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Well, here we are again -

Is this the bottom?

I don't know, but I had prepare for a massive HBD spike, as I had some sitting on an exchange and decided to bring it back onto the platform and convert it into HIVE. There are a couple reasons for this, as the volume has been too low for me trade it directly and I figure the conversion at about 0.183 HBD for a HIVE (~5.5 HIVE/HBD) looked pretty good. The other reason is that with the upcoming Hardfork, it could be that there is even more HBD on the scene and I have no idea how that is going to play out. I did keep a little HBD liquid, just in case things change. I also kept a little of the HIVE liquid, but decided to powerup and reach one of those unit bias milestones.


The interest rate addition moved to fast for my math and I screwed up the round number - which annoys me - but hey, 150K HIVE POWER is pretty good! Only 350K more until I am a whale ;D

I bought and have had the HBD sitting on the exchange for a long time hoping for a bit of a run on it, but that never came. I figure it is better to have it active on the platform instead and take a powerdown if needed. I have a problem though, I tend to powerup, not powerdown - which is how I ended up at this point in the first place.

Of course, a lot of people are pretty negative when prices drop and often become inactive, but I have always understood that low price is the best time to buy - you know, buy low. It seems that a lot of people are forever waiting for lower, whether that comes or not it is hard to say - but, that is part of the game.

While buying low is great, when prices are low is also the best time to earn on the platform, even though the values are lower. Due to a lack of participation, there is less competition on the pool as well as people tend to concentrate their votes more when their vote value is less. The HIVE pool is the HIVE pool, the vested stake is what draws on it and with lower post counts and effort, there is more chance to shine and be seen. Not everyone plays in this way though, they are more concerned about the dollar figure on the post, not the HIVE figure 7 days later.

Having another almost 10K in stake also affects my curation abilities too, which also means my distributive abilities concurrently. I still think about distributing to people, though perhaps not that many are these days. If I end up benefiting from Hive, I want to be able to have helped others benefit along the way also - though it is also up to them as to how they approach the platform in ways that matter. My brother @galenkp runs a Friday engagement post which makes earning some HIVE (I am one of the sponsors) pretty easy, so I hope people jump on it and have some fun.

Of course, not everyone is in a position to invest directly, but there are probably far more who won't even if they can, as some see Hive as a platform to earn on, not buy into, while others are not sure if it is going anywhere at all. Time will tell, but I think that the best approach is to both earn and buy and for me, the buying is far more enjoyable than other coins as I Feel it has practical value for my enjoyment on the platform too - whereas other tokens are just for the sake of financial investment.

As I mentioned, to play the crypto game in general has a buy-in cost, to play the Hive game doesn't have to, but comes with an option to "up the stakes" so to speak. A lot of people seem to get upset at the idea of buying into Hive, while they do so in various ways on other platforms already, ones that blend entertainment with social, like Spotify, Patreon and Netflix. Even the news services are becoming far more social platform than news distribution.

I think I saw a post description (don't know who it was) asking at what price does Hive become more attractive to buy than earn, and I would say, it doesn't really matter for me. I enjoy the earning process and I have worked hard to be able to continue to work hard to do it - but I also understand that the earning isn't going to last forever and if I really want to have skin in the game, I have to put skin in the game myself. There is a fundamental difference (in my opinion) between earning on platform and buying with fiat and I believe it changes mindset and feelings toward the platform. For better and worse, but mostly better in my experience.

Yeah, I am an idiot that thinks all of this is going to work out well for the majority of those who participate well, but who knows - so don't be influenced by me, make your own damn decisions in life and own the consequences. What I do think though is that the world is changing and while "we" might be on the fence about it all, the coming generations will have a different understanding of the world and I predict, will be far more "reckless" in their investing, as they have already been squeezed out of owning homes and getting in on the traditional markets - so where will they turn?

Time will tell, as it always does.

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I agree with you, buying in here feels a lot better because of the practical application and seeing the benefits of it instantly. Other cryptos don't generally have the use case functionality Hive powered up does. It incentivizes participation. I recently bought in.

My original goal, in the early days, was to see how far above zero i could grow my account. Kind of like your evenly rounded numbers. Recently, i figured that was more of a long way 'round. So, i put some skin in the game finally. Then i put a little more in! Even when the market is down ..... my Hive Power is UP!

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When the price is up, you will be glad that you did put some skin in. Til then, let's have some fun!

I haven't seen any He-Man for a very long time.

I already am! hahaha The line He-Man says there is, "I have the POWER".... so for good measure, here's some more!

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He-Man was a Hippy - I was more a Man-At-Arms fan :D

I liked his hat. My dad got me a toy i don't ever remember from the cartoon but he was called Moss-Man. He was covered in green felt. I used to like the texture of that action figure. I would just pet him hahaha. He was a bad guy... but on my team he was always the good guy.

