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I know a lot of people that have been complaining that they CAN'T find a topic to write/create a blog post... A lot of people... I have to admit that I have that problem also... But, I have to admit also that that problem appeared because I was lazy to think... lazy to take action...

On the other side, there are days when I go out for a walk without any idea, and during the first 100 steps, I already have one or two... After 10-15 minutes, I have a "stable topic", and after 30 min, I have recorded video... Sometimes, DURING the recording, I got another idea... lol... and finishing that video, I found myself clicking on the record button and getting the second one...

In this video, I have given you a small tip, or idea, how can you easily find an idea for your future blog post by doing something awesome, like supporting other authors...

Check out the video... It's not long and I think it would be worth 2 minutes of your life... Thanks!

Thank you for your valuable time,


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This is so true! Inspiration can come from anywhere. Sure, admittedly, I have dealt with the same issue of "not knowing what to come up with" (as many others). However, that's when I become motivated to find a topic that, in itself, may be trivial but can be a fantastic blog or vlog.

Those were good suggestions you made on how to find topics to discuss or even share a personal story, which people love to hear. I know I have written some comments on some posts before that made me wonder if I should've written a blog instead! LOL 😂

Thanks Zoltan. Keep crushing it. Love your content, your energy & always learn something new from them. 💜💚😊

I agree 100% with you, and it happened to me that I have no inspiration, but I think that that was just the "state of my mind", and If I really wanted to, I would find the way... But, it's not easy like that... :)

And I see that you mentioned "long comments", and that one of the commenters (we will not name him, on this comment is one of the people that I blame for doing a long comments... lol...

I mean, I like to discuss with people about different looks on something, but sometimes, I think like you.... maybe it would be better to create a blog post...

And one thing more, for the end... This comment reply is already too long... and you are also one of the people to blame... :P :P

Ok, ok I agree about @achim "forcing" you to make long comments & sure, maybe me, too. But you know what my reply to all of that is?



I know I have written some comments on some posts before that made me wonder if I should've written a blog instead! LOL

It's the same for me... Sometimes my comments get so long that I honestly think about erasing part of it in order not to give a headache to the author ;-)

how are you dear friend @ ph1102 good afternoon
It is very true what you say, many times we do not take the time to think, and we lock ourselves in that we cannot get a publication topic, sometimes they happen to me, walking is very practical to think, the bathroom is another place where it allows you think.
I appreciate that you touched on this important topic that happens often
I take the opportunity to wish you a wonderful weekend

Thank you for your comment! I'm doing great and hope that you are doing great too!

the bathroom is another place where it allows you think.

Maybe people are not so different... lol... The bathroom is a great place to sort your thoughts and I'm using it for that a lot of times... :)

quiet places are always good to think, nobody ever bothers there, I don't know if you stay an hour
I loved your post dear friend @ ph1102 is very useful, the same happens to many of us
have a beautiful nights and a happy rest

I guess speaking your mind also help. sometime people think "is this is worth writing/sharing". I think if you get idea just develop it and may be you gain knowledge by sharing it with others instead of scraping it.

Of course, that's the point! We are all different and it's always interesting to hear some others' opinions about a certain topic...

Thanks for reading/watching and taking the time to comment!

Zoltan, that is some very valuable information in this video. I know that part of my issue is not wanting to take the time and sit still to come up with an idea. Doing this would make the process faster.

Thanks, Lisa... I strongly suggest you try it... :) Not because I said it, but because it will be a win-win for everyone... the people that you engage with and for you also!

And I have a similar problems when I WAIT to the idea to come... Instead to go out, engage, and find a couple of them to pick :)


You're welcome, Zoltan! Always enjoy your content. Have a great day! 😀

Sometimes I write comment and it becomes so long that I decide to publish that as a blog post. Consuming content is important when you create content. By the way, where are you? Most of time I see you on the street or beach these days. Now it looks like you are in a rural area.

I live in a small town in Spain... We don't have a lot of shopping places, and the majority of the population are elder tourists from Norway, Holland, Germany... That's why the streets are almost always empty... :) Almost everyone goes by car, which I don't mind...

I have more quiet places to record my videos... :)

What I see in your video, you live in a very nice place. I love the environment and surroundings that you show in the video.

Nice Short Sharp suggestion for people :) thanks

Thanks, Russell... It was a short message, indeed... But, I use that method sometimes, and it works!

It looks too simple to be true, but it is... lol

topics are everywhere but good topic for me usually comes after I read from something. So it's ingesting book and producing a content as part of reaction to what I read.

Exactly! Topics are all around us, and meeting some new friends with different views can help up to "mix-up" our topics... The beauty of interaction!

Thank you for taking time to read/watch my content! Appreciate it!

Yeah that too ! I think there are so many topics to cover and things to be brought up even if it's from ancient times. I don't think I'll ever run out of topic. It's only time that's often limited to compile all of these information.

That's a great idea and a very undervalued one. The moment you write a meaningful answer in the comments, the ideas start to flow, and perhaps it's because sharing ideas multiplies. You're doing a great job at posting everyday.

Thank you for your kind words, Gaston! I'm trying to give meaningful comments on the posts and that true... They trigger some other thoughts and possible post ideas...

This totally works for me;-). It's often while trying to give a comment that my creative side is kicking in and sometimes my comments become almost posts by themselves...

I also like to mention in my post who inspired me as a feed-back and I believe that people appreciate when they manage to inspire somebody else whith what they have written.

I also like to mention in my post who inspired me as a feed-back and I believe that people appreciate when they manage to inspire somebody else whith what they have written.

Actually, that is one of the most powerful "tools" for empowering others... which was the previous topic... I'm trying to do that also, but sometimes maybe I forget to mention... I will try to do better :)

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