My Top 3 Travel Destinations

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As we continue lockdown regulations and borders remain closed travel seems like but a distant memory. It's been ages since I left the country and gosh as a South African, that's not a good thing, the best few years have not been kind to us. If it's not running out of water, then it's running out of electricity and if it's not bad meat it's gangsters and criminals roaming the streets.

It's always good to leave the country so you can reset the old noggin and see what's potting in other parts of the world so you kind of know where you stand and get out of the damn bubble you live in.

If money was not an issue and I could pick where in the world I would like to go, my choices would be:

Your top 3 travel destinations

This is my entry into this month’s Top 3 contest.

My Top 3 Travel Destinations

My Nominations are:

Nomination Number One

Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

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My Reasons for the Nomination

I've always had this facination with South America and central america as I was named after Che Guevara and naturally I would like to see where he lived and what it's like and the history behind it. I would like to see Argentina where he was born and Boliva where he did but most of his history or rather the most famous times happned in Cuba, so it would be a sort of pillgramage for me.

Getting to Cuba from South Africa is a bit of an expensive trip though, so for sure one for the bucket list.

Nomination Number Two

Toyko, Japan

My Reasons for the Nomination

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Growing up you're always exposed to Japanese culutre from the gaming and anime world and it tends to build up quite te facination with the place. The culture is so vastly different from anything we have here as well as the western centric way of doing things.

So I'd like to check out Japan, besides they just look like a bunch of nutters and a great place to Peter pan a few weeks and be a big kid for a while.

Plus I am huge fan of sushi, so why wouldn't I want to try it out from the hands of a real master.

Nomination Number Three

Zanzibar, Tanzania

My Reasons for the Nomination


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Somewhat of a second Thailand for South Africans, its quite the popular destination, your money goes far and you can chill out on the beach. Plenty of my family have been and heard good things as well as having worked for a travel website in the region I spent a lot of time researching and looking at the area so I'm keen to experience it first hand

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Siempre he considerado el planeta como un regalo, un obsequio invaluable, caí en eso cuando viaje por países de sur américa, en todos los países sin excepción hay grandes bellezas naturales, el problema son los humanos, su desconocimiento, su egoísmo, su naturaleza, no nos deja avanzar como especie razonable. saludos

I can offer a cold and expensive country with high taxes. Everything you love in life.

Lol but its so far and I don't know anyone there and those that I know that live there don't like me

I can understand that. The keep so much distance they can from you - at the other side of the world.

Damn those are some cool places, HAVANA OH NA NA. Lol enough of that mainstream music swill.

Not sure what my top 3 travel destinations would be, that one is challenging!

LOL Nooooo now that tune is in my head, thanks for that!!! Looking forward to see where you'd want to annoy people with your American-nes!

Nice travel list you've got over there, Zanzibar sounds great to me and I'm a fan of South America as well, probably Brazil for me.

All the Tanzanians I've met are also super nice, so I want to know what the hell they are drinking or smoking over there that they so chill, always Hakuna matata

I like checking out the chicks I must say they are dark and beautiful.

Lol can’t fault you there, but there’s fine ladies everywhere! If you a bawler you can always take your pick anywhere you go

Japan would be my pick of the three I would love to see their car culture.

Ah yes that too, I'd love to check out their car scene, racing scene and even try that Mario kart thing they have

Tanzania, well I'd love to visit it too. Also Japan for the cherry blossoms. Hopefully you will be able to check off all of these three one day!

I want to experience things that I wouldn’t see regularly so far and wide I’d love to see more! I’ve been to like 6 counties my parents have been to over 50 so I have lots to catch up! Hoping the good old Bitcoin will help me do that in the near future

Congratulations to your parents! 50 is quite something for people from their generation, I would love to hear about more people of our parent's age to have been fortunate to travel that much!

Lol they haven’t stopped this year they were supposed to fly to the Netherlands and then drive through to Croatia and stop off at various spots in between but naturally with all that’s going on it’s been postponed but they are real travel bugs

Oh you have such cool parents!! Congrats!

Everyone i know who has visited Havana has had nothing but awesome things to say about it. Definitely make your way there.

Im with you on tokyo. Personally id like to see more historical areas of japan like kyoto. Himiji etc.

I still want to explore the south pacific more. Cook islands and french Polynesia are on my lust and diving in Palau

I’ve had two friends go already and they said the same thing about Havana so but they travelled from Europe so it was cheaper for them lol being South African your passport and currency are quite limiting as well as your selection of flights but I will make a way I am sure of it

I’ll still have to do my research on all I want to see in Japan I’m sure there’s plenty to see and experience it’s got that tech and that ancient vibes so I’m keen

I don’t know much about the South Pacific will look into it, I’ve never been the biggest island beach person I like to explore

Great picks! Even if I haven't visited any of them I did see lots of posts of those locations and I'm sure they make out some of the best destinations :)

Lol I've also seen so many fomo posts, I worked for 2 travel agencies in their marketing department so I had to look at so much content and these destinations always caught my eye

Nice places to visit! I never heard of Che Geuvara but must be an interesting man for you to have been named after.

Japan has so much stuff going on and I too would like to visit at some point, as much the scenic views as the busy cities. I have a sister in law from Japan and she travels back every other year. Very expensive to travel there for us. Just the plane ticket costed her 3 grand canadian. Then the rest of the expenses...I'll be there in 10 years! LOL

The last destination looks absolutely beautiful! I can just imagine what the weather is like and all the adventures that could be had.

I am sorry for how things are going where you live. It does not make sense to me for people to live in such problematic ways. It's just ugly.