I liked the 5.3 Hive I got for 1 HBD. there must have been a slight further uptick after I changed my HBD's to Hive. It beat the 4.2 or so Hive I got last Tuesday for one HBD.

I need to start my HBD savings up again, I converted all of it to Hive. I didn't power any of it up though. I am trying to get in the top twenty account of a coin on hive-engine. I get a small vote for owning some of their coin. So hopefully today I made it to the top 20, I'll find out on their next post.

For a while after giving up on steemmonsters I was a little concerned over the money I spent for cards, but not so much now. I did have fun with the game for awhile or I would not have bought the cards, and even though I did not get my money back on the cards, I did convert, (sell) them for steem, which became double Hive after the steem power down, So I am pretty sure I did not really lose anything yet. An investment of 200 dollars in a game, and then into Hive, I feel pretty good about that.

One of these days I am going to have to get a KYC account somewhere, but for now still happy with the way things are going.

Yep, I got some "bad" conversions also. One funny thing many don't remember is that when the dollar was at its peak back in 2017, people were very happy with this kind of conversion rate :D

If you think about the time spent playing and the fun had while it lasted, it isn't so bad. Here, going to the movies is over $20 per person just for the ticket - pretty expensive for 2 hours of no return at all.

Yeah, my wife and I gave up on Movie Theaters a long time back. partly due to the price, but also due to the idiots that would just troll and ruin the movie experience and the management did not give a wit about it. they got their money they just stopped caring about the screaming, yelling, standing up in the front row.

So they raise the price of the ticket and then wonder why no one goes any more. People did not stop because of the price, they stopped because the owners stopped caring about the experience. (At least that was why my wife and I stopped).

People did not stop because of the price, they stopped because the owners stopped caring about the experience.



Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

150k, huge :)

If effort was to pay dividends in the future, you should be at the front of the queue. So I guess, cross the fingers and carry on.

150K seems crazy....

Get ready for a pump to sell on in the next couple days :)

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Been waiting for a few weeks now, this action/post could do the trick :)

Seemed to have kicked in a few percentage points :D

"Due to a lack of participation, there is less competition on the pool as well as people tend to concentrate their votes more when their vote value is less. The HIVE pool is the HIVE pool, the vested stake is what draws on it and with lower post counts and effort, there is more chance to shine and be seen".

Exactly my thoughts and that's why I have done my best to improve my posts lately. I also thought that it could be a great chance to get more and better exposure.
But it seems that it doesn't work like that and I am still searching for the reason why not, as instead my post values continue to drop.

Post values will drop, but it could be that HIVE value increases. The current price of the network is about 18 cents, whereas it was 25 cents a few days ago. This has an effect too.

Yeah, I saw some serious price fluctuations, but such is the investing game methinks.
Will just keep on banging away and keep on hoping for the best.

Apart from the feeding and trauma training for child workers, we are starting in a partnership with the rape and crisis center and also with the police's victim support center.
So yes, we continue to build both here on Hive and in our work here.

Apart from the feeding and trauma training for child workers, we are starting in a partnership with the rape and crisis center and also with the police's victim support center.

While rewarding in many ways, do you ever get disillusioned or feel that it is an endless battle that'll never be won?

No my friend, it is a battle that can never be won.
Since the beginning of time the poor has always been with us and in my view, unless drastic changes are made, the poor will remain until the end of time.

My reward is the good feeling that I get when I help someone and it's that feeling that has driven Papillon to have helped thousands thus far.

Yeah, that is what I figured. It seems an inevitable fate of progress - it doesn't move at the same speed for everyone.

Exactly, there is all the talk about genetic engineering and DNA standardization, but not of much interest to me.
I wouldn't want to live in a world where everyone is similar :)

Holy crap you got 150k hive for your HBD?! That’s awesome! Congrats dude that’s definitely a lot of willpower to not cash that out earlier hahaha. You do post and earn more so I guess it evens out having steady streams coming in that I’m not used to. Solid power up, I’m definitely going to grab some hive tonight at these low prices so I don’t miss out!

Edit I now know that you didn’t get 150k hive lol but 150k hive power is great! I’m on Ecency so it doesn’t show me much wallet transactions wise but how much did you get for your HBD?

Nah, I got 150k HIVE power in total - I didn't have that much HBD!!

I think I transferred about 2200 HBD and got 5.5ish for them 12K ?

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Hahah yeah I was gonna say damn that’s a lot! Still a great score of hive!

One of the truly beautiful things about Hive is that the more you are in position to earn the more you are in a position to help others earn. It's a really cool feedback loop.

