Family Inspired.

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Family is everything and this is a fact
It's all about the closeness and the pact
Everyone with different attitude and the act
All with their dynamism never forgetting the love
I live for the smiles and the happy moments
The encouraging moments during the down times too
There are no other people I want in my corner than family
Words to uplift and tough love when and where it's needed
The shouts serves as reminders of how much they are valued
Because whoever means so much to you get into your feels more
We all start and end with family and even the wealthiest wants one
You are not too rich not to have one or too poor not to afford one
We all start and end with family because beauty is in the simplest things of life
Everything starts with the family; the virtues and the teachings
I see mama's family and I couldn't help but smile
I smiled from molar to molar, wider than the river Nile
I wish I could save all the pictures in a file
They are one of the bests I could pull out of the pile
I missed being with such a big's been a while
Mama...your family is a reminder of what a big and happy family looks like
Each person showing up for their own and creating memories
Little children running around too...mama...I hope you are telling them stories?
Your smile is infectious and I see how you infected everyone in there
I wish I could give everyone a hug in there as a reminder of what I long for too -
That intimate and happy moment with people that matters
The simplest things of life - family tops that and I am happy for you, mama

This poetry was dedicated to my mama Tiger Lily; @dreemsteem after I got to see her lovely family pictures. That's what inspired this post and I told her that I would make a post about this. I shared the poem with her before now too. She's an inspiration in every single way. Love you, mama.

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.


You are right sir, family is one of the things the current generation don't realize is of high value and has brought a lot of pain to us. As for me come rain come sun my family will always come first because family is everything

Most people don't understand the value of family now when they have one intact. No matter how dysfunctional the family is, you can't trade it for anything.

I remember telling one of my friend that my family will always come first before any other person when he asked me that who comes first in my life aside me, he hated me for that because he said he always put me first before his family.

That very day I told him what he is doing is wrong and should never put anybody above your family, I also told him to make amends with them regardless of any past you guys might have had.. he hated me for it for some time but now he is enjoying what family means

That's it. Truth is bitter. So many people would struggle to understand it but the moment they try to work it out, they see it's the best feeling ever. Glad you nudged that person in the right direction.

No matter how dysfunctional it is. That struck me. Yes, it won't always be perfect but you can't trade if for anything else.

Indeed, family was, is and will always be everything.
They are our backbones and are the bedrock we fall back to at all times.
The relevance of family should never be neglected.

That's why I'm always sad whenever I see divorce here and there

You are right though, mostly selfish interest is one of the thing that break family apart... I just pray God help us all because divorce go many in nearest future just because of selfish decisions

Another spot on comment. Yes...most people act selfish and forget what family should be all about.

Yes...the dreaded divorce. It's sad because a lot of people go in search for what's not missing. They will always miss it and we shouldn't put our families through that painful route.

Exactly 😢

I have always believed that after God comes family and we take the relationship seriously because it is divine and sacred.

Good order of things...after God is family. We are blessed to be blessed with a Father that cares; God and the love of family.

Family will always come first for me too and as it should. Come rain, come sunshine...their value can never be overlooked.

This is very true, our generation fail to understand the importance of family.

This is because many of them don't know that in times of trouble, their family remain the first responder.

The funniest thing is they go outside in search of a new family while abandoning there real family then after they get us they tag everyone bad

Hahaha that's so accurate. I've seen quite a few who try to replace theirs. When you sell yours on a cheap, you can't even afford it while being expensive.

That's just what people fail to understand

This is right. Regardless, family would come to rescue without expecting anything in return. It's always from the place of love and care.

We do a lot

We are caught up with irrelevant things that makes us overlook the importance of family.

Awww,,, Mr. Kp 😅😅
I love how you are inspired to make this beautiful poetry about family.
No matter what happens, the family will be the one standing when others have gone. Their smiles, cries, down moments, family will always be there to encourage and lift you.

The bond with family is stronger than any other thing.

A yahoo was arrested sometimes ago by Efcc and he was shocked that those he was bailing with they and night didn't make any attempt to help him out.

The family he abandoned because they told him to quit the thing were the only one to come to his aid. The importance of family can't be quantified.

Just imagine. This explains everything. They are there in the down moments. The love naturally just come through.

Exactly what I just told him. I love how inspired he was for this piece of work. It conveys so many hidden messages too.

Thank you.

The bond is always stronger. It can never be traded. It goes deeper and runs deeper. Family is everything.

Obviously very very right.
The family bond is indeed very great.
Not to talk of the fact that they accept you for who you are and wants the best for you

That's it...the acceptance and no judging eyes like others would.

