A quick rundown on all ocd activities

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Since many have been asking, what constitutes an ocd vote, what doesn't, I figured I'd write down quick some main parts of our daily curation activity so you can maybe get in our scope easier if you're having trouble with it.

First up, community incubation.

Here we invite 1-3 community leaders/curators from a unique niche community (unique as in we don't have a similar one in our incubation yet (with few exceptions due to big demand) and niche as in the genre is about something specific that in one way or another has consumption demand outside of Hive and thrives).
These curators then get free reigns as to what they would like to curate through us, i.e. receive a bigger vote.

There are some restrictions here, some of which are universal in our voting requirements.

Some of the requirements being the focus on newer accounts, some focus on underrewarded authors (not just the post itself happening to be underrewarded, but the author generally not receiving a lot of curation in terms of rewards on most of their posts), then we also look at general social activity of nominated accounts. We don't believe that content alone represents deserving votes, partly cause most users on Hive aren't big/famous influencers outside of Hive (there we may excuse the social inactivity as long as they attempt to bring traffic to Hive) and partly to avoid sockpuppet accounts from previous curation rules (vote sniping, it's a whole TL;DR there but also due to our restriction mentioned later with *). Meaning that if authors create content, they shouldn't just expect votes just for the content, they also need to maintain a social activity to attempt to bring traffic either from outside of Hive or from within towards their content, if no one's consuming it from any sources then the content is not of much value to anyone and shouldn't be receiving inflation from every stakeholder. * We also restrict how often an author can receive our votes throughout all community nominations and other initiatives, this is something that some try to bypass by creating alts but often times they can't bring themselves to be socially active on all of them at the same time, and you know the rules of the chain and immutability around it, one mistake and your reputation is usually gone. In general this rule is to make sure stake is distributed as far and wide and to avoid favoritism from curators.

All of the votes, like in most initiatives that'll be mentioned below, are double checked by ocd curators before being cast. With some communities it's easy to determine if posts and authors are genuine, while with a few it's not as easy since the content may be streams from @vimm for instance where we may not be around to check the stream out or since most of the activity happens on the stream chat on the front-end thus not showing up on chain. There are a few similar examples where we give trust to the community curators more but try to check up now and then that everything is running fairly.

Other niche communities

This is for communities not in our incubation but may still receive great posts from time to time, the reason here is that the niche is either not that popular, the community isn't big/active enough or we already have a similar community incubated but people are of course free to post wherever they'd like. Here we allow curators both from ocd directly and those from communities to nominate as it may cover quite a lot of posts daily but with similar rules and restrictions.

Trend-worthy and comment curation

We also have channels for explicitly great content/posts that we'd like to see trending, this one and the one for great comments is not incentivized by us to prevent overusage and attempts to be in charge of putting too many posts on trending daily and is reserved for truly exceptional posts.


This initiative got started from the simple idea of "what if we had a bot that alerted us when an account makes their first post". It covers exactly that, having curators take turns looking at the first posts of many users daily, checking what seems genuine, if they need some help, recommending introduction posts if the first post wasn't, and if it was then curating and recommending communities depending on the newbies interests.

On top of that we also follow these genuine accounts with the lovesniper account to further curate their posts in the near future until they hit a certain reputation or break their reputation. ;) Anyone can assist in curating and commenting on these newcomers by checking the @lovesniper/feed. (protip: you can exclude reblog's in the @peakd filter to make it easier to go through posts)


Proof of sharing, here we have a few initiatives combining POSH with OCD that we think work well to incentivize bringing traffic to Hive and also curate good tweets or curate the posts that get tweeted out. Hopefully soon we'll have Reddit integrated as well. Not going to go too in depth about the curation activity here as it's a bit complex, but feel free to ask in the comments if there's anything special you're wondering about.


We also offer onboarding tools and incentives to those wanting to focus a bit more on onboarding new users to Hive. We have some cool ways to generate unique 1 time use account creation links for onboarders that grant them some beneficiary rewards from the onboarded accounts (but can be removed at any time) and also get some post rewards per onboarded user once they've made their first post. They also have the option to nominate their posts for curation after guiding them through their Hive starter experience, the do's and don't's, etc. Here we have restrictions where over time the onboarded users can't be directly nominated for curation in hopes they've learned Hive well enough to have blended in with communities, dapps, layer 2's, etc, to receive curation either on their own or through our other initiatives such as Community Incubation. We've seen quite a lot of success with this program and hope more people join in to see it scale up, we've even had onboarded accounts become onboarders themselves after they've learned Hive well enough, which has been great to witness.

For Community Incubation or an Onboarding Role, please join our Discord and apply in the corresponding channels and we will get back to you when we can.


This is also not incentivized but we have two great devs who've created a couple helpful bots to prevent us from accidentally nominating accounts we've either noticed do things against community consensus ourselves or if @hivewatchers has successfully blacklisted them for abuse.
There are quite a few other things in terms of abuse but these are probably better to keep private rather than helping the bad actors get better at avoiding them. :)

Apart from all this we also try to focus some curation on certain dapps and projects we think could use some more attention in the form of writing contests that have been quite popular in the past and will certainly only gain more popularity with the growth of the ecosystem. Make sure to follow @ocd to not miss them and check on the daily reports there + @lovesniper in case some users grab your attention to give them a follow. All the rewards are distributed to curators and community leaders/curators who share the reports on their own accounts. In our Discord we also have a list of all active incubated communities if you'd wanna check them out and diversify your community feed!

