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The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.

- Socrates -


It's the weekend again...but this weekend is only a typical one...next weekend though...well now, it's Easter weekend and that means four days off...which makes this weekend feel kind of shitty in comparison...but I'll still make the most of it of course!

Feel free to tell me about what you have planned for the weekend in the comments below, or say whatever you like I guess, that's what freedom of speech is all about.

If you'd like to get involved with the #weekend-engagement topics as hosted in the WEEKEND EXPERIENCES community then read below, and I hope you all have a great weekend.

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  • Do you feel a person needs to drink alcohol to have a good time in a social setting? Explain your answer. Remember to use your own photos.

  • Do you like or dislike dancing (dancing yourself). Explain either way. Remember to use your own photos.

  • Do you feel society is spiraling out of control and if so why? Explain with examples. Remember to use your own photos.

  • Do you respond better to external motivation or are you self-motivated? Explain with examples. Remember to use your own photos.


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Design and create your ideal life, tomorrow isn't promised - galenkp

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Awesome topics again @galenkp 👏🏼 Also, your photography skills are 🔥🔥 I always look forward to your posts not only because of the interesting topics and great quotes, but also the gorgeous photos 🤩
Anyway, happy weekend! Time to write now 👩🏻‍💻😅

Why thank you, you're too kind but appreciate your comments greatly. I hope you have a nice weekend. 😊

Thank you so much! You as well - it's a snowy one here so I think I'd be hibernating LOL
Here's my entry for this week: @boryanamtl/do-we-need-alcohol-to
Cheers! 🍻

Hibernating (with snacks) sounds like a good plan.

Wow, those are some heavy ones for sure! I think am heading down to the next state south of us tomorrow to watch my niece play some softball. That's the plan right now anyway. Gotta wait and see if this snow lets up. They are calling for 4 to 7 inches.

Been snowing still? When does it usually cease and how long does it take for it to melt away?

We've had some warm weather lately and the ground is finally starting to thaw, so I don't expect this to last too long. We have seen snow into May on rare occasion in Michigan. It's usually just a one-off Spring squall though.

Hello @galenkp, it's been a long time since I've been here for a weekend 😅 time flies sometimes. My weekend was very calm, I just did a little exercise and work doing some macrame weaving, I don't think I will do anything special at Easter, I will just take advantage of taking a break from my son's school routine. Hugs 🤗

Hello there, yep it's been a while and I hope you're well.

I guess that's Socrates' long winded way of saying 'fake it til you make it'?

Wait, y'all get a four day weekend for Easter? I'm curious, which flavor of Christianity is most common in your neck of the woods?

Got me a weaving class and a Bob Dylan concert lined up for the weekend, what's you getting into?

Yeah man, Friday and Monday...of course the shops are open on the Saturday so those poor suckers have to work, but four days for me! Love it.

Australia's major religion is Christianity with the major denominations, in order of size, being Catholic, Anglican, Uniting Church, Eastern Orthodox, Presbyterian and Reformed, Baptist and Pentecostal, but all religions are represented in some capacity.

Not much going on this weekend for me, some off-roading, a picnic...sleep...no Bob Dylan concerts or weaving. Now, explain more about the weaving! I'm curious.

Ah, Friday is not so much here, at least I don't think so, but for many years I was one of those poor suckers, so my fondness for and attention to holidays is not so great.

Interesting, wasn't sure what to expect with what I know of Australia's history. Surprised there's more Catholics than Anglicans though.

So the class was learning how to make this pattern, called the log cabin pattern. I got the cursed seat that had everything go wrong, they eventually just swapped out looms for me, but I kind of think I got the hang of it by the end. Or did you mean weaving more generally? We had a loom in the house growing up, at some point I learned how to use it and then never did again. Recently thought of it again and decided it might be a handy skill to have, plus I have some ideas for subversive art that I want to try out once I feel I've got the hang of it enough to execute what I have in mind.

That weaving thing is pretty cool; I really appreciate skills like that, things that people used to do as a matter of course but now have no clue how to do, generally speaking. There's so many skills humans have lost in the pursuit of an easier life and a life that shifts the onus and responsibility on to others. #progress huh?

One step forward and two steps back I reckon. #progress Man, you ain't kidding about the lost skills. Few years back a friend called me up wanting to know how to clean a chicken. I'd never done it myself so I started calling family that had but nobody could tell me how to now. Ended up learning how to from a youtube video, which might be the only thing that saves us, now that I think of it.

In re:weaving, it really is. It's all math and patterns, which my brain enjoys, and there's just something deeply satisfying about being able to make things for yourself and not have to rely on others.

There's a Robert Heinlein quote that I may have shared with you before but I'm going to again just because I love it so much and I think it kind of sums up what we're both getting at.

