LEGO + Harry Potter Equals WIN?

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It’s been a while since I bought myself something. While it would be nice to give oneself a present again, I don’t really have an absolute urge to splash the cash or swipe the plastic. Of course, there’s exceptions in life and occasionally something triggers a cute feeling of cool.

Normally I would be all over this set at a whopping $399. How could I not, it’s LEGO after all. Not just LEGO but it’s the fourth biggest LEGO set yet at 5,544 pieces.

Yes, you read that right: 5,544 LEGO bricks.

What’s not to love about that?

Well, for one, and I know people are going to think WTF because I’m a geek after all so how can I not like it? Especially because the movies were directed by Alfonso Cuarón and feature Michael Gambon, Gary Oldman, and Ralph Fiennes. Not to mention Helena Bonham-Carter.

Yet, I’m not a fan of Harry Potter and the new LEGO set #75978 is a Harry Potter set.

Which kinda sucks. Or a little. Because it’s been while since I gave myself a present and I would totally gift myself a 5,544 pieces LEGO set.

But it’s a Harry Potter set and I never truly liked Harry Potter. It wasn’t for trying, oh no. The ex made me sit through the first movies, although she didn’t insist too much when I preferred playing Pocket Planes on the iPad. But she did make sure we had all movies downloaded because we were so cool we still saved our media locally rather than stream it.

Which was quite the boon for me because I left with all hard drives with those 12TB of movies on. Weel, that’s a lie. There were probably only 10.5TB of movies and close to 1TB of comics on them. Don’t ask, just don’t ask.

Maybe I should connect them again because tbh I haven’t really used them since. That’s because I finally joined the streaming evolution — so did she btw but that wasn’t why we drifted apart. But I digress.

5,544 pieces. Multiple mini figs (14!) with four new mini fig characters you won’t find in any other set so far. And more ™ signs on a single webpage than you’ve probably seen in a long while.

But I’m sure there’s plenty of magic loving geeks here on Hive and I would not want any of you to miss out on the fun. I won’t hold it against you if you like the set. And neither will our friends in Denmark when they cash in a whoppping $399 from you.

Plenty of minifigs in LEGO set #75978

As for myself I’m just going to continue dreaming about that awesome LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron. Dreaming yes because our local importer doesn’t seem to like me enough to take a pre-order. And at around $350 there’s no way I’m going to pay additional import tax for those awesome 22” when fully built. Even not if the set is truly amazeballs. Way more than that shopping street from Magic Town.

Besides, LEGO released the Old Trafford set earlier this year and that’s definitely going above that souped up Volkswagen on my wishlist. Absofrakkinlutely.

Meanwhile y’all should order the new Harry Potter Diagon Alley LEGO set so there won’t be an availability issue when I finally decide on Old Trafford or the Bugatti Chiron.


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Thanks for the welcome! I joined the LEGO community. :)

Great to hear...Take a look at the Community rules and get into it! :)

Hey! Noticed your account creation through my referral, may I ask where you stumbled upon it? Anyway welcome, great starting post! :)

How big is that Bugatti Chiron? :D

A newbie! I thought I didn't recognise the username. Although it would be a sad state of affairs if I knew everyone here.

I do like a bit of Lego action. My daughter has a lot of the Harry potter stuff and would bloody love this. I am not so sure I would love the price tag though, lol

I hope to bring lots of “cool geek”, not just newbie.

Yeah, the price is definitely a bummer. But then again with social distancing surely there’s savings in the hooker department. I mean, I’m not saying you’re in to hookers. Nor am I btw.

I guess I even don’t know what I mean by that or actually wanted to express. It just came to mind reading your comment. I guess that would totally not be appropriate to tell one’s shrink? Better to share it on the intarwebz instead, right? Let’s just call it minor Covid Blues blip. :3

Hahah, yes, definitely not newbie!

Them pesky hookers, they must be feeling the COVID pinch right now. Or not? Hmm. One will never know. Perhaps we need more hookers on Hive. But then, maybe we are all hookers!

There, that's a fair tangent ;O)

That's a pretty epic set. We do like HP in our house, but I would prefer something mechanical like the Bugatti or maybe a big Star Wars set. We are not so into Lego now the kids have grown up, but the last we built was the VW camper.

I see you are new to Hive, so welcome! I think there are a few Lego fans here, but you will find all sorts of interest. Have fun with it and enjoy a !BEER.

The Bugatti is awesome. I'm probably biased because as a kid LEGO Technic was my thing but it's an amazing piece of LEGO nevertheless.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Technic came along a bit late for me, but I had great fun with my Lego as a kid. I did have a motor and gears to play with. My kids had some Technic kits. Still got them actually, so maybe I should have a play.


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5,544 LEGO bricks

Huge number

For $399 you surely hope for few hours of activity. :3

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I didn't realize that they had this. I think its Diagon Alley? My wife really wants to buy the Hogwarts castle. We are pretty big fans of the books and movies. I'll have to let her know about this.

I've seen that in the toy shop and it is epic. I don't have any need for it and i definitely won't put it all together but it still calls out to me to buy it.

Yeah, epic and nostalgic

Are you sure you want to do that? That's gonna be $399 gone. Especially when you tell her about the new mini figs and that the shops can be placed where you want. I warned you! :3

Yes I'm aware of the price, thats why we haven't bought it yet. I keep convincing her to hold off on purchasing it.