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It has been over five years on Hive for me and one thing that has persisted in conversation, are the challenges around curation activities. Of course, on a platform where there is the chance to be rewarded, people want to be rewarded and, because curation also gets a portion of the rewards, there is incentive to curate. However, there is also incentive for various kinds of abuse.


Curation or Not?

When I first joined, I would see some very rewarded posts in what was Trending, but didn't understand why. At the time, I had no idea about anything here and when I first joined, didn't even realize it was a crypto platform, but soon after, I started to pick up on the various mechanics and the community. Back then, there was a lot less potential for automation and what happened was a small group of people were given a very large stake to vote with and suffice to say, it was very much, "1 for all of you, 15 for us" and this happened for a long time.

And I won't even get into the bidbot era, which persisted for around two and a half years before it was able to be driven out through code and the activities of some of the community.

Taking Initiative

But, one of the oldest curation initiatives on Hive is Original Content Decentralized (@ocd) and while it was founded by @acidyo, it involves many people and they have been doing it for over five years. They also run a Top 20 witness. Originally, it was a small group of volunteers and then paid curators, who would scour the feeds and tags, looking for under-rewarded content to vote. Yet now, they have grown into a whole range of activities, from onboarding initiatives, Twitter engagement-based rewarding, Reddit and a whole range of support for many communities, from helping them grow in their initial phases, to supporting the best of their content as they become more established.

All of this happens through their Discord, which is a very active group, with several mods and curators, supporting newbies and incubation programs for communities, sharing links of great posts that will get voted by @ocdb (10M delegated stake support), Proof of Share (POSH) activities which also has a token attached to it to earn, onboarding team members, P2E gaming support and curation, new user curation and a list of about 50 Hive communities that they support.

Spreading Distribution to People & Content

With a stake that distributes almost $3000 worth of HIVE a day, it takes a lot of people to ensure that it is distributed well, evenly and fairly. Because of this, the curation of most posts are manual, with trusted curators from the communities themselves performing the role of curator. This improves the curation distribution as it incentivizes building a strong community and it does come with some reward, which I believe is brought in through the transparency of curation posts, that are all on chain and, it is possible to see the rewards on each that go out to the various curators for each post. What is also does, is decentralizes process and curation decisions and spreads the rewards out not just to individual members widely, but a large range of content topics too, which gives the opportunity for less visible or subscribed communities to get rewarded also.

Beyond the manual curation activities, there is also some automation to help make sure that distribution is happening without putting too much burden on individuals. This happens in various ways, which if interested to know more, ask in the comments section and someone from @ocd will answer :)

The Harder Parts

And now, one of the other things that they do is anti-abuse activities, to make sure that the content they are curating is original and not just some sockpuppet account set up in order to take more than is deserved. Essentially, all curation initiatives "should" have internal anti-abuse measures in place, however, very few do. And dig a little and you will find that some of the initiatives themselves are running sock accounts to curate themselves more than others, or multiples of the same "friends and family", narrowing the distribution severely.

Most don't dig though, so it goes unchecked,

Most don't know this, but @ocd was an instrumental force in curbing the bidbot activities and breaking apart some of the largest voting circles on the platform. It came at a price and wasn't the most enjoyable part of curation, but as a result, the curation environment is far healthier than it was a couple years ago. However, it is one of those "remain vigilant" things, because when there is value potential, there will always be people looking to maximize for themselves, any way they can. It is the nature of the platform and unfortunately it isn't going away.

Trusted Projects

Building trust is important in this community and what I have always liked about @ocd is that they are transparent in their activities where they can be and the curators take their roles seriously. Not only this, the curators are also active in the community in other ways also, as well as spending time in the discord with a large cross-section of Hive users.

Obviously it is important to have multiple curation projects on Hive and across the Hive ecosystem with the various secondary tokens. However, if not careful, large amounts of newly minted HIVE ends up in narrow groups of people who aren't interested in building, or those many socks of "friends and family" that some of the initiatives have facilitated and continually enabled. And the larger the stake, the more people should be involved, as it brings in more variation of content types and, spread the rewards for curation activities to more people involved, as well as limits the potential for large-scale abuse.

