Let's Make a Collage, Round 124 - Winner Announcement!

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This Week's Highlights & Announcements:

🌟 Huge prize pool with 211 HIVE to award winners in this round!

🌎 Check out our community website at https://www.lmac.gallery!

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Hello Hivers, Hello LMACians!

Yesterday's poll to choose the winners of Round 124 of Let's make a collage has just been closed and the community has decided on the distribution of 211 HIVE in prizes!

A big thank you also to whale curator and LMAC supporter @balte, who added 30 HIVE to our prize pool for this week! 💪💪💪

Join us in applauding this round's fantastic winners! 👏👏👏

First Place: 28.50 HIVE

Second Place: 24.70 HIVE

Third Place: 20.90 HIVE

Fourth Place: 17.10 HIVE

Fifth Place: 13.30 HIVE

Top 10: 11.40 HIVE (if eligible*)





Top 15: 5.70 HIVE (if eligible*)






Template image


All Contest Entries

Thank you all for your engagement, by creating these awesome collages and joining the polls!

See you all back in LMAC Round 125!

💬If you have any questions about the LMAC or the the LIL let us know in the comments or come right over to our dedicated Discord at:

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YippieYeah, FANTASTICO! 🍷🍾🍹

Thanks very much and congratulation to all of you! 😎🍻

Thank you and hearty congratulations to you Muelli Sir, each round your art is just wonderful. Bravo on your creativity here, lovely. Bravo🎊❤️



Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores!!! Gracias a todos por el color y el brillo que le dan a LMAC con sus collages cada semana!! Ustedes son puro talento chicos! 💫

LMAC 124 really was a great round full of great artwork. I enjoyed it very much.
Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all participants!

I do join you in applauding these amazing entries, @shaka. As I scroll through, I remember how hard it was to choose one over the other. Each is an outstanding, memorable collage.

Tomorrow we start anew. What will you offer us? From the first glance we begin to plot our strategy. I hope everybody has fun with this week's template and I wish all good luck in the contest.

Let the games begin....

Hello. Thanks so much for the 1st place prize. I didn't expect it, so I was overjoyed to have won this round. Thanks to all who supported by collage. I'm happy that you liked my theme. It was a pleasure creating it.

Congratulations to all winners! So many unique and creative themes this round. Such beautiful efforts. This is truly a lovely community to share your creativity.

Take care everyone and have a good rest of your week.

Es que lo tuyo ya no es pieza, sino obra jeje Felicidades amiga ☺️

Congratulations dear Diva👏❤️

Felicidades Muchachos, a todos los que participaron en esta ronda.
En especial a los 15 artistas que quedaron en la final.
Esta ronda tuve el honor de acompañar, como jurado invitado de esta semana, a @mballesteros, @shaka, @agmoore y @quantumg.
Fue una buena casería! Me encantó!

Nos vemos la próxima semana 😎

Hello Cesarisaad, thank you for celebrating our art and looking forward to seeing your lovely creativity again next round. Bravo🎊❤️

Gracias César, hiciste un gran trabajo. 👍

Greetings to all the amazing collages, congratulations friend @justclickindiva, and all the winners, also to the participants and the excellent team at @shaka for the hard work of curation and selection of winners,

Hello @cetb2008. Hope you're doing well this week. Thanks so much for your kind words. I appreciate your support as always. You are an excellent collage creator yourself as I love your themes and wait each week to see what you'll think of next.

Take care.


¡Oh! En hora buena, ¡Muchas felicidades a todos! 🎉🎉🤩

Me gustó la nueva forma de votar, ¡que la creatividad este con usted LMACianos!

a prepararse para el próximo collage 👀 ¿Cómo será el paisaje de mañana?

Enhorabuena amigo, estoy deseando ver lo que haces a continuación. Siempre es una historia especial la que tienes que contar. Emocionado🌟

Congratulations to all the finalists and participants of this round.
It is always difficult to choose finalists from among so many wonderful artworks

Congratulations Anibal-aa, your art was lovely🎊❤️

Hello, thanks 👍

Thank you LMAC team and Lmacians for the honor❤️
Your Love and support for my art collage is overwhelming and humbling always, Much Love from me to you🤗❤️

All entries were beautiful and colourful as always, amazing creativity😍

As I noted at the beginning of this round, the template image offers a lot of room for design. This is exactly what @justclickindiva has done brilliantly with her theme. Congratulations.

Wie ich bereits zu Beginn dieser Runde angemerkt habe, bietet die Vorgabe sehr viel Platz zur Gestaltung. Exakt dies hat @justclickindiva mit ihrem Thema hervorragend umgesetzt. Herzlichen Glückwunsch.

Hello @w74. Thanks for your very kind words. I appreciate it and the fact that you liked my collage theme. Yes, the contest template was an awesome start that stirred the imagination of community members to create some unique themes.

Take care and have a good rest of your week.

Congratulations to the winners!
Thanks to everyone who supports me collage, thanks Lmac for existing. I feel happy to belong to this beautiful community

Awe congratulations dear Brume, and well deserved sweets, brilliant entry❤️

Thank you friend for your words, they encourage me to continue creating
week by week collages

Congratulations guys

Thank you Darling❤️

you are welcome

Felicidades a todos 🎊🎊


Thanks to all who supported my collage


Congratulations Eve99, each round your creativity speaks volumes in a unique way. I respect your art. One Love❤️

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suggestion @shaka

if it is possible to put the photo of the collage in the comments along with the name of the artist.

It is easier to visualize and vote.

Thanks for your suggestion, much appreciated. The drawback of including thumbnails would be that the lineup of the comments would be inflated a lot and scrolling up and down again be required. And the thumbnails themselves would still be too small to judge the collage. But we are happy to collect all the feedback to see whether and how we adapt.

Hermosos todos estos trabajos seleccionados.

Hello Morenow sir, congratulations again my friend. Bravo, looking forward to your creativity next round❤️🎊

Great post

Cool work! I like everything. But more than that, I like the first job!

Wooow!! These are masterpieces!! I love those creations!! I will have on my list this contest because it seems to be super fun and full of creativity!!

Big congrats to all the winning contestants and all the best to all runners up and entrants for next round.
It is a great fun to watch creative work from around the world.
Simply awesome!

Green .png

Hi! Congratulations to all the winners, the collages of this community are getting more and more wonderful!