5 Ways To Earn A Passive Income With Splinterlands | Even If You're Not a Gamer!

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5 ways to earn a passive income with Splinterlands Splinterlands.png

Play to Earn

For those who didn't discover Splinterlands on the Hive blockchain yet, you should really at least check it out as your Hive account is the account you use to login to Splinterlands. With all the Splinterands updates lately and their roadmap ahead, there are plenty of ways to benefit from this game, even if you're not a gamer yourself! But, of course, the first option to earn from Splinterlands is simply "Play To Earn".

By playing the game you can earn every single day. First, by earning $DEC by playing (winning!) battles. But if you unlock your daily quest rewards (those differ each day), you can find credits, $DEC (in-game currency), Chaos Legion booster packs, cards, potions as a reward as well.

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SPS Airdrop (until July 2022)

The team started a year-long (yes!) airdrop with Splinterlands tokens ($SPS) for everyone holding Splinterlands assets. Every day until somewhere in July, there's a screenshot that records your assets, giving you points that will give you a piece of the pie of that day's airdrop.


As you can see, there are quite a few ways to get in on the daily airdrop, even if you'd just play Splinterlands with your starter set and manage to earn a bit of daily $DEC or open 1 chest with a card as a reward, you will receive airdrop points and therefore: SPS airdropped that day. Your total rewards can differ by the day as it doesn't only depend on your points but the others as well.

You also receive points over the $DEC you're holding in your BSC wallet (if you connected it to your account) and the $DEC you have in pools. The pooled DEC even earn you double airdrop points!

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Staking SPS

If you stake the SPS that you've received from the airdrop, or of course, that you've bought, you will also receive staking rewards in $SPS tokens. Currently, the APR is 33.96%:


As you can see, I recently reached my soft goal of having 7500 SPS staked, meaning I'm past 7%% of reaching my 10k goal for the year. I'm very motivated to reach this sooner because the stake also generates vouchers, which I will discuss in the next paragraph.

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Vouchers is another token you can either buy on Hive-Engine, Leodex or Tribaldex (the Hive token markets) OR receive for free every single day IF you have $SPS staked in our Splinterlands account.

They were initially introduced for the release of new card packs, you needed 1 voucher for each pack you purchased during the presale. Since the general sale of Chaos Legion packs started, you don't need them anymore, but the vouchers are still dropped and will be used for other in-game benefits in the future. They already have a value, and can be traded in the markets.


With my current stake, the screenshot above shows how much my daily voucher drop is, and I'm honestly hoping to come a little closer to 1 voucher a day soon. I'm not selling my vouchers though, I'm keeping them in case the new collection that will be released in Q2 this year requires vouchers as well.

Receiving these vouchers is prepping me for the new release, and meanwhile bringing in a small extra passive income as they are trading for $1.36 each currently.

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Renting out Splinterlands cards

When you decided you aren't really a great player, or you have loads of extra cards you never use, consider renting them out!
This is a great way of using your assets to earn you a passive income every single day when they're rented out instead of leaving them unused and waiting for them to go up in value. The currency you earn when renting out cards is $DEC. You receive them directly in your Splinterlands account. Some people earn a very sweet income from their rental business!

Although you can nowadays rent cards in-game in your Splinterlands account as well, I personally still go to Peakmonsters as I find the interface for rentals easier to check.

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Getting into the Splinterlands fun brings in quite a few possibilities to start earning as a player as well as an investor. You can be both as well. I haven't even discussed selling/buying cards in this post, but I figured that was stating the obvious.

In which category do I fall? I have tried the game, but since all the changes with new cards, I really suck at playing. To the point that I barely get out of the bronze 3 league. I bet if I'd set my mind to it, I'd be able to crawl up but I can't find the motivation or time to dedicate my time to it. So therefore, I'm falling in the category investor more than player.

I'm happy with that, and will keep doing what I've been doing. Stacking $SPS :)

I hope this post was helpful, feel free to leave a comment below.

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Even with decent decks, it’s really hard to compete lately lol.

Splinterlands is definitely one of my best accidental investments! I got the spell book early on but didn’t play much, but I did enter contests and won some alpha and beta packs that I opened and got some decent stuff. I’ve taken a break or two from the game but thankfully through time and playing, have gotten a decent deck that I think is good enough to get me some wins. Can’t complain there!

I think a cool part about it is certainly that you can get into it and just do things passively.

So even then it's hard alright, that makes me feel better (lol). Sharing struggles :) haha.

I love the fact that you can start playing, discover it's not for you or maybe real life needs your attention for a longer time, so no time to play and then you can still earn by renting the cards out and/ or the other options.

I currently can't find the motivation to learn more although I've noticed some cool earth cards from CL make my battles more pleasant :)

The amount of income streams just from this one game is really impressive. Managing multiple accounts for my family becomes time consuming, even if you don't play. !1UP

I used to play some alts for the season rewards, which I stopped doing because it was so time consuming, so I can imagine, even if you don't play, lot's of things to be taken care of nowadays.

Thanks for the 1up!

Thanks for this update.

Somewhere in the back of my head, I can't shake off this notion that I need to buy splinterland cards to be able to even begin playing the game.

