I don't know what to say

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I have been quiet. Many of us have been. Silently watching Tron and Justin continue with their relentless campaign to take over a decentralized blockchain and its community. What difference can I make? I don't have funds to invest. I can't code to help break free. I feel totally helpless. All I can do is watch everything we have all worked for over the years be taken from us and destroyed. And why? Because money talks? Because Justin Sun is too proud to admit he got it wrong and can afford to burn his bridges and his investment? Fuck the little guy that has invested his time and energy.

Does this all sound familiar? It's this sort of shit that brought me to steem in the first place. A promise of a decentralized world where no one central organization could take control. A place where the content creator and consumer can have ownerships, rights and a voice. I am a content creator. Its how I make my living. It was before steem came along and it will be if steem does not survive. I just though steem was different. Maybe I was delusional to believe in a truly decentralized system, a new web. A more fair system for the content creator and consumer. After all, without creators and consumers, there would be no web.

I have wanted to post. To continue on as normal, but I have not been able to. The uncertainty is harsh. Things are not normal. Do we stay or do we fork? I think the fork is well underway and a recent post from @blocktrades confirms this. But what does that mean for a truly decentralized web? It's like we are being moved on like an unsocial gang of youths instead of a professional organization. You know the way those illegal sites go down and pop back up under a new name. Is that the way things will be for us?

I don't know what to post about anymore. I watch @papa-pepper with admiration. He was one of the first accounts I followed here on steem and things feel normal when I see his posts in my feed. Thank you for being consistent @papa-pepper. You are one of the rocks of steem. And then I watch @theycallmedan. He is really fighting the fight. Activity on steem and on traditional social. fighting for what I believed steem to be. Fighting for the dreams of a decentralized web. He too is a rock. Thank you for fighting for our dreams @theycallmedan. And to everyone else that is doing the same.

So what happens next? I wish I knew. With Covid19 putting many of us on lockdown, patients and emotions are thin right now. I will continue to stand with the steem community. I will continue to campaign against the #steemhostiletakeover but I don't feel I can make a difference and I just don't know what to say.

steem on - or is it hive on?????????


I read @blocktrades post and sifted through the comments. I think good things will come out of the hardfork.

  • they are in discussion with multiple exchanges to have the new coin
  • They will not make the hardfork until this is secured because there are
    people who are dependent upon Steem for an income.
  • Yes, everyone will receive an airdrop.
  • This plan has been worked out while Sun has being playing Witness Wars.
  • Sun wants to dump his bag of coins he purchased from Ned, which will put
    Steen to zero.
  • The hardfork will eliminate the stake that Sun has, creating a chain
    owned solely by the community.
  • Aparently a number of the old developers are onboard and many new ones
    have joined. They have good things planned for the new network.
  • All existing apps will work on the new chain.
  • The new chain and coin will be called Hive.

that's a good summary of what's going on.

The technical stuff is easy; we have the best nerds money can buy.
All that really matters is solidarity.

yeps it is sure getting a lot of support


Being under an endless threat by a madman who I would not be shocked is going end up in jail in 5 to 10 years when all the shady stuff he’s been up to catches up. Is no way for people to thrive and grow. Let alone the community that make up a place.

We went all out while we could. Sure many of us still have quite a fight in us. That fight can be used to informing people of a new place where they can get back to creating content. The other option is waging war for months on end. Whats the win condition in this war? All of Ninja stake getting nulled?

I for one welcome the new chain as a beacon of much needed light. We might as well take advantage of these troubling times and have a path forward. This will require a fair bit of work of people telling everyone they know it’s time to move on.

Tron values money and as far as I can tell nothing else. There own coin is so inflated in supply they can barley keep it above 1 cent on a good day. That is with all their contentions, wealth, and endless buying of new toys for their master to play with.

The value is in the community. Where ever that might end up. This place without it is just a database.

Hive on or is it Jive on? 💃🕺

I feel you and feel like nothing. But what can do for now just read the post and then create content.

I proud of @theycallmedan too. He really fights for our community.

