Sleep like a Cat


Sleep is the best meditation. - Dalai Lama

For some time now, I have wanted to participate in some of the writing prompts proposed by @anttn for the Unity Toward Freedom community, but for some reason or another, the deadlines always passed me by. But better late than never, and this is my chance to participate. So let me tell you about how is my relationship with Sleep. But first, if you also would like to join, see the details here.

Sleep habits

I am a person who rarely has trouble falling asleep. And my sleep is usually so deep that it is difficult for any noise to disturb me while I sleep and wake me up.

I have never needed to take any medication or any herbal tea to help me sleep. And I can drink a whole pot of coffee before going to bed and still get to sleep soundly.

I like to go to bed late, but I tend to sleep as deeply as a baby. The world can be falling around me, and I probably won't even notice it. My husband, who is the opposite and is a light sleeper, is used to the fact that it is useless to ask me if this or that woke me up during the night.

And It's funny because when I was a child, I used to be one of those children who refuses to go to sleep. For some time, I gave my parents a hard time concerning sleeping.

Every night, I used to leave the room that I shared with my sister to go to my parent's room to tell them that I couldn't sleep. At first, they read me some stories. Patiently tried to get me to go back to bed. I don't remember how long that lasted. But I do remember that the problem got worse and worse, to the point that I would cry at night because I didn't want to sleep. And in the mornings, I didn't want to wake up for school. At some point, my desperate parents decided to change the strategy and instead of letting me cry because I didn't want to sleep, they started to tell me that if I didn't want to sleep I shouldn't sleep. And they would put me to do homework, they would sit me at the kitchen table to draw or color and they would go to sleep. I started by doing the homework for a few hours, but every time I went to sleep earlier because I didn't want to do the homework, and at some point, I started to go to bed without complaining and the problem was solved.

Thinking about it all, I was lucky that my son never had any trouble sleeping.

Grogu_Nap.jpgGrogu in one of his naps. On that day, he decided to take over a shirt that the husband had put on the bed to put on. Of course, hubby ended up going out with another shirt 😹


As for naps. I used to have problems with that. I was always one of those who could not take a short nap, catnaps were not my thing. On the rare times that I used to take a nap, I would take it for hours and wake up feeling dull and sleepy. That has changed lately, especially since a couple of months ago when I was given rest after the heart attack I had at the end of November. Now, I have taken the habit of taking short naps when my body asks me to. Sometimes, I have Grogu's company. He never has a problem taking short or long naps.

And now that I am being able to take them, I understand how restorative and beneficial a short nap can be.


It is rare for me to remember what I dream of. My mind after sleeping is usually like a blank notebook. But I remember that there was a time when I was young, that sometimes I had those dreams half nightmares, in which you see yourself in an everyday place without something you should wear. And I used to dream a lot that I arrived at school or college and was barefoot. If that has some meaning, I never knew.

That's all about my relationship with Sleeping. Thank you for reading!!

All images and writing are my own unless otherwise stated.

© CoquiCoin

February 3, 2023

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If you're someone who doesn't have a problem with sleeping then I'm the other way around, as I've tried several times not to get up early and can't. 😅😅
You're lucky and maybe I should try again. :)))

I get up early too, often because I have to, even if I want to keep sleeping. But the important thing is to find the sleep pattern that makes you feel rested. Maybe a short nap during the day is good for you.

Well, sometimes the sleep pattern I get is very messy, sometimes I take a nap because I'm very tired and free from assignments, maybe it's because of habit.

Sometimes life circumstances force us to have messy sleep patterns, I remember when I was in college I had periods when I couldn't get enough sleep because of assignments. And in the breaks between terms, the first few days I could sleep up to 12 hours a day to make up for lost sleep.


