Weekend-engagement post topics 77: Influential


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Let no man imagine that he has no influence. Whoever he may be, and wherever he may be placed, the man who thinks becomes a light and a power.

Henry George

We are surrounded by influences each day, some positive and some negative - This week it would be nice to learn about who has influenced you or who you have influenced in a positive way. Take a look below for the topics and some of the benefits for getting involved with this posting initiative and I hope you'll choose to get a post into THE WEEKEND community.

Simple guidelines to follow

✔️ Use #weekend-engagement as the first tag of your post to be eligible
✔️ Must be posted in THE WEEKEND community.
✔️ Post directly into the community - Do not self cross post (Community rule)
✔️ Post in English (Use a translator if you like)
❌ Plagiarism won't be tolerated - Do your own work and credit photos
✔️ You have all weekend to get your post done - but follow the guidelines

Follow the guidelines above so you're eligible for the rewards and feel free to comment below if you have any questions about how it all works.

Benefits to getting involved

  • Post(s) will receive upvotes from me (and hopefully others)
  • Some posts will be curated for @curangel rewards
  • Hive rewards sent directly to some at the conclusion of each weekend
  • Best/most liked post pinned to THE WEEKEND community
  • Top posts showcased on the winners announcement post
  • Showcase yourself to the community and build your account

This week's topics

➡️Option one

Describe a situation in which you positively influenced someone - Who was it and in what way did you influence them, how did that accept it and what was the outcome.

➡️Option two

Tell us about someone, other than your parents, who has supported and influenced you and made a positive difference to your life. What did they do, how did they do it and how have you benefitted - What lessons do you remember the best.

➡️Option three

If you could influence anyone on the planet, other than your own children, in a positive way who would it be and why. What aspects would you attempt to influence, how would you do it and what outcomes would you consider acceptable.

➡️Option four

Have you ever been negatively influenced; By whom, how did they do so, what happened in the scenario, when did you realise it was negative and not a good thing for you and how did you make the changes required to turn it around.

Curation and hive-rewards will happen on quality original content so proof read, use in-focus and interesting pictures and generally take pride in your post. Your posts are a representation and showcase of you - Give people a reason to visit your post feed.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

Discord: galenkp#9209


This is a great topic which can make one to dance along the line. I'm happy to have this topic before me.

Thanks, I'll look out for your entry.

Smiled... I will love to see your dance styles 🤸

Greetings @galenkp. Hope you weekend is off to a great start.

I hope you have a great weekend also.

Well, I for one, hope that you get attacked by rabid possums over the weekend. Until you yourself morph into a mutated, sentient possum abomination.

You crusty whore, you.

Haha! You're such a sweet-talker.

I hope you have a good weekend too...Look out for mutated, sentient possum abominations...And crusty whore's. 😀

lol! That reminds me about some mutant spider snakes I posted about a while ago :) .... I called them Snakesters.

Another weekend ❤️

Another working week has ended (or will soon, only two hours to go). Time for the weekend!

That’s right. #hive putting smile on everyone’s faces while the week ends.

It sure is huh? Keep pushing HIVE!

Exactly, I like how that happens

Always the love we see and get, happy weekend

It's been along time coming. Well done for keeping this alive @galenkp.

77 weeks now...Not intending to stop just yet.

That is the spirit bro, love all round ☺️
Happy weekend to you

I just published a post before I read this article.

Then I realised to put the #weekend-engagement tag at the first place and made the correction.

I hope it can be found by the curators.

I think it's an excellent initiative.

Regards, and of course, have a great weekend @galenkp!

This is pretty cool. Is it okay to do a combo of options two and four?

The old combo ploy huh?

Hmm, that's legit, go right ahead.

You know I'm knuckleheaded weirdo, LOL. That's the first inspiration that came when I read through and hit number four. Thanks @galenkp.

One has to get knuckly sometimes. (Some do it more than outhers).

LOL, true. I meant to ask, what did you use to get "green" text?

Green? Meant to be red.

There's green and also red. Red I know the code for, but not green.