Well, I think nowadays that's correct, but you could start playing the starter deck and just renting a few to match these even if just for a day ;) would advise to not buy until you know what you like playing but that's just me :) Or you can buy Chaos legion packs and just go with what's in there...

There are so many ways to earn with this game, it's amazing. Soon we will be able to earn with lands and players staking too! I can't wait 😄

Yes, it's indeed amazing and I will keep spreading the word as it's quite an easy way to start earning some income. Especially if you love playing..

Thank you for sharing these ways to earn passive income. There are so many ways on the Hive Platform to earn extra passive income. I arrived at your post from your ListNerds email. Take care.

You're welcome! I personally suck at playing, so I'm one of the people that doesn't play daily and rarely gets any great rewards due to my level, but I still earn a nice passive income every day from it. Even with the prices now I like it, once SPS goes up again (remember it went past the 1 dollar already some time ago) it will be an AWESOME income stream all of the sudden.

I will follow you, it's nice to connect with others on Listnerds! Take care!

Once the Riftwatchers packs are released, SPS might pump again since that will be the only currency allowed for the purchase. Also, I think vouchers will be usable in the future but I do not remember for what purpose. Take care.

Yes, and what about when the airdrop stops in July, I believe that will make the price go up as well. I forgot that SPS will be the only currency for that, thanks for the reminder, even better than I'm stacking them like crazy haha.

The vouchers are coming in at a nice rate here now, I hope to come closer to 1 each day as I will need 100 (or 110?) for the purchase that I want to make (minimum). So far, I've collected about 18 I think, sold the rest in other rounds. This time, I'm going in from day 1 haha.

Thanks for stopping by!


It is :) I really play very little, because when I do, I keep losing and I feel it's consuming too much time for me (personally) to learn more compared to other ways that I can spend my time and earn. So this is the perfect solution for me.

How am I just seeing this awesome post 😳😲

LOL I don't know :) are you on Listnerds? Because that's probably why you landed here? :)

I don't even know what listnerds is 🥹

Interesting Post, coming from Listnerds, thanks!

Thanks, glad you found it helpful.


Hi, I have a question regarding the Listnerds topic you talked in your email. How is exactly that you can earn SPT? I mean, I write a lot in my reports,and I mean a lot! Once, I got like 3K in SPT tokens, but usually I only get around 150 to 300 per report. What am I doing wrong? Thank you so much for taking the time for reading my question and very awesome report!

If you use the Splinterlands tag, you can be found by the 1UP curators, so if someone likes your content enough, they can trigger the bot and you will see a vote come in from the monster-curator account which can be 2500-3000 SPT per vote..

I understand, thank you very much. Another question, what matters the most using the proofbrain tag or pob tag? I've seen that there are tribes with two tags like leofinance and leo.

A lot of comments. Listnerds is certainly helping engagement.

It is great to see how people are commenting on the articles that are emailed out.

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Yes, it works like a charm!
Engagement is key so let's get those keys :)

Protect your keys. That is vital. lol

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Haha, good one! Never ever share your keys guys :)

One definitely can earn on Splinterlands in so many ways. It's probably the most complex game economy I know and anyone can find a way to earn through Splinterlands, playing or not the game (there are numerous examples of investors-only who participate in the Splinterlands economy). Came from Listnerds.

Yes that's the great thing, that anyone can find a way. I'm hoping that more non-gamers discover that and can benefit from everything the ecosystem has to offer as well. Of course being able to play and earn is better, but not everyone can (for their own reasons).

Thanks for dropping in from Listnerds!

This is a very well crafted post
Who knew there could be so many different earning potentials from just one source.
Amazing have a wonderful week.

Thank you for the compliment! And there are probably more lol.

Same to you!

There are also other ways I can show you, pop into the PIMP chat on Wednesday morning ;)

I bet you are right :) I have no idea when your wednesday morning is for me though :) will drop in later!

This is a great summary of Splinterlands investment options. I don't play the game either and it's nice to be able to be involved anyway. I already have one really good card I rent out and I am staking my SPS everyday.

Thanks! As well for the reblog!
I think it's important to show non-gamers that even for them there are options to earn with Splinterlands.

Renting is smart :)

You're very welcome, @thisismylife! Love that passive income. Have a great day! 😀

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-- @lisamgentile1961

@thisismylife! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @lisamgentile1961. (1/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Good Morning and Thank you, @youarealive! Enjoy your day.😀

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-- @lisamgentile1961

@thisismylife another way to earn passive income from Splinterlands is to use a bot as well - this has previously been somewhat difficult or pricey, but @archmage.app recently launched that is doing some cool things to keep the costs down for Splinterlands players who want to stay connected to the Splinterlands system though botting.

While botting the game is a touchy subject for some, I think it actually provides a lot of benefits to the community.


Oh, that's interesting, I thought these bots were something only accessible to the devs that can code them. Had no idea that this was something that can be used by the regular player too. I will read about it when I have some time, so at least I can tell others about it when they have shown interest in botting. I personally don't think that would be something I'd be interested in, but it's good to know the options :) Thanks for this, learned something new today haha.