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Yep, the average student will experience the same thing, including me and you, maybe self-control is really needed to maintain energy balance in the body, because lack of sleep is one of the fatal diseases in my opinion.
Same with you who are able to make up for long sleep time there, hahaha sounds ridiculous but it's good.
Cheers! 😁

We are alike with our sleeping patterns Super Eli although in saying that I was in bed early last night so up now as back told me to get up. And look how darn cute Ageese is!
Sweet dreams when you do go-to bed Super Eli💙🌊

I hope you got some rest, even though your back made you get up early. Did you get the new boiler installed?
Ageese is a sweetheart, but very spoiled, and a real rascal like his uncle😉
Have a magic Friday, Super Ed 💙🌀

Funny I also used to battle to sleep at night as a child. I must say having an afternoon snooze makes me feel half dead when I have to get up, but feel the benefits afterwards.
Just like you I seldom remember my dreams, I know someone who used to keep a notebook beside his bed and jot down main points about the dream. He believed it told a story of what goes n in our subconscious.
Just like you I don't have a problem sleeping, but I go to bed way too late!
Cats win by far when it comes to sleeping not so😉

The rare times I remember a dream it usually has to do with things that have happened to me recently or related to people I have seen recently, so maybe it has something to do with the subconscious.

The naps when I take them longer than an hour leave me drowsy for the rest of the afternoon, but I have learned lately that short naps help me rest.

I hope you had a nice weekend!

That was very clever of your parents to let you stay up but tell you to do homework! Very clever! As someone who struggles with getting a really good night's sleep now as an adult I'm impressed and you sleep so well. !ALIVE

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Yes, it was clever of them. Otherwise, who knows how long I would have continued to throw tantrums to keep me awake at night.
To not sleep well is tough, as sometimes you can't rest well enough. I know it. Although I don't have problems sleeping, my husband is the opposite. He is a light sleeper and wakes up many times during the night, and has a hard time going back to sleep.


Back in my childhood life, I easily fell asleep since I didn't have gadgets with me. We had to be in bed by 8 PM, but it's all changed that I have a phone. My distractions have only gotten worse, especially as a teenager when I found friends online. Now, sleeping is good because I have night classes. At the end of the discussion, my mind is tired, unlike in the past months when I would still be occupied with something meaningless at 3 AM. Haha, strange but I have lot of sceneric dreams lately.

All gadgets affect our sleep patterns. I don't normally have trouble sleeping, but the rare times I wake up during the night if I start looking at my cell phone, it's harder to get back to sleep. I have read some experts who recommend that one should not use gadgets for at least an hour before going to sleep to let the mind rest and fall asleep properly.

Hello amiga, I hope you are well!❤️ This was interesting!😊 I'm the same as you, when I sleep I don't hear anything. My husband doesn't like that because he always had to wake up at night for our children, I can't hear them. 🤣

Hola, Jelena! I'm fine, thank God.
And I can relate to you and your husband on that. When my son was little and woke up during the night, I hardly listened to him, and it was my husband who woke up, lol.
Hugs, amiga!

Hahaha, my husband thinks I'm the only mother in the world who doesn't hear her child when she's sleeping, and he has no idea that somewhere far away, in Venezuela, there is another mother like me. 😀 Have a nice day my dear Eli.🤗

Haha!!! Now you can tell him there are two of us of that weird species of mothers 🤣
Have a lovely one you too 🤗

That’s great you sleep so deeply and sounds hardly disturbs you.
I’m sooo the opposite hahaha 🤣 I wake up with the smallest sound.
Good you are taking naps when your body asks for it. Especially since the last months. How things suddenly can change.
Have a wonderful Friday dear @coquicoin 👋🏻😊
Thanks for sharing. 🤗🥰🌺

Yep, things can change from one moment to the next, and with it sometimes also our habits.
I hope you had a good weekend and made progress unpacking.
Have a nice evening. 🤗🌸

Indeed, when something like that happens, the changes make our habits change with them.
Thank you so much, my weekend was good. We explored a bit, u lacked more and put some cabinets together. So it was productive.
Hope your weekend was nice too @coquicoin 👋🏻😊🌺
Have a great new week 🤗🤗 huggsss

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How I wish that my sleep is like you that noise can't wake you up. As for me, I'm easily awaken by different noise even if it's not that loud.
I really like to take a nap and it's turning into a long sleep lol haha.