Screen cap the green. Didn't know I had any in there.

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Uff amazing.. I've been explaining and asking this same (2nd) question/option for past 2 weeks, thank you! Time to rethink, get idea and go to work :)
Wishing you an amazing start of the weekend..

Thanks mate, I hope you have a great weekend also when it arrives...I'm ten minutes of starting mine. 😁

Happy weekend too and to your families

May we all have a pleasant and rest filled weekend.
Well mine is just like every normal day, seems like i tend to work more during the weekends I assume should be for rest from severe office work

That's a good one, taken rest at times is a good measure

Another lovely questions for a lovely weekend

That is the spirit bro, let roll, let see what you have for the weekend

And I will be expecting yours too bro

That's the spirit of Oneness and for the love of the weekend, thank you so much

I hope you have a great weekend emeka4. :)

Definitely I will

I will join this time..


Good one @galenkp happy weekend everyone

I hope you have a great weekend also.

I did it, and it's way too good this weekend, thanks for keeping in touch 🤗

Great 😊 ideas for weekend engagement post; I will be thinking of my post and will look forward to reading everyone’s.

Thanks Jon, feel free to participate and have a good weekend.

Thanks! I plan to film a bit and go for a surf. Hope you have a good one too.

That sounds like a decent plan for the weekend! Enjoy.

Contest with a very good topic and will definitely make the writers amazed by this great fight. And hopefully I can well make this entry.

Thanks, maybe you'll get involved. Have a good weekend.

I want to do that, but I'm confused about starting this contest post, and may I mention your name in the contents of my post later.

You can tag me in your post if you like, I'll see it regardless though.

Thank so much Sir @galenkp. already allowed me to tag you in my contest post later.

those are great topics. I have a lot to say about the last topic in this post. thanks @galenkp

No worries, also I hope you have a good weekend.

thank you. hope you have a nice weekend too.🙂

Wow! It's good to be back, fully packed to Hive.
Greetings @galenkp, I missed you, the weekend engagement and my fellow contestants.😄😆🤗

You left?

Not actually, just that I missed my means of contacting you guys in Hive due to one crucial reason.🙂

Ah ok.

I published my success on it six days ago, it's all settled for now.

Oh it cool, another great topic. deep inside me it an inspiration to share my experience

Well then, it seems I've inspired you to write a post. I'm pleased.

Yes, thanks for the good work

Finally, this week's topic is here and a very interesting one at that.

I hope you'll have a go at it.

I see that there are now changes to the weekend engagement topics...

Indeed there is.

Although I think, it's a good idea also, but why did you changed the way how people should interact with #theweekend? Is it better this way?

I like change and so I make it happen from time to time; it's not about being better, just different.

Indeed, change is the only constant in the world. I know you have encountered some obstacles along the way, but how did you dealt with them - in general? Weren't you discouraged in a way?

Sorry, got a lot of questions these days.

Never apologize for questions mate, you always ask good ones, including this gem!

You have encountered some obstacles along the way, but how did you deal with them - in general? Weren't you discouraged in a way?

So...The answer to this question is very complex and it changes based on the obstacle encountered although I'll give a generic, but still valid, answer.

Yes, I was very discouraged sometimes: Afraid, annoyed, confused, demotivated and so on...But something always made me stand up and move forward, evaluate, adapt, overcome...The thing that did that was my why.

The why

The why is the reason to do a thing, the motivator, and the more compelling the why the harder one will work to achieve it, to find courage, bravery, solutions, ownership, discipline and so on. You know? Think about a soldier on the battlefield fighting for life, a parent protecting a child and so on. Compelling reasons to act.

Having a why that is so powerful, so desirable, can lead people to great things and certainly help one find the ability to work around obstacles and find the thoughts, attitudes and actions required to overcome that obstacle.

So, without getting into specific occassions, this is one element that has enabled me to overcome obstacles. I've had many, some that seemed so insurmountable that it seemed easier to just capitulate...But I'm not that guy - I don't give up. I find the why, the reason to stand up and keep operating, the reason to work harder, the reason to think differently, find the right attitude and then turn that into action. I fail too...But that brings me more knowledge and understanding and I redeploy.

