Hive PH Curation Post #21

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In line with the goal of @hiveph to support and empower fellow Filipinos here in Hive, we will continue to curate and promote quality content as we have done before. Thus, we officially present to you our “Curation Post” – a highlight of the contents that stood out amongst the posts in our community.


MEAL PLAN | Healthy Chinese Style Broccoli + Mushroom and Cucumber, Tomato, Avocado Salad by @monkeypattycake

Someone you loved - Lewis Capaldi ( Short Acoustic Cover ) by @ligarayk

Doll House for Athena by @gailbelga

My entry. my art work. by @xonart

Garden Update: Harvest Day! by @bearone

MY ENTRY TO PHOTOPHILE PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST - SUNSET SATURDAY: Mesmerized At The Stunning Hues Of Sunset by @diosarich

Storm Approaching- Moalboal ,Philippines by @scubahead

Huggu commission by @marieeedraws

My daily sketch (Pet painting) by @rowee22


Natural Medicine of Yesterday and Today by @sarimanok

Garlic Butter Shrimp by @el-dee-are-es

Cookies for my little cookie monster: Ulog#11 by @june21neneng



We would like to congratulate everyone who are featured and curated for today’s issue! Job well done and keep on sharing quality content!

Let us show our support to our fellow Filipino authors by visiting their blogs and upvote if you like it too.

Hive PH Curation Guidelines

  1. Should be posted on Hive PH community to be included in the Featured/Highlighted post.
  2. Should have #hiveph on the tags.
  3. Original Content. Give credit where credit is due. Failure to credit rightful owners will be reported as plagiarism.
  4. Should not be considered as spam. Make sure to include engaging and interesting description on your photograph/art/crafts. Otherwise, your post will be considered as spam.



A big congratulations to


for winning the comments contest week 5!

We encourage you to keep on commenting on all the featured posts for this week. The top commenter will receive one week of 100% upvote from @hiveph on their post. (Only one post per day, and provided the post still meet the qualification of a quality content.) The winner will also receive a Hive PH badge courtesy of @bearone.

Announcement of the winners will be done on Saturday of the following week.

We are also inviting you to subscribe to Hive PH to help with the curation and post promotion.

Don't forget to follow Hive PH trail on as well.

Chat and interact with our fellow Filipinos in our discord channel.

Thank you and see you again on our next Curation Post!



Thank you hiveph!! As a newbie this community has been so uplifting...will post quality content as always.😊

Thank you! Keep up the good work, keep growing, keep Hiving! ^_^

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Congratulations to all the posts included in this list. Good job and keep the engagement going! :)