Top 7 Mistakes You Should Not Do on Hive

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You are probably wondering - why I am not getting much attention on Hive Blog? I am posting like others, so what's going on? Probably you are doing some mistakes that you don't even know.

Mistakes you should not do on Hive blog

Well, I can't blame you for this! Because I also did the same mistakes when I was a newbie. Hive blog is a decentralized platform with no governing body. But that doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want! You could be flagged by Hivewatcher and Spamminator for disrupting community rules.

I know all people have some exceptional skills by which you can earn a decent amount of Hive. But be cautious! You shouldn't do the following mistakes on Hive Blog.

Mistakes you should not do on Hive

1. Don't Spam

This is what we see a lot in social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Lots of spamming comments! Right?

Some people on Facebook go to every friend's posts and comment the same thing all over - Nice post! Nice Post! Great Post! Great Post!


Well, you can't do it here. You can just post the same thing or some link to everywhere in the blog. It will be considered as spam. And as per I know spamming is prohibited everywhere in the world.

As I already told you, there is no one to charge your Hive account. So what will happen if you continue spamming? Your posts and comments will be downvoted by the regular users, whales, and @hivewatcher. And you'll be a headless chicken soon. So, don't do it!

2. Don't Copy-Paste

You can't just copy someone's original work from the internet and paste it to Hive blog.
That just sounds wrong!


You are only allowed to post your 100% original works here. Well, of course in the world of the internet, everything isn't original; almost 30% of results you find on Google are copied from another.

You can quote some lines or use images from another source, but you must mention it in your blog with source link. You must provide proper attribution to make it right.

And you can't just copy the whole article and provide a source! It's also a punishable act! At least 70% -80% of your content should be original.

Hivewatcher's recommendation: At least 50% of text should be original in addition to quoted text.

Remember - Uniqueness matters a lot if you want to get success in Hive Blog.

3. Don't Beg for Upvote

This is an inadequate thing that some newbies do in Hive Blog. You can't just go popular blogger's posts (Who have more Hive Power) and beg for upvote in the comment.


Do not beg for people to come to your content and upvote. 95% chances are people aren't going to do it. And it's lame that you're asking for it. So you probably get a big downvote from users with High Hive Power which will affect your account.

My suggestion is to find your best niche on what you're best, and start creating original content. You'll get exposure for sure! And you don't have to beg for upvote once you get the publicity.

I love to upvote on original works but I will never upvote your blog if you request me.

4. Misuse of Tags

Most of the people aren't getting enough attention on their blogs just for using wrong tags. Many bloggers even don't care about the tags. And some people are using wrong tags in their posts which is also called Tag Abusing. You could be flagged for doing this.


I am saying this because I was thinking about tags for the last few days and analyzed most of the posts. Honestly, in the beginning, I also used some tags in my Hive posts which don't make any sense!

Read Also - How to Use Tag in Hive Blog: A Beginner's Guide

Suppose, you wrote a blog on "Gaming Review" and it makes sense when you'll use the tag #game. But if you use tags like #art #photography in this post just for getting more visitors, you're doing it wrong! You are abusing tags for sure! Your post is about Gaming and it doesn't belong to art or other irrelative categories.

Everyone will expect some artworks on the #art tag, not gaming review! So don't do it!

5. Don't post too Often

I don't support posting a lot per day or week on Hive Blog. Well, there are no specific rules for this, and you can post as much as you want.


Nobody has the right to stop from posting too often as long as your contents are unique. But I will suggest to post slowly because posting a lot won't give you more upvotes or Hive for your content. And you may lose more potential earnings! How?

Well, if you post 2 blogs at the same time, I will probably read and vote on one blog and ignore another. And check out the trending page on Hive under each category or tag. That same person is rarely two times on the trending page. And another important factor is, same curation trail won't vote your post 2 times within 24 hours.

So it's good to post 5-10 articles or blogs per week. I prefer to post 1 blog every 24 hours.

6. Don't downvote or flag for no reason

Jealousy and hatred are big problems in the blogging sectors. You probably hate any specific blogger, that's ok! It's totally up to you! But you can't flag or downvote his/her original works just to satisfy your ego!


Well, I am talking about this because recently I saw some quarrels going on and bloggers are downvoting each other's comments and posts for no reason! These practices are destroying the friendly environment of Hive.

Sadly, I also got downvote from a whale, because his enemy upvoted my articles! How lame!

7. Don't Upvote Your Own Post!

I broke this rule a lot! I voted a lot for my own posts! And I know most other bloggers are doing it as well. I don't think there are any specific rules for voting own contents. But I am suggesting you to stop doing it, because it's almost like stealing Hive from the reward pool.


On Facebook, I don't give like on my own status. And I think you don't do this as well. Hive Blog is also a crypto-based social media.

Well, you can do it in another blogger's comment section as comments with top votes are stay at the top in the comment section. You can do this in the comment if you want to get attention in the comment for any urgent reason. But my suggestion is don't do it unless you have a very good reason.

Though, I am not acknowledged with any specific rule for upvoting on my own post. Let me know in the comment box if you know any.

Remember, by posting on Hive you're adding value. In return, you're getting a reward. You can't add value by violating rules and doing some unethical works. Find your niche, post your best works, comment on other's blogs, be social, and believe me, you'll be a successful blogger soon.

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Very interesting! This is the post I sent you @stefano.massari, what do you think about it?

I did not know the rule of the Upvote, indeed, I knew that it was legitimate to make an upvote to your posts. But the explanation why you shouldn't UPVOTE yourself is interesting

Very nicely done @pitboy! You have covered what is vital for newcomers to the Hive blockchain to understand. At the earliest possible opportunity ...

