 3rd or 4th edition. Dunno too much about cryptocurrency creation but something like a "sim backed dollar" could be created in the future to help stablelize the constant sell offs of sim. With hopes that 1 sim backed dollar can be swapped for 1 hive backed dollar.

More rewards for sim holders would be great as well as I've lowered mine from 1.5 mil to just 500k sim holdings for the pure reason that I don't get rewarded as much as if I re-invested that sim into buildings.

Yeah, i have the long term interests of the game in mind and at heart.
A big part of that is more rewards for SIM holders, so i hope we'll see something emerge on that front soon.

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Some very important points to consider here. The numbers you suggest might not be the ones I would pick, but I definitely agree that we should be heading in that direction, with a growing dcity fund, I was very happy to see gerber already lower 10% from his lambo fund.

If dcityfund is operated cleverly, it could be another potential perpetual motion machine!

Looking forward to what other people think of the pensionada tax.

I'm game, anything to increase the value!

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It's more about the general direction than specific numbers, but perpetual motion machine sounds like a plan.

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Lambo Fund, lovely Name, he still might disapprove it.

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I support all these suggestions 100% and I am sure most of the top players would agree too if we want dcity to remain sustainable for a long time.
Congratulations on being President.

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Thank you buddy, i am looking forward to playing Dcity for a long time with you as well.

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Interesting post on SIM. I just recently bought some. I've been wondering what the return on investment would be. I'm still trying to get to my 8000 SIM average to get a tiny piece of the daily Hive payout. But, I am making 40+ SIM per day.

I haven't invested much in the game though. A few dozen Hive here and there. After the holiday season is over, I'm planning on getting more involved in it and building up my city though! So, I'm coming soon!

And if I didn't live in the boonies, I'd totally throw up a poster. My city is a struggling poor one. 😝

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We all started small.
Having said that, it will surely pay of to be more involved.

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Good stuff @luca-legend! Love to see someone with these kids of ideas able to lay them out in an easy to understand way. I am 100% against the idea of a pensionada tax and in line with @dalz thoughts about it but I do like that you bring it up. Here's to a successful term my friend, PROST!

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Prost to you as well. :-)

I am glad you like what i am trying to do. We have a real chance of creating something of long term value here. Concerning the Pensionada tax, it seems most people feel the same and rahter walk the path of creating added value for SIM.

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This is the most comprehensive post I've ever seen from a community-driven game.

Thank you, i had to do my best to keep the size limited, or it would have become too long. I truly believe Dcity can grow into a front runner powerhouse for crypto gaming and i won't stop trying to do my part until we pass 1 million users. ;-)

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I'd like to see there be some decentralization and a backup plan should Gerber's parachute not open. That to me is the most important point of these.

Next, I'd like to see the SIM pegged much more robustly to .005. To do that, I think allocating a percentage of card sales to an automated market maker would work quite well. The automated market maker would then create significantly more liquidity around the .005 peg for buyers and sellers to move in and out of the market without moving the price significantly.

Yeah, decentralization is one of the most important issues indeed.
The market maker coul be funded with a larger Dcityfund, so to me Dcitfund is right along up there on the priorities list.

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dcity is a Hive-Engine game not a Hive game.
decentralization will only come if Hive-engine decentralzies. I do not see this happening anytime soon.

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There are two decentraalization issues. Hive-Engine is the obvious first, but the lack of any multisigning solution that suppports projects in such a way that it workks for both owner and community is a second problem.

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I know a team that has been working on multi-sig.
it will be out before you know it.

Dang, that is good news!

yes. Things would go faster but the whole (whales/investors) etc.. only fund the same people over and over.

A lot of things are coming soon not just multi-sig

I agree the potential is already there. Just need to get the developers on board. But it's growing at a tremendous rate along with LeoFinance. Has to be the greatest token economy on any of the blockchains.

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Not sure I agree with this.
From everything I see it is still the same people sending the same money/tokens between each over and over.
Until more use cases come online and the amount of the tokens on the exchanges starts to go down I can't agree with you point.

I do agree with you also. But that's what I meant by Leofinance. They are outgrowing the Hive economy and doing wonderful things. Even though it is the same money being bounced around. Its slowly bringing more attention! The biggest problem in my opinion is the time to power down and access your own finances. Not to mentions token conversion. Leo is working on that and trying to answer the questions at hand. Maybe I got off the original topic a bit. But it'll happen its just gonna take time. Haver a wonderful Christmas!

Agreed. Merry Christmas!