Steem bring bad news every day like Coronavirus :(

Im reading loads, but not posting much. It's hard to continue on as normal when there is no normal any more

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Feel the same way...Just a marketing dude, no real blockchain skill set, no endless pockets....Just a guy sitting here trying to create content and bring people to STEEM....

Errr....HIVE ? lol

yeps its a hard time for us normal folk and all we can do is wait and see

Shine on you crazy diamond.

I just got home from Italy and am now in 14 days of self imposed quarantine. :)

Lost of time to read/watch the events involving Steemit.

14 days, no way. I do hope its not to hard. we are on partial lock down and its not good. Not moving is one thing, being told not to move is another :-)

I don't know what to say either.

Really, well let's try some swear words. How about Fuck?

Fuck the fucking shit?

The fucking cunts just did a shit on us (ok a bit more of this and I might feel better) arsehole dickwipes.

Bearded cockthistle twunt wankers.

Note to self: Mention how these words are not directed towards anyone. They simply exist for fun and stress relief.

Your even getting a full vote for just going along with me

Typical raffle-coppin, whatever that means. Maybe Google it.

I fucking love it 🤣😂, also not directed towards anyone

Not an easy place to be right now, both worlds in turmoil, the walking world which will soon be forced to sit and twiddle thumbs and hands and try to avoid going stir crazy in some places, and the typing world being forced to move, or to stay under the thumb of a dictator telling people what they can post what they can vote on and what is quality. Talk about everything upside down, sit and do nothing, move or do as I say, not a lot of choices available right now.

It is like everything is in a holding pattern waiting to land or continue on the way.

I'm feeling cabin fever
Day 5 of partial lockdown and I'm already going crazy

Where I am we are not in a mandatory lock down, but voluntary one, we are trying to only go out and do our shopping thing once a week in the middle of Sunday afternoon, seems to be the quiet time for that stuff. The weather can keep us inside in the winter for a week sometimes, but we are going on week 4 of trying to limit contact due to my health issues. So I have been doing a lot of commenting, and visiting of blogs on Steem Block Chain, and avoiding the flu news.

I feel the same but I also have a SCOT community and token running as well. Not sure where that is going to land. I'm hoping that the SMART contracts can be migrated. Either way I'm glad there's some direction forward. The stalemate was doing none of us any good. I think he - the name that should not be spoken :-) - missed a big opportunity and a larger return on his investment. Anyhow - Hive, hive away!

Damn, you have a Scott. That's way more uncertainty than I have to deal with. I wish you luck 😀

You put into words all my feels ....

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I can recommend staying off those PAL discussions, I stopped attending after week 1, they are just anxiety inducing.

It's heard not to get depressed at the truth, that Steem is only as decentralised as its richest person.

Probably the same will be true on the next fork.

Maybe you're finding it hard to write about because the truth is that governance decentralisation needs to be decoupled from stake in order for things to be truly decentralised.

Dan and Blocktrades wouldn't like that idea any more that Sun.

I just don't think the two are compatible. Maybe a 'decentralised stake weighted governance system' is an oxymoron, pure and simple, unless we have total economic equality IRL.

In other words, this was never any different to Facebook, in terms of power and control, really.

Maybe? I dunno, I need to go live in a field and plant trees. Seriously.

I understand how you feel, Paula. I feel the same... everyday I want to post but I just don't know what to say. I do not have the funds to power up millions, I do not have the skills that developers do and I feel kind of useless..

I'm however still here, reading many posts, trying to keep up with constant changes while worrying about the Covid situation as well. I feel overwhelmed and it's just the beginning....

Hey I'm with you on this one Ireland. The accumulation of uncertainties on the planet and steemit platform have sent me away from daily blog posting. I have powered down. My local income stream and work has dried up here in South Africa this year with the melt down globally, and I think this may be true of half the planet right now. I may need to sell all my steem for food. If I can even sell it. And now it's worth peanuts.

With all that's going on with the plague I have to say having Steems future to think about has been a great diversion. As a tiny account of 3 years I find it more difficult now to be heard as most of the reward pool seems to be going to fight war effort. Whatever happens with Hive I hope content will be king again.

" I hope content will be king again."