Family indeed is everything.
This is why we should always at all times make sure that we are in good terms with all our family members.
Family is very good but a peaceful and loving family remains the best🏅

What makes family more fun is that you really don't have to be rich or poor...there is no showmanship nor class when it comes to family.

That was a nice poetry

Family accepts you the way you are and build you up the best way they can. They understand what true love means without judging you harshly for what you lacked.

That's the fun of it all.
Family knows us from the grassroot, they knows our capabilities and our weaknesses but they will never use our weaknesses against us whereas others will use it against us

They know us in and out. Absolutely spot on.

This is exactly the main point I am driving at. Regardless of how messed up things get, they come through. They give tough love but with good intent.

Blood is thicker than water I guess, hehehe

It's never about the status of wealth but about the connection and connection is forged when we make out time for them as you have rightly said.

Yes, no wonder you see family members that grew up in separate homes find it hard to accept themselves most times and limit themselves to expressing themselves unlike the family members that grew up together fighting and realigning after every fight... Those are the bonds we form from childhood

Bonds greater than ionic and covalent bonds combined

I'm glad that mother for all inspired you. She's a blessing to everyone and must say that you did justice to this as you conveyed what family is all about.

I agree with you my friend, she is an eternal blessing from God to everyone, family are the ones who will always be there for you at all times, both good and not so good ♥

Thank you, my friend.

She's a blessing to us all. She inspires directly and indirectly. Who would have thought a family picture would inspire this. She's a bundle of joy.

Awwww this is so lovely and I bet ma'am Dreemie would smile so happily to this 😊 you wrote about family in small words but very beautiful to read.

Indeed, family tops everything... They come through for you in most indirect and direct ways to help you get out of sad moments when you think about them.

Of course, there are ups and downs with every family but the ups always keep the downs on minimal because love wins after all.

I enjoyed reading this Sir, thanks for being inspired to write this hehe

The small words of a bleeding pen would always make things bigger, hehehe.
I really wish the new generation gets to understand that these ups and downs are inevitable but when there is love, there is obvious triumph.

What happens nowadays is people never wanting to have anything to do with their family members just because of one issue or the other... That is really sad

Once love is absent in a family, you'll find out that most of the family members begin to hate on one another.

Wherever there is love, there's peace and triumph. I wish this new generation would come to embrace love. Only then would we see a drastic reduction in the feud we see amongst family members

Love. Most people wouldn't want to show it and expect others to know it's there. Family should and must show that love from time to words and actions.

A lot of people use the bad experiences of others to judge theirs and they go in search of what's not missing. I hope everyone holds their family in high esteem no matter how bad it gets. We stick together regardless.

That's just it 👍

"The ups always keeps the down minimal." — this is quite a powerful statement. There will always be tribulations, it's just inevitable. But in the end, love always tends to prevail.

Above all, family comes first 👌✨

There would always be down moments. We can't escape it. We can't avoid it. That's how life is and family would learn how to withstand it.

Sure boy 😅

They come to you in the most direct and indirect ways not to tear you down but with love at the bottom of their ways. Family is important.

It's always about the greater good and with good intentions. I absolutely agree with that.

I'm glad you enjoyed reading this and yes, she said she loved it when I shared it with her before posting. She's an inspiration in every way and a darling to every heart. Thank you so much, deeply appreciated.

Awwn, indeed family is the best free thing we all have that is so invaluable and it's just sad for some people out there that do not value family.

The poem is lovely and I'm sure Dreemie would wish you were close by so she could give you a bone breaking hug, hehe, just kidding about the bone breaking part but she would definitely have gave you a hug for this, hehe.

There's obviously never a debate as how invaluable families are and I'm saddened seeing family members fighting themselves... It's too sad 😢

Hug breaker😅

It's really painful seeing people fight not to mention family members. God will help us.

Yes oo, the hug breaker is very important, if only Dreemie could see him, lolz


How are you doing?

I am doing well dear

That's good to know 🥰

What about you

I'm doing fine too, thank you

I would find my way to Dreemie this time around hahaha.

Oh dear, you should, hehe

Families would always fight but they should never lose sight of what's important.

na what's important is to care, provide and protect one another.
You've said it all

Bone breaking hug? Dara won't be happy about that and I believe who Ola will still have the feeling of the hug from their last meeting intact.

That hug stays with me and it hasn't left. I have that feeling every time and I can't wait for another. She's so sweet.

I feel jealous, don't worry. You will return the visit one of these days and it will be surprise visit as well.