I've read at least 4 posts today from people I admire that are buying/powering up today. One doubled his stake and the other 3 added significant fractions to their stake. Makes me very happy.

So. In completely typical fashion I bought what I had to spend last week. You can thank me later :)

Good for you, good for Hive.

It's a really cool feedback loop.

I know there are plenty of maximizers - but I like being able to add value to others, there is something refreshing about it.

I hope that a few people powering up means the bottom is in.

So. In completely typical fashion I bought what I had to spend last week. You can thank me later :)


Most people aren’t patient. They want the quick move. It’s tough to buy when everyone is selling. I believe in this platform so price is irrelevant.

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It is easier to sell than buy - selling is a gain, buying feels like a "loss" of fiat.

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Holy Hell that's a lot of Hive 😱 I plan on buying some Hive soon, I hope, we are waiting on a check to come in the mail that seems to be taking it's time getting here.

I enjoy earning have also but I've some plans brewing (more on that later) that could use some Hive power behind it. I see buying Hive directly as an investment into more than a way to earn profits but to engage, promote, and create and give back to a community I want to help grow.

The check has been in the mail for a very long time - now being held up by Covid restrictions perhaps.

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I am not in a position to buy. but I keep what I have earned. and I'm waiting for a lucky moment. :) I hope it will be like you said. and your luck goes well!

Everyone wants to get lucky :)



I am on my way!

You sure are! :D <3

Now that Hive blockchain is in hands of the community and much more decentralized than Steem when Steemit was running a leading role, I have much bigger confidence the project will make the token will grow its value as time goes by. Things like wHive and wLeo as well as NFT's and gaming will soon start pumping the price up.

I hope that there will be a drive through LEO as well and NFTs look promising. Looking forward to a "native" SMT still though.

Thanks for the advice

You are welcome :)

Near enough is good enough 😜 and not like it would stay round for long either way 😆

Yeah - but my OCD... ;D

Congratulations on such a round (almost) number. I think it's always more practical to act than wait.

I should have done it earlier perhaps, but at the same time, I think I got a little more HIVE for the wait.

I finally hit the powerdown button last night. Only 20K HP; but I honestly never thought the day would come. It's surreal.
Splinterlands has a land presale coming up (in around 13 weeks) and my heart tells me to move in heavy. Drops me to 77K HP; and I was so close to hitting that 100K mark.
Also powering down all of my LEO to wrap it, and SPT to feed my market maker on Hive-engine. So much going on.

I am powering down the LEO, but I think I will only wrap a part of it, and leave some active on the platform through my baby account again.

Land sale?

Yes. It's not something that's ever been done before. They're adding another layer to gameplay. You and I match up. We each pick our monsters and lock in our choices.
The game then shows us each other's lineups, and gives us another round where we can add spells to our team and/or items to our monsters.
So another layer of strategy on top. Not particularly groundbreaking; but what's really new is how those spells and items are made.
The game won't be selling them at all. Players will manufacture them, and sell them to each other. Buy different types of land (forest, mine, dungeon, open lot), harvest for resources, go on expeditions, clear dungeons etc.
Some lots will let players build upgradable buildings, and have monsters assigned to them. Those buildings will manufacture spells and items, using those resources.
So the game will become a massive marketplace with a huge number of NFT types being traded between players.
The expansion will be mid-late next year, but the lots are going on presale around November this year. Regular price will be $20/lot, but presale price is $10/lot, with 25% discount for 1000; and priced in Dark Energy Crystals, which can be bought on the market around 2000 to the dollar; and accepted by Splinterlands at 1000 to the dollar.
So instead of paying $20 next year, I'll be buying half price DEC, with presale and bulk discounts and paying around $4/lot.
Aiming for 3000 lots all up.

You did it! That's massive, you would never have seen that coming at the start of the year!

Without out all of the nonsense, I would have been around 100K I think - but here we are :)

I joined you!


Lets see what happens. I was talking to Ash yesterday. Not sure, about the bottom myself. But I never pick top or bottom :)


Ah - you put me to shame! :D

Well, someone got to support the price at the lows :)

Together it is mate. We are in it together.

Together it is mate. We are in it together.

All the way down ... ;)

Good evening. I read and study, and of course I draw conclusions. Nice post. Thanks you

I like to draw too. What kinds of conclusions do you draw?

I have only one conclusion, you need to make the most of your efforts and patience to study the cryptocurrency and devote more to working on Hive. Well, and apparently I will have to buy the Hive token. This is my opinion, but I could be wrong. I don't have much experience yet. Thank you for responding to my comment.

This interesting post

Congratulations for being half a whale hihi, I am so aware now of how much work you've put into it!