Our goal is and has always been to focus on retention and stake distribution, on top of that we want people who earn Hive stake to work for it rather than take it for granted. It doesn't matter to us if users are selling their stake or not, as long as they've put in effort to get curation we believe the market will handle it by itself. That said it also doesn't matter to us from where authors are, what their beliefs are or other things that may impact their earnings in #web2, we treat them the same as long as they have a good standing with the community. The same philosophy goes towards curators, we try and reward them similarly along with communities in our incubation based on the amount of work and effort they put in rather than what kind of stake they have or other things.

We've heard some concerns of people who've been around quite a while and shown dedication not only to the blockchain but also to the work they put in and are currently trying to figure out a way to also reward them for their efforts so our focus on newcomers and onboarded users doesn't overshadow them too much. Thanks to @livinguktaiwan for bringing this to light and started a discussion that may add a new initiative in our books for the "old-timers" who think we've muted them or something rather than not knowing it's mostly cause they either do too well for our scope or our focus on newcomers gets in the way of curating them.

Hope this may have cleared up some questions to some of you but if it raised more then feel free to ask in the comment section and I'll try to answer them as best as I can. :)

We got a lot planned for 2023 so keep an eye out!


I don't know why always read your post I feel like you need more images. I read in many blogging related sites that is good to make it more friendly at first sight. Sometimes big pieces of texts are overwhelming even if they are pretty well written and easy to read as yours. Even not speaking eng native.

Ontopic: I love what OCD curation system is building in the ecosystem, a nice touch is posh to incentive promotion outside hive. And I didn't know what sniper was until today haha hive is to big to catch-up to everything

I do my best to post at least once I week, I'm in love with LMAC and in glad that is part of OCD is the one place I can go fully berserk with designs hehe

Looks like you guys have your hands full! May I ask how big is the OCD team, including the curators?

PS. I agree with pictures suggestion above 👆 It breaks the monotony of reading. Although I got till the end of it, my eyes feel tired now 😉

Noted. :D

We have 7 Aliens at the top, 12 moderators of the discord, 28 curators that have been with OCD for a long time (even before community incubation), 31 active in the onboarding team (though some curators/community curators are also onboarders) and then we have 83 community curators. Quite big I'd say. :D

It is kinda medium size company I’d say 😉 The foundry where I work doesn’t even have half the amount of employees.

7 Aliens? Who are the Aliens and why are they called that? 👽

Haha don't remember how that started but that's basically the council if you will, the leaders of the pack, all who joined as curators a very long time ago and gained the trust and shared the same vision as I had for ocd and curation on Hive in general. You can check who based on their role in the discord, come and say hi :)

Ahh, I was hoping for some real aliens 👽

Just one more question. Is there 1 acidyo or do various people have access to this account? Some Hive ways are still a bit unclear for me.

I’ll come say hi, but I’m shy 😂 I’ll say hi and run away to bed 😂

Only one me, I spend most of my time around Hive in case you're wondering. :p

Clearly not in Discord, cause I went and lurked around and checked the roles and you’re offline 👽

I only recognised very few names there, but then again, I only started Hiving in October, so I don’t know many names at all.

Anyway, thanks for a chat. I learn something new here every day 💙

I was quite clear but I confess that a nice refresh is always good, given that obviously as far as I am concerned I have full faith in everyone's work because it is done to help and to grow our fantastic ecosystem.

I'm quite on Hive too heh heh!
In fact now sleep it's almost two in the morning in my part... but tomorrow I'll stop by to say hello on discord🤗

Unfortunately, there are very few comments in posts on Hive. Good comments should be upvoted.

Yeah the userbase is still small and everyone wants to be a content creator, that's also why we take into account user social activity before curating and naturally if they curate their comments and respond to those spending time consuming their content it's a big + for us.

This is a great overview about what OCD does (and don't) and I'm will answer a lot of questions that people may have.

With regards to "old-timers", many have been around since the old shit days and have stuck around all these years helping to build Hive to what we are today. I'm so glad that OCD can work on something to extend our support

Thanks for sharing this news. I always admire how the Hive team is behind each detail for helping users and communities to grow, keeping the attention to the environment in the blockchain.

There's no "hive" team, we all work on different things here and there to make the platform better or at least use it in one way or another. :)

Yes, you are right, sorry, it was only a way of saying, because I feel that there are guides in the platform, that help a lot to the entire environment. :)

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Thanks for coming up with this brief explanation... Now I Have Got some more questions reading this and some are answered already.

We also restrict how often an author can receive our votes throughout all community nominations and other initiatives

Is there any specific limit to receive ocd votes like once a week or twice?

On top of that we also follow these genuine accounts with the lovesniper account to further curate their posts in the near future until they hit a certain reputation or break their reputation.

