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Dear Hive Community

Many of us have new goals, priorities, and things they hope to achieve in the coming days. So what's the problem? Motivation killers. Try to stay away from these motivational killers that take you down and take you away from what you want to be.


1. Pessimistic People Are the Problem

These people do not want you to be successful in your new goals, remember that they are only jealous of your perseverance and do not let these people demoralize you.

2. Negative Thoughts Make You Feel Under Pressure

The brain is an interesting structure in which negative thoughts can prevent us from doing some of our goals. But these kinds of motivational killers in the brain aren't really real. Just remind yourself that you can overcome some things with your power of thought and remove evil from your life.

3. Not Setting the Right Targets

It is nice to have high goals, but the main obstacle is that there is no clear plan on how you can achieve them. This includes sound steps you need to take to reach your wishes.

4. Being Unprepared

In addition to not setting the right goals, you may not be fully prepared for some things from time to time. If you have a dream of becoming a lawyer, then do some research. What are the best schools? How long does this take? How much money should I spend? If you make a good preparation, you will never stumble along the way.


5. Expecting the Best From Yourself

Every person makes mistakes, no one is perfect. It is a great stupidity to hope that you will never make mistakes or to give up on your goals. When you experience mishaps, leave yourself a little comfortable and remember that no one is perfect.

6. Falling into Comparison Trap

Comparison will kill your motivation and happiness So, if you compare yourself to others, you can never be happy. Instead, try to compare between yourself now and in the past. You will be amazed to see how matured and developed you have over time. Use this to remind yourself that you have the capacity to make your dreams come true.

7. Trying To Do A Lot At A Time

How do you eat a lamb? One bite at a time. Try to look at the jobs in your life like this. Make small but detailed plans, so don't be overwhelmed later.

8. Not seeing yourself worthy of good things

We are all worthy of our dreams. Even if these dreams seem huge and distant, nothing should prevent us from reaching our dreams. Do not see your own value below and do not allow such negative thoughts to prevent you from doing what you are competent at.

9. Making Excuses

Even though it's the reason why we shouldn't go to work or why we don't follow the promotion, we all make excuses to not do some things in life. Excuses are things that fall on you and easily kill your motivation. Instead, you must resist the things that attract you, be brave and go forward.

10. Setting Too Many Targets

How long is the list with your New Year's resolutions written? Be honest with yourself and really try to make your wishes through your heart, and don't bother doing things that you might say may be. If this list is too long, you put your brain under a lot of burden, and after a while you will be surprised at which target to start. If you put your goals high, you will get more positive results.
You can encounter motivational killer things in many different aspects of life, from many different angles. Therefore, to keep up a backup plan and be prepared for anything. Use this list to deal with pessimistic people, negative thoughts, excuses and more.

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Great post.

Thanks for sharing and greetings from Mexico.

@neuerko thanks for stopping by and reading my article.

motivation killers
i can say that we ourselves kill our motivation ( mostly ) not everytime .
i 💯 agree with all other points like not seeing yourself worthy , setting too much targets , not focusing on your main goal and all .

Keep it up and stay motivated

@hassanabid thanks for stopping by and reading my article

Psimistic often come across in my mind. When the intention of the psimistic getting stronger I sometimes lost and feel worry about what I have optimistic about. Till now, I don;t know how to fight the psimistic

@lebah thanks for stopping by and reading my article.

Sometimes I think it's incredibly strange how much we can self-sabotage our goals (in so many ways).

@wiseagent thanks for stopping by and reading my article.