^^^^^^ this.........

I really understand you. We fighted so long time for the name steem. We did our best to choose those witnesses. The decision should be taken by the community, not by a group of people. I didn't know anything about the name before. The community didn't choose it. About moving it's ok, but is that the true will of all the community ? Why we worked so hard in twitter to spread the truth about steem and to keep witnesses in the top. Only 7 witnesses left to be there to make the change in steem itself. We can keep fighting. Are we giving up on all what we did ? It's hard to promote hive now.

The entire situation is a mess. You have worked hard for ur community and steem. Many others have too. I so hope it all works out

I feel you, Paula. I share your sense of futility and helplessness and admiration for the people fighting, but I'm tired of it. It's not just the stuff on Steem(it), it's the dastardly virus and how it's affecting everything and everyone and it's trying to get on with the business of life and earning a living.

I said this somewhere else, but I have a sense, when we get there, it'll be "the other side". Whatever that is. And I hope that a lot of the good folk we've come to know as part of Steem are there, too. Including you and I.

I think we will be there, but if I out as much in as I did here, well that's yet to be decided.

The name steem and steemit doesn't mean that much to most people, I think its part of the space to be able to fork and go your own way. I think web 3.0 is still about splitting and continue to split and thats fine, eventually it will turn into a mesh network but you can't have that without having various streams to eliminate single points of failure.

I'd say it's about time we fork and leave all that negativity and baggage that the steem chain and brand holds and be a real community-driven project. these other coins will all die in this next purge as liquidity dries up in any case

Some of the existing steem users are also very negative and will be moving with us. What a shame 🤣😂

The we better hope hive has more robust flagging rules

I completely get where you're coming from, Paula. All I can say is that after listening to a bazillion hours of Discord chats, YouTube videos, and reading nineteen thousand posts (my math might be a bit off...lol), I'm encouraged by this development. I think we're about to take a turn towards what you hoped this platform would be. 😌🤗

Time will tell. My math must be off too because I read 10 million 😅🤣

Hey, @paulag.

I have wanted to post. To continue on as normal, but I have not been able to.

I do identify with this. Lately, I've managed only opinions of what's been going on, which isn't what I want to write about, but writing what I do want to write about seems to take more time and energy than I have, along with the uncertainty of it all.

It's basically, "What's the point?"

I haven't been on STEEM as long as you have, nor have I even attempted to be as involved or to do what you have done, so I can only try to imagine what that's feeling like for you. I'm not even sure I know what it feels like for me.

I've never been so loyal to STEEM that making a move elsewhere was out of the question. The problem is, where? Up until now, the main options were STEEM, some failed or failing sister chain of it, and out there on some other chain.

Now, there's Hive. Many of the same actors who made STEEM what it is are onboard with it, mainly because it has nothing to do with Steemit. Granted, Steemit wasn't all that it was cracked up to be, and it certainly is less than it was now.

The one thing I do know is, I can't stick around on a chain that has no hope of ever being decentralized, and with the fork, that's pretty much where STEEM is going to be. If Sun wants out and someone manages to buy him out and then somehow keeps it afloat, wow, major kudos. Otherwise, everything ends up folded into TRON, however that works, and STEEM ceases to exist.

So, it's either go with the devil you know, or jump into the unknown. I don't like following the crowd because they generally get it wrong. It's a rock and a hard place for me, and I wish others felt it just a little more than they seem to do. Maybe they do and just don't want to express their reservations yet.

There will be a new power stuggle on the new chain. I'm losing faith. Maybe it's the partial lockdown but I dont feel the positivity

I'm sure the partial lockdown isn't helping. Our version in it imposed today in Oregon isn't helping me any, that's for sure.

However, at this point, a power struggle here, or on the new chain, or on a totally different chain, seems inevitable. I guess we shall see. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and expect something somewhere in the middle. :)

patience *

I agree, I enjoy seeing creators posts that I have seen for years.

Patients, but I'm not a doctor 🤣😂🤣😂

I am not sure what is going to happen. But until then I have been continuing as is. Although for a bit I pondered whether I was going to do so.

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