It took me quite a time to understand this concept when I was a newbie and from then until now have received votes like 3 times from OCD out of 127 Posts last year which is probably cuz of posting in Other niche communities but the thing I want to know is lovesniper follow and distribute vote to new users doing post in other niche communities.?

Also heard some misconceptions that OCD blacklist hivers for doing crossposting? How true it is? I was doing it before but when I heard about this, I stopped it and want to know if I'm blacklisted.

hey @idksamad78699

the thing I want to know is lovesniper follow and distribute vote to new users doing post in other niche communities.?

Anyone followed by LS will have the chance to be curated as long as they meet the general criteria of OCD in which some of it includes topics that doesn't talk about crypto-related/finance, religious, political, drama-related, etc. Their engagement and general activity also counts.

Glad to know posting in other niche communities doesn't matter as long as followed by LS. I thought it matters.

Thanks for clearing this concept.

No, cross-posts are fine but there are some genre's we don't touch, they're mentioned in the siderules of the OCD community. Things like crypto-related/finance, religious, political, drama-related, etc.

Just had a quick glance at your posting activity seeing you post mostly in leofinance so that's not something in our scope due to the nature of crypto/shilling/vetting/paid etc, we'd rather stick to content that won't in worst case scenario trick users into losing stake.

Oh, Thanks for clarifying.

Back then, my niche was different mostly storytelling related etc but I understand and admit there's a lot under ocd so it's totally fine.

Well, I wanna join that onboarding initiative 🔜. Had a glance at rules, will follow that.

Thank you for the information @acidyo, it is important to be aware of all these types of activities in order to clarify doubts. I always try to investigate and be aware of how everything works in hive, although I know I still have a lot to learn. But at least I know that I follow the rules, and it is not by obligation if not because I love to make content that draws attention but above all to make community, I am happy that my publications have many comments and so I visit others and do the same, there is too much good content, I wish one could see more, but time is short before so much.

Greetings... 😊

😉🤙🌈 Nice! thanks for explaining it..

I just figured I never was in the OCD loop.. I joined hive by myself, nobody even told me about it, found it just online..

I also don't mind never getting that vote, better to help the new hivers.. I must admit though, I am very jealous sometimes when I see a near $100 or more vote of which ocd(b) is the majority of it! :P

Sup @chinito, thought you know OCD already as you've been a while over here 😆

oh yea, for sure I know OCD. i just meant I, myself, am not involved other that I upvote their posts sometimes.. 😊🤙

It's good to read this update of how things are going and how OCD continues to make Hive and its users thrive. 😉

Imma dump all of my artist friends into the OCD discord so they can learn the street rules of hive, *Takuri skedaddles.

Also Noooooo! No update on the Posh-Plushies!

Thanks @acidyo for such an extensive guide to OCD activities. I have been wondering some time how to try to get noticed from some curation trails.

I have to be honest: I arrogantly thought that since I spent efforts creating contents, I was deserving curation but from this post I get the point: interactions, traffic leading are also important and observed.
Besides, I discovered that the Communities incubated from OCD were almost not used from my posts, so I got my lesson here😏

At this scope, I am sharing with you that I am starting soon a guide on Hive that will be published on other blogs where I started posting earlier than Hive and where I have some followers more. Is the chance of getting the referral link to be shared onto these posts I am going to share externally?

LOL Hive is so broad, i learnt a lot from your post today, some questions i have been willing to ask. Now i understand how OCD works.

Thanks for sharing @acidyo you've done us a lot of good especially for the newbies on Hive who are still trying to find their bearing.

ı am new in the here. ı want to learn everything. thank you so much

As for the Posh initiative, it only works with Twitter is it not possible to extend it to Facebook(Meta)?
For example, I have read that it will also be extended to reddit but for example in Italy Facebook or rather Meta is much more widespread as a social network and maybe I would like to share some posts on my fun page

Greetings! Well, if I had any newbie doubts, with this information they have been cleared up! I appreciate you taking the time to clear up our possible concerns, at least I know who to look to when questions arise in my brain. By the way, my almost 9 year old daughter asked me to post about her and the activities she is doing, she has watched me closely every time I sit down to prepare my content, as well as explore interesting content from other Hivers, so she has been very enthusiastic about participating. But as it is obvious, because of her age, I would have to help her to format in html and give life to the designs that are in her great little imagination, coupled with the ideas she has in her mind, with which I almost always end up surprised, so my question is: do I have to do it from my account in Hive or should I create a separate user? I appreciate your attention, because she does not stop insisting me with this issue of making herself known in the hive.

imagen de cierre.png

Given her age and the fact that you will be heavily involved in creating her post, if you create a separate account for her, you will effectively be running two accounts. If you do not make that very clear, you could be seen as running a farm of multiple accounts to milk upvotes. It's probably better if you keep all the content in your account. In peakd, there's an option to add the author name to a post if your daughter wants to make clear it is her ideas. That way she can still have her own post, but posted from your account

Understood, thank you very much for the warning and for the excellent exlication, I will be in account and I will follow your indications so that my girl can participate from my account. Let's get to work!

First and foremost great post and well detailed, I want to be part of the onboarding team i applied and no response.