Glad to have helped :) Enjoy some !PIZZA as well!

Wow, I'm being thrown pizza a lot today :) haha
To the point where I was in a shopping mall and we actually ate some pizza.. oops :)

Yeah, I must say that I too like you have trouble getting out of bronze III, I play in the brawls with the HE Index league but I've lost some interest in the game too and don't have a lot of time to give to learning how to get there.

I do take advantage of the other options for earning, SPS, voucher, and I rent all my gold gold cards or any I have 2 or more of.


Sorry to read that you lost a bit of interest, but I get it. Other priorities. But we can still use the earnings options to our benefits :)

thanks for the pizza!

Oh yes this is true. I do have several rentals, I take part in the brawls and I do go back a couple of times a week and try to play some battles. I'm in for the long haul so whatever I can accomplish to me is a plus.

Nice summary! Splinterlands is really a great game with many options to earn income. I wouldn't say, that most of it is really passive though. Playing isn't passive at all. Renting out cards isn't neither, since you have to adjust prices on a regular basis.
But yeah, SPS airdrops, staking rewards and vouchers are more or less passive.

Keep up the great work!


You're right playing isn't passive indeed, but renting to me is nowadays. I've spend months being on top of the market for rental prices and it was an absolute pain and waste of my time at some point (when the prices dropped) so I decided to just leave it as is. If I notice not many are rented out, I will check when I have the time but won't spend hours on it anymore :) After that, sit back and ignore, lol. Of course, if you have great cards, that are very wanted, it pays of to be on top of it. In my case, not so. My time is worth a lot more than spending it on those few possible DECs :)

I was a little late to the game but I am working on building up my deck. It's coming along slowly but I will get there and I have a plan on making an income playing Splinterlands. It will take me some time but I see it happening.

it's not too late, at least you also have some months of airdrop benefits left before it ends. So that's great! And while I've seen SPS go above the dollar, I'm not worried but excited now that I can buy it at this price :)

Thanks for sharing! - @cieliss

And thanks for the support <3

Fantastic overview, and the Splinterlands addiction is SO real LOL

Thanks for providing this and of course, sharing it with ListNerds members. Hope it brings more over to the good side of the force!

Thank you!
Haha, I bet there are plenty Splinterlands addicts out there!

It's nice to show Listnerds members various topics on the Hive blockchain and how they can monetize their own content.

I'm not a gamer but I do all of these except renting. I'll figure my way around it soon.

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Lol, another no-gamer :)
I think it's cool that even without the interest to play the game you can still earn nicely from Splinterlands.

So how can I start getting the air drops? I have no assets. Do I need to buy the playbook?

I'm not 100% sure, but I assumed you need to buy the starterset to get into the airdrop. Although that one isn't going to grant you any points. The DEC you hold, cards you hold and other things in their list will though.

It is terrific to see Splinterlands expanding so much. We are going to see a massive push forward I believe by the development team.

This is a great way to get things going. More articles like this that we can send out, the better for all involved.

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Yes it's been great to see all these earning methods appear and it's getting much more interesting for a bigger audience (like the non-gamers) as well.

Imagine not understanding the hive ecosystem really but taking your chances on staking some coins on Splinterlands, HIVE power, HBD and receiving rewards. I bet those people will soon be more interested in the rest of the ecosystem.

I guess a lot of people stake on all kinds of platforms, so it's not unthinkable with the 12% ARP on HBD and about 35 (something in that area) on SPS.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Yes even the simple projects that payout a decent ROI can be very appealing.

The key is to get people in and started somewhere. After that, they can branch out and learn what else is here. There is so much being offered that it is really amazing.

We are going to see somethings go up orders of magnitude. People will fall into life changing money.

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I am happy to have the chance to practice all of the above mention strategies to earn.
ListNerds forever

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Good for you :) keep rocking it!
And thanks for visiting from Listnerds :-)

I love to earn Splinterlands rental cards payment in DEC.
ListNerds helped me find your article.

Yes, it's nice to receive the dec, isn't it?
Thanks for letting me know you came through Listnerds!
Have a great day!

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Another awesome post. I had no idea that Splinterlands was good for investing. I am not a gamer but I do like getting solid returns on my investments.

Some nice tips here for those of us who don't play the game. I have been selling off my Voucher token drops. Thanks for the tip about SPS % rate. Found via Listnerds (upvoted).


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so if you are just starting out in splinterlands what would be a great way to invest in this game. sounds like you need to get in to this game early to make some type of profit. With that being said get information. Thanks alost

Yes, I have been doing everything other than renting. I do not have a spare card to rent out so for me playing in the Silver 2 league much sense.

Came from ListNerds :)

Same here. I am stacking SPS and SPT.

You can also add blogging on splintertalk.io. The mechanics are the same as HIVE and other layer two tokens. The more you stake SPT, the more powerful is your upvote.


Yup, that is the wonderful thing about Splinterlands. However, the SPS airdrop is not going to last forever. It is ending in 100 days.

Great overview, I've no excuses not to get started!

Making money made easy

Try telling someone that they can have a great time playing a game or note and earn income. You are probably going to have to wait for them to stop laughing. Thanks for sharing this great information.