Yeah, but his bones won't break, lol.

Yeah, the feeling from the last hug should still be there, hehe.

Bone breaking hug 🤣. Oh I saw one of their pictures hugging. It meant a lot the genuine likeness and affection of mother to son.

Yeah, Dreemie loves hugging and seeing such a beautiful poem from one of her hive sons will mean extra hugs, hehe.

I would gladly take the extra hugs any time and any day.

I trust you would 🥰

That one!!! 😍😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰 One of my favourites.

Thank you so much baby. Hahaha bone breaking...she's so tender and sweet... Bring them coming regardless...

You're always welcome boo. I know she will be tender and sweet and that's why the bone breaking hug won't be something anyone should be sacred of, hehe.

Very nice, this poem as you express it means a lot to you, family for a human being is important in every way, they are the first ones that inspire you to be better, the first ones that are always looking out for you, the first ones to help you, the first ones to reprimand you but for our welfare and I could go on but well xD is a nice tribute to that great mother and whenever you look at the pictures you remember those unique and special moments that only happen in family, thanks for sharing this beautiful piece and the true family value♥

Thank you so much, my friend.

I wouldn't be where I am today without my family.

My grandmother and her children raise me with love before I joined my polygamous family. It is a big family, we quarrel but still love ourselves whole heartedly.

I feel empty without them and I am always looking forward to Christmas so that we can all be under one big roof to celebrate with grandmother.

Awnnn🥺. Your grandmother really has a special place in your heart. There'll always be quarrels, arguements and disagreement but I'm glad the love supercedes all of that.

Christmas is also one of those good moments where family members come together to share love and cherish one another. It's good to know you realize the importance of these moments and you don't take them for granted,💯👌✨

I have never done taken them for granted and won't because they hold a special place in my heart.

Quarrel is inevitable and we must be ready to settle it as it come. I discovered that those quarrels even strengthen the bond in the family.

I have learned that quarrel makes love each other since we always forgive ourselves after. Seeking peace has helped held each other in the heart.

we quarrel but still love ourselves whole heartedly

It's always expected to quarrel and face many challenges in a family but then because there is love, we always get back to our feet and stand in for one another despite our differences.

The love is what will bring us together even after everything else is gone

Family is really the best of them all.

I call family, the first line of action because they are the ones you fall back to when things go wrong

That's right sir, whenever things go wrong, family is always the first people to call on and regardless of how bad will might be, they will come to our rescue.

That's what makes it family

That's where the saying blood is thicker than water emerges


It's always empty without them. Family completes us. Take this...🤗🤗🤗

Thanks for the hug sir.

Mama has a beautiful family, their thoughts of them make her happy a lot and I pray that the happiness in our lives will never become sadness.

You know my journey brother and you can tell how important my family is to me. They make me happy and seeing them inspires me to keep pushing through challenges in life.

Yes...I love how you are so vested in family and that's the right place for our heart to be. God bless you even more, brother.

Amen sir, I hope you are doing pretty well? How is Dara??

what makes you a man is having a family. Family is the building block of a good society. Values,which are seen in communities today were first taught/incorporated in individual families.

If the foundational knowledge and values of a family is poor, the community would be gorged with moral decadence and growth impediment. This is to show how important families are to the society and even we as individuals.

Also, you don't need to be too rich to have a family of your own. The fact that you aren't really rich today, doesn't mean your family members won't be rich also.

In life, just head for what you want and don't wait for things to be comfortable before striving for them. Yes, there will be ups and downs in families but still, the importance of having one is really paramount to all.

Also, you don't need to be too rich to have a family of your own.

This is one of the greatest challenges the youths of nowadays create for themselves.
They see someone they love and would like to spend the rest of their days with but then because they don't have money to call the whole villagers, they keep postponing it and who knows, someone else might take that person from them.

Marriage shouldn't be built on wealth but rather on love

Wealth really doesn't determine that a family will be beautiful or happy, I have seen a poor family and they live in unity.

It is important that we always appreciate our family whether we are rich or poor, they are the only ones who will stand by us when the way forward is tough.

Very well said...🍾🍾🍾 Thank you for this.

Looking very beautiful family photo all are looking very cute. I pray you all are always live happy life together.

Thank you but that's internet picture.

exactly you are right

Yay! 🤗
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Oh my my...She does deserve every word because she is a gemstone that makes life worth living. I Love You, Mr. Square. Thanks for writing this piece in poetic form.

It has been awhile I became emotional about a write up, it is amazing how you illustrated the importance and significance of family through the poem.