Grogu's just so cute there.😽

Long naps are good, but they make me wake up feeling more sleepy and dull, hehe.

Grogu says hi! And thank you for stopping by 😺

It's great that you are easy to fall asleep and hardly awakened by noise, sis. And you wouldn't have trouble too even when having coffee before bed. I'm quite the opposite😂

Power naps are just like you said, restorative. Altho sometimes when I get them, I'd wake up with a heavy head.

Grogu looks so peaceful and cute😍

I sometimes wonder if coffee at night is a kind of sleeping pill because sometimes I fall asleep faster after a cup of coffee. 😂

Sometimes I wake up with a heavy head if the nap is too long.

Have a wonderful week, sis 😽

What a joke, i was very amused by the cat sleeping on your husband's shirt jajaj That's typical of them.

I remember, there was a time when i used to take care of merchants' things at home. In those times, my sleep was very light, i always woke up at the slightest noise thinking that someone might come in and steal those things. When i stopped storing those things, my sleep recovered, i could sleep very peacefully and without any worries. Really, i am very happy to have my sleep health back. It was a short time that i had already forgotten, but i remembered because of the noises you mentioned that your husband hears at night.

When something worries us and we have to be aware, sleep suffers. Good that you have been able to recover it, and now sleep well.
Thanks for stopping by! :)

 2 months ago  

Thank you very much for this article dear @coquicoin ! I have to say that since I read articles every day, and therefore take an interest in this subject, you are one of the few people who seem to sleep well and so I feel very close to your motive. As a child, I think I was terrible with my parents too, sleep, going to bed, I didn't even have to be told about it and I really thought I would never like it ! And yet, in the last few years, I have learned to love this state and the moment of repair that it represents :)

I didn't know you had a heart attack quite recently, I hope things get better and continue to improve, but I do think naps can help with tension... There must also be foods that are beneficial in these cases, but you must know better than I do !

Thanks again for your participation, I was very happy to read your text this Sunday morning :D
Nice day to all the family and to Grogu !

Hello, my pleasure:) For quite some time I have been wanting to participate in the interesting topics you propose in your community. Having the rest we need is so important and it can be terrible for our health not to be able to get enough sleep. My husband has had sleeping disorders and it's hard, that's why I am so grateful to be able to sleep so well.

I had a heart attack last year at the end of November, it was because of blood clots, so I don't have blood pressure and cholesterol problems. I usually eat very healthily. But I have to follow a treatment of anticoagulants for some months.

Have a nice week, and enjoy further the rest of the Sunday 😺

 2 months ago  

😊 My girlfriend too don't have a the same depth of sleep and she needs a lot more than me, so I'm living that too :)

I hope it will be soon totally resolved and you recovered to the max ! You may have to check curcuma but you're maybe already using some, I think it could be great for you, with a bit of pepper is a tea to activate the curcumine..

Many thanks again and may the week be good to you 😘

I love Curcuma, ginger, and pepper tea.
Thank you for the good wishes

 last month (edited) 

So, already an aficionados 😇 Perfect !

You're most welcome, that's the least I can do and in similar cases, I always think about magic powers to heal people at distance..!

I used to have nightmares of going to to school in a towel or naked 😂. I'd make sure I was covered when I was dressing for school. I don't have problems with sleep now either.

I go our like a light and until my alarm rings, I am totally dead to the world. Sometimes, I wake up late and ask my mom if my alarm rang. She'd give me the stink eye and say, "it did. You woke up and put it off then went back to sleeo mumbling no disturbance."

I never remember that happening but it does happen 😅

I used to have nightmares of going to to school in a towel or naked 😂

Haha, those dreams are very distressing. !LOLZ

The same thing used to happen to me with the alarm clock. And I also liked to set the alarm clock a few minutes before I had to get up, the alarm would go off and I would keep sleeping haha, until my husband threatened me that if I kept doing that and making him wake up earlier that would be grounds for divorce. 🤣🤣

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OOOOOOO🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣So scary!! I get scared of sleeping through my alarm!