The automated market maker that uses a portion of catd sales just opens up the pipeline to drain the game-held funds faster in case of troubles. That is a pure antithesis to the longevity design goal being promoted by the President (and I do not blame you for pushing it as he mentioned it in the original post, too).

Implementation - ie, using the main reward pool vs creating a separate trading pool (that keeps the main pool lower) - barely matters.

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Thank you.
Hopefully it will bring some constructive discussions.

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Thank you for having introduced the game to me, Mister President.

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We are glad to have you.

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All great points except for that pensionada tax.... I think players might feel traped ... it is a free market overall everyone should do whatever they want with there stake .... I think higher sim liquidity is the more elegant solution as jrcornel mentioned.

P.S. Creating some sort of propsal system for the fund l, where players can create proposal and put it to vote would be nice as well.

I have mixed feelings about the idea of a pensionada tax as well, but wanted to throw it out there to see how people would react.

A proposal system for the fund is already in place with the lobbying system and i'd like to see any investment proposals to be included in this as well.

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Just like "real" governments, sometimes, if cities want to stay in the green, they have to keep coming up with new ways to tax the people.

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Nice recap!
Ideas are good to generate
and worth thinking about.
I know more will be discussed on discord.

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Thank you!
I am looking forward to discussing these issues on the discord.

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I've joned the game only a little bit more than a week ago but I was totally caught. I'm trying to understand the economy behind the game and most of what you write seems very sound. I kind of agree with @dalz about the Pensionada Tax. People will refrain from investing if they have the feeling that they can't cash out the way they want.

I like the idea of a warchest to invest in projects that could have a positive return for sim owners.

That seems to be the consensus so far, so probably the pensionada tax will end up on the "yeah, but no" list ;-)

Good to hear you like the warchest concept though, i believe that could really be a game changer for Dcity.

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I don't think it's a good idea to invest on LEOM, LEOMM. But it's safer to invest on WORKERBEE, because it will mine the ENGINE token - BEE.
If project could stop manual minting and let automated process to handle thing that might be a good way to go further.
By the way, the dev cut, yes it need to be a fair one. And hosting + other service fees can be added separately.


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I don't know. It wouldn't surprise me if LEO would outlive Hive-Engine.
For me, investing in LEOM would be no brainer.
But any investments from DcityFund would be through proposals, so it would be up to the community.

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For me, investing in LEOM would be no brainer.

Yep, no brainer 😆

Yes LEO will out live Hive-Engine.
Hive-Engine is a great proof of concept but has made it too difficult to work with in the long term.
So many projects will "outgrow" HE.

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You are motivating me to get big on Dcity with your post. Look like I should put all my funds here.

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That might be the best investment of your life. ;-)

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A very informative post indeed. I like the proposals except for the pensionada tax. I am new to the game but have been getting goood ROI. I plan on expanding my Dcity in the next few days because I like the game and get good returns. Almost 7 weeks in and hoping to play more hours while earning is a great way to spend time in during the pandemic.

Happy holidays! :)

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Great to hear you are hooked.
Have fun building your city and happy holidays to you 2.

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Yes, since you suggested that I start with 2 basic home and a forest. I have been adding cards from there and now am at more than a hundred.

The Potential of Cross-Community city building seems to be the greatest asset of the game. Especially concerning the recruitment of new future Majors to the Game. Also I do think Citys should be as consumable as anyhow possible. That’s what I would focus on.

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dCity is a beacon to show what can be achieved with a crypto game and the fact that you have so many fantastic ideas shows how much it is loved.

I must admit the "parachute didn't open" comment is something that has worried me for a while too and something that I have the same problem with in Rising Star although our game is a lot smaller.

I guess making everything open source is the answer?

I actually like the idea of the "idle tax" that increases if you don't invest in growing your city.

2021 is going to be a great year for dCity and crytpo gaming in general!

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Dude, do you know a famous president named J F Kennedy? I think you should look into him (just kidding)

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Love the image, You just treat us better than our elected democracy in the US. Cuz I got the feeling those officials are only out for themselves. DCity Rocks! Check out my city, THAHODLER! Keep up the great work!

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We aim to please. ;-)
Wil check and keep up.

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I‘m not sure if flies rally like honey that much...

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You got my weak vote!

I seriously love the game but I think you're right there needs to me more sinks in the game otherwise at the current rates it's going to get crazy. I would rather see it done sooner than later though as much as I dislike losing my own return I realize there are hundreds above me earning 100x what I am.

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