Big Pharma, Tech, and Media are Downplaying Covid-19 Vaccine Dangers

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Worldwide, we are prioritizing the elderly, and those with pre-existing conditions, for injection with covid-19 vaccines. But serious illnesses and deaths in many countries, including Norway, have experts warning it may be too risky for these people AT ALL!

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Norway warns against vaccinating elderly

For real information and analysis on the vaccines, check out:

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Downplaying the vaccine and pumping up the irrational fear porn to epic proportions!

The government right now is like when the villian finally gets found out, so instead of tricking everyone he just starts killing them off.

The level of censorship is HORRIFYING. Most people don't realize how severe it is, or how serious that makes things. They don't put this much censorship in place for nothing. Something huge is coming : (

This is an excellent little video that took hours to create. So sad only a few people have watched it, and payout will be less than 20 cents.

It's great we have alternate platforms, although most of the viewers remain on mainstream media!

Thanks for resteeming this, good idea... I just did the same.

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