OCD Community Boost Contest #1: Highlighting Architecture & Design

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Authored by @ybanezkim26

OCD has been in the forefront of supporting different niche communities in Hive. Under the Community Incubation Program, OCD has been helping community leaders and moderators grow their genre-specific communities through focused curation. As observed in the latest update, communities under the program have grown both in number of subscriptions and in engagements within their members. By highlighting great posts by users in a particular community, they are encouraged to level up their game or maintain the quality of their posts.

To further help communities, OCD will now conduct weekly contests! The aim is to increase subscriptions and engagements by highlighting a particular community for a week. All other communities within the incubation program will carry on with the usual curation activities. With the help of community leaders and moderators, we at OCD will incentivize more those posts within that highlighted community for a week.

Community of the Week

Architecture+Design Community

About the Community

Your digital dose of Architecture and Design on the Hive social blockchain.
Welcome to Architecture+Design! We are your dedicated Hive community publishing digital content about Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Urban Design, and Environmental Design.

Contest Rules

2. Post anything related to Architecture+Design Community. If you don't know what type of posts are accepted in this community, please refer to their recently published comprehensive guidelines.
3. Reply the link of your entry(s) in this contest post for easier curation.
4. Engage within the community. This will be given consideration during evaluation of your post(s).
5. Quality content is still given much premium and that's subject to the current set of standards of Architecture+Design Community.
6. All posts in the community within the week will be curated by OCD. However, plagiarism attempts and other forms of abuse will also be reported and dealt with accordingly.
7. At the end of the week, OCD will highlight top five (5) posts within the week. These posts are the ones that truly shine within the community.
8. While not mandatory, retweeting this contest post will be very much appreciated.

Contest Rewards

All the rewards (100%) of this post will be used in the prize pool which means the winners will receive:

1st Place: 35% of the rewards of this post
2nd Place: 25% of the rewards of this post
3rd Place: 20% of the rewards of this post
4th Place: 10% of the rewards of this post
5th Place: 10% of the rewards of this post

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Hoping to see more entries in the coming days.
It makes for an excellent "limit tester", this community.


Hi everyone, my entry into Contest No. 1 - Caribbean Villas in Africa?
Thank you for the contest :)

thats a good idea, seems as almost obvious new step forward. cheers!

The community has been doing well so far and I encourage architects I find out there to always check out the community and share their contents as well.
I am glad that OCD keeps supporting contents there and this contest is a good one to reach out to more members

This is a good one. Lemme see if I can dig up something.

Damn! I published the post in the community a few hours before this announcement!

I have to work on another post lol! 😁

That is amazing, the right kind of the boost which will gather more people and quality content.


This is a wonderful idea! How can I apply for my @erarium healing project and our community to be part of your incubator?

 3 years ago  

You can visit OCD's Discord server and pitch you community in #community-incubation channel.

Thank you for your help.

 3 years ago  

Don't mention it. It's my "job". 😄

My entry into this week's contest.

Thank you for helping the community


Here is my entry to the contest:

Breathing new life to ruins

Over the years, we abandoned many buildings and structures. These buildings became ruins as weather and time take a toll on them, and nature engulfs it. We can see ruins in either rural or urban landscapes with either a section of a ripped wall or a truncated ceiling. Ruins remind us that time and decay change everything. I am allure with the idea of bringing new life to ruins rather than ignoring it to rot. Ruins have the potential to be a modern, livable space. see more on: https://peakd.com/hive-178708/@juecoree/breathing-new-life-to-ruins

It is my first time engaging in this community. I am looking forward to post more contents here.

Thanks for this contest and to the community for letting me join, I like design and everything related to architecture, here my participation thanks


Awesome initiative guys, you never stop surprising us! :)

 3 years ago  

You already drafting your entry, Gabby? I'm sure you have architecture-related content from your travels.

Not really, I don't remember having too much architecture photography in my posts, but I'll keep an eye out for the next contests to see if I can take advantage of my travel posts 😁

That is a great approach in the OCD community program - I hardly can contribute a lot towards #architecture and #design apart from shabby amateur photography haha but re-blogged this and wishing all good luck!

Hi, good day, is it allowed to have two entries? If yes, here's my second entry. Good luck to all the participants. (^_^)


 3 years ago  

There's no limit on the entries. Go go go!

Thank you for the info @ybanezkim26 (^_^)

     Thank you to everyone involved in this contest in particular to OCDor their great contribution to the community, not only to Architecture + Design, but also to all the communities it supports. Thank you.

     Here I share my participation in the contest. Happy day.


Cover of the Publication

Long live the Architecture and Design community. I've been thinking how cool it would be to be a creator and designer of motorized robots. Here is a simple sample of a mockup made from simple elements:


     I share my participation here. Thank you for supporting this community of Engineers and Architects, as well as lovers of engineering structures.


Publication holder


HIVE needs some design work done on the main logo!

Excelent idea

You only think how to fill your pocket.
You don't care about the platform.
You will give your votes for your posts.
And stop voting for your pages.

Maybe try reading every once in a while.


This does not mean that you need to vote for yourself. Give curatorials. And not add a pool of awards.
It's not pretty to other users.
And then I look at the scheme came up with a good one.
See below for your posts.
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As they say, I want more.
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We will curate and give some extra rewards to the best posts as it is a contest.

I'm having a hard time understanding you, maybe go back to creating art as that seemed like something you knew how to do instead of this crazy ranter you've become.

You have not answered. Why milk the pool?
Did you put a decrease in strength on 4 accounts?
Why I started to vote for my pages.
I'm not a rebel.
I'm not afraid of your flags.
Everyone is afraid to say something.

I downvoted cause autovotes on dumb stuff.

We're generating rewards to give out as contest prizes, it's the same as voting on the 5 winners more but we curate first and decide who won after so that's why liquid rewards are more convenient.

 3 years ago  

Care to read at least once? Also check the beneficiary. And before you'll accuse me of filling my pocket and not caring the platform, I'll be the one to distribute ALL THE REWARDS of the post to the winners. Which means 100% will go the the winners and not our own pockets.

You don't care about the platform.

You don't care about reading at what OCD has done in this platform. You just want an excuse to fit your distorted narrative. Sick. Needs medication.

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 3 years ago (edited) 

Yes! It's stuffing my pockets! All of it!

Look at this:

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Use them as evidence instead of having baseless accusations. Substantiate your claims. I can give you more evidence if you want.

Such drama! The suspense! The ominous itch! I have it all! You want some attention? You have my whole day. Just make sure you have solid proof of your intents.

It seems you don't know how curation works. Pity. 😂

Edit: This reply seems to be of more quality than all your posts combined. I'm not saying this is. It just felt like this is. Touché.

There are some users I really regret having curated in the past, what a waste of a 70 rep account.

 3 years ago  

You curated this retard? Ooops! That's harsh or whatever.

you just started to cheat. and vote for your posts from all your accounts. For some reason, there are a lot of posts by beginners without attention. but yes, it's better to vote for yourself.

Your words don't mean much to me.

 3 years ago  

This is getting more ridiculous the more replies you do. But I'll stoop down to your level. Let's see if I'll become more retarded than you. Did you read about OCD's communities? Please read before you accuse someone of cheating.

the main thing is that you know. and vote by the whole community for your posts)

 3 years ago  

Wut? Make it make sense. You're sounding gibberish there. 😅