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”

It's a great quote for sure! I can do most, computer programming not and I've not had much to do with ships,.just been on some is all.

I hope you have a great weekend. Mine just started (4pm Thursday). I'm off hunting shortly, just a sneaky little trip for the next several hours. The rest of the weekend will be pretty chilled.

Yay for the weekend ! I am just about to clock on for my last 8 hours of work before mine starts, but just knowing it is near makes Fridays easier to work.

The company I work for does not have an Easter holiday. Only company I ever worked for that didn't have a paid day. If our department functions allow, we can always take one of our regular vacation days if we want. Some years ago they obtained a company overseas. Later as they were trying to match up the benefits between the two (which mostly consisted of us in the US losing multiple benefits).... the other company had a paid Easter holiday, but instead of adding it as a holiday here, they just gave us one more random vacation day. I'm not complaining about having the extra day either way, but I thought that was weird that they resisted just adding the holiday.

Although this weekend may not as exciting feeling as next weekend, I hope this one turns out some fun and happiness for you all the same.

What? No paid day off for Easter next week? We have Friday and Monday off and I get paid for both,I think most do, it seems a bit weird your company do not. Either way, I'm looking forward to the four days off next week.

I hope you have a good Friday and weekend ahead.

Well .... if you make the most of the weekend... it will be a good one even if it's only two days and the next one... it will be better!

I like all the topics, I'm in a big dilemma because I love them all to write and reflect on. Although with some I identify more than others. Maybe I will surprise you!

Have a good weekend Galen!🤗

Do all of them...I dare you!

Challenge accepted!

Lol. Well then, it's on!

🤣🤣🤣🤣 You make me laugh and I will!!! you'll see!

This weekend I will be busy finishing off the Cluster Book I've been making for my friend's birthday. That's if I don't get it finised today.

Then I will be going to her surprise birthday part on Saturday evening.

If the weather improves we'll probably tackle of window boxes at some point.

A bit of work, a party and some gardening? Seems like a perfectly legitimate weekend. ✅

Hi guys, really interesting topics to write about @galenkp . It's difficult to choose. I feel society is spiraling out of control, maybe I'll write about that. But I'm not sure if I can find good picture to share this weekend. 🤔

No worries.

This weekend I liked all four themes, I'll decide the one that makes me happier as dancing 🤗 hahaha let's see.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Beautiful topics! They are always very relatable that I often find myself wondering how you come up with them.

I hope to write on one of those.

Well done 🎉

They are from my brain...I say to my brain, hey brain I need some topics, and it thinks them up and tells me some...then I write them down. It's a good process.

Very brilliant brain! I want mine to grow this good before the end of this year.

Hello team, after fifteen hours I realized that I had not posted my publication here, and that I do not drink ha,ha,ha,ha


Cheers, thanks for taking the time.

all the themes this week are very interesting and there is always something that catches my attention for me to write about in my participation, I always like your ideas in weekend challenge themes, brother, I hope you have a nice weekend

I hope you're having a good weekend, maybe you'll find time to write a post.

I always have to have time to write your posts 😊

Wow, these are some interesting topics. You serve as an inspiration to try and write some stuffs and be active at least during weekends 😂

Thanks...please make sure any photos you use in your post are taken by you, not stock images.

Perks of being a photographer is that I have a lot of pictures taken and so I can use them.. Just that sometimes I may have used the picture before and may not remember.. 😂

Yeah, it's best to use one's own photos, shows character.

Agreed 😀

I love all your weekend engagement, they give me opportunities to share my thoughts and experience, and all your topics are quite interesting to write about. Today writing about alcohol will in socializing settings will be my main topic because I can relate with my friends experience and mine on this, it was like you read my inner mind creating this topic. I can’t wait to show hivers my interesting thoughts on this. I appreciate all your interesting topics and I will always follow up the weekend trend ❤️

That sounds like a good plan, I'll keep an eye out for your post.


It is Easter weekend, and I will be attending an Easter retreat with my family members. It is going to be a time of Refreshing as we will spend time studying the Word, praying, and worshipping God.

I am so excited that the season is here again

Yippee 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

Water is this weekend for you? Ok, it's next weekend here. Anyway, have a good Easter.

Pardon me, it is also next weekend here. It was an oversight

Thanks so much for the compliment

This holyweek, we've plan with the family to go outing into the seashore. Picking some edible kinds of seashells, sea urchins. I've miss the 197 due to workloads but I'd tried my best to participate in 198. Thanks boss for managing weekend engagement.

Have a good weekend with your family, hopefully you find many sea urchins.