Stopping by, after finding this post reblogged by @hivewatchers. And now bookmarked, for future referrals to others!

Glad to know that you bookmarked my post. I am always trying my best to provide tiny contribution to the community by leading the way for newcomers.
Thanks a lot for stopping by. 💜

"At least 70% -80% of your content should be original"
Hivewatchers recommend at least 50% (not 70%) of text to be original in addition to quoted text.

Looks like I made it little hard for newbies! :P
Some bloggers suggest 70%, some recommend 50% should be original to be considered as unique content.

But I didn't know about Hivewatcher's recommendation. Thanks for letting me know. I will add it to the post.

Thanks a lot. It was very helpful for me as a new user. These guidelines from you guys inspires us to go ahead. Because we have a faith that there are some guys to show us the path. Really it was very helpful and going to see the other articles you mentioned here for more knowledge.

This is my goal, to assist the new comers with tips, guides and informative posts. I am very pleased to know that you found it valuable. Happy Hiving!

Brother I i just Lost my word for thanking You. I'm here for more than Two years and I never did 1 to 6 No issue on Hive and Steem Blockchain also. But I continuously doing the last one from the beginning. Because When I join Steem Every one suggested me that you can earn by upvoting on your own post. But never feel to think like you. Thanks for open my eyes of positive thinking about this issue. From now I will never make any upvote on my own Post.

Bless you Brother, really you are doing a very exceptional than many others people on Hive Blockchain. I'm really proud of you that I'm also belongs from you country.

I don't know how I missed this lovely comment. Thanks a lot for your time. I belong to your city I think. ;)
Hope to meet you soon. Stay blessed!

If I'm not wrong, you are Brother Marwan from Chittagong Bangladesh. I'm also from Bangladesh. There have lot of people in Bangladesh who really have vast Knowledge about #Hive and #Steem Blockchain and They are really very Successful people both on #Hive and #Steem Blockchain. Not only that they are become legend on this Platfrom and people from all over the world on #Hive Blockchain really love to follow them. I don't know isn't it possible on centralized based social media platform?. But I believe that Bangladeshi people have a great and good fame in #Hive Blockchain. Hope our futher contribution will add more and more respect and value in this Platfrom.

Very Best wishes for your Bright Hive career brother.

thank you so much

You're most welcome dear. :)

Very useful guidelines, and I'm saying this because I'm new on hive and I definitely recognize the importance of learning the good etiquette and the right way of being here. Thank you very much for your helpful contribution

I am glad to help you! I checked your profile earlier and truly you're doing awesome. Happy Hiving!

when i read the post. i was thinking l am all ready made a some mistake .
but now i should try to solve this.
thank you so much.for your helpfull post

Happy to help you. And by the way, I am amazed by your artworks! Amazing! Keep shining! You'll be a successful Hiver soon.

l am happy to know that. thanks for your inspiration. i will try to keep it.

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I must confess I really did enjoy this. Nicely written. I'd try to adopt them on my daily blogging. Thanks

Very useful information to a person like me. I just signed up for the platform and trying to get used to it.this article will really help me out here. Thanks

Absolutely precious information which everyone should know , especially the beginners! Thank you for sharing it.

Thanks for all the valuable tips

Agreed thank you for putting this post out it's very helpful

I appreciate you posting this. I know the original post is over a year old. I found it very useful for a newbie like myself.

Thank God I didn't screw way too far😀😀
This is a blessing, I have learnt a lot, thank you 🙏🙏

I have a question, well two. Will you see it? We'll see! I am new and I am posting my actifit posts in actifit almost daily, but also posting the random blog, but you mention not posting too often. Is this going to be too often?

Que importante es leer y aprender de la experiencia de otros, yo por ejemplo son nuevas y tengo solo unas pocas públicas las cuales lamento decir que viste por cada una de ellas pero es que no sabía que no debería hacerlo, pero que bueno que al abrir muchos escrito me puedo nutrir de las experiencias pasadas, porque uno cosa es lo que te dicen y otra cosa lo que vemos en la realidad, alguien me comentó que debía escribir a diario, lo que sea pero a diario, y que no comentará no votará por otros ni mucho menos hiciera amigos para no gastar la poquita energía que tengo, pero fue allí cuando recibe algunos comentarios a manera de consejos de parte @jesuspsoto, así que decide leer, y dedicar un tiempo para investigar y conocer acerca de HIVE y su manejo en la plataforma y en cuanto el tema de las etiquetas y comunidades son un lío poco fácil de entender, al parecer hay etiquetas que te dicen colócalas para que seas notado y simplemente aún no se ni que significa o quita está q no tiene nada que explicando algo absurdo, que lamentablemente te das cuenta momentos después al leer una aclaratoria, como me pasó con creativecoin me dijeron quita esa en tu escrito de manualidades pero luego me encontré con su discord y allí explican que hay una rama para arte que sería el referido a manualidades y otra para escritos literarios, allí me dije debo estudiar el uso de las etiquetas pero yo misma a través de las lecturas de publicaciones al azar que me ayudarán a crecer y aprender, tu publicación me enriquece, tiene gran valor para estos novatos como yo, que solo buscamos aprender un poco de aquellos que tienen historias con HIVE, espero saber aprovechar todas las lecturas encontradas en este día

Thank you for this infomative blog. I sure don’t want to do those listed as donts. I am still working and learning how things are done here.

Thank you for these information.I have long way to go but slowly, I can cope and that is for sure.