I hope this goes some way to answering your question.

This is knowledge! When I read what you've written above, I felt so shy that I asked such question. I felt like talking to a grown up person and getting a word for misbehaving.

But kidding aside, I know that you can say so much from just a question that I took the chance to ask. And it was so pleasing to hear from you. I admire how you deliver the things you wanted to say... I even googled some of the terms I'm not familiar with, but it's okay - I'm learning.

And I just wanted to say, as for me, I haven't given up because I don't want to give up. I only have me to believe in what I do and in what dreams I believe would be great. I'm just gathering myself, my thoughts and my courage to strive harder than before.

This time, I hope that I can be true and forgiving to myself. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate you so much for giving me a part of your time. 😊

I'm always happy to give my time for people who have the time/take the time for themselves. So, you're welcome.

You're saying the right things: gathering yourself, courage to strive harder. Evaluate the past, present and determine the future, the path and plan to the one you wish to have, and you'll find yourself moving in that direction.

Believe in yourself, that's all that matters. Believe in your plan, but don't be too proud to change it, and believe that there will be a better future as hope helps motivate us to act.

You're moving in the right direction already as thoughts dictate actions.

Interesting topic.... Leggo

Love this week's topics. Thank you @galenkp.

Yesterday, I remember option 2 said something about "other than your partner". but today I saw "othe than your parents" so would like to confirm that I can write about my soulmate. Thank you

Yep, anyone but your parents.

Thank you :)

Hi there! A great topic and here is my entry.
Have a happy weekend!



These are really interesting and good topics! They are hard to miss :)

That's the plan...I hope they inspire some good posts as I think it's a good opportunity for users to showcase themselves. I might even write one of my own this weekend. :)

I am sure they will. And would be waiting to read yours :)

I'll probably get to something tomorrow I guess. I don't usually post about my own topics but it might be nice for a change.

I think it's okay to post your own topic :)

The great topics made me write my own participation and here it is :)


All the topics are so interesting.
Weldon @galenkp

This is really thoughtful.
I need to share my story

Every age there is a stage, being influenced or influencing in constant flux, sorry will not have time this weekend to post.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and I will visit some...

Came here looking for inspiration to write another post, but - as usual - I have to think about the topics. I'm sure I have influenced some, but I don't really want to talk about that. Who influenced me other than my dad? Hmmm...

It's quite ok if you don't join in, I'd not want a person to go at it half-heartedly. Maybe next week...The topic is easier, more generic.

Since Sunday night has already crept up on me it is fair to say that you won't be seeing an entry from me. Will have to see what next week brings.

So much vibes on this comment section. The weekend is a good time truly. Great topic with interesting topics. I only wonder why the option 2 excludes parents...

Because that's too easy and answer and if I didn't exclude parents all those uncreative people out there would default to that easy option. I'm not about easy options and so I excluded it to make people think a little more.

Okay sir.

Love it! I got all inspired: https://ecency.com/hive-168869/@plint/inspiring-each-other-to-save
Love to see what inspired all of you this weekend!

Thanks G-Dog for another opportunity to fondly remember some of the best people I've ever considered "brethren".

Hope you have a smashing weekend.

Cheers 🍻
Ranger Andy

It was a nice post, thank you Andy.

Thanks for the prompt, I enjoyed thinking back to simpler times :)

It a very good topic, thanks you!☺

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These topics are sooo relatable and I find it hard to decide which I would pick out of the three

Fair enough.

Wow. This is so interesting! I'm sure going to join in sharing my own story.

Very interesting questions, at least I got there in time to join 💥

I love this topic, I'll also participate in it to showcase my ability.

Interesting topics,I am in....

Hopping in on this right away

Such a great topic. I didn't have to think much to know which one I'll go with. Off to write on it 😁

Nice information, thank you so much!

I will use it in my posts!

Another nice topic for this weekend, we're ready to get engaged with this topics.

Stay tuned for my entry 😜😜

I will.