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RE: Creating Content on the Blockchain Part 2 -- Taking Your First Steps

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Don’t expect follow for follow.
Don’t ask for follows

I would also add

Don’t expect upvote to upvote.
Don’t ask for upvote.

Organic growth is healthy and sustainable.

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thanks @nathanmars I haven't talked much about upvoting yet, will do that more in the posting part and will keep your comment in mind.

Tell that to @clixmoney, he will disagree.

If you really drop a lot of time into creating, it's probably ok to ask for likes and follows.

Yeah, I do my best to write quality content. Even if I'm tired, or don't have many ideas. The web is so big, and we can always consume something to create, or just share our experience about anything. Also, I'm doing my best to support tags in hive. You can see how many participants we have in #dcc. At least 10 people are participating every week. I wish more people join us, but even now it's ok. So, if you'll have any opportunity to promote the contest I'm running every week, you can do that to help us. I usually upvote all the entries with my account and @dcooperation. I wish to see more of those entries, so I'll be able to support more people. Because I'm not that active curating, so at least I have some time to check #dcc tag every week. But it's not a general tag, we have some rules to use it. You can check the tag we are supporting this week, and we support a new tag every week : DCC tag contest - Let's support #travel.

You're a real hustler Alex, I admire your attitude.

He can disagree all he wants, its rude and not at all encouraged on Hive. Earn the follow.

don't be so harsh

If honesty is harsh... aw shucks ... it stands.

There is value to grace, people are all animals as well, no need to call em that.

what makes you think you get to be den mother on my blog? mind your own business.

Of all the things I'm not a mother, nor did we even disagree.

Follow for follow is to be avoided, as is upvote for upvote and reblog for reblog. Any of those are to be freely given when they merit being given. The bottom line for everyone is this:

  • Value for value. Only when value is given for value can anything else be earned.

I understand why people would feel unsure about asking for an upvote or even a reblog, yet there are Hivers going back to the earliest days of Steemit who still ask for either or both. I just figured "if it's good for them, it's good for me."

It's like selling a product in a store and then near the end you "ask for the sale." It seems obvious, yet it's amazing how many people go through the trouble to sell a good or service only to then drop the ball by failing to follow up by asking for the sale.

In both cases, here is what makes the practice of asking OK: you provided value with your post. You answered a question, addressed a concern, pointed the reader in the right direction, gave good advice, engaged well with others, made the reader LOL after the reader had a rough day, etc. If the reader felt good after reading the post, the reader won't think anything about being asked for an upvote or a reblog.

If a post is just tag spam or emoji soup, though, then asking for an upvote or a reblog is asking for trouble.

I get the CTA concept of the ask ... the problem tends to be that people who are doing the low value, slapped together, spammy posting are often the people who are most aggressive about doing the ask.

Their behaviour tends to make the wiser move to realize the act of posting is a CTA if our reader feels inclined. We can then use a CTA for some other action like say a writer who offers a subscription to a newsletter.

You just gave me an idea for a post I an publish from my main account (@magnacarta): When is it OK (or not) to ask for an upvote. I'll need a day or two to get it made and published.

Near the top of the post will be this statement, and I think most of us who have read your post are familiar with it:

  • No one here is entitled to an upvote.
    (or a follow, or a reblog, or anything else.)

I'll be publishing from LeoFinance, but I'll be sure to tag your community at post time. For now, I need time to gather my thoughts and ideas.

sounds intriguing :)