2021 China Silver Panda

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Panda coins are considered to be one of the top five precious metal bullion coin choices worldwide. It has been struck each year by the China Mint since 1982. It stands side by side with the likes of the American Eagle and the Canadian Maple Leaf.

Chinese Panda coins are sold for a higher premium than other bullion coins. This may be due to their low mintage numbers and yearly changing designs.

I typically purchase a gold or silver Panda coin in its current year, as they are likely closest to the gold or silver spot price. I always get my Panda coins as soon as they come out.

Since forgeries have been appearing in recent years, it is advisable to purchase Chinese Panda coins from authorized coin dealers only. SBC Gold

2021 Chinese Silver Panda Coin (BU)

Issued a face value of 10 Yuan by the Peoples Republic of China. 37th issue of Chinese Silver Pandas.

On the obverse of the 2021 30 Gram Chinese Silver Panda is a depiction of a mother panda with her young cub. As the young cub climbs the trunk of a tree, the mother can be seen from the torso up as she leans her front paws against the tree trunk while reaching up toward the cub.

The reverse field of 2021 Chinese Silver Panda Coins comes with the longstanding image of the Hall of Prayer for Abundant Harvests. This image has featured on Silver Pandas since the debut of predecessor coins to the BU series back in 1983.

JM Bullion


Chinese Panda coins have been in existence for more than thirty years. They apparently outperformed almost any other modern coin there is, from any Mint worldwide. Panda Coins


My 2021 coins, so far:

And here is the 2020 China Silver Panda.

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I purchase my Pandas from my local Coin Dealer who verifies every coin they get through their doors and assures me that they are genuine. I have yet to sell any of my Silver back to any dealer but I can bet they will that Sigma machine a good workout if I need to sell.
@punkysdad told me as I was a new Stacker NOT to buy any silver coin from overseas Ebay retailers, especially from China unless I wanted a fake one.
So be careful.

Always, with love 🤗 🌺 💖

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The only coins I bought from Ebay were the 1888 coins and old coins I've got. All modern and BU coins are either bought from JM Bullion, Apmex, SDBullion, and Intaglio. I don't buy elsewhere!
Hugs and Kisses, sis 🥰🌺🤙!!!!

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I Like Pandas. I Like the Fact That they Change the Design each and every year Ms. Saver @silversaver888

I wish I could collect them all!
The only time in the history of the Chinese Silver Panda Series that the Chinese Mint has repeated a design was in 2002 @stokjockey.

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You Know Ms. Saver @silversaver888 I was Just Thinking that POKEMON Love Hawaii, and Pikachus are CUTE..........ALOLA!

I shouldn't be surprised by the panda motif. Is it easy to order in the US. Here in NL I haven't seen it come up recently

It may make it thereafter this episode of shortage.
This was bought in December, delivered in the latter part of January.
What about the older years? Do you see them at all there, @pieternijmeijer

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Very nice! As you know already I do love the Panda coins but I do not have this years yet. I have been looking for a good price on getting one and will soon be adding one of these to my stack also.

Yes. And do not worry, the spot price will of down, and we can buy them when the price is better!
You have quite a collection of Pandas as is, @maddogmike!

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The pandas are always awesome. Not my stacking style, but theyre very beautiful rounds. Thanks for showing @silversaver888!

Yes, we all have different stacking styles.
I like your style, I just don't have access to LCS.
Me, if I could do coins only, I would!
Have a good evening, @fat-elvis!

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I was told the same thing that @kerrislravenhill stated below to just be careful that you get genuine pandas. They are very beautiful coins, it's a shame someone targeted this coin with counterfeits😍😍😀

Yeah, I never buy the Pandas just anywhere!
I only get them from reputable dealers.
Oh, China... they are known to be counterfeiters! Hahaha.

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That's the way to buy them @silversaver888, they are such quality coins my friend!😍😍😀

Have you ever encountered fake silver coins?

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I don't think I have @silversaver888, But I almost bought some German silver on Ebay.
Be careful if you ever see something like this, it had zero silver content....

It is a beautiful depiction of 'mother and child'. Very nicely done. My understanding though, is that the Panda is not a tame bear at all!

I think it's cool that you get one each year. They must be amazing to look at all together. Thanks for sharing and have a good night!🌸🤗

The older ones were sold to me by a friend on YouTube, the rest I got from regular dealers. I don't think I can complete it.
But it is beautiful!

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I bet! Take care sis!

I like all the different versions of a panda they have. Is it cheap to buy these coins outside of China? Looks like 10 Yuan is a pretty cheap price for a good coin.

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They come with a premium! All Pandas, especially the older ones I have, come with premiums. The cheaper pandas are the current year pandas.

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The premium on those silver pandas sure aren't cheap. I was looking up the prices and it definitely has above average price.

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Most definitely, my friend!

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