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Have you ever been to a mall with a big basket in hand ready to shop for groceries and other stuff but get confused immediately you step foot into the mall?. You look around confused, you see different sections labeled but don'tknow what to do. Your purpose at the mall is to shop but you realize the money with you isn’t enough, luckily for you some good Samaritan hand you some cash to chop with and then the dilemma of what cabinet to go to return.

The above analogy is a brief description of my first few days on hive, after opening an account through @jane1289 April this year, I refused to write because i wasn'tready to commit to writing on another website, for i know it won't be easy, but nothing good comes easy,. This I know, but I wasn’t willing to test the waters yet. Finally when I dive into the water after few activities I got low on hp.
There I was, going from one community to the other, reading various articles but not able to comment or upvote. I was like a lost kid in a toy shop. Not one to shy away from learning something new I ask around for articles that can help and my sister delegated some Hp to me, @princessbusayo is the good Samaritan my lost shopper needed alongside ate @Jane1289 who also delegated some HP to me.

I went around on a shopping spare, happy to use my newly recharged power. I went around trying to digest everything, it seems the more I read the more I realize I need to know more. My excitement clouded my judgement, I rushed into dropping an introductory post which didn’t get the desired result but like Steve Rogers (Captain America) I said to the disappointing feeling lurking around “We don’t give up here, I can do this all day”.

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I decided to just stick with sport, women’s football in particular because it’s an aspect I love so much but things weren’t improving. My reputation remained stagnant and it seems no one was interested in the things I write, though I enjoyed reading various football post because here we have a larger football loving community. Every day I try to interact more, upvote the articles I love but there was no improvement despite the constant support I receive from friends.

I got an invite to "The Terminal" discord channel by @brittandjosie and there on the channel the questions I wanted to ask has been asked by other newbies, I only back read the chats, though I'm not that vocal on the server, I constantly check in when I encounter a problem. I also got some help with boosting my article from @olawalium and ate Jane.

I was asked to exercise patience and with time I will be glad I did. I realize it’s easier to dish out advice when you’re not in a position. What I mean by this is that, this same advice is what I give newbies on the other platform where I write but here I was impatient and sad for not getting the desired result on time.

However, in the last few days things improved in terms of the engagement post. Though the earnings are important but the Joy a comment gives is incomparable. It shows someone took time to read what your wrote and your effort isn’t wasted. I’m still in the learning process and I’m enjoying it. Also, i feel the curation I got from Ocd might be the work of a friend.

Every day, i wake up with new determination to try again and I'm not getting tired of trying again and again, so allow me to reintroduce myself. I'm Adedamola Gideon . Feel free to check my introduction post to know more about me.

My reputation isn’t as high as I’d want yet but I appreciate where it is currently. The drastic increase is better than the stagnant 35, and I’m ready to patiently create a name for myself here. I’m not sticking with sport alone, though I enjoy writing it a lot. Expect different genres from me and I promise it’s going to be a fun ride.

Thank for Reading! 🤗💙🤗


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My reputation isn’t as high as I’d want yet but I appreciate where it is currently. The drastic increase is better than the stagnant 35, and I’m ready to patiently create a name for myself here.

I wouldn't focus on reputation if I were you. It's a useless metric that not only can be deceiving but also serves for very little. What matters is what you do on the blockchain, how you behave and how you contribute to different projects etc. I had a post not long ago, in which I said a few things that could come in handy. It's not exactly your case, but I suggest you read it and maybe the comments too, as quite a lot of people shared their experience and view about their Hive journey. It can give you a few ideas as well as the necessary motivation to continue.

Oh! I thought the reputation aas what matters most. I will check your page for the post. Or if you can help with the link I'll appreciate it.

Link is in my comment, but here it is again

I'm proud of you Happyboy. I know you well and I know you'll succeed here. Just need a little push and encouragement. You're one of the awesome Nigerian authors I know and I am always happy to help you. 😊

Thanks ate, I'm flattered 😊🤭

I refused to write because i wasn'tready to commit to writing on another website, for i know it won't be easy, but nothing good comes easy,.

This was my first initial reaction before I entered hive. Gladly, I am now able to deal with different platforms one at a time...

I like how you call "ate" to Jane. That is really so respectful hihi. 🤗🤗

Yes, with time i got used to it too.

Ate Jane is a blessing to me. Though we aren't from the same country, she been like a big sis to me. I'll forever be grateful to her.

It is nice to see you here but I have to face something very important and I would work hard and be consistent in writing here on hive good luck sir 👌👌👌

I look forward to seeing your articles, take your time and come back with a bang

Hi, there!
Here at Hive, you have to be patient and you know I was very patient at Read when I started;) But I assure you that patience will pay off here sooner or later. You are a good blogger and you will get support. Don't get discouraged, as in everything, some posts will work and others won't, but the important thing is to persevere. Participate in the communities of your interest. Share what you like on Twitter and you will earn posh tokens if you sign up at And little by little, you will be able to explore other options. You may be interested in writing from time to time in Leofinance, and Dreemport is a great alternative to give visibility to our posts.
When you have any questions, I'm at your service, Happy Boy 😄

Oh! I've been seeing the Posh token but didn't understand it. Thanks Cocola. I'll explore Leofinance and Dreemport too. By the way, thanks for the boost. God bless you 🙏

You are very welcome, HappyBoy 😊

Nothing good comes easy my brother but having the staying power and being consistent matters... Consistency in producing quality and adding value. Forget about the reputation...forget about those discouragements, just focus on quality and value... engage with others and love what you do... You will be fine. You know I always enjoy reading your contents. You always set the bar high... don't stop.

Thanks Bro Ola 🙏

Anytime, brother.

For me, reputation doesn't matter at all as long as you know how to be good and how to help the newbies that want to join the platform. I just joined here recently and I'm enjoying it as much as I am since I really love reading and writing. By the way, good to see u here happybou from readcash!

Thanks for the warm welcome gyrag. I thought reputation was the most important thing here but now i know better.

Hello, @happyboy1. It's nice to see you here, too. I'm also a newbie. Though my account would say that it was created 2 months ago, I have only just spent a month being active here. I also have a lot to learn and have long way to go but I know that we're gonna get there someday. Let's just keep writing and make more friends. ☺️

Thanks Ayane, it's good to connect with you here too.

Hi @happyboy1! I think you are doing great already. I know some newbies who start their account but gave up after a while. You are determined to continue your blogging journey. Keep at it and don't give up. Slow and steady, eh? 🙂

Yes, slow and steady. One step at a time. Thanks kemmyb 🤗

I realize it’s easier to dish out advice when you’re not in a position.

The funny thing is that I came to this realization today. I always tell newbies to never give up and exercise patience but right now I can't even tell myself the same thing 😂 the good thing is that I always draw motivation from other people, whenever I feel like giving up, I look at people who were once in my condition and that's the push I need to keep moving

That's it bro, the best way to remain motivated is to draw inspiration from other's Story. And my journey here has help me understand what people feel before writing in annoyance on readcash, it's not easy.

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Nice post forgetting what I want to buy has happened to me several times that is why I always write my list when ever I am going for shopping

Well, one thing I know is that I believe you can succeed here too. It's not you to give up at all. This is just the beginning and the beginning they say is always tough but as time goes on, definitely you will improve so well.

Reputation isn't necessary and doesn't count though just like others have said. Yo have to make a name for yourself here through Engagement. I don't want to start preaching about that to you again.

Also, don't forget to look out on challenges too. It helps.

Thanks Princess. Yes,I've checked out the ongoing challenges on different communities, I'll surely join one soon.

Great. There should one already in the weekend experiences community. I will check it out later too.