Thank you boss, hoping it too :)

This weekend is a sombre one for me because I'm attending the funeral ceremony of a very close friend of mine.
Edna was involved in a motorbike accident on the 16th of February and by 22nd, she was gone, just like that.
I'm still in a state of shock and even as she was interred today, I couldn't help wallowing in tears and misery, thinking about what would become of her three young kids and why life would always choose to be so cruel.

What a sad weekend and a tragic thing indeed. Life is precious and it's not until it's taken away from someone close to us that we realise it sometimes.

You made it difficult for me, I want to answer all of them haha, well we'll see, I hope you have a great weekend my friend, greetings.

You can answer all of them in a single post or do a couple of them over the weekend, one a day. Your choice.

Ahh that's great, I'll keep it in mind, thank you very much!😉

My weekend will be spend in our shop as we have our duties tomorrow and Sunday. We don't have any day off since it's gonna be busy this weekend.

Gonna make brew some coffee and serve it to our dear customers. It's good to hear their positive feedbacks so yeah. grind grind tomorrow.
There's nothing better than to hear them being satisfied with the coffees they had and the customer service they get.

Happy and great weekend tomorrow..
Coffee cheers to everyone.

Good luck in the shop for the weekend, may there be many happy customers over the weekend...who buy a lot of coffee.

Good evening my friend, we finally reached another weekend. This is my participation post: https://ecency.com/hive-168869/@josiva/alcohol-and-social-environments

Ok thanks, have a good weekend.

Happy weekend @galenkp, I will visit the city of Caracas to relatives that I haven't seen for a long time, I chose the topic of alcohol, I really don't drink much and I know my limitations:


Have a great weekend with your relatives.

This weekend is going to be a busy one for me starting now. I am getting ready to travel, and I need to make sure everything is set.

These are amazing topics. My eyes are so big that they caught two interesting ones to me. I'll see which one to choose and publish today.

Travelling! Hopefully somewhere amazing...Europe?

Haha... yeah! Nah, it's still around the country! It is hard getting a visa to other countries here 🥲.

Ah ok...Well, I hope you have a safe time and enjoy yourself also.

I sure will keep that in mind. Thank you 😊.

Hello Galen Easter weekend, days of various motivations prayer and introspection for many and fun at the beach for others. Have a nice Easter

Easter is next weekend.

Here, in my country Easter starts with Palm Sunday this weekend and it is right the Easter time next weekend, we are already preparing Easter eggs for a group of children in my community.

I'm not religious so have no clue...it means days off work, an excuse to eat some chocolate and hit cross buns and some additional sleep for me. #truemeaningofeaster 😉

I am also not religious to be involved in the activities of this week,Galen, but I do love this time to go to the theater and do a cultural tour in my city these days before Easter Sunday next week.

Happy weekend everyone!!!! It's another weekend with awesome questions to spice it up...

Cheers, I hope you have a good weekend too.

interesting topics

Cheers, hopefully interesting in a good way.

Have a good weekend.

I will bookmark it and I will try to answer those questions

Wow! It's the weekend again.
Looking through the window blinds, the rays of sun smashing through the curtains,
Make my heart giggle with a smile,
A new day has come,
Get up and be the best version,
One that never existed.

Self encouragement is what keeps me going.

A new day...and the one before the weekend. Have a good one.

Spring has arrived 😀
This weekend, if the weather stays as forecast, clear and warm, I'm definitely spending it outside.
Great themes, just trying to decide which one is mine this weekend 🙂

Autumn just arrived here...it's down under so everything is upside down!

I hope you have a springy weekend.

Awesome topics to engage with this weekend, kudos @galenkp.

Cheers, and I hope you have a nice weekend.

New weekend arrived with new topics. I would like to write about one of those this time.

Have a good weekend mate.

Have a good weekend also, hopefully you're doing something interesting.

hopefully you're doing something interesting

About writing my topic or this weekend?

The weekend.

Oh yeah. Weekends are always interesting for me so interesting things will happen

It's okay for a trial

Awesome topics and I'm looking forward to a great weekend already.

Here is my entry:

Ok then, that was quick.

I always look forward to it and this community is one of my best. Kudos to a great job you are doing.

I must be in for this one

Good plan.

Great topics we are ready to write

Nice post
I love the post


I saw that post, thanks for joining in.

Hello, here is my participation this week.


Yep, I saw, read and voted it a half hour ago. ✅

How nice, thank you 🫂. Now it was that I remembered I hadn't left the link in this post.

lets rock the party this weekend hehehe

That's you? You're a good dancer!

I just imagine myself to be him while dancing but the reality could be different overall which can shock others lol either way, dance will make others laugh and enjoy whether it is good or bad

Yeah, I know it wasn't you...you're not that short.

Thanks for promoting these weekend themes! I love to participate, here my response this week:


Thanks for being involved.

Hi! Here's my entry