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By focusing a little, you can make your time with your customers more efficient. Whatever you are selling to, if you use it wisely, your first five minutes with your customer can tell you everything you need to know about it.


Minute 1: Attract Your Client's Attention

When you contact your customer, your product should attract your customer's attention. It may not be possible to attract the attention of your customer if you open the conversation with long monologues or product demonstrations. Before communicating with your customers, you should conduct an analysis on them. In this way, even if your customers do not know about your product before or do not know if your product is useful for them, you already have a few ideas about how your product can be useful for your customers.

In the first minute of your conversation, you should establish a direct link between your product and your customer's needs. Let's say your company opens websites and you recommend a customer to reconfigure the website. Before contacting him, you need to visit his existing website to identify the sections that can be improved. When you connect with your customer, Do people who visit your website find it difficult to find the login tab? You can get the attention of your customer by asking questions like.
By asking this question, you establish a dialogue based on a concrete problem your client has and you try to convince him whether your observation is really a problem for him.

Minute 2: Continue Your Questions

As soon as your customer accepts the problem, you should go deeper. The way to do this is to ask your customer specific questions, help them open their needs to you and help them discover if your product will meet these needs.

The goal is to show that there is a direct relationship between your customer's status and your product. If your customer acknowledges that their users have difficulty finding the login tab, you should try to get closer to the solution. You should ask interesting questions for this. Statistics show that the most suitable region for the login tab is the top right corner of the page. That's why our company places the login tab in this region. Is there a reason why your login tab is on the left hand, and not in the top right corner? You can get closer to the solution by asking questions like.This in-depth look allows your customer to structure their company according to best practices. At the same time, he questions himself as to why he tried to do something absurd on his website. By guiding your customer, you enable him to listen to you with the idea that he needs to do better things to improve his business.


Minute 3: Suggest Solutions

The third minute should be used when your potential customer acknowledges that there is a problem, to fully explain the solutions your product can offer.

As an example, you can suggest a solution like this: Your customers do not want to spend their time researching when they are ready to buy something. Enabling your customers to easily find the sign-in tab means making them more convenient to order. Putting the login tab in the upper right corner on your website will instantly improve your business. This is a simple solution that can be completed quickly for a very low fee, increasing your income values.

Minute 4: Prepare a Road Map.

The fourth minute should be used to implement the solution and draw a road map to complete the sale. This means determining the steps to be taken to put your solution into effect and to realize it and thus eliminate the problem.

An example road map we can give is as follows: Moving the login tab is a process we usually complete in less than a week. If you would like us to do this for you, we can improve your business relationships with your customers starting Monday. Once you've done this, we can look at other ways to improve your online business if you wish.

Now is the time for the customer to decide whether to continue, and if so, how to proceed.

Minute 5: Make the Sale

The fifth minute is the stage where you and your customer show all your intentions. In this minute, list the conditions that must occur before you can work with your customer directly. In exchange for the service you will provide, you should be clear about the price and how your product will reach your customer.


Finally, you should ask your customer if he wants to buy your service directly. Don't waste your time and your client's time by talking about unnecessary things. You both know that a decision needs to be made and that the person who needs to make it is the customer.

Let him choose.

Dividing the sales process into five stages allows you to quickly gather valuable information from your potential customers, build relationships with them based on their serious needs, and make accurate decisions about which sales and which ones cannot be made.

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I think this is excellent advice, the truth is that what you say is well organized and as you put it, it is important beyond selling the product first to convince the customer that it is worth listening to us and then we can continue with our experience in the business.

@franyeligonzalez thanks for stopping by and reading my article.

Some customers are so difficult to patronise to trade with. While dealing with such people strategies are needed to convince him. Such people you have to first of all entice them. This is the first rule of owing a business.

I love this post, keep more coming.

@tfame3865 thanks a lot for stopping by and reading my article