Never-ending Controversy

HIVE and its distribution is vital for the platform in many ways, which is why it is such a "controversial" topic, with so many opinions around it. However, for the chain itself, there has to be enough solid stake to ensure longevity and, enough distribution to reward and encourage content creation. I believe that a healthy curation initiative not only supports content, but also supports the ecosystem by providing services and encouragement to grow the userbase and help them build the skills and understanding so they become hive builders, not just reapers.

Over the years, I have seen @ocd support so many people from the beginning of their journey or picked them up some time after, who have gone on to become Hive builders and continually develop themselves on Hive. Some of the communities would have never got off the ground without the support and, so many of the curators might have got frustrated and left, but here they are daily, doing a job that is often invisible to most people and thankless, even from those who they help.

So, just to finish up, this post is mainly for those who don't know what happens in the background of some of the curation activities and hopefully helps people look out for what is healthy and what might be a less so. The Hive ecosystem is far from perfect in regard to curation, but it is continually getting better and there are a couple very good projects that have built up trust over the years and continue to provide huge amounts of value to the Hive ecosystem. @ocd is definitely one of these and if you see those curators on your post or those of great content you find, thank them, as it isn't always easy.

And lastly, for those who are interested in checking out OCD on Discord to see if they can help you and your communities or you them, here is a link which should work:

[ Gen1: Hive ]


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I remember about those times you mentioned at the beginning of the post because most likely many people out there wondered what's with such big votes on some random posts, but I'm happy that things have changed.

@acidyo definitely did a great job with @ocd and keeps rocking even years later! In my opinion @ocd is amongst the few powerful curation communities which didn't get lost on the way or moved on the corruption side as some did. I was also one of the persons they "grew up" with their votes, support and advices along these years and I'm not afraid to say that they were the hope I needed to keep going for so long.

I remember even writing a thank you post for them when I got more than 1$ on my post as I was usually receiving in 2018, lol. It's funny how the newbies from these days think they are wronged not knowing what we have been through before reaching our popularity :)

it is funny, one of the highest reps on the platform, hasn't posted in three years... just all bot votes.

and keeps rocking even years later!

This is an actual picture of Acid:


I remember even writing a thank you post for them when I got more than 1$

That is cool!

 6 months ago  

Thank you for this! I have been with OCD for almost two years now and I'm so happy to be part of every single curation initiative OCD has been doing.

You're right. Curation runs on the background and sometimes there are controversial topics involved. What I liked about OCD is the level of transparency it always uphold. I would have left already if transparency is not met.

You are an old-timer there now mate :D

 6 months ago  

Yeah! I hope Acid will not fire me. 😆

I haven't been here 5 years-only 4 (and a half :)) but I have seen, and been involved in much of what you speak of. Good and bad. I may be the only person that never once used a bid bot...

I've never been here for the money. May be why I told a few people to fuck completely off, to my expense. I'm here because I believe in the possibility of what has such a good start here. I was quite new, but here for the $2300 down vote :) Speaking of abuses.

Now that I've established my bona fides let me say I'm a big fan of @acidyo and @ocd. Even having been fired as a curator by acidyo :) He was right, I may not have been. Might even be that I was wrong. Maybe.

OCD (and acidyo) have maintained their integrity in the face of some pretty dedicated fuckery through it all. It's been a beacon through all the years.

This place is special, and has the potential to be miraculous in the future. Thanks to dedicated effort by acidyo and others like him. It's a good legacy.

I haven't been here 5 years-only 4 (and a half :)

Just a baby!! ;D

I was quite new, but here for the $2300 down vote :) Speaking of abuses.

Lols - good times...

I didn't know you had been fired - you were with Curie too, right?

OCD (and acidyo) have maintained their integrity in the face of some pretty dedicated fuckery through it all. It's been a beacon through all the years.

There were some interesting times in the background to support the decommissioning of the bidbots. It also took starting one. It was a weird time on the front, but there was a plan :)

There are some pretty dodgy "curation projects" at the moment - just look at all the highly rewarded makeup posts....

THings will always get better though, even if there are some backward steps at times. It is a brilliant place to participate.

Hope you are well mate :)

I never currated for Curie. I always have a couple of curators that I can suggest a post too...

Adsactly. That's how I know so well of some of the fuckery that OCD faced. They were part of that enormous circle jerk that drove the other place for a couple years. Speaking of suspiciously rewarded posts. I was part of their curation team. We had 3 full votes to use most days, unless the circle jerk over circled. We checked EVERY awarded post for plagiarism.

Part of the reason I know as much as I do is that I also wrote for adsactly. I got a percentage of the reward so never bellyached too much about the circle. I'd feel worse if I didn't know that I did some real good writing there. And I met some really good people, too.

That's right - Adsactly! I had almost forgotten about hem - that was some circle. There were a couple worse, still is one that seems very persistent...

 6 months ago  

I appreciate this write up. I’ve been with OCD for just a little over a year. The main reasons for me wanting to be a part of this team was their integrity, transparency and the true desire of wanting to support people.

I may not have a lot of stake here but my way of supporting and helping to build up this platform is with my time and efforts. Through working for OCD I have been able to give more of time as well as helping more people get the rewards their efforts deserve. So it’s pretty cool being able to support so many people through this initiative, knowing they are being encouraged to stay here and keep submitting their quality content.

One thing about working with @acidyo is that he’s gonna keep it 💯. I didn’t get the hang of things within the first week lol, heck I still make mistakes today. One thing I appreciate about him is the way he comes to you and corrects you on things (he inspired my recent correction post 😂). I have learned so much just by being amongst the other curators and I am truly grateful to be on this curating team where I know the intentions and efforts are genuine.

This was a really great read and helpful explanation for those wondering what goes on behind the scenes and the work that’s put into these initiatives.

Integrity goes a very long way.

I may not have a lot of stake

Yet, you are part of distributing a lot of stake. This is why the delegation ability is so important, as it allows for decentralization of stake activity, even when the stake is owned by a single account. You guys have supported a lot of people in many ways.


He doesn't mind correcting people - he has corrected me once or twice over the years too. :D

 6 months ago  

Yet, you are part of distributing a lot of stake.

So true. That’s exactly what we’re doing and it feels really good to help in this way. Thanks for pointing that out :)

Haha! It’s cool though because we do learn from it ;D

I have learned so much just by being amongst the other curators and I am truly grateful to be on this curating team where I know the intentions and efforts are genuine.

Being a part of the team who has a vision, is supportive and compassionate makes us a better version of ourselves.

may not have a lot of stake here but my way of supporting and helping to build up this platform is with my time and efforts.

How satisfying a feeling it gives, isn't it. If not with money, your efforts bring happiness to others. We never know what the others are passing through in their lives off the screen. Our efforts to bring the rewards to them might be a source of making them happy

 6 months ago  

Yes! It is very satisfying knowing my efforts are helping others and possibly contributing to their happiness. That's very true. We just never know what people are facing. This is why I always try to be as kind and helpful as I can be to everyone I come in contact with :)

Thanks for this reply ~

You are doing a great job 😃

 6 months ago  

Thanks so much!! As are you!! 😉🤗

I think OCD isn't the first curation project around but it definitely is one of the most well established and respected one. The team of 30+ curators from around the world covers all bases on Hive everyday, from first post from brand new accounts to under rewarded established users, to ensure we get to as many posts as possible.

Whilst I can't speak for OCD or acidyo, as an OCD curator, and for those interested to know, I can say that our curation principle focuses on original quality content from under rewarded users who believe in the longevity of Hive, and are active and committed to it, over those who choose to jump across chains to collect dust rewards.

Whilst we can't curate everyone everyday, we do try very hard!!!

There was Curie too back at the startish, but not sure what they are doing these days.

over those who choose to jump across chains to collect dust rewards.

Ha! These are funny people. They think they are smart and it will do them well, - very, very few do well like this.

I don't doubt the same would happen with ocd if I and some other early members left it.

When I joined the-blockchain-that-shouldn’t-be-named in early 2018, bidbots were really rampant and like you, I would see the same faces on trending everyday. I still remember being confused af of what the purpose of bid bots were. There were a lot of them that don’t really care about which to upvote as long as you send them sbd. But because of OCD I slowly learned why they can be helpful to some people and why they exists tho it comes with disadvantages as well. I’m happy they focused 100% on curation and is now doing so well.

I’m proud of @acidyo for his hardwork and for the OCD team for the job well done. :D I’m also happy for the support OCD gets, which is a reflection of how many people care about curation and content on Hive.


Not even in a whisper.

The bidbot era was a strange old time and I am so glad that we aren't there anymore, as it was only leading one way. The community here is far more vibrant now, to the point I can't keep track of much of it :)

I’m also happy for the support OCD gets, which is a reflection of how many people care about curation and content on Hive.

Yeah, it is good to see. I wish there were a couple more curation projects similar.

It wouldn't take a lot to adapt to the way we do things rather than stay behind the shadows and often found upvoting things that don't bring value to the ecosystem. It's sad but it is what it is, luckily we have downvotes now that can make them adjust their ways when they go out of line too much.

Whaddup? Check you out in triple digit comments.

Now all we need is about 20 more OCD's and Appreciators and Relaxo's and... if only. Can you see it? Zoom in. So many whales supporting content, content producers would do stuff like not be embarrassed to show their buddies in real life what they do on the internet.

Check you out in triple digit comments.

Used to be common, now it has been a long while :)

So many whales supporting content, content producers would do stuff like not be embarrassed to show their buddies in real life what they do on the internet.


It seems that a lot of those who have got a lot of whale support, don't show themselves anyway. Which raises questions :)

Thanks for this post. OCD has come a very long way in the past few years and it is cool to see all of the support that OCD is giving across the entire Hive ecosystem. There are so many different people from all over the world working together and it is so cool to see.

It is pretty amazing. Not many things have survived as long as OCD here - in fact, not even the chain ;D

But, hopefully it keeps building and expanding the activities in the future.

Hope all is well mate.

Everything is good with us here. I wish I was able to make it to HiveFest to see you all again.

I can't make it this year either it seems :/

Well that sucks. Hopefully next time we can both go and share some street sausage again.

Hello, thank you for this post, it’s very nice to know more about the hard and responsible work that the team (or teams) behind curation are developing.

I first met blockchains two years ago while I was looking for a place where I could write and monetize the content, so I found another one. But corruption seems to be very easy to practice in this kind of environment, so thank God I started to be more interested in the Hive, until I finally decide to build my blog here.

I have to say that transparency and commitment with users are very clear in Hive ecosystem.

You said this:

I believe that a healthy curation initiative not only supports content but also supports the ecosystem by providing services and encouragement to grow the userbase and help them build the skills and understanding so they become hive builders

I agree 100%. When you curate good content you are receiving in return many benefits: people who don’t know how to create content can have examples for learning; users can be more engaged with the platform (although this is not a guarantee); you can develop in some people the genuine interest on investment here on the platform.

But of course, I agree with the point that is extremely important to make people understand how Hive Power is good for the entire platform, both for the Hive project and for the individual point of view.

Very interesting post, thank you very much!

Wherever you go, be careful when there is money of some kind involved. When it is avaialble, people will do some pretty crazy things for it. Ovrall though, Hive is a pretty cool place and there is a lot of security for an individual account, as long as you protect yourself and keep vigilant. :)

I believe @ocd have really helped a lot of users maintain their stay here in the blockchain with their help and support in ensuring the growth of individuals in the platform. This however depends on the efforts such individuals put in their content to attract the support and curation from ocd which is awesome and a work well-done coming from the team.

Produce good content and interact with others for long enough and the curating community will find you.


@ocd has helped a lot of hive users and has encouraged original content. The curators of OCD are doing great work by curating manually. This however may not be an easy peasy task on their end but they do that to ascertain the originality of the content they are curating. This info is also an eye opener to how OCD curation works.

Thanks for sharing 👍

Most Hive users spend their time on the front end only, and then wonder why things they see are the way they are. Gotta dive deeper from time to time!

Thanks for this informative piece about the curation process at ocd @tarazkp

Anti-abuse is certainly the most difficult part. Reading and passing the content through plagiarism checker takes a lot of time of a curator.

Many of the curators remain away from our eyes and we never figure out who put the efforts to bring the rewards to our post. They, for sure, deserve to be thanked and applauded.

OCD is doing great by providing support to this great a number of community and spreading the rewards to the whole hive ecosystem

plagiarism, stolen photos... stolen IDs...

I didn't know about stolen ids issue but lately I have come across this as well

Stolen Id's are there too and it takes a while to be verified. Not to mention, photoshopped sign which is quite rampant too.

It is sad. The thing is that there are always some people who want to ruin the systems for their own benefits

I remember when I first joined. It took forever, but was so happy when I finally got whitelisted by OCDB. They don't really do that anymore now that all the abuse has been kept in order (for the most part). It was pretty awesome to have a chance at the upvotes though.

The reason they did it in the first place was to undercut the bots and still distribute to people who deserved it. It wasn't ideal, but it was the best of a bad situation and was able to influence the eventual destructuring of the bidbots. :)

Yeah, I remember they were kind of billed as the "good bidbot" back in the day. i.e. they actually vetted the people they upvoted versus just tagging the highest bidder.

I do think they do a great job and actually puts pressure on curating the right posts as it is a community based delegated project. They have been absolutely great and cannot be compared to many of the other curation projects. Standards are maintained which is very important.

Are you still running your sports community?

I am still running it yes and trying to grow it slowly.

I have doubt whether newbies are supported enough.

There are a lot of newbies - many of them have been newbies several times...

There is no way to get to all of course and there has to be the drive from the creator too.

It's nice to know there are humans behind the logistics and the mechanics.

I've said it repeatedly and I'll say it again... travelling around here, sharing, interacting and using Hive is a TOTALLY different online experience to anything happening on mainstream social media.

It's taken me almost a month to relax and believe it's even real tbh.

The human interaction is the difference...

Thanks for the post. There's a ton to learn and things like this really help a noob like me understand a bit more. 👍

It's nice to know there are humans behind the logistics and the mechanics.

I agree and they are quite passionate humans at times.

Hope you have fun around Hive, there is a lot to see and do!

They are passionate, enthusiastic and really, really engaging!

But I read between the lines re passionate. And caring enough to fight a good fight is good enough for me too!

Loving Hive. I'm in for good :)

Thanks for the insights. Although sometimes I also ask myself why OCD seems to only curate certain people, and other posts are left unrated... I just thought, maybe because there are hundreds or thousands of posts each day, and not everyone is being noticed...
I'm currently curating under a team, temporarily, and I can say that it's not an easy job as there are a lot of factors to consider, not just the authenticity and quality of the content.

Kudos to the OCD team for doing that tough job for five years now...

I just thought, maybe because there are hundreds or thousands of posts each day, and not everyone is being noticed...

This is a big part of it. They can't be everywhere all the time, but they have a very wide distribution and then because they support community curation, the curators of the community choose too.

as there are a lot of factors to consider, not just the authenticity and quality of the content.

Not an easy job at all. Good luck with it.

Thank you..

I never thought that a lot goes on with curators behind everything. And I am sure a whole lot more goes on beyond all that you have shared here. One that I have a little idea about is finding abusive content.

It can be a whole lot of work for those that make curation happen to search deep and wide to determine if a piece of content is abusive or not, or if the user has a record of being abusive. This can take hours in some cases, and it is really not one that is enjoyable.

And for initiatives like OCD that have come such a very long way in making Hive a better place for everyone and go as far as making undervalued content and creators get rewarded according to what they deserve, they have to be applauded every single time we have the chance.

So, as from now on, I will take any chance or opportunity I get to thank these curators for their "invisible" hard work. It looks good to be a curator, but it is most certainly not an easy task to be one.

It can be a whole lot of work for those that make curation happen to search deep and wide to determine if a piece of content is abusive or not,

Potentially hours. I used to do some myself, now I am more passive, getting given links by people I trust :)

To an outsider, curation might seem like an easy task, but it is fraught with many challenges and pitfalls before we even get to the abuse part.

Great job in highlighting the work of OCD. Their work is much appreciated in the Hive community.

curation might seem like an easy task, but it is fraught with many challenges and pitfalls before we even get to the abuse part.

It is a minefield and then, throw in the social aspects and jealousy, and it becomes war - even with best intentions.

Feels like you emboldening the principle of with great power comes great responsibility and it good to see someone with that sense of doing things, and the fact manually do it all is impressive,keep up the hard work

Yeah, it is a funny thing. I wouldn't want to handle that much HP!

So many in the past have failed. OCD has been using what they get well for years.

I would but im a evil genius :D

lol - Too much drama for my liking :)

This deserves a reblog and it is very well written.

Thanks mate :)

Pleasure mate:)

Thanks for the brief history of OCD it will be Good for all newbies on hive.

I'm so impressed with OCD personally have seen how their discord staff help answering each and every question of newbie in very easy way.

I had observed the way their reward distribution works in a decentralized way is outstanding and also being transparent is what makes them best - each and every report of content being rewarded by them from newbie to quality content is impressive.

I believe this 5 years experience of OCD they will come with something to catch people abusing hive with plagiarism or fake accounts - i guess they already are on it.

Big Salute and respect to OCD!

I am looking forward to a time where curation isn't a problem on Hive - but I think I will be waiting a long time :D

@ocd have been a wonderful support system for a long time. I love the fact that quality contents are being rewarded and it is a good way to encourage authors especially new hive users.

Just like a lot of people have commented already, I will also say that @acidyo has done so well standing on integrity which everyone can attest to.

I know there are ups and downs sometimes that people like us may not even notice but then I applaud the team for their constant hard work.

They do a pretty good job of spreading a large stake around :)

@ocd 🔥🔥
Wow….this definitely eye opening.

Thank you for this @tarazkp

OCD has been a great community, that helps community especially individuals, they are focus a helping beginner, those that started hive and needed guidance,i don't know much about what happen in background in curation as am also new on hive, but this post has enlighten me to it, thanks for the post, i want to ask the @ocd community are they just for INTRODUCTIONS POST or are for other Original content as well?

 6 months ago  

Hey @chillyanca. We have a Love Sniper bot that either encourages newbies to publish an intro post or congratulates a newbie after they have posted their introduction. There is an emphasis on supporting these posts but that’s only one aspect of what gets curated.

Daily we submit original content to be considered for an upvote from a variety of different communities. Even if you receive a comment from one of us directing you to post in a more suited community, it’s possible your post could still be submitted for a vote.

Anyone submitting quality original content has a good chance of being supported by OCD, especially if that author is under-rewarded ;)

Thanks a lot for the enlightenment.

 6 months ago  

For sure ;)

They do all kinds of things :)

@ocd is doing great work in both curating quality content and with their onboarding programs. Kudos to them. What do I need to do so that my posts will appear on their radar more regularly? Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Is @ocd more active in any particular community?

Try dropping into their discord and getting to know them as people :)

Curate work is extremely arduous and few people know it. And the main difficulty is being able to filter and separate content producers from users who practice different types of abuse. It's a complex task but it's worth it when we see that people are being rewarded for their good work!


It definitely isn't fun at times :)

Thank you for this.You shared some information that some are not aware, and I'm one of that. This is an eye-opening, that gives a lot of information for us. Thank you again.Have a nice day ahead.

@ocd and @ocdb was indeed a great curator teams thanks to @acidyo and his team for establishing this.
I guess am also at your stage where you seems to find receiving upvote on hive really hard. OCD had been a rewarding organization that upvote content and i am been upvoted once by OCD I wonder why it not coming but I believe when I interacted with more user i will get noticed once again.
Thanks for sharing the discord link @tarazkp

How is your content? And your engagement? Do you support others?

thanks for this Nice post

Wow this is very interesting and I enjoy reading it. Thanks so sharing such a great post

I wish everyone would think like you and put the words into practice. Thank you, @tarazkp, very much for such a good post.

It’s good to have a feel of what goes on behind the scenes. Thanks for sharing.

I got more understanding from reading answers from #ocdb curation team members in this comments section.


How about you started voting outside of your circle of friends?

This is my normal week;


How's yours?

btw, I already know:


You got your circle of friends on autovote, while I click by hand these last 6 years.

I don't even have to look: you vote your buddies @100% and the weak accounts get small votes to keep them entertained.

It's pointless talking to anyone who claims ocd was helping newbies.
It helps those who operate it and those who 'curate' for it.

club of dbags.

You have very little idea at all it seems. For someone who has been here 6 years...

That was unexpected. The usual reaction is to claim I was jealous.
You should have thought about it 1 minute longer.

Why would anyone be jealous of me here? Are you that insecure?

At least I am confident enough to not misrepresent what I am doing here.

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Indeed the curator's job is not easy and thanks for sharing the topic in detail.

No worries.

Thank you so much @acidyo for the wonderful initiative and the great job that @ocd is doing in ensuring transparency and also helping the younger ones grow. Kudos to the curators for the good job you do. You all make Hive a wonderful place to be.

I guess the curation controversies in the community will always exist no matter what

Good post, thank you for sharing!❤️


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I didn't realize you were a curator, and I just got a notification for my 5 years on Hive the other day. We've been on Hive I assume since the hardfork. I remember stumbling upon your profile years ago, and I've seen you bouncing around all these years, but because we aren't in the same Hive circles, our paths haven't crossed much.

Curating is stressful work, I can totally relate to that. I can remember years ago when I started the ASEAN Hive Community and found that no whales were willing to directly support it. It took along time, but by grassroots means we developed nearly 100,000 HP in delegations, and although it's nothing compared to what OCD and Curangel curate with, it does allow me to balance curation gaps a bit, tough seeing two posts of equal quality, one with a $120 payout coming, and the other with only $1.98, mirroring the imbalance of the real world very often.

All in all though, my goal has always been maintaining a community with standards of quality that allow curators with big HP to drop by and easily find quality posts if they choose to do so. I can remember blogging for almost a year before a getting a payout that reached dollars instead of cents, hard to explain to newbies that complain about only getting $15 payouts, a number I still often don't reach with my content.

Thank you so much for writing out this post. It's now my 5th year and it has been an amazing journey curating with OCD and Acidyo. I always like the idea of supporting undervalued authors and helping their work gets discovered. PS: In the past, we have something called "meet OCD curators and community leaders too" where people can read the people behind the curation and their vision. I suppose it would be nice if we have something like that again as the team grows. Sorry to have found out this post a bit late 😅

Interesting stuff and it gives me lots of confidence in this platform. It strikes me as being a resilient system with a human touch. So many similar platforms feel sterile, which is definitely not the case with hive.

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There is plenty of poor curation and scam around and it is always going to "have a place" because in general, people will be people.

I'm over here putting my neck out, saying dangerous, very offensive things,

Maybe this is the issue?