Yes, he was a freedom fighter in the Cuban revolution, my parents named me after him because I was born in apartheid when we were all fighting for civil rights and abolish institutional segregation.

Damn 3 Grand Canadian is a shit ton of money even for us to fly to Japan from South Africa would be cheaper than that, but it would be around a similar price to get to Cuba from here.

Zanzibar has plenty of islands around it, and rich with spices and fruits, a real island paradise, or so my family tell me.

Ah thanks, you know all part of being South African, we just gotta roll with the punches, at the moment where I am our power gets turned off twice a day for 2 hours lol FML

That's pretty cool about Che and what an honor to be named after him. Good for you to want to step where he stood in his journeys.

Ya everything is expensive. The least expensive place to travel to is in the States. It's more pricey to travel within Canada than it is to cross the border! How dumb is that!

@fionasfavourites explains on that situation with the power. I'd be pretty pissed off too. I don't understand how the power is made over there and for it to not be working properly.

Lol thanks, yeah it’s like a go find myself kinda trip so I feel I have to do it

That is pretty nuts, I’d say South Africa is till pretty affordable to travel in but some places aren’t like it’s cheaper for me to go to Thailand than to Sun City lol

Canada just seems hella expensive for no reason, like I had to job offers last year one in Toronto and one in Ottawa and when I calculated everything I’d be left with like $200 I’m lucky and I was like am I really going to move half way across the world where I know no one for $200 I think not

It’s infuriating, I tell you we really know how to bugger things up good and solid! It sometimes amazes me how we continue to find ways to knee cap ourselves

Good call on not moving for only so little. I would demand that multiplied by 10 for the minimum. Well i would try anyways lol.

I hope things eventually get better for all of you there.

Lol I agree I think they want to take advantage of migrants and underpay their skills and try to get away with it!

It will probably go on for a good couple of years, I do hope sooner rather than later! South Africa is an awesome place to live don’t get me wrong but some people are doing their best to make it not so

Oh, you would enjoy South Africa. Somehow, we manage around the power situation. It's so annoying and all the fault of politics and corruption. We'll leave it at that. FTM

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Nice choices @chekohler

I've never been to Cuba but a friend of mine can't get enough and keeps going back.

Tokyo is definitely high on my list and has been for a long long time. My father has always wanted to go as well so that's something I would love to do for him whilst he can still travel.

Zanzibar looks wonderful from that pic. If it is anything like Thailand then it will be awesome.

Good Luck


Sounds like Cuba never disappoints I’ve only got good feedback about the place ah the FOMO is getting bad now

That’s awesome father son take on Tokyo should be a lot of fun taking the old man into the Wild East

Well less lady boys but most of the other stuff yes very thailand


But not right now though... you have to go through 3 hour corona check at the airport and 14 days quarantine after that... 😅

I can imagine it must be quite the mission hopefully once BTC blows up it’s the same time that all this clears up and we can travel in peace I need a long far away holiday

Tokyo and Japan are most definitely on my list of places I'd love to go back to...

Havana? There, too. The music, culture and its history. Now, Zanzibar, the spice island and as a cook? Well you know...

Choices, decisions... lol

LOL I guess your only question is which to go to first I’d say zanzibar since it’s only a 5 hour flight and it’s the most affordable of the 3 you know just to get the travel cob webs off nothing too hectic

Kicking off the round with some killer choices! I've not been to any of these spots, but I would gladly visit them all. I had a few friends go to Cuba about a year or so ago when cruises were finally allowed to start going there. They all really enjoyed the visit. I went through a phase when I was fascinated by geisha, so Japan would be fun for the history and culture. My grandmother handmade a few beautiful kimono costumes for us when were kids, though when we were that young we really didn't understand all of the background of what it meant to be a geisha. I think Zanzibar would be my top choice out of your three. Just that photo you chose to share makes me want to walk right into it...

I can imagine the beaches, the food, the vibe, the culture, the parties and the ladies I mean what’s not to love?

Lol oh how sweet, I’ve never owned a kimono 👘 not my vibe but I’ve had my few experiences with sake lol, hoping for a few more! Also seems like the place never sleeps so I’m sure u can get into loads of trouble there

Everyone that I know said it’s awesome and the people are super friendly and you feel like you’re a bawler because your money goes so far in Tanzania! Plus you can swim with whale sharks and turtles there so that’s something I’m keen on

Haha yeah Tokyo is pretty nuts. My brother went there for 3 weeks during the Rugby World Cup last year just before that devastating Typhoon hit. Other than that, he said the place is mad but full of really cool stuff. They love their gaming and electronics over there and he had to be dragged out by his ears when he was in a gaming place!

Gonna have to get to Cuba fast mate, heard they are turning it in to America? But South America is a popular place to go backpacking around from what my friends tell me. You'd love it!

Tanzania sounds balling, when all our crypto moons, we'll buy a plot there!

Lol well I’d like to also go to Japan to feel what’s like to be around more people my height that would be pretty nuts in itself! I can imagine I’d also be all up in the tech and gaming vibes and even the samurai shit

Well if it does turn into the US maybe we can get direct flights FFS and not have to go via the US or Brazil for an arm and a leg

I know Bill Gates and Richard Branson own private islands in Tanzania so we’d be in good company

Haha, yeah I'd be zoned out on the SNES and Game Gear stands if I visit, was practically drooling over my phone when my brother was telling me about that!

By the time we visit Tanzania with our loaded up Ledgers, it will be Bill Gates and Branson